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Scratch Card Casinos in India - July 2024 List

Scratch. Win. Repeat.

Find the top online casinos in India to play instant scratch card games online for real money.

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The ease and fast-paced potential of winning big have made scratch card games a winner among many households all around the world. It’s nothing new. You buy a ticket and simply scratch it to reveal matching symbols that will pay a prize. It’s often as simple as that even if more innovative scratch card games do exist as well.

While it isn't the most popular or common type of game to find online, all of the above-listed casinos allow you to play a wide variety of scratch cards online from India.

How to Play Scratch Card Games Online

Playing scratch cards over the internet is super simple. Here’s a brief step-by-step guide for you that should tell you pretty much all you need to know:

  1. Visit a suiting online casino offering scratch cards
    Just pick from those that we have listed above and visit the one you like best by clicking the green button. The gambling site will conveniently open in a new window for you.
  2. Create an account
    To play scratch cards online you need to create a personal account with the gambling site that you have chosen. This is easily done by pressing a button that says “register”, “sign up”, “join now” or something similar. You will be asked to enter some personal details about yourself such as full name an address. This is a standard procedure that all scratch card casinos have to comply with laws and regulations.
  3. Make a deposit
    At some online casinos you can play scratch card games for free by choosing to play a demo version of them. However, to win real money you have to play for real money, thus you have to make a deposit. By heading to the cashier at the gambling site this is quickly done. You usually find it in a menu or by pressing on a button that shows a currency sign or simply says deposit.
  4. Make use of a bonus
    If a welcome bonus is offered this is often taken part of while making your deposit. We highly suggest grabbing it as it will give you extra value – often in the form of additional cash. If you don’t get the option of using the bonus when making your deposit, have a chat with the support and they’ll tell you how it’s activated.
  5. Open up one of the online casino’s scratch card games
    Once your account is funded it’s time to go nuts scratching. Just find the scratch card section at the site and open up the game you would like to try.
  6. Scratch and hope to get lucky
    The actual scratching is super easy. You do it by clicking and can either choose to scratch one box at a time or have the entire scratch card game quickly revealed by pressing a button.

Can I Get Scratch Cards for Free Online?

Finding free scratch cards online is very difficult. In all my search of Indian online casinos that offer scratch cards I haven’t found a single one that offers them. Not without any investment at all.

However, if you do choose to play for real money on a regular basis, it is usually not a problem to get some free money that can be used to buy scratch cards. This would be a so-called goodwill bonusA goodwill bonus can either be money, free spins or a deposit bonus that is given to you by speaking with the casino's support. It can be given to you if you've been unlucky with your deposits and lost a lot., which many gambling sites don’t have a problem handing out to players who have been unlucky.

Another way to enjoy free scratch cards online is to play demo versions. This is probably not what you’re looking for though as these demo versions won’t yield you any real money. If you want to try out a game without any risk this is, however, a good alternative that some (not all) gambling sites are offering.

Which Are the Best Scratch Cards Online?

It all depends on what you mean by the best. If you want to win the biggest prizes, a scratch card game offered by Lottoland, known as “Be a Lottoland Crorepati”, is probably what you’re looking for as this has a jackpot prize of ₹160 crores. Each card costs ₹1,600 though which is a hefty sum.

If you’re on a budget, the very same site is offering a game called “Elephant” which only costs ₹4. It doesn’t get any cheaper than that. So if you’re looking for cheap, this is definitely one of the best scratch cards online. It comes with a maximum prize of ₹40,000.

In terms of innovation and entertainment, scratch card games tend to be very simplistic and straight-forward. However, the site Primescratchcards does have a couple of really cool scratchers with creative features. For instance, the scratch card Ted is packed with several bonuses that can be triggered. A scratcher known as Deal or no Deal also comes with a bonus game similar to the game show with the same name.

If you ask me, this is what I would call the best types of online scratch cards. Previously I have also seen scratch card games where you got to scratch to reveal numbers which were then used in a roulette wheel. Unfortunately, I no longer know where this particular scratch card game can be played.

What Are the Odds of Winning on a Scratch Card Online?

It can vary greatly from one scratch card game to another, but if we speak in terms of RTPRTP stands for "Return to Player" and is a percentual value that all casino games have. It shows you how much you are expected to win in the long run. A game with a 96% RTP is for instance expected to return ₹96 for every ₹100 staked. you shouldn’t expect it to be nearly as high as it is in slots or live casino games. These tend to have an RTP of 96% – 97% while many scratch card games only have an RTP of around 60%.  

There are cards though (for instance those created by Iron Dog Studios) that have a payback percentage of 95% which is really good. However, you can also stumble upon those scratchers that don’t have a higher RTP than 50% which is terrible, to say the least.

To sum it up, the odds on scratch cards are generally not good at all. Many of them are likely to drop your balance quite quickly if you don’t get lucky. If you want to avoid this, we suggest reading the info provided on the scratch card before buying it.

And just to make it clear what we’re talking about here – an RTP of 50% means that you are expected to win 50% back of all your investments. So, if you play online casino scratch cards for ₹1,000 you’re expected to win ₹500.

Baba's Top List of the Best Online Scratch Cards

best online scratch cards in india

If you're looking to win big from playing scratch cards online, look no further! Below is our top 10 list of the best online scratch cards to play. These scratchers all have a good RTP and a high maximum win, which makes them great cards to scratch when you are chasing a substantial profit.

  1. Gold Rush from Pragmatic – Max win: €250,000
  2. Ted Big Money scratchcard from Blueprint – Max win: €250,000
  3. Fishin' Frenzy from Blueprint – Max win: €250,000
  4. Foxin' Wins™ from NextGen – €100,000
  5. Queen of Gold from Pragmatic – Max win: €100,000
  6. Diamond Strike from Pragmatic – Max win: €100,000
  7. Irish Eyes 2 from NextGen – Max win: €100,000
  8. Queen of Gold from Pragmatic – Max win: €100,000
  9. Hot Safari from Pragmatic – Max win: 50,000
  10. 7 Piggies from Pragmatic – Max win: €5,000


Is it legal to play scratch cards online in India?

You could say so. While the country hasn’t approved of it directly, they haven’t banned it either. An old law from 1867 forbids gambling, but doesn’t mention anything about online gaming, which makes it a legal activity. You simply cannot be punished for playing scratch cards online in India. The exceptions are the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana where online gambling actually has been criminalized.

Can I win real money when scratching cards online?

Sure thing! As long as you make a deposit and buy your scratch cards for real money you will be able to win real money from them. All winnings will be instantly paid out to your account.

Which is the best site to play scratch cards at?

Lottoland if you want to deposit using UPI or NetBanking and Primescratchcards if you're looking for special scratchers that come with bonus features. Finding a ton of scratch cards playable in India is rare. These sites offer around 30 – 40 different ones to scratch.

Is it better to buy more expensive scratch tickets?

Only if you want to win the biggest prizes as the more expensive a ticket is, the more it generally can pay. Your chances of winning will, however, not be higher with a more expensive scratch card.

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