Jet Set Racing Roulette

Jet Set Racing Roulette

RTP: 97.29%
Max win: 2,500x
Provider: Playtech
Release year: 2023
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Jet Set Racing Roulette is a unique twist on an old classic that combines virtual sports and roulette to enable massive payouts of up to 2,500 times your bet amount. It’s a slow-paced game played in a live environment with a real game host where horse, greyhound and speedway races are followed on a video stream with an AI commentator.

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Jet Set Racing Roulette By Playtech Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 97.29%
  • Maximum win: 2,500x
  • Time per round: 140 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹20 – ₹2 lakh
  • Release date: March 2023
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The Game in Short

In Jet Set Racing Roulette, there are two roulette wheels with two winning results and two virtual races taking place in each game round. The races are streamed live on a video screen and can either be horse racing, trotting, speedway, or greyhound racing.

You place a bet like in normal roulette (check this guide on how to play roulette) which automatically qualifies you for both roulette wheels. Each roulette wheel represents its own virtual race.

After bets are placed, you predict the winner and runner-up in the two races. Each race participant comes with its own win multiplier and odds of performing well. The lower the chance of winning, the higher the win multiplier of the racer.

The races are then played out on a video screen. After that, both roulette wheels are spun. If one or more of your predictions were correct in the races, the win multiplier from these will be your payout if you also get a winning result in the roulette wheel. If you get a winning result in the roulette wheel, but didn’t predict any racer correctly, normal payouts apply, which are lower than that of traditional roulette.

It’s important to know that only inside bets (straight-up, split, street, corner, line) are eligible for race bonus winnings.

Jet set racing roulette


The payouts in Jet Set Racing Roulette range from 1:1 – 2499:1. In other words, from two times the amount you bet up to a multiplier of 2,500 times your stake.

Outside bets pay the least and are the same as in traditional roulette:

  • Column/dozen: 3x
  • Red/black: 2x
  • Even/odd: 2x
  • High/low: 2x

Inside bets pay substantially less than in traditional roulette:

  • Straight-up: 24x
  • Split: 12x
  • Street: 8x
  • Corner: 6x
  • Line: 4x

The payouts are 33% lower than in traditional roulette. This is because the inside bets are eligible for the bonus payouts from the races.

If you predict one or several racers correctly, this will override the normal payouts in the game and pay as follows:

  • Straight-up: 34x – 2,500x
  • Split: 17x – 1250x
  • Street: 11.3x – 833x
  • Corner: 8.5x – 625x
  • Line: 5.6x – 416x

How much you get paid depends on the win multiplier attached to the racers and how many racers you were able to predict correctly. The minimum multiplier I’ve seen is x34 so this would be the least you could get if you make at least one correct prediction.

You must know though that the race multiplier shown in the game is only accurate for straight-up bets. Split bets have their multiplier divided by two, street bets by three, corner bets by four, and line bets by six.

If you predict two racers correctly in the same race, you can expect a win multiplier of x100 – x300.

If you predict all four racers correctly in both races, you get the maximum win multiplier which can range from around x250 – x2,500.

The higher the multiplier of each racer, the more you get paid.


The RTP in Jet Set Racing Roulette is 97.29% according to Playtech. This means that you would be expected to win ₹97.29 for every ₹100 staked, in the long run. However, it is not specified in the game if this RTP applies to all bets or if this is just the highest achievable RTP in the game.

What makes me wonder is that the RTP in European roulette is 97.30% (97.297% to be exact). The outside bets in Jet Set Racing Roulette play just like European roulette with the exact same payouts.

It’s not possible for me to manually calculate the RTP of the races in Jet Set Racing Roulette as this is affected by the win multiplier each racer is given and the odds that each racer has to win. These odds are not specified in the game which makes it impossible.

I do, however, believe that Playtech has balanced the game to have an RTP of 97.29% as stated, which would be the RTP no matter which bet is placed.

Fun Factor 

My feelings about Jet Set Racing Roulette are mixed. I love the fact that it’s different from all other roulette games that exist and that it has the potential to pay out massive winnings. It gets really exciting every time you predict at least two racers correctly as that’s enough to lead to a good win multiplier.

The game is also very well-designed. Each race is commentated and the user interface allows you to easily see how well you are doing in the races. I also like that the game is a bit more complex than other roulette variations. I’m referring to the fact that it gives you more options by predicting a total of four race winners.

What I don’t like though are the long game rounds. These take about 2½ minutes which is really long compared to most live dealer games, especially roulette ones. In comparison, a game round in XXXtreme Lightning Roulette only takes 45 seconds and it offers huge payouts as well.

I’ve also never been much of a sports fan, which probably affects my liking of Jet Set Racing Roulette. If the races were replaced by something else, I’m sure I would enjoy the game even more. It’s not bad at all though and if you’re someone who likes sports, I definitely recommend giving Jet Set Racing Roulette a go.


There aren’t a lot of strategies in Jet Set Racing Roulette. However, there are a few things to keep in mind which can affect your likelihood of winning and your potential payouts.

First of all, if you want to get paid the most in the game, you must always pick the racers with the highest win multipliers attached to them. Of course, this also means that you will lower your chances of getting many predictions correct as a higher multiplier means a lower chance of the racer winning.

Vice versa, if you want to have the highest chance of winning in Jet Set Racing Roulette, you should always pick the racers that are most likely to win. The downside of this is that you might get all predictions correct and only win x250 times your bet amount.

There is no right or wrong way to play, but it all comes down to what you are comfortable with. Do you want to take a higher risk in order to win more or prefer playing it safe to win less? No matter the playstyle, the RTP is the same, so in the long run you are expected to win and lose just as much.

The same reasoning applies to the number of bets you place on the roulette table. If you only bet on a single number, you won’t invest much, but the chance of actually hitting that number will be very low. Personally, my strategy in Jet Set Racing Roulette is to cover at least 10 numbers per game round and then go with some of the highest multipliers in the races (although not necessarily the absolute top ones). I think this is a balanced strategy that many players can enjoy.

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