Top Mega Moolah Winners and Their Winner Stories

Since Mega Moolah was released, this popular slot has given birth to more than 70 multi-millionaires. People who have won the life changing jackpot in the game.

In this article, we’re listing all of the jackpot winnings and sharing stories from some of the most notable Mega Moolah winners of all time.

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Million-dollar winners of Mega Moolah come in plenty and every year several new ones are made. Unfortunately, most people like to remain anonymous to protect themselves. This is understandable, but a bit of a bummer for us who love reading winner stories.

Luckily, there are people who don’t mind coming through, sharing the details about their massive Mega Moolah winnings. We have listed these people and their stories below and arranged them with the biggest cash prizes on top. If you’re only interested in getting an overview of all Mega Moolah wins that have happened, you’ll find this at the end of the article.

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1. Jon Heywood – GBP £13.2 Million Win (₹159.81 crore)

1. Jon Heywood£13.2 Million Win on mega moolah

Among many things, Jon bought a yellow Bentley with his Mega Moolah win. What car and colors would you go for if you won in Mega Moolah?

In October 2015, the Mega Moolah jackpot had reached a higher amount than ever before. It was worth over 13 million British pounds and was begging to be won. Its prayers were answered when Jon Heywood – a solider and Formula 1 fan from the UK – took a spin on the Mega Moolah slot late into the night. 

Ironically, picking Mega Moolah was quite a random choice. Jon was watching the history channel and had just signed up to Betway’s casino to try his luck. Not knowing what to play, he uncaringly picked the game that had the biggest icon. 

He wasn’t really paying attention to anything. Jon was more interested in the program on the TV than what was happening in the game. At one point he looked over at the Mega Moolah slot and to his surprise, a bonus wheel had appeared. He figured this ought to be good, but had no idea what was in store for him.  

After just 25 minutes of signing up to Betway, Mr. Heywood had become the biggest Mega Moolah winner of all times. The jackpot hit and paid him a stunning £13.2 million. Way more than most of us make in a lifetime. Jon only played for £0.25 per spin (approximately ₹25), but as they say – size doesn’t matter.

John Heywood's multimillion record win screen on mega moolah

This is what Jon saw on his screen when the jackpot hit. How would you have reacted?!

After the win, Jon mentioned that he couldn’t stop starring at the balance on his casino account; £13.2 freaking million! His heart was pounding. He couldn’t sleep and he didn’t know whether he should go to work the day after or not. He eventually went, casually acting like nothing special had happened. 

In an interview, Jon explained that he had great plans for the money. His dad was in a really bad shape; in need of a heart and lung transplant. Giving his dad the best possible treatment was the first thing he would do with his newfound riches. He said that he would trade all of the money he had won for his dad’s health if he could. Family always comes first. 

Currently driving a Fiat Punto, Mr. Heywood also mentioned that he would get himself a bit of an upgrade. A yellow Bentley Continental GT to be precise. He was also going to take his family on a cruise ship circulating the Mediterranean Sea. To celebrate the huge Mega Moolah win. 

Additionally, Jon had a pact with a childhood friend. If any of them ever won some money, they would help each other out. So, just like that, the good-hearted Jon gifted his friend £4 million. He figured that £4 million less wouldn’t make any difference to him. We all need a friend like that! 

Jon’s massive Mega Moolah win was documented in the Guiness book of records as the largest payout from an online slot. A record that has been beaten twice since then. 

Want to play Mega Moolah at the same lucky casino that made Jon Heywood filthy rich? Today might be the day that your wildest dreams come true!

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2. Marcus Goodwin – CAD $11 Million Win (₹69.63 crore)

2. Marcus-Goodwin cad 11 million win on mega moolah

Just imagine the house you could buy if you won 69 crore. But why settle for a house? Let’s go with a palace!

In November 2016, Christmas came early for the Goodwin family. While the Canadian Marcus wasn’t a stranger to casino games, he mentioned that he only played Mega Moolah every once in a while. It certainly wasn’t one of his favorite games. 

However, on the day of his win, the game had been very generous to him. As he continued to profit from the slot, he had played for about 1½ hours when it happened. The jackpot bonus got triggered and beyond all belief, the jackpot wheel stopped at the right position. At a position that made a flabbergasted Marcus an $11 million Mega Moolah winner. 

At first, he couldn’t believe it. It was simply too good to be true. Then he received a phone call from the casino he was playing at. They confirmed the life changing win. A staggering 11 million Canadian dollars were about to be shipped to Mr. Goodwin’s bank account. 

When Marcus was asked what to do with his riches, he said that he would get himself a big house with a lovely garden and a cottage to spend vacations in. He was also planning to spoil his family with Christmas presents, including a first-class trip to Africa. 

3. John Orchard – GBP £5.88 Million Win (₹62.20 crore)

3. John Orchard gbp 5.88 million win in mega moolah

Legends say that John can still be spotted with his wife at the sunny beaches, enjoying the good life with a drink in his hand – all thanks to that one spin that won him the Mega Moolah jackpot.

Living in Lincolnshire, UK, John Orchard was quite surprised to see what Santa would bring him for Christmas in 2012. It was in December that this passionate bingo player took a spin on a slot known as Dark Knight. This game used to be linked to the great Mega Moolah jackpot. It isn’t today though. 

Mr. Orchard was not a big spender. He was spinning at the slot’s minimum stake of £0.3 (approximately ₹30). As has proven to be the case many times around, the Mega Moolah jackpot can be won at any stake. Winning a massive £5.88 million, John got to witness this at first hand. 

At the time being, this was the biggest Mega Moolah win ever recorded. Of course, comparing to today’s jackpot winnings, it is only peanuts. Nevertheless, we certainly wouldn’t say no to a £5.88 million Mega Moolah win. Neither did the elderly John who had secured a fantastic retirement.  

4. Rawiri Pou – NZD $10 Million Win (₹58.61 crore)

4. Rawiri Pou NZD million win on mega moolah

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rawiri now has his own hobbit house, filled with gold and treasures that would make the black dragon Smaug green with envy

From the small village of Matamata in New Zealand, a Mega Moolah winner was born in June 2016.  Rawiri Pou were used to seeing hobbit houses in his region, which were part of the Lord of the Rings filming. Nowadays, he’s also used to seeing big bundles of cash, which his $10 million win got him plenty of.  

The 27-year-old Rawiri was working in the fast-food industry when his life took an unexpected turn. He deposited $250 to a casino and managed to get this investment up to $1,500. Not a bad day. Then the unimaginable happened and the day became more like a dream. A lucky spin on Mega Moolah suddenly made Rawiri the 29th Mega Moolah winner to have won the game’s huge jackpot. 

In an interview, Mr. Pou expressed his great gratitude and said that the win would change his life. He couldn’t believe what had happened and was in total shock. He didn’t know what to do with the money as it was too much to grasp. However, he was certain that he would spoil his family with it. 

The responsible Rawiri was also eager to point out that his win was nothing but luck. He didn’t want to be seen as promoting gambling as he knew that many people in his region have a problem with it.   

5. Georgios M – EUR €6.3 Million Win (₹56.98 crore)

5. Georgios M EUR 6.3 million win on Mega Moolah

We do not know much about Georgios, but can only imagine how his life must have changed after that 56 crore win from Mega Moolah. How would you imagine your life with that sum of money?

Waking up on the 11th of May 2009, this was supposed to be just another Monday for the Greek Georgios who was working hard as a father and independent business owner. Little did he know that Mega Moolah was about to strike again. 

The 36-year-old man was a regular casino player with a liking for slots. As the jackpot had reached a record high at the time, Georgios figured he would try his luck on Mega Moolah. Betting €5 per spin, this was the best decision of his life. 

Mesmerized by a screen that said “congratulations you have won €6,374,599.92”, the Greek father couldn’t believe his eyes after the bonus wheel in Mega Moolah had finished spinning. Before he knew it, he was a multi-millionaire. 

Georgios’s plans with the money? To invest some in his business and take his family on a holiday trip of a lifetime! 

6. Klaus E – USD $5.5 Million Win (₹31.40 crore)

6. klaus e usd 5.5 million win on mega moolah

Even for Klaus, all it took was one lucky spin on Mega Moolah to get a ₹31.4 crore deposit to his bank account. How would you feel if that happened to you?

Why is a US phone number flashing on my screen? This was one of the irrational thoughts that were buzzing in the head of the Finnish Klaus in April 2008. He was playing Mega Moolah at a stake of $0.5 when out of nowhere a jackpot bonus had added $5,556,753 to his casino account. 

Like many Mega Moolah winners, he couldn’t believe what had happened. Going from an ordinary working-class life to suddenly becoming economically independent must certainly be something special. 

After a phone call, the casino he was playing at had ensured him that the Mega Moolah win was real. It all became even more real when Klaus and his fiancé took a long trip to Sydney, Australia where his lucrative cheque was handed to him. 

7. Radoslaw M – USD $1.2 Million Win (₹7.61 crore)

7. Radislaw M USD 1.2 million win on mega moolah

A balance of ₹7.61 crore will certainly make for a godly wedding! How would you plan yours if you had that kind of money?

As you may remember, Betway was home to the biggest Mega Moolah win on our list. In October 2009, this casino was also where the Polish Radoslaw got his massive jackpot win of $1.2 million. 

When the win occurred and the 29-year-old guy saw the surreal numbers line up on his computer, he was afraid to touch anything. He was absolutely stunned and in lost for words. 

With the money, Radoslaw mentioned that he and his girlfriend would get married. We can only imagine what an amazing wedding and honeymoon this must have been.  

Full List of Mega Moolah Winners

Below is a full list of all of the Mega jackpots that have been won in Mega Moolah, arranged from the biggest to the smallest wins. Do note that the payouts in rupees are approximate ones as they are exchanged from other currencies which the Mega Moolah wins happened in.

RankingMoney Won in INRYear WonMonth WonWon at
1174.25 crore2021AprilNapoleon Sports & Casino
2₹169.07 crore2018SeptemberGrand Mondial
3₹159.81 crore2015OctoberBetway
4₹127.27 crore2020AugustLucky Casino
5₹119.13 crore2019JanuaryZodiac Casino
6₹103.20 crore2019MarchLuxury Casino
7₹95.96 crore2020MayJackpot City
8₹71.61 crore2017AprilTipico
9₹71.22 crore2016AugustZodiac Casino
10₹69.63 crore2016NovemberYako Casino
11₹69.58 crore2020MayRiver Belle
12₹69.20 crore2017SeptemberUnibet
13₹65.20 crore2012DecemberButler’s Bingo
14₹61.72 crore2016AprilSpin Palace
15₹59.72 crore2017MarchZodiac Casino
16₹58.33 crore2020MayJackpot City
17₹56.98 crore2009MayRiver Belle
18₹56.81 crore2016JuneCasinoland
19₹54.33 crore2017JanuaryCaptain Cooks
20₹50.71 crore2019May
21₹48.54 crore2019MayJackpot City
22₹48.18 crore2016NovemberJackpot City
23₹48.07 crore2019August
24₹48.05 crore2015AprilRoyal Vegas
25₹44.08 crore2018JuneJackpot City
26₹42.63 crore2018FebruaryRoyal Vegas
27₹41.14 crore2018AprilGrand Mondial
28₹39.69 crore2013SeptemberSpin Palace
29₹39.02 crore2018MarchCaptain Cooks
30₹38.77 crore2020December
31₹38.24 crore2017DecemberGrand Mondial
32₹34.90 crore2014JuneQuatro Casino
33₹34.34 crore2011OctoberChallenge Casino
34₹33.27 crore2017MayTipico
35₹31.81 crore2019OctoberGrand Mondial
36₹31.40 crore2008AprilBlackjack Ballroom
37₹31.09 crore2017November
38₹30.64 crore2017August
39₹30.57 crore2020October
40₹30.30 crore2014NovemberGolden Tiger
41₹30.05 crore2012July
42₹29.34 crore2010AugustSpin Palace
43₹29.07 crore2019NovemberGenesis Casino
44₹29.06 crore2019SeptemberYukon Gold
45₹27.53 crore2019SeptemberGrand Mondial
46₹27.14 crore2013MayCasino La Vida
47₹27.12 crore2019June
48₹26.66 crore2019December
49₹26.46 crore2020May
50₹23.26 crore2020September
51₹22.77 crore2010NovemberGolden Riviera
52₹21.67 crore2018JanuaryZodiac Casino
53₹21.31 crore2014JuneSpin Palace
54₹19.67 crore2019MarchCaptain Cooks
55₹16.28 crore2017July
56₹15.70 crore2020September
57₹15.13 crore2014February
58₹24.76 crore2017OctoberBetway
59₹13.04 crore2012February
60₹12.43 crore2012April
61₹12.36 crore2013November
62₹10.97 crore2014January
63₹10.47 crore2009JulyUnibet
64₹10.41 crore2012March
65₹9.65 crore2013DecemberSpin Palace
66₹9.27 crore2017June
67₹8.39 crore2017NovemberGrand Mondial
68₹7.61 crore2012May
69₹7.61 crore2009OctoberBetway
70₹6.20 crore2014June
71₹6.06 crore2013MayRoyal Vegas
72₹2.27 crore2007November

Fun Facts Based on the Above List

Top 3 Casinos With the Most Mega Moolah Winners

  1. Grand Mondial: 6 winners
  2. Jackpot City: 5 winners
  3. Zodiac Casino: 4 winners

Top 3 Months With the Most Mega Moolah Winners

  1. May: 11 winners
  2. November: 9 winners
  3. June/April/September: 7

Top 3 Years With the Most Mega Moolah Winners

  1. 2017/2019: 12 winners
  2. 2020: 9 winners
  3. 2012/2014/2018: 6 winners

Total Mega Moolah Winnings Paid Out by Casinos

  • Grand Mondial: ₹316.18 crore
  • Jackpot City: ₹295.09 crore
  • Zodiac Casino: ₹271.74 crore
  • Betway: ₹192.18 crore
  • Spin Palace: ₹161.71 crore

Total Amount Paid Out and Won in Mega Moolah

  • ₹3088.18 crore has been won in Mega Moolah (from the Mega jackpot alone)

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