Crazy Time

Crazy Time
Quick Info
RTP: 94.33% - 96.08%
Max win: 20,000x
Provider: Evolution
Release year: 2020

Crazy Time is an action-packed money wheel with four entertaining bonuses and a talkative game host.

Updated on by Mattias Fröbrant
Crazy Time review

Crazy Time By Evolution Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 94.33% – 96.08%
  • Maximum win: 20,000x
  • Time per round: 45 seconds – 2½ minutes
  • Betting range: ₹10 – ₹5 lakhs
  • Release date: 2020
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The Game in Short

In Crazy Time, you place bets on up to four different numbers and up to four different bonus positions. A money wheel is then spun by a game host and whatever position it stops on is the winning one.

While each number represents a fixed payout, the highlight of Crazy Time is when the wheel stops at one of the bonus positions you have bet on. This bonus will then be played and here the payouts can get huge.

All of the bonus games are unique and include a fancy Coin Flip; a ball drop game known as Pachinko; a tile turning game known as Cash Hunt; and a mega wheel known as the game itself – Crazy Time.  

In addition to the above, a random win multiplier of x2 – x50 will be added to a random outcome (any of the numbers or four bonuses) on each wheel spin. This will further boost potential winnings in the game. 

How long a game round takes depends on if a bonus is hit or not. If none is hit, a round takes approximately 45 seconds, while it can last up to 2½ minutes when a bonus is triggered.


Fun Factor 

In my opinion, Crazy Time is one of the most entertaining live dealer games ever made and seeing how the game always have a ton of players participating in it, I’m not alone to think so. There are many factors that make it a winner in my book. The versatility is one. With four different bonus games and a random multiplier that can be added on each spin, there’s a lot going on. 

Then you have the social and action-packed factor. People are always using the in-game chat to talk with the game host, each other or just ventilate some steam. The game host is always on alert and quick to reply to players by speaking. Some hosts and regular players even have a bit of a connection. If the host isn’t replying to chat, he or she is still putting on a show, always making the game interesting.

Of course, some players may find all this talking annoying, but then there’s always the mute button. 


The winnings in Crazy Time can get huge, which to me is an additional factor that makes the game great. Even if it’s rare, a lucky spin can turn one’s life around in a moment. That’s excitement to me. 

The maximum win is 20,000 times your bet amount. This can be won in the Crazy Time Bonus where the mega wheel can land on a double or triple position several times in a row. 

The Pachinko bonus has a maximum win of 10,000 times your bet. In this bonus too, there is a double up feature that can double potential winnings back-to-back-to-back. 

The two other bonuses have a lower max winning of 2,500x and 5,000x. To have a shot at these amounts, you need to hit the random wheel multiplier in the beginning of a spin, which boost winnings by x2 – x50. 

While I love the win potential of the game, I must share my criticism of its RTP. This ranges from 94.33% – 96.08% which I would say is quite bad for a modern game. Most casino games today have a minimum RTP of 96% and when it comes to live dealer games, it is not rare to see them go up to 98% or even higher. Therefore, this is a big letdown. However, Crazy Time is that much fun that I still regularly play it.


If you ask me, there aren’t really any great strategies that can be used in Crazy Time. Before discussing this further, let me show you a table of the RTP of each bet that can be made in the game. 

Bet TypeRTP
Number 196.08%
Number 295.95%
Number 595.78%
Number 1095.73%
Cash Hunt95.27%
Coin Flip95.70%
Crazy Time94.41%

As number 1 has the highest RTP, an optimal strategy would be to always and only bet on this outcome. However, that would totally ruin the point of the game. It wouldn’t be much fun, right?

To me and I think to everyone, the reason of playing Crazy Time is the excitement of hitting one of the bonuses. More specifically, the Pachinko and Crazy Time bonuses as these have the highest potential payouts. However, I personally wouldn’t exclude any of the bonuses in the game as that would be excluding fun. 

If you agree and want to cover all bonuses, what you can do in terms of strategy is to play around with the numbers and how much you stake on each outcome. Here are two examples of how the game can be played with a lower volatility (more likely to win, but less potential winnings) and a higher one (less likely to win, but higher potential to win more). 

Low volatility strategy

Bet PositionStakePotential WinChance to Win
Coin Flip₹10Random7.40%
Crazy Time₹10Random1.85%
Cash Hunt₹10Random3.70%

With this setup, you’re betting a total of ₹120 and will hit a winning outcome 9 out of 10 game rounds. However, hitting the 1 will only give you half the stake back, while hitting the 2 will give you two thirds back. Hitting the 5 will give you your entire stake back. The point of this strategy is to minimize losses while chasing after the bonuses where the big money is. 

High volatility strategy

Bet PositionStakePotential WinChance to Win
Coin Flip₹10Random7.40%
Crazy Time₹10Random1.85%
Cash Hunt₹10Random3.70%

With this strategy, a total bet of ₹80 is placed. Whenever you hit one of your positions, you will make a profit. However, the drawback is that only 4 out of 10 game rounds will be winning ones. Thus, there is a risk that you will go on a losing streak that may become a bit costly. 

You must know that no matter how you decide to play Crazy Time, there will only be a small difference. So, if you ask me, you should play the game exactly the way you feel – online gambling is all about having fun. It’s good to have an understanding of the odds though.

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