Nexus Roulette

Nexus Roulette

RTP: 90.71% - 97.30%
Max win: 5,000x
Provider: OnAir
Release year: 2023
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Nexus Roulette is a unique live roulette game that quadruples the excitement of roulette with a total of four roulette wheels. It’s played with a talkative game host and offers potential payouts of up to 5,000 times your bet amount. Traditional bet options have been replaced by new ones and a flashy neon design has been added to spice up the gameplay even further.

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Nexus Roulette

Nexus Roulette By OnAir Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 90.71% – 97.30%
  • Maximum win: 5,000x
  • Time per round: 70 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹40 – ₹1 lakh
  • Release date: February 2023
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The Game in Short

Nexus Roulette plays similarly to classic roulette (check here how to play), but has four roulette wheels instead of one, entirely new bet options, and revamped payouts. The black color on numbers has also been replaced by a teal one.

Bets that can be placed in Nexus Roulette include the following:

  • Straight up
  • Split
  • Street
  • Corner
  • Line
  • Color
  • Column
  • Nexus
  • Wheel Sum

Nexus and wheel sum are two unique bets in Nexus Roulette. The former is a bet where you get paid when the same number appears on multiple roulette wheels or if two sets of identical numbers appear on two wheels each (for instance, number 11 on two wheels and number 24 on two wheels).

With the wheel sum bet, you bet on the total sum of the numbers that will appear on all four roulette wheels. For instance, if the first wheel shows number 5, the second 15, the third 24 and the fourth 8, the total sum would be 52.

Split, street, corner and line bets are not affected by the additional three wheels in Nexus Roulette. They work the same way as in traditional roulette.

Color and column bets only reward a payout if the numbers match on either 3 or 4 wheels.

Straight-up bets either pay for a single match or a match on 2, 3 or 4 wheels.

Bets that don’t exist at all in Nexus roulette, which you would normally find in roulette games are high/low number, odd/even number and the dozen bet.

Big Win on Nexus roulette


The payouts in Nexus Roulette range from 2x – 5,000x. In other words, from twice as much as your bet amount up to 5,000 times your stake.

Straight-up bets (single-number bets) have the highest payout potential and pay as follows:

  • 4 wheels match: 5,000x
  • 3 wheels match: 500x
  • 2 wheels match: 50x
  • 1 wheel matches: 29x

Note that the 29x payout for a single match is lower than that of traditional roulette which pays 36x.

Nexus bets where any two numbers can match on 2 – 4 wheels have the second highest payout potential:

  • 4 wheels match: 500x
  • 3 wheels match: 50x
  • 2 wheels match: 5x

Additionally, the payout for any number being on the same 2 wheels, followed by another set of identical numbers appearing on the other 2 wheels is 10x.

Wheel sums are the third highest-paying bets in the game and will pay the following depending on the sum interval you bet on:

  • 0 – 16: 365x
  • 120 – 144: 86x
  • 103 – 119: 14x
  • 17 – 40: 13x
  • 75 – 102: 2.5x
  • 41 – 74: 2x

Split, street, corner and line bets pay the same as in traditional roulette and are unaffected by the extra wheels:

  • Split: 18x
  • Street: 12x
  • Corner: 9x
  • Line: 6x

Column bets pay as follows:

  • 4 wheels match: 20x
  • 3 wheels match: 8x
  • 2 wheels match: nothing
  • 1 wheel matches: nothing

Similarly, bets on red or neon pay the following:

  • 4 wheels match: 4x
  • 3 wheels match: 3x
  • 2 wheels match: nothing
  • 1 wheel matches: nothing

While the maximum payout in Nexus Roulette is massive, you should know that the likelihood of all four wheels showing the same number is extremely low. Assuming that you only bet on one single number, the odds would be 1 in 1.87 million game rounds. By covering more numbers, your chances would be increased, but they would still be slim.

nexus roulette india


The RTP in Nexus Roulette is 90.71% – 97.30% and ranges widely between different bet options. Here’s a breakdown of all bets except for wheel sum:

  • Straight up: 97.05%
  • Split, street, corner, line: 97.30%
  • Column: 95.89%
  • Color: 93.35%
  • Nexus: 91.96%

When it comes to betting on the total sum of the four wheels, each bet option has a different RTP:

  • Sum of 0-16: 94.36%
  • Sum of 17-40: 90.71%
  • Sum of 41-74: 94.52%
  • Sum of 75-102: 93.92%
  • Sum of 103-119: 95.80%
  • Sum of 120-144: 93.95%

I’m super disappointed about the RTP in Nexus Roulette as I find a lower one than 95% unacceptable. The standard in slots and live dealer games is 96%, but many games also have a higher RTP than this. Games with RTP percentages as low as those in Nexus Roulette are quite few.

This is important to keep in mind because if we compare a bet with 96% RTP and a bet with 92%, the house edge (the casino’s profit margin) is twice as high with the 92% bet. Thus, your long-term chances of winning money from placing such a bet compared to a bet with 96% RTP would be heavily reduced.

Fun Factor 

Having played Nexus Roulette for about ten hours and thoroughly analyzed the game, I think it offers quite an entertaining experience. The game is very different from other roulette games and different is always good in my book as the more options I have when gambling, the less likely I am to get bored.

With bets being switched up and completely new ones being introduced, it really changes the experience compared to other roulette games. Not to mention that you have four roulette wheels to keep track of instead of just one.

Nexus Roulette also has a game host and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by these hosts’ energy and level of interaction with players. When I’ve been playing, they have constantly responded to chat messages from players and shared their life experiences and stories. Of course, not every player may like this, but I think it adds a nice flare to the game.   

I also love the potential payouts in Nexus Roulette as having the chance to win a big chunk of cash is always exciting. But this is also where the game fails for me and why I probably won’t be playing it a lot. The odds of winning compared to what you get paid are way too low for me with many bets. I’m talking about the RTP.

Most bets in Nexus Roulette have a low RTP, with some having a disgustingly low one. This makes many bets completely useless to me. For instance, the new Nexus bet is interesting, but since its RTP is 91.96% I would never place it. Because of this, I can’t enjoy the game to its fullest extent.  


If you want to maximize your chances of winning money, the best strategy in Nexus Roulette is to only place split, street, corner and line bets as these have the highest RTP. However, this would ruin the point of the game as these bets are not affected by the additional roulette wheels in the game.

An alternative strategy for winning money, in the long run, is to only place straight-up bets. However, this is a high volatile bet, which means that the risk and reward are high. The odds of the same number appearing on several roulette wheels are low and will rarely provide you with a payout. You can somewhat mitigate the risk though by placing bets on several numbers.  

For frequent payouts, I would say the best strategy in Nexus Roulette would be to bet on the total sum of 103 – 119 and to bet on column. These bets have a high RTP, are fairly likely to occur and pay out 14 and 20 times your stake respectively.

While there are bets that have a much higher probability of winning (such as the color bet), I wouldn’t recommend placing any other bet in the game due to the low RTP they come with.  

The most balanced strategy, which I personally use in Nexus Roulette is to place 4 – 10 straight-up bets while also betting on the total sum of 103 – 119 and column. With this strategy, there are many ways to win and you still have the chance of getting the biggest payouts of 500 or even 5,000 times the stake.

If you don’t mind playing with a lower RTP, my best recommendation would be to just play the way that is most entertaining to you. I would then suggest including the Nexus bet and total sum of 0 – 16 in your game rounds as well as these are both bets that make the game more interesting, which can pay quite a lot of money.

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