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Listed below are several slot tournaments currently running at our reviewed casino sites. Use the navigational buttons if you want to find another type of bonus.

Buy-in to a tournament for ₹80 - ₹100 to receive free spins.

Whatever you win from those spins is your score.

Re-entries can be bought to improve your score.
Gather points for scoring wins in a row and big wins. Tournaments are fair to all players.

Prize pools vary between tournaments.

Usually 3 - 10 positions are paid.
Slot tournaments with different rules are running every week

Some are good for high rollers (based on total wagers). Some are fair to all players (based on win multipliers).
Tournaments are fair to all.

Win by getting highest win multiplier or score the most points (based on win multipliers).

Usually top 10 positions are paid.
Slot and live casino tournaments are regularly running.

These reward prizes to players who wager the most money.

Up to ₹5 lakh prize pools with 10 places paid.
Casino tournaments are running every week. These last for 3 - 7 days and come with varying rules. Some favor high rollers and some are fair to all players.

Up to 200 places are paid.
Buy-in to a tournament for ₹80 - ₹100 to receive free spins.

Whatever you win from those spins is your score. Re-entries can be bought to improve your score.
Slot tournaments are fair to all players and last for a month.

They can be designed in many different ways and can be a lot of fun.

Slot Tournaments for Indian Players – Available in December 2022

On the following page, we are listing various types of slot tournaments that are currently offered by the gambling sites that we have rated and reviewed here on GamblingBaba. In other words, legitimately licensed and approved online casinos that accept Indian players and offer Indian Rupees as a currency.

Most of the slot tournaments listed are completely free to enter and many of them are running on a regular basis – as often as every 30th minute. You can be sure that all tournaments listed are up to date as we frequently visit all of our approved gambling sites to make sure of it.

This also means that whenever we find a new slot tournament we will add it to this page. Just like we’re regularly adding other casino bonuses and sports betting offers as well. Not on this page of course but on separate ones which you can reach through the navigational buttons at the top.

Slot Tournaments Found on This Page

There is no type of slot tournament that we exclude, but we will always add any type of tournament that we come across. This does for instance mean that the prizes in them could be:

  • Real cash (very common)
  • Free spins (very common)
  • Electronic gadgets (rare)
  • Or even a car (very rare)

It also means that the slot tournaments listed will work in different ways. To win a prize from them it could be that you have to:

  • Get the highest win in a game (as a multiplier to your stake)
  • Score the most points by getting consecutive wins and big wins
  • Win the most money from a limited number of spins received

Last but not least, it means that the slot tournaments could be:

  • Free to enter but require you to pay for the spins you use (you keep the winnings)
  • Cost money to enter but allow you to spin for free (you don’t keep the winnings)
  • Free to enter and allow you to spin for free (this is a free bonus which is rare)

Gambling sites often have different rules on their tournaments so it might be a good idea to read them through thoroughly or have a quick chat with customer support to ask how they work.

How to Enter Your Slot Tournament

Five easy steps to entering slot tournaments:

  1. Click the claim button on our bonus card

    By doing so you will be redirected to the gambling site that is offering that particular slot tournament.

  2. Create an account or login to an existing one

    If you don’t have a gambling account with the casino site you need to create one by signing up. If you’ve already played on the site before you just need to login.

  3. Make a deposit

    Unless the slot tournament is free (which is rare) it must be played with real money. Therefore you have to fund your gambling account. You can do this easily by heading to the cashier at the casino.

  4. Locate the slot tournament

    Different casinos will have their slot tournaments located on different places of their sites. They should be easy to find, but if you can’t find them just ask the customer support.

  5. Enter the tournament

    This is done with the click of a button. It will either be free to enter or cost a small amount of money.

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