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Online Betting Sites in India - June 2024 List

Looking for a sportsbook where you can bet and cash out in rupees?

Let’s guide you to India’s best online betting sites with the most popular sports.

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1. Pick a Site Licensed by a Regulator That Settles Disputes Without You Needing to Fly Abroad

Although trust is not the be-all and end-all of a betting site worth counting among the best, it surely carries significant weightage. You can be sure you are in good hands if a site has been licensed by a reputed gaming control board such as the MGAMGA stands for Malta Gaming Authority. It's one of the most respected companies that issue licenses to gambling sites. This is because they are very strict and care greatly about player protection. or UKGC.

These authorities are expected to ensure transparency and fairness to punters. They function to prevent money laundering and related criminal activities, protect underage players, monitor problem gaming, and even intervene in case of disputes.

The last aspect is extremely important because you would be playing in India on a site that is registered and operated in a different country. If discrepancies arise, it would be easier to get in touch with the regulatory authorities than hop onto an untoward foreign trip.

Overall, these authorities act in a player’s interests and regulate the activity of betting operators. Any betting site with an MGA or UKGC license is bound to create a secure gaming atmosphere for players. Failing to do so could lead to the cancellation of their license, which they wouldn’t dare to risk.

Of course, you should not take it as a given that sports betting sites licensed by other gambling authorities are any less trustworthy. For instance, you can’t have a lot of confidence in a Curacao licensee about receiving blue-ribbon service. The regulator does not come with a laudable history.

Nevertheless, there are many Curacao licensed sites out there that are legit and highly reliable. I have listed below the top betting sites that have stood the test of time with their exceptional performance and unwavering integrity.

2. Make Sure the Sports Bonuses Are in Indian Rupees and Worth Claiming

Almost every betting site is sure to offer some sports bonus or the other. In India, you must make sure you’re getting a deal in Indian Rupees because exchanging local currency into foreign currency through a betting site is illegal in the country.

Furthermore, consider if it is worth claiming at all. Not all bonuses are designed equal. Some come with seemingly profitable low wagering requirements that are tied to the bonus as well as deposit amount. You fall for the lesser number, wager and wager, and soon realize meeting it is next to impossible.

Yet again, some bonuses would carry odds restrictions while others would be time-bound. Some would have limitations on the payment method you can use while others would be an amount so paltry you don’t want to claim.

Apart from the legitimacy of the Rupee betting site you are registering with, always make sure you consider the following points when studying bonuses:

  • Although larger bonuses might look more profitable on the surface, they usually come with more restrictions.
  • If you are inexperienced, start with bonuses that are tied to lower wagering requirements. For better insights on wagering requirements, read our detailed article here.
  • Try betting with a bonus that comes with fair odds restrictions.
  • It is always advisable to be aware of the time restrictions set by a betting site on its sports bonuses.
  • Make sure you can claim the bonus with your preferred payment method.

3. Let the Selection of Betting Markets Leave You Spoilt for Choice

Imagine trying to buy a pair of shoes in a shop that offers products from only one brand in the same color, size, and price. Would it excite you? I think not.

Betting markets in a sports event are somewhat similar. Each market focuses on a specific aspect of it. For instance, a cricket tournament is likely to see a final winning team as well as winners in single matches. It is going to have a man of the tournament as well as a man of the match for each match.

Outcomes of the coin toss in every match, highest run scorers, highest wicket takers, total sixes or fours, half centuries, centuries, run outs, highest opening partnership – every such element is a betting market that lets you place a bet and offers you discrete odds on the specific potential outcome of a sports event.

They are important when you want to zero in on the outcomes of a sports event you can confidently predict and place a bet on. The more the better.

Any betting site in India can easily pack a hefty punch with a large selection of betting markets on most matches, events, and tournaments in all popular sports. Needless to say, the best ones should have a range as diverse as the country.

4. See to It That You Get Boosted Odds on Bets That Are Easy to Handicap

India is a land where the dil maange more. To get more from less is a thing of joy.

On a Rupee betting site, such perks often come in the form of boosted odds. They are applicable on certain wagering opportunities that bring higher payouts without any change to the amount of risk, or the same payouts with reduced risk. Vig removed from a betting line is also conducive to boosted odds.

If you are a novice in sports betting, such odds make a great way to test the waters and explore a variety of wagering opportunities. Don’t expect to get rolling in money right off the bat. Boosted odds won’t make you cash-rich overnight. But they definitely add value to your bet and enhance your potential profit.

Of course, there can never be a cookie-cutter approach to it. Avoid jumping in the moment you see a betting site offering boosted odds. Accumulators and parlays with improved odds might seem tempting, but can be extremely complicated to handicap. Analyze and then act.

Furthermore, look for season-long boosted odds. Compared to daily odds boosts and those offered on special sports events, they are rare. Betting sites offering them often remove the juice and give up the house edge, but not without a catch.

Nevertheless, a legit betting site with an extensive selection of markets offering more for less is definitely generous and genuine. Such sites aren’t to be missed.

5. Settle for Nothing Less Than Super Speedy Payouts for Every Withdrawal

When you’re betting online, the question you should ask is how quickly would you be able to withdraw the winnings.

Personally, I hate to sit twiddling my thumbs just to see my winnings getting credited to the gaming account. It’s frustrating especially when the deposit was processed ridiculously quickly but withdrawals are left undone for long.

If I’ve won, the best betting site must not keep me waiting to meet my money. If it cannot credit my winnings within 24 hours it is of no use to me. Also, the payout speed that would make me the happiest should be near-instant, if not instantaneous. (You may be interested in checking out the fastest payout casinos in India)

Especially with the host of modern-day payment systems Indians use, meeting this expectation should be fairly easy for a legit, competitive operator. Why should anyone settle for less? But hang on; there’s a catch!

Consistency is key. If an operator lets you cash out within a few hours on weekdays but takes a week’s time on weekends, it might not be the ideal betting site for you. Make sure you enjoy super speedy payouts whenever you want.

To make your search easy, I have listed below the top fast-paying betting sites in India that have been tested and vetted.

6. Check for a Cash-Out Feature

It’s an open secret that Indians love saving money. No, I am not claiming it. This is a fact established by a joint survey undertaken by Reuters and Ipsos in the year 2010 where 78% of Indians were reported to lay emphasis on the value of money (source).

The country’s bettors are no different. For them, a penny saved is a penny earned. Loss of money, whether intentional or unintentional, is always a major concern. Therefore, the cashout feature on a betting site is much coveted. 

It lets you close your wager and win money before an event is over. Whoever came up with this concept deserves to be rewarded, because it arrives as a salvager when the chances of you winning are dipping.

Now let’s try to understand how it works with this example:

Raghu places a bet of ₹100 on Miami Heat to beat Boston Celtics at home and the odds are 2.00. A win would fetch him ₹200. In the last 2 minutes, Heat is leading by 11 points and his chances of winning are very high. However, he doesn’t want to risk losing his wager at this point in time.

The betting operator offers a cashout feature with which he can close the bet and take home ₹180 instead of ₹200. Think about it – isn’t sacrificing ₹20 better than losing the whole ₹200? If I come across such opportunities, I would never pass up.

This is why I went that extra mile looking for betting sites with a cashout feature for you all. I’ve listed them below.

7. Look For Facilities to Live Stream the Matches as You Bet

Imagine Kohli hitting the last six and leading India to a massive win against Pakistan. Earlier, you placed a bet on the possibility of the sixer and of India winning as well. As you watch the live match streaming on the betting site, you realize you won both bets!

It’s a different kind of thrill to watch the actions unfold in a match as you live betIn-play betting (also known as live betting), means that you are able to place sport bets on matches that are currently running as opposed to only placing your bets prior to the match starting. on the events. You’re better prepared that way to make intelligent betting decisions. You know how a match is taking its course and what could be the possible outcomes.

This is why online bettors always have a fancy for live streaming as a feature. Unfortunately, only a handful of Rupee betting sites in India enables it because of the associated cost of installation and maintenance. Live streaming is rarer than boosted odds and early cashout.

Nevertheless, it exists. The biggest and best betting sites have it. To help you avail of this wonderful feature, I have listed the top sites that allow bettors to live stream sports matches. However, you must keep your expectations real because it might not be available on all sports.

We've listed all cricket live streaming sites here.

8. Confirm the Possibilities of TOTO Betting

Of all forms of sports betting, TOTO is perhaps the most interesting. You bet on a set of matches along with fellow bettors on three possible outcomes – the home team winning, the away team winning or a draw.

It is a type of parimutuel bet where the stakes enter a pool and are distributed among the winners eventually. To win, you need to make a minimum number of predictions correctly as specified by the bookmaker. The percentage of the pool you receive depends on the number of outcomes you can correctly predict.

An online sportsbook with TOTO betting that supports the Indian Rupee is a rare find. If you’ve found one, don’t leave without registering. If you don’t want to waste time finding one, here comes my mini list:

9. Never Pass Up Registering on a Sportsbook With a Betting Exchange

Online betting exchanges are aplenty worldwide, but few and far between in India because of stringent country restrictions.

There is scarcely any sportsbook with betting exchangeWhen betting through an exchange this means that you are betting against other players as opposed to betting against the gambling site. You can create your very own odds that players agree to or you can accept odds from other players. that welcomes Indian players. Betfair was one such betting site that pioneered the country’s iGaming market. However, it has discontinued its operations in India now.

The sites with betting exchange that are open to Indian players often limit the facility. A classic example is Dafabet, which markets itself as a betting exchange but bars Indians from using this feature.

Currently, only a couple of gambling sites have been able to defy the norms and offer betting exchange in India. When you bet on sports through them, you can receive odds that are much better than generic fixed odds. Simply because you're betting against other players and not the bookmaker.

In a betting exchange, you can pick your own odds. If you choose odds that benefit you too much, you will, however, not get any action from other players. But if you use the exchange wisely, you can increase your profits compared to traditional betting.

Below, I have listed top sports betting sites that are legit and where it is safe to wager real money on a betting exchange.

10. Ensure You Can Bet on the Top Cricket Leagues

A betting site that lets you play in Indian Rupees, but doesn’t have cricket is a waste!

With multiple tournaments held annually, cricket appeals to a broader audience nationwide. Alongside, the betting market thrives. The frenzy is most evident during professional leagues such as the IPL and World Cup. 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the country’s ever-growing love for the sport is directly proportional to its rising appetite for betting online. What was earlier exclusive to physical bookie shops is now available on the web and at your fingertips, serving as a lucrative source to make the quickest and easiest money.

So, what’s the point of a betting site in India where you can’t bet on cricket, especially the top leagues? I wouldn’t call it a site worth your consideration, let alone the best. I’ve compiled a short list of India's most popular cricket betting sites below.

If you want more options, check out my exclusive article on the best cricket betting sites in India.

11. Find Enough Options for Football Betting

Although football isn’t a nationwide phenomenon like cricket, it has its own fandom in the country, which seems to be exponentially growing. Enthusiasts of the sport are no longer confined to West Bengal, Manipur, Nagaland, Sikkim, Kerala and Goa.

The other Indian States, too, are accepting and welcoming it with open arms. Its popularity now closely follows cricket, which is why football betting is on a steady rise in the country.

Therefore, any Rupee betting site that doesn’t let you place a bet on the top football leagues such as the ISL, Premier League, EFL, Bundesliga, La Liga, and the likes, should be a definite no-no. Also see to it that you get a solid mix of regional, domestic, and global football leagues to bet on.

Don’t want to do the research? No problem. If you are looking for the best football betting sites in India, I have a special list sorted just for you. Check it below.

12. Keep Kabaddi Betting on Your Priority List

From a relatively less established, obscure sport, India’s very own kabaddi has evolved and gone on to earn international popularity. It has brought a paradigm shift in the Indian sports scenario and inspired enthusiasts to take it up as a profession.

As it shines on a global stage, appealing to more and more people, this indigenous sport has successfully found a niche in the country’s betting market as well. Ground-breaking initiatives like the Pro Kabaddi League have fueled this interest even more.

Acknowledging this high-octane sport, a wide range of legit and trusted bookmakers now let you bet on kabaddi online and win money. To save you time, I have listed the top betting sites below.

A bigger list with detailed information about the best kabaddi betting sites awaits you here.

13. Get a Decent Range of Horse Race Betting Options

Horse racing is considered a game of skill in India and betting on horse races a legit gambling practice. For this reason, the sport has gained wide popularity in the country where the options to legally place a bet is limited. However, punters rarely throng racecourses these days.

The availability of horse race betting online has made the whole process a lot easier, letting bettors enjoy the activity right from the comfort of their homes.

They can simply navigate a website, choose from a variety of races, find their favorite tracks, check out the best odds, place bets at their convenience and enjoy bonuses as well. Some sites even allow live streaming of races, sprucing up the whole experience.

Therefore, if a betting site targeting Indian punters doesn’t offer the option to bet on this popular sport, you are being deprived of something really special. Fortunately, a lot of sportsbooks out there come with horse race betting as an option. I’ve listed the top 3 below.

If you’re looking for more options, check out my article on the best horse race betting sites online.

14. Check if There Are Enough Banking Options for Easy INR Transactions

Because you’re betting through a site that supports transactions in INR, the options to pay and receive money in the same currency should be enough and to spare. There should be a decent mix of bank cards, wire transfer options, mobile payment systems, and e-wallets to say the least.

But remember that traditional online payment systems like bank cards and wire transfers are rapidly losing to mobile payment systems and e-wallet platforms in India. The reasons are many: security, convenience and the mother of all – speed.

For instance, I wouldn’t want my bank statement to show what I deposited to or withdrew from a gambling website, especially when the activity is heavily restricted without any defined law in the country.

Neither would I want to carry my bank cards everywhere I go and recall passwords every time I want to play real money games online. But above all, I would want my money to move instantly to and from a betting site. No waiting for deposits to reach the operator or withdrawn winnings to come to me.

This is why I would ditch VISA, MasterCard and similar payment methods and switch to the likes of IMPS, UPI, Skrill, Neteller, Paytm and AstroPay. The best online betting site in Indian Rupee, in my opinion, would be the one with all or most of these banking methods. I have listed below the sites that really fit the mold.

15. Don’t Trade Anything for a Superior Mobile Betting Experience

Mobile devices have revolutionized the way people bet online. Gone are the days when punters used to sit in front of a computer, trying to place a bet. Smartphones have enabled them to take the betting site with them wherever they go.

The intensity of mobile phone penetration in India is a prime reason behind the online sports betting booming in India. In the year 2020 alone, Indians spent 39% more time on their mobile phones than they did in 2019 (source).

Realizing these trends, newer sports betting sites are leaning toward a mobile-first approach where a single responsive site works equally efficiently on desktop as well as mobile devices. Older sites have resorted to developing native mobile applications compatible with iOS and Android devices.

In short, every operator is ready to serve mobile betting opportunities for punters on the move. The question is, are all of them worth registering with? How do their mobile site and app fare? Ask yourself these 8 questions to evaluate their quality:

  • Is it compatible with your mobile device?
  • Does the betting site or app load without lag?
  • Can you sign up and verify your account using the mobile site or app?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Would you get all the features and games available on the desktop site?
  • Can you claim the welcome bonus through it?
  • Are your preferred banking solutions available on it?
  • Would you be able to make deposits and request withdrawals without hassles?

If the answer to all the above questions is yes, you’re in for a superior mobile betting experience! To help you get started, I have listed the top operators with apps and/or sites that are intuitive, high-functioning and meet the current trends:

Why Play on Betting Sites That Accept Indian Rupees?

If you are a bettor from India, registering with a site that accepts Indian Rupees is important if you want to…

  • Stay away from paying high currency conversion rates that come with each deposit and withdrawal
  • Deposit and receive payments using common Indian banking methods
  • Avoid breaking the law under FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act), which restricts gambling-related inward and outward remittances


Is it legal to bet on sports online?

Although online sports betting is considered illegal in India, it is worth remembering that most laws do not deem it an illegal activity that can amount to a criminal offense or penalty. The exceptions are the state laws of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana which have banned all forms of online gambling.

Which betting site accepts Paytm?

Many betting sites accept Paytm as a payment method in India. However, the trusted and legit ones boil down to this list here.

Which betting site accepts PayPal?

At the time of writing this article, no online betting sites in India accept PayPal as a payment method.

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