Lucky 6 Roulette

Lucky 6 Roulette

RTP: 97.30% - 97.49%
Max win: 2,088x
Provider: Pragmatic Play
Release year: 2023
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Lucky 6 Roulette is one of many Roulette games where payouts from straight-up bets can be randomly boosted. This version guarantees six lucky numbers per game round which will pay a minimum of 50x and a maximum of 2,088x. It’s a simple, yet exciting roulette variation played live with a game host.

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Lucky 6 Roulette gameplay

Lucky 6 Roulette By Pragmatic Play Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 97.30% – 97.49%
  • Maximum win: 2,088x
  • Time per round: 40 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹10 – ₹5 lakh
  • Release date: December 2023
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The Game in Short

Lucky 6 Roulette follows almost the exact same rules as traditional roulette. The only difference is that bets placed on single numbers (also known as straight-up bets) inherently pay 20 times the bet amount when won instead of 36x, which is the case in traditional roulette.

In Lucky 6 Roulette, six numbers are also randomly selected in each game round to have their winnings increased. At the very least, these numbers will have their payouts boosted to 50x but could receive values that range all the way up to 2,088x.

If you’re familiar with Lightning Roulette, XXXTreme Lightning Roulette, or Mega Roulette, Lucky 6 Roulette plays pretty much the same. It’s also quite similar to Gold Vault Roulette.

If you don’t know the traditional rules of roulette, you can find a full roulette guide here.

Payouts and Bet Types

The following table illustrates the different bet types and payouts in Lucky 6 Roulette:

Bet TypePayout
Straight-up20x – 2,088x
Red / Black2x
Even / Odd2x
High / Low2x

All the bet types are the exact same as in traditional roulette. So are the payouts, except for the straight-up bet where the range is 20x – 2,088x instead of 36x.

RTP and Volatility

The RTP in Lucky 6 Roulette is 97.30% for all bets except for the straight-up bet which has a higher RTP of 97.49%. This is interesting because those roulette variations that are similar to Lucky 6 Roulette have a slightly lower RTP for the straight-up bet (97.03% – 97.12%). This makes this game slightly more lucrative to play.

Lucky 6 Roulette is also less volatile when compared to Lightning Roulette and XXXTreme Lightning Roulette. In the two latter games, 1 – 5 numbers are selected on each game round, while Lucky 6 Roulette guarantees six selected numbers. This makes it easier to get a boosted payout in Lucky 6 Roulette, which ultimately lowers the economic swings in the game.

Fun Factor

Like the older games that Lucky 6 Roulette has drawn its inspiration from, I think it is great fun. It’s nothing new to me since I’ve already been playing XXXTreme Lightning Roulette a lot, but I can definitely recommend Lucky 6 Roulette to those who haven’t tried that game.

At least to me, the boosted payouts really make the roulette experience a lot more exciting. Whether you are betting on a lot of single numbers or just a few, there’s always a chance to be dealt a huge win multiplier in the hundreds or even thousands and walk away with a massive profit.

Like all of Pragmatic Play’s live dealer games, the studio where Lucky 6 Roulette takes place also has a lovely design. The game is very appealing to the eyes, which adds to the experience. Additionally, the game hosts do a great job interacting with players and being sociable.


In Lucky 6 Roulette, you can use popular strategies such as Martingale, D’Alembert, Paroli, Labouchere, and Fibonacci if you’re placing bets that pay only 1:1. This would include red/black, high/low, and odd/even.

However, the entire point of Lucky 6 Roulette is to bet on single numbers as the boosted payouts from these is what makes the game different from traditional roulette. There is no particular strategy you can use for this that would be better than any other.

With that said, one strategy is to bet on all the numbers in every game round. Doing so, you will never miss out on a big win. For instance, if you only bet on a few numbers, you might miss out whenever a number gets its payout boosted to 400x, 1,000x, 1,500x, or even the maximum of 2,088x. That could really suck. Betting on all numbers would eliminate this scenario.

However, the downside of this strategy is that it might drain your bankroll quickly. To cover all 36 numbers, you would have to bet 36 units. Since there are 6 lucky numbers chosen per game round, this means that in 31 out of 37 rounds, you would only win 20 units via a normal number. Thus, you would lose 16 units.

In 6 out of the 37 game rounds, you would hit a lucky number and be guaranteed to win at least 50 units, which would be a 14 unit profit. However, 50 units won would not be enough to cover the losses from the normal rounds. To cover these, you would have to win 83 units on average from the lucky numbers.

Thus, the strategy hopes that whenever the lucky numbers are hit, they pay 83x or more. This won’t always happen as the minimum of 50x is quite a common occurrence. But then again, you never know when that 1,000x win will come.

At the end of the day, there is no winning strategy so the best way to play Lucky 6 Roulette is the way that makes the most sense to you. After all, online gambling is all about entertainment.

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