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Listed below are several cashback bonuses available at our reviewed casinos and sportsbooks.

For those interested in more variety, we also offer bonuses for casino games, lotteries, poker, and sports betting. Everything is organized and categorized for easy navigation.

Simply select your preferred bonus category, find an offer that suits you, and click to claim. It’s that easy!

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Live Casino Cashback of 20% up to ₹8,000

Every day that you end up with a net loss playing live casino games, 20% will be returned back to your casino account.

The received cashback must be activated on your account profile once received. It must then be wagered 20 times on live casino games before it can be cashed out.
UPI Available

10% – 20% Cashback on Every Lost Deposit

Didn't win from your deposit?

Then you get 10% - 20% back depending on how much you deposited!

₹200+: 10% cashback
₹50,000+: 15% cashback
₹90,000+: 20% cashback
UPI Available

Weekly Cashback of 5% – 20% (Unlimited)

Lopebet offers all players a weekly cashback of 5% - 20%.

This applies to losses made on all games and has no upper limit to it.

The cashback % you receive depends on your loyalty level. However, everyone gets at least 5%.

To withdraw the cashback, a wagering requirement of 10x must be fulfilled.
UPI Available

1% – 15% Weekly Cashback (Unlimited)

All players at Winz are eligible for an unlimited cashback on their weekly losses.

This cashback ranges from 1% - 15% and is based on the player's loyalty level.

As with all offers at Winz, there is no wagering requirement to the cashback.
UPI Available

5% – 10% Daily Rakeback

Whether you have won or lost, you will receive a 5% - 10% rakeback on all the bets you have made every day.

This rakeback is based on the house edge of each game. In general, you can expect ₹3 back for every ₹1,000 wagered.

It's a high value offer!
UPI Available

10% Daily & Unlimited Live Casino Cashback

Bonus Code
All new players at Winz can get a 10% daily cashback on live casino games.

The cashback lasts 14 days and has no wagering requirement.

For instance, if one day ends up in a ₹1,000 loss, you would receive ₹100 back for that day.
UPI Available

20% Highroller Cashback (Unlimited)

Bonus Code
Players who deposit ₹2 lakh and enter bonus code VIP are eligible for a 20% cashback for two weeks.

The following two Mondays, whatever has been lost from any games during the previous week, 20% will be returned.
UPI Available

Up to 20% Cashback and 1.25% Rebate

Via a 7-step loyalty ladder, all players will receive:

5% - 20% cashback for casino
5% - 12.5% cashback for sport
0.05% - 0.25% rebate for casino
0.25% - 1.25% rebate for sports

Cashback is money returned on losses, while rebate is money returned on wagers (earned whether you win or lose).
UPI Available

0.3% Sport Rebate up to ₹80,000 Every Week

Every week, all players at 22BET receive a 0.3% rebate on the sport bets they have placed.

For instance, if ₹10,000 was wagered on sports during a week, you would receive ₹30 back.

This money would be earned whether you won or lost.

No strings attached!
UPI Available

Weekly Cashback of 4% – 10%

If you end up with a loss during a week, 4% - 10% of the lost amount will be returned to you.

For instance, if you lose ₹10,000, you would receive ₹400 - ₹1,000 back.

The cashback % is based on loyalty level and applies to all games.

Click the button below to claim!
UPI Available

10% Weekly Cashback (Unlimited)

Get up to 10% cashback on losses had during the week with no upper limit.

The received cashback varies depending on lost amount:

₹1,000+: get 2.5% back
₹25,000+: get 5% back
₹75,000+: get 10% back
100% up to ₹20,000

The received cashback is credited as cash with no wagering requirement.
UPI Available

10% Weekly Cashback up to ₹1.75 Lakh

Every week, players at Pin-Up can get 5% - 10% back of their net losses up to ₹1.75 lakh.

The cashback applies to all games and must only be wagered 3 times before being withdrawn.

To receive the maximum cashback of 10%, you must have lost at least ₹25,000 during the week.
UPI Available

Daily: Unlimited Rakeback (0.3% – 0.7%)

Betssen offers all players unlimited rakeback on their wagers. Whether you win or lose, you receive money credited to your account.

The rakeback is separate between slots, live casino games, and crash games.

Slots: 0.5% rakeback
Live casino: 0.3% rakeback
Crash games: 0.7% rakeback

The slot and live casino rakeback has a wagering requirement of 3x.

The crash game rakeback needs to be wagered 10 times.
UPI Available

Daily: Unlimited Cashback (10% – 12%)

Betssen offers all players unlimited cashback on their daily losses.

The cashback is separate between slots, live casino games, and crash games.

Slots: 12% cashback
Live casino: 10% cashback
Crash games: 10% cashback

The slot and live casino cashback has a wagering requirement of 1x.

The crash game cashback needs to be wagered 10 times.
UPI Available

1% – 15% Money Back on Every Bet

All players get money back on each wager made on slots and live casino games.

The percentage ranges from 1% - 15% depending on loyalty level.

Money back % is based on the house edge of each game played.

This promo is highly valuable!
UPI Available

15% Daily Cashback (Unlimited)

For every lost deposit, JungliWIN gives you 15% back, credited once per day.

There is no upper limit to the cashback so whatever amount is lost, 15% will be returned.

The cashback is credited to your account as pure cash with no wagering needed.
UPI Available

Weekly Live Casino Cashback – 25% up to ₹16,000

Every week that you end up with a net loss playing live casino games at Rabona, you will get 25% returned to you the following Monday.

The maximum cashback amount that can be received is ₹16,000.

The cashback only needs to be wagered once before being withdrawn.
UPI Available

Up to 10% Weekly Cashback on Slots

Get money back on losses had from playing slots every week.

The cashback percentage is based on how much you have wagered on slot games.

As an example, ₹5,000 - ₹10,000 wagered earns you a 4% cashback.

Over ₹5 lakh wagered earns you 10% cashback.

The received cashback must be wagered 5 times before being withdrawn.
UPI Available

Weekly Cashback up to ₹1 Lakh

Every week, if you end up with a loss, 5 - 10% will be returned to you as a bonus.

₹1,000 loss = 5% cashback
₹5,000 loss = 7% cashback
₹30,000 loss = 10% cashback

The cashback applies on losses from all types of casino games. It is capped at a maximum of ₹1 lakh.

The wagering requirement is only 3x.
UPI Available

10% Weekly Cashback on Losses (Unlimited)

If you end up with a loss during the week, 10% of the lost amount is returned to you the following Monday. No upper cap!

The received cashback must be wagered 5 - 30 times depending on your loyalty level.
UPI Available
9Winz Casino

Daily Live Casino Rakeback of 0.5%

All players receive extra cash every day, equal to 0.5% of their placed live casino bets.

If you wager a total of ₹1 lakh, you would receive ₹500.

Money is credited regardless if you win or lose when playing!
UPI Available

0.06 – 0.6% cashback on every wager!

Win or lose - doesn't matter. At PlayOJO you accumulate money for every wager that you make.

Slots have higher cashback than live casino games.

Cashback can be claimed and added to your balance at any time.
UPI Available

Daily Rakeback on Games (0.4% – 1.2%)

JeetWin offers unlimited rakeback on wagers made on slot machines, crash games and live casino games.

This money is credited to you whether you win or lose.

The rakeback % varies between games and is based on how much you wager in a day.

Slots: 0.4% - 1.2%
Live casino: 0.6% - 0.8%
Crash games: 0.4% - 0.8%

For live casino, only wagers on the "SEXY Live" platform counts.

No wagering requirement applies.
UPI Available

Weekly Cashback up to ₹2 Lakh

JeetWin offers a weekly cashback on losses of up to ₹2 Lakh.

The cashback is separate for slots, crash games and live casino games:

Slots: 5% - 12%
Live casino: 2% - 5%
Crash games: 3% - 6%

The cashback % depends on how much you have lost during the week.

No wagering requirement applies.
UPI Available

Weekly Cashback on Sports – 10% up to ₹35,000

JeetWin offers a weekly cashback on sports betting wagers, automatically credited every Monday.

The received cashback only has to be wagered one time before being withdrawn.
UPI Available

live casino cashback every week – 10% up to ₹12,000

Lost money playing live casino games? Get 10% returned every week!

Minimum amount returned is ₹400. Maximum is ₹12,000.
UPI Available
Campobet Casino

Unlimited Cashback Every Day (10%)

Live casino games or slots - doesn't matter. If you lose you get money back.

Cashback is credited as pure cash and can be claimed 24 hours after deposit is made.
UPI Available
Fun Casino

Indian Cashback Bonuses Available for June 2024

On the following page, you will find active cashback bonuses that can be used for casino and sports to give you an added value while gambling online; either by returning some of your losses or by boosting your winnings.

It’s by constantly visiting all of the gambling sites that we have approved of here at Gamblingbaba that we are able to list plenty of cashback bonuses that are currently running.

We are also listing several other types of offers (casino bonuses as well as sports betting bonuses) which you can browse through on the top of the page.

By regularly visiting us, you’ll be able to stay up to date and grab plenty of new offers. Only those that are available for the time being are listed!

Cashback Bonuses Found on This Page

We’re listing all types of cashback bonuses that exist and are currently running with the gambling sites that we support. These offers include the two following types:

  • Cashback bonuses that are based on your net losses

    These offers will return a portion of the net losses you’ve had during the promotion period. The more you lose during the promotion the more money you’ll receive as a cashback.

  • Cashback bonuses that are based on your wagers (turnover cashbacks)

    These offers will give you cash regardless if you win or lose. The more you play the more money you’ll receive.

How to Claim Your Cashback Bonus

Unlike some bonuses that have to be manually activated, cashbacks are often automatically added to your account. This means that you usually only have to follow three easy steps to get your bonus.

The three steps to claim your cashback bonus:

  1. Click the claim button on the bonus card

    This will take you to the casino that is offering the cashback bonus.

  2. Create a casino account or sign in to an existing one

    If you don’t already have an account with the casino, you’ll need to create one. If you already have an account, you just need to sign into it.

  3. Make a deposit and start playing

    Fund your account with money and start gambling. Your cashback will be added by the end of the promotion period.

Do note that all cashback bonuses are unique. Some gambling sites may require you to activate your offer with the click of a button. You’ll be able to find out how by reading the bonus’s information in the casino’s promotional section.

Always Read the Rules and Information of the Cashback Bonus

All types of bonus offers come with certain rules and information – cashbacks are no exception. This information can be very different from one promotion to another so you should always read it to make sure that you aren’t missing anything important.

The information is usually known as terms and conditions. You’ll find the terms by heading to the promotional page of the casino (where they have all of their bonuses listed) and then clicking on the cashback bonus that you’re interested in.

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