How to Play Roulette and Win? – Ask These 6 Questions

If you want to learn how to play roulette and win, this is your go-to guide. We will teach you the rules of the game and what methods you can use to increase your chances of winning – even guaranteeing yourself a profit, believe it or not!

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Following below, we have thoroughly answered all of the above questions. If you don’t want to scroll through the entire briefing, just click on the topic you would like to read about and we’ll transport you there!

Not interested in learning the rules or how to win? If you’re only looking to play online roulette for real money and want to know how, head over to our page where we tell you all about the best roulette casinos online.

What Are the Purpose and Basic Rules of Roulette?

Invented in the 17th century, roulette is a simple game that is all about matching numbers on a roulette table with numbers on a roulette wheel – that’s how you win. These days there are many modern variations of the game, but in its basic form roulette looks like this:

Image of an European roulette table
The image shows a European Roulette table

Along with American and French Roulette, European Roulette is one of three classic roulette games. A game round of roulette takes approximately half a minute and is played out like this:

  1. Bets are placed on one or several numbers out of 37 different ones.
  2. A ball is spun in a roulette wheel which includes all the numbers.
  3. If the ball lands on a number that you have placed a bet on, you win.

While these are the basics of roulette, the game has a bit more to offer. This becomes clear when we take a look at the different roulette bets that can be placed and their respective payouts.

Which Bets Can Be Placed and What Are Their Payouts and Odds of Winning?

In European Roulette, there’s a total of 14 different bets that can be placed. These bets will cover anything from one to 18 numbers at once. As illustrated in the image below, there are six bets to place on the inside of the table and eight bets to place on the outside.

Roulette bets and payouts cheat table
What’s referred to as the inside is the grid that includes all of the numbers from 0 – 37 (A – F in the image), while the outside is the grid with the bet options that are separated from these numbers (G – N in the image).

Whether you’re looking to win a lot or prefer winning often while playing Roulette, the bets you decide to place are the key. As illustrated in the below table, your chances of winning a roulette bet are linearly increased with the decrease of the bet’s payout and vice versa. 

BetPayoutOdds of Winning
Even Number1:148.6%
Odd Number1:148.6%
Red Number1:148.6%
Black Number1:148.6%
High Number1:148.6%
Low Number1:148.6%

If you want to win often, you won’t win much and if you want to win much, you won’t win often.

In addition to the inside and outside bets that can be placed, many roulette tables also include a racetrack which you can win from. What’s special about the racetrack is that the order in which the numbers are displayed is an identical match to the roulette wheel. 

Win by placing a bet on roulette's racetrack
How a racetrack in roulette looks like.

The racetrack has four different bet options that are known as Tiers, Orphelins, Voisins du Zero, and Zero. Except for Voisins du Zero which also includes a bet on 0, 2, and 3, all of the bet options on the racetrack are different combinations of straight-up bets, split bets, and corner bets:

  • Tiers: 6 different split bets. The win chance is 32.4%.
  • Orphelins: 1 straight-up bet and 4 split bets. The win chance is 21.6%.
  • Voisins du Zero: 1 corner bet, 5 split bets, and 1 bet on 0, 2, and 3. The win chance is 45.9%.
  • Zero: 1 straight-up bet and 3 split bets. The win chance is 18.9%.

While the vast majority of players never use them or even know that they exist, there are three more bets that can be placed which you can win from while playing roulette. These are known as Finale En Plain, Finales A Cheval and Complete Bets. 

Win by placing a special bet on roulette
Image shows special bets at a live casino table (to the right)

Finale En Plein | win chance is 10.8% or 8.1%

Finale En Plein covers all numbers that end on a single, specific number. For instance, all numbers that end on 3, which would be 3, 13, 23 and 33. No matter the number, only straight-up bets are placed.

How to place Finale En Plein bet in roulette
Marker A covers all numbers that end on 3 (3, 13, 23 and 33)

Finales A Cheval | win chance is 21.6%, 18.9% or 16.2%

Finales A Cheval covers all numbers that end on two chosen numbers. For instance, all numbers that end on 2 and 5. You’re either placing 4 split bets, 3 split bets, or 3 split bets and 1 straight-up bet.

Finales a-Cheva roulette betl
Marker B covers all numbers that end on 2 & 5 (12, 15, 22, 25, 32 and 35)

Complete Bet | win chance is 16.2% or 10.8%

Complete Bets are for high rollers. With the number you pick, all possible combinations of that number is placed, maximizing the bet limit of the table. With number 17 for instance, 4 split bets, 4 corner bets, 2 line bets, 1 street bet and 1 straight-up bet is placed. All of which are unique bets that include the number 17.

Build a fort around your lucky number.

What Are the Different Roulette Variations That Exist Online?

While roulette itself is quite a simple game, many modern and innovative variations have been created to spice things up and make the gameplay more interesting. Some of these games offer considerably higher payouts than their traditional counterparts, making them great choices for players who are looking to win big at roulette.

Below, we have listed and briefly described some of the most popular versions to enjoy:

  • Lightning Roulette
    Lightning roulette is an action-packed game show that is quite different from traditional roulette. The dealer, who is often quiet at the table, has been replaced by a very talkative game host. Maximum payouts have also been boosted to 499:1, which is almost 15 times as much compared to traditional roulette. 

    On every game round, a random selection of numbers will be struck by lightning, which will increase any roulette winnings that are made from straight-up bets placed on these numbers. Payouts can be boosted to anything from 49:1 up to 499:1. 
  • Double Ball Roulette
    Double the balls, double the fun. This innovative roulette game is played with two balls and payouts that have been changed to fit this format. With inside bets, only one ball has to land in the right pocket to score you a win, while outside bets require both balls to hit.  

    Looking to win big at roulette, this might be a great version for you as it comes with a maximum win of 1300:1. This massive payout is earned by landing both balls on the same number. 
  • Mega Fire Blaze Roulette
    This highly innovative version comes with spectacular payouts of up to 9999:1. It is definitely the roulette version to play if you want to win big. It offers a captivating bonus game where a board of multiplier symbols will appear and where segment multipliers and jackpots can be added.
  • Spread-Bet Roulette
    This roulette game comes with two roulette wheels and seven extra bet options that allow you to bet on the combined score of both wheels. Playing this roulette version, you can win up to 400:1. This is done if the score of both roulette wheels doesn’t get higher than 1. For instance, if number 0 + 0 is hit or number 0 + 1. 
  • Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette
    Compared to traditional roulette, this game comes with two additional features. The big highlight is a jackpot that can randomly trigger on any game round and pay up to ₹5 Crores or more. If you want to hit a life-changing win at roulette, this is the one and only game to play. 

    Age of the Gods Roulette also comes with an additional bonus bet and whenever this bonus is hit, a slot machine is spun three times. From this slot, you can win a maximum of 300:1. 
  • French Roulette
    This type of roulette is one of three traditional versions, but it is worth mentioning for its uniquely high RTP. As we will explain shortly, this boosted RTP will increase your chances of making a profit and winning in roulette. 

    The increased chance of winning comes from a special rule setting that will pay back half of your stake when you bet on a 1:1 alternative like red or black and the ball lands on the green zero. The rule is known as “La Partage”. 
  • Monopoly Roulette Tycoon
    Played virtually against the computer, this game offers a ton of innovative ways to win in roulette. It comes with a monopoly board bonus and 28 extra bets that can be placed on this board. You can also trigger a bunch of special bonus prizes by landing on “go” and “community chests”. Maximum bonus winnings can reach more than 500:1. 
  • Cashout Roulette
    As yet another virtual roulette game, this one allows you to make customized bets. You can bet on what will happen in a chosen number of game rounds. For instance, that a red number will be hit 10 times within 25 rounds. There’s a lot to play around with and if you want to take high risks, you can win more than 250,000:1 in this roulette game – a mind-boggling amount.  

Additional roulette games that exist include the following:

The majority of these roulette variations can be found at most Indian live roulette casinos online.

Is Winning in Roulette All About RTP?

Yes. Making a profit and winning in roulette works on the same principles as winning in any other casino game. It’s the RTP that decides how much or how little you will win in the long run. RTP stands for return to player. It’s a percentual value that is displayed in every roulette game.

In European Roulette, the RTP is 97.3% no matter which bet you place. This means that for every ₹100 you stake, you are expected to win ₹97.3. Of course, in the short run, you could win any amount as luck will play its role. However, play daily for a year, add up all of your winnings and losses and you will probably find that you’re close to a 97.3% payback.

Playing land-based or online – it doesn’t matter. How you win in roulette at a real casino is the same as how you win in roulette playing online. It’s all about the RTP.

If you want to increase your chances of winning at roulette, the first step is picking a game that has a high RTP. So, which one should you play? Let us answer that with the comparison table below.

Game TypeRTP
French 97.30% - 98.65%
European 97.30%
Lightning 97.10% - 97.30%
Monopoly Tycoon95.22% - 97.30%
Double Ball 94.50% - 97.30%
Cashout95.30% - 97.30%
Spread-Bet93.06% - 97.30%
Age of the Gods 95.73%
American 94.74%

In some roulette versions, the RTP is different between different bets

For the best long-term chances of winning in roulette, you want to play French Roulette and bet on an alternative that pays 1:1. Either bet on red, black, high, low, odd or even number. Then you will play with the highest RTP of 98.65%. This is because you will receive half your bet back when the winning result is a 0 – a special rule only available in French Roulette.

Now, let’s have a look at the next topic and see how this RTP can be further increased, possibly guaranteeing yourself a profit from playing roulette.

Could Roulette Bonuses Help You Win?

Yes. The key to winning at roulette without relying on luck is to play with an RTP of 100% or more. In the long run, that would earn you more winnings than losses, which would lead to a guaranteed profit. Obviously, no roulette game is designed with such a payback percentage as the casino would be losing money from it. 

However, promotional offers and live casino bonuses which are commonly handed out by gambling sites can be used to increase the RTP. Not the RTP of the game, but the overall RTP of your gambling session. The bonuses you’re looking for are those that give you extra money to play with as you make a deposit. 

As illustrated in the below table, your increased RTP totally depends on the wagering requirement of the bonus. The lower the wagering requirement is, the better.  

BonusWageringAmount to WagerRTPExpected Loss After WageringBonus Left After WageringPlayer RTP
₹2,00020x₹40,00098.65%₹540+ ₹1,460103.65%
₹2,00030x₹60,00098.65%₹810+ ₹1,190101.98%
₹2,00040x₹80,00098.65%₹1,080+ ₹920101.15%
₹2,00050x₹100,00098.65%₹1,350+ ₹650100.65%
₹2,00060x₹120,00098.65%₹1,620+ ₹380100.32%
₹2,00070x₹140,00098.65%₹1,890+ ₹110100.08%
₹2,00080x₹160,00098.65%₹2,160- ₹16099.9%
₹2,00090x₹180,00098.65%₹2,430- ₹43099.76%
₹2,000100x₹200,00098.65%₹2,700- ₹70099.65%

The above table is based on playing French Roulette which has the highest base RTP.

If you were to receive a bonus of ₹2,000 with a wagering requirement of 20x and played French Roulette, you would be expected to make a total profit of ₹1,460 once the wagering requirement is completed. Of course, luck can always change the outcome, but in the long run, this is a guaranteed win from playing roulette. You’re beating the game. 

Unfortunately, most casinos are well aware of this winning strategy. Therefore, bonuses often have much higher wagering requirements on roulette games. It’s not uncommon to find a requirement of 350x the received bonus amount. Making all the calculations, this would only equate to a 0.3% increase in player RTP, landing at 98.93%. 

With that being said, there are indeed very valuable bonuses to be found. So, if you want to win at roulette, just look carefully for the right casino bonuses and you will actually be able to beat the game and make a guaranteed profit.

Also remember that even if the bonus is not valuable enough to allow for a guaranteed profit, it will always increase your RTP, thus earning you more money than you would without the bonus.

How Does Roulette Systems Affect Your Winnings?

With the ambition of winning Roulette, many roulette systems have been created ever since roulette was first invented hundreds of years ago. These systems, which are certain betting patterns that you have to follow, include:

Now, can you win at roulette with any of these systems? In terms of guaranteed profits, the answer is no. Anyone who tells you differently is either a liar or doesn't understand mathematics. None of these systems change the RTP of the game and as we’ve covered in the guide, winning in roulette is all about RTP.

What some of the systems can do, however, is increase your short-term chances of winning. Comparing bets that are placed with and without Martingale, the system could almost double your short-term chances of leaving the roulette table with a profit. This is based on a session with 50 game rounds. 

The trade-off with the system and all other systems that work in a similar way is that when you lose, you lose big. And the longer you use the system, the closer you’re getting to that loss. For instance, during a one-hour session, your chance of winning at roulette with Martingale would be much, much higher than if you sat down and played for six hours. 

In the end, it doesn’t matter, though. You can never affect the RTP of the roulette game, which is why your winnings in roulette will always be the same on a long-term basis. Unless you’re using bonus offers, of course.

To learn more, check out this article explaning the truth about martingale roulette strategy.

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