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Max Quest – a New Action Packed Way of Casino Gambling

Equip yourself with one of 13 different weapons and enter an action-packed battlefield. Explore the mystical depths of the Amazon, face the legendary creatures of the Caribbean or venture down Egypt’s majestic pyramids to meet the ancient gods.

Team up with other players to take down fierce bosses and increase your bankroll by collecting valuable loot. Complete quests for additional cash prizes and compete on monthly leaderboards by maximizing your levels and experience gain. This is the new way of casino gambling!

The online casino industry is constantly evolving. In the past few years, we’ve seen slot reels taking a whole new spin with the popular Megaways concept. We’ve received shortcuts to entertainment through bonus buy slots and amusing game shows have emerged among live dealer games. 

Game developers are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and Betsoft is no exception. They are looking to change the way we play casino games forever by making them more like video games. At least this is what their Max Quest series of games is all about. 

normal gameplay of max quest
As the fiend falls, a faint hope blossoms

Don't miss out!

A Multiplayer Action RPG Experience

It doesn’t sound much like a casino game, but it certainly is as you can win more than 6,000 times your stake by firing a single shot. We know what you’re thinking – firing a shot?! That’s right! Forget spinning on reels and playing on tables – this is about weapon power and killing. Let us explain how the Max Quest series of games works. 

You start off by choosing a room to play in which will determine your stake. Once done the action is right in front of you. You’ll find yourself in an environment where enemies are constantly spawning to roam around the screen.

Equipped with a pistol your task is to kill these creatures by firing your weapon. This is done by clicking with your mouse on desktop or clicking with your finger on mobile.

Each fired shot costs as much as your chosen stake, but don’t worry about aiming. It’s impossible to waste ammunition. Either you hit an enemy or the bullet will return to you. As you blast the enemies you will receive random cash prizes and once killed they will also drop loot. This loot can either be an additional cash prize, ammunition, or a quest item.

Room Selection
Choose your stake by selecting a room


There are anything from 15 to 24 different enemies in each of the Max Quest games released by Betsoft. Like any role-playing video game, these enemies have different amounts of health points (HP). The stronger they are, the more they can pay when you shoot and kill them. 

Enemies in max quest beach level
Some of the baddies you will have to kill in Max Quest

Each enemy has its own span of payouts and these are random within their range. The best potential comes from epic bosses that are spawned randomly as you play the Max Quest games. Each game has three different boss fights and when these take place no additional enemies will appear. 

different legendary bosses in max quest
The bigger the beast, the greater the glory

Critical Strikes, Instant Wins, and Bonus Hits

When you’re shooting at enemies three different things can happen in addition to killing them normally:

  • You can get a critical strike
    This will add a multiplier of x2, x3, x5, x7, or x10 to your winnings.
  • You can get an instant win
    This will immediately kill the enemy and award you with a random prize.
  • You can get a bonus hit
    This happens when a killing blow does enough damage based on the enemy’s remaining HP. If the damage is high enough a bonus cash prize is awarded in addition to the standard loot that drops.
big win in max quests
Look at these bonus hits using a grenade!


Taking on the mighty bosses of the Max Quest game series you wouldn’t stand a chance with a mere pistol in your hand. But don’t worry – the games offer 13 different weapons in total that do all kinds of destructive things.

Some weapons do area of effect damage to target multiple enemies and some do massive single-target damage. All in all the weapons you can get are the following: 

  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Grenade
  • Machine Gun
  • Laser
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Mine Launcher
  • Railgun
  • Artillery Strike
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Flamethrower
  • Cryogun
  • Rapid Fire Pistol

Do note that weapons and ammunition can not only be dropped from killing enemies, but you can also buy loot boxes that will randomly give you a certain type of weapon. This way you never have to stand with your pants down when facing a boss. 

Buy loot boxes
Pay your way to victory

Weapons and Payouts

It should be noted that enemies hit and killed pay differently depending on the weapon used when wiping them off. Their payouts are based on the damage they take so a shot with a pistol will consequently pay less than a shot with a rocket launcher. Special weapons such as rocket launchers also have an increased chance of scoring critical strikes. 

Before using all of your weapons at once, you should know that the Max Quest series of games is played in different rounds and whenever a round is finished any unused weapons (except for the pistol) will be turned into cash. 

Quest Items

In addition to cash prizes and weapons, enemies can drop quest items. These can be collected to earn you additional rewards. We’re talking about a money boost from 50 times up to 200 times your stake.

This is a nice touch to these innovative games. However, it gets even better. You see, the Max Quest series of games also promises monthly leaderboards. Let’s take a look at these!

Monthly Leaderboard Competitions

Just like any normal action RPG video game, you will gain experience and levels when you’re playing Max Quest and killing enemies. This will not affect the game itself, but it will place you on a monthly leaderboard. You see, every month players compete for substantial cash prizes by collecting the most experience and gaining the highest levels. 

Score screen
Gain experience and reach new levels to compete against other players

Did We Mention Multiplayer CO-OP?

I think we didn’t, but yeah, this game series is full of surprises. If you don’t want to play solo, up to five other adventurers can join you on your lucrative journeys. 

Play multiplayer
Blast your way through the game with a buddy or two

The Currently Released Max Quest Games

For the time being Betsoft has released two games in their Max Quest series and is looking to add two more in the near future. The released ones are known as Dead Man’s Cove and Mission: Amazon.

Dead Man’s Cove

Max quest dead man's cove mission
Do you dear to enter the cove of the dead?

Inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, this game takes you on a tropical adventure filled with sea creatures and zombie pirates. The battle takes place on beaches and ships and the three big bosses of the game are Captain Blackbeard, Aluren the Siren, and the sea serpent Leviathan. 

  • Quest: Collect keys to open treasure chests and win up to 150x.
  • Max win: 6000x from a single shot
  • RTP: 97.5%

Mission: Amazon

Max quest amazon misson
Riches await in the Amazon only for those who are brave enough

Taking place deep in the jungles of the Amazon, this game allows you to blast bugs, forest animals, and mystical creatures. The three big bosses are the Spider Queen, the Stone Guardian, and the Primal King. Unlike the other game, these bosses can drop three different types of gems that award you with additional cash prizes. 

In Mission: Amazon, some of the enemies will also trigger special effects when killed. There’s a toad that will explode, a scorpion that will add a multiplier to your winnings, and an armed warrior that can drop special weapons. 

  • Quest: Collect artifacts and win up to 200x. 
  • Max win: 6000x from a single shot
  • RTP: 97.5%

Upcoming Games

The two Max Quest games that Betsoft has plans to release in the near future are Rise of the Mummy and Dragon Stone. The first one takes you on an adventure to the ancient pyramids of Egypt and the other one to a fantasy world of orcs, wizards, goblins, and of course dragons!

Where Can I Play the Max Quest Series of Games?

As of now, none of them are available at online casinos in India. However, similar games can be played at JeetWin which offers a wide selection of them. Here you can team up with players to fight against dinosaurs or take a trip to the bottom of an ocean to blast fish to hell.

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