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UPI Supported Lottoland
  • Lottery tickets are cheap
  • Regular promotional offers
  • Plenty of exclusive lotteries
  • Syndicate option in US Powerball, Cricket Lotto and MegaMillions
  • Satta Matka offered as Jhatka Matka
  • Play some lotteries every hour
  • Commission-free winnings
  • Powerplay feature in Powerball
  • Megaplier feature in Mega Millions
  • Live chat and e-mail support
  • Mobile app available
  • Website in English and Hindi
  • Holds several reputable licenses
    • Live chat support is not always online
    • Only a few lotteries allow syndicate play
    • Withdrawals can take up to 72 hours to process
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    Deposit Methods

    NetBanking / IMPSUPIGoogle PayMuchBetter

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    Quick info

    Gambling licenseMalta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission & Gibraltar Gambling Commission
    Prizes paidOver ₹8,000 Crores

    Big Winners From Lottoland

    NameDateLottery WonPrize
    ChristinaJune, 2018EuroJackpot₹727 Crores
    MatthiasApril, 2016German Lotto₹180 Crores
    MichaelFebruary, 2016German Lotto₹113 Crores
    AnonymousFebruary, 2019German Lotto₹50 Crores
    Mr. LoganAugust, 2019Irish Lotto₹44 Crores
    AnonymousDecember, 2015El Gordo₹32.3 Crores
    MarioMarch, 2016German Lotto₹25.8 Crores
    AdamAugust, 2015Polish Lotto₹23.4 Crores
    NinaAugust, 2018EuroJackpot₹15 Crores
    MathiasFebruary, 2016PowerBall₹9.7 Crores
    DenisMay, 2017EuroJackpot₹7.4 Crores

    Listed above are some of the people that have won massive prizes from playing the lottery at Lottoland and Lottoland Asia, which is the Indian name of the site. This information comes from Lottoland's own website where they have a winner section and blog about those who have won substantial amounts from playing the lottery.

    Unfortunately, it is very difficult to verify if this information is true, but I honestly have no reason to doubt them. Their gambling licenses are highly reputable ones that come with strict rules, making it unlikely that Lottoland would be dishonest about their winners.

    Lottoland Asia Review – April 2024

    Having played at and reviewed a wide range of Indian lottery sites, Lottoland Asia is personally my preferred platform. It’s not perfect, but with plenty of popular and unique lotteries, several play options, a user-friendly interface and ticket prices that are some of the cheapest ones online (compared here), it's damn close.

    The cherry on the top is Lottoland's wide selection of casino games and sports betting, which is a rare find among lottery platforms.

    How Lottoland Works

    Playing the Lotteries

    As can be seen on the full list of lotteries, there is no shortage of options at Lottoland Asia. Those who are looking to win mind-boggling amounts can take part in world-famous lottery schemes such as the US Powerball, MegaMillions, and Eurojackpot.

    Should you prefer something out of the ordinary, a variety of lotteries that aren’t found elsewhere can also be played. This includes the Malamaal Daily and Cricket Lotto. Not to mention “GO versions” of EuroMillions and Eurojackpot where these lotteries can be played every hour. The prize pool is the same as the weekly lottery draws and if you don’t hit any numbers at all, you get your money back.

    Lottoland Asia is able to offer these innovative types of lotteries as their business model is lottery betting. This means that you aren’t receiving any authentic lottery tickets that are officially bought from resellers, but you are placing a bet on the numbers that are drawn in the lottery. Does this matter? I would say no. You can read more about this shortly in the section where receiving your prizes is being covered.  

    In addition to the exclusive lotteries that are really neat, what I really like about Lottoland Asia is their play options. First of all, you can choose to play by yourself or enter a syndicate where you buy a share in a lottery. The latter will increase your chances of winning by a ton. It is only available for some of the biggest lotteries though.

    Then you also have two types of subscription features. There’s the normal one where you automatically get tickets bought for you at any interval you choose. Then there’s the jackpot hunt too, where tickets are only renewed and bought for you until the current jackpot prize has been won.

    For the US Powerball and MegaMillions, I also appreciate the fact that you can add the Power Play and Megaplier features. This is something that is missing from a lot of lottery sites. With these features active, you can win 2 – 5 times more from each draw. The German Lotto also comes with extra, optional games that can be played.

    Additionally, Lottoland has added extra prizes to some lotteries to slightly improve their value. This is, for instance, true for SuperEnalotto.

    Receiving Your Prizes

    No matter how little or much you win, you are always guaranteed to receive your prizes at Lottoland Asia. As they don’t purchase any official lottery tickets, big jackpot prizes will not be paid for by the official lotteries themselves. Instead, all money that is paid to you will come from Lottoland.

    To make this work, Lottoland operates on an insurance-based business model where they have paid for insurance that will cover costs that are too big. For instance, in the case where Christina won ₹727 Crore at Lottoland, it was the insurance company that paid this amount. Part of the price you pay for a ticket at the site will always be to cover this insurance.

    In terms of winnings, my only problem at Lottoland Asia has been the lack of winning any substantial amount. But that’s blame to put on lady luck and not the operator. The amounts I have won have always been added to my account shortly after the lottery results are in. These results are conveniently posted on the site and can be viewed by going to each respective lottery.

    You don’t have to visit the site after each draw though, but winners will always be notified by e-mail.

    When it comes to cashing out, this works like any legit lottery operator and other online gambling sites. A verification process must be done in order to comply with license regulations and laws. This verification includes proving your identity with an official ID.

    The verification is only done one time and once it’s done, I have found withdrawal requests to be handled within 72 hours. This is definitely not any super-fast withdrawals, but I’m personally fine with it. Unless you use Neteller or MuchBetter, any cashed-out amount must be to your bank account.


    Doing my research, I have found both positive and bad reviews about Lottoland and Lottoland Asia on player review sites such as Trustpilot. For whatever the reasons may be, some people are calling Lottoland fake and a scam. I wouldn’t listen too much to these reviews as it is very common for people to get upset over various things which aren’t the lottery site’s fault.

    My findings tell me that there’s no reason at all to doubt the legitimacy of Lottoland. It’s a genuine site. They have a gambling license from two of the most respected entities in the gambling industry; the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority.   

    Anyone can go to the UK Gambling Commission’s website and look up their license and see that it’s active. I did this and found that Lottoland’s license number is valid. Furthermore, here is also proof of Lottoland’s active MGA license.

    These two entities exist to protect players by enforcing strict rules on casino, betting and lottery sites. They carefully oversee them and if they would receive player complaints and notice something wrong, Lottoland would be heavily fined and could also lose its license.

    This hasn’t happened apart from one UK-related instance in 2017 where Lottoland was fined £150,000 for advertisement failures in Great Britain. The problem here was that they didn't state in their advertisements that real lottery tickets aren't purchased, but as a player, you are betting on the outcome of the lotteries (similar to sports betting).

    As a player, the only practical difference between getting a real lottery ticket and betting on the outcome is who is responsible for paying your prizes; the lottery operator or the lottery site (in this case Lottoland). Therefore, we would not consider this fine as any cause of concern. 2017 was also a long time ago.

    Taking everything into consideration, our conclusion is that Lottoland Asia is perfectly safe to play at.

    Other Games to Play

    In addition to lotteries, Lottoland Asia offers a wide selection of products to enjoy. These include:

    • Over 1100 slot machines
    • A live casino by Evolution Gaming and Ezugi
    • Teen Patti and Andar Bahar
    • 33 different scratchcards
    • Betting on more than 20 sports

    This pretty much makes Lottoland Asia a complete gambling platform, which a variety gambler like me appreciates. It’s quite a unique phenomenon as most lottery sites that are good for Indian players don’t offer this many games.

    Customer Support

    To me, customer support has been the biggest letdown of Lottoland Asia. The support itself is not bad as I have received good help from agents the few times I have contacted them. My problem lies in the fact that the live chat on the site is rarely available. This means that you have to send an e-mail to get in touch.

    In terms of gambling standards in the 22nd century, this is terrible. Almost every quality site is offering a 24/7 support on chat, so seeing that Lottoland Asia doesn’t is very disappointing. What’s even more infuriating is the fact that the chat is said to be online at times, but after joining it and waiting in a queue for several minutes, it says that no agents are available.

    Bonus Offers

    While Lottoland isn't offering fixed discounts on lotteries as many lottery sites are, they do have a promotional page where bonuses and bundle offers for lottery, as well as casino and sports betting are added. Here's an example of what you may find, which is a set of lottery promotions that we found available when writing and updating this review:

    • 20% lottery bonus up to ₹4,000
    • Bundle discount for 3 Keno + 3 cash4life tickets
    • 30% discount on the Gullak Gold lottery
    • 8 Malamaal Daily lottery tickets for free when buying 10 scratchcards
    • 30 casino free spins when buying 1 US Powerball + 2 EuroMillions tickets

    All in all, we're very pleased with this selection as Lottoland's ticket prices already are much cheaper than most lottery sites in India. For instance, an entry into the EuroMillions is ₹240 at Lottoland Asia, while it’s ₹485 at Lottosmile India. So even if you had a 40% discount at Lottosmile, it wouldn’t be enough to make up for the generous pricing at Lottoland.

    As a new player signing up with Lottoland Asia, you’re also getting a really good offer as you'll get 2 entries into the US Powerball at the price of 1. That's only ₹150 per ticket, which is super cheap compared to what many platforms charge.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Has anyone won from Lottoland?

    Plenty of people have won from Lottoland with as much as €90 million (₹727 Crores) being paid to a single person. For more details, refer to my list of Lottoland’s big lottery winners.

    Is Lottoland Asia legal and safe in India?

    Playing the lottery at Lottoland Asia is legal and safe in all Indian states except for West Bengal which has specifically banned all types of online lotteries. Different states have different laws regarding lotteries, but these generally do not apply to international lotteries that are played online via lottery sites that operate outside of India. Thus, for most people, it is perfectly safe and legal to play at Lottoland. This is a foreign company.

    Are Lottoland’s lotteries fake or real?

    Lottoland offers a wide selection of lotteries and all of them are real in some sense. Some lotteries are official ones like the US Powerball and MegaMillions, while others are created exclusively by Lottoland.

    When you play an international lottery, you aren’t getting a real ticket. Instead, you are betting on the results of the draw. However, the lottery works the exact same way as if you were physically buying a real ticket and any jackpot won is paid out by Lottoland’s insurance company.

    Is Lottoland Asia a genuine site?

    Most certainly so. It is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gambling Commission, and Malta Gaming Authority, which is strong proof of its legitimacy. They have been operating successfully since 2013. Their headquarters are in Gibraltar and more than 350 people are employed.

    What is the difference between Lottoland and Lottoland Asia?

    Lottoland is the original site that accepts players from all over the world, whereas Lottoland Asia was created to cater to Indian players specifically. The platforms are more or less the same. The difference is that Lottoland Asia supports Hindi language, Indian deposit methods and has Indian lotteries highlighted.

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    At GamblingBaba, Mattias’s commitment to providing accurate and easily digestible information shines through meticulously researched reviews, guides, and news articles. His strong belief in honesty and transparency ensures that readers receive the most reliable insights on the Indian gambling landscape.

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