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Top 12 List of International Lottery Winners From India

Over the years, there have been many lottery winners in India, but it’s not only the country’s local lotteries that have given birth to millionaires – quite the contrary.

Many Indians have won international lotteries, such as the US Powerball and the Mega Millions, walking away with life-changing amounts. These lotteries are easily accessible online and create Indian lottery winners regularly.

In this article, we are presenting a top list of 12 lucky people from India who have won international lotteries from buying tickets online and in physical stores.

Lottery WinnerPrize in USDPrize in INRLottery
Hira Singh$50 Million₹400 CroreMega Millions
Sandeep ‘Sunny’ Singh$30.5 Million₹229 CroreMega Millions
Balraj Awasthi$12.8 Million₹96CroreLotto 6/49
Pragnesh Peter Saija$7 Million₹53 CroreDaily Grand Lottery
Tahir Ali$2 Million₹15 CroreOntario 49 Lottery
Nirmal Dhamodarasamy$1 Million₹7.5 CoreUS Powerball
Ushakiran Patel$1 Million₹7.5 CroreUS Powerball
Lingaraju D$520,000₹4 CroreMega Millions
Partho Mondal$70,000₹53 LakhMalamaal Daily
Prasanth Parasuraman$286,000₹2 CroreLotto 6/49
C.J$38,000₹29 LakhAustria Lottery
Nandlall Mangal$245.6 Million₹1,848 CroreUS Powerball
Breakdown of the biggest lottery winners in India, showing prize won and from which lottery.

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1. Hira Singh –$50 Million Win in the Mega Millions Lottery

Hira Singh –$50 Million Win in the Mega Millions Lottery

March 12, 2019 marks the date for the biggest international lottery winner of Indian heritage that is publicly known. Residing in Kansas, USA at the time, Hira Singh regularly played the Mega Millions lottery.

He didn't play it online but had two physical locations he used to get his tickets. Little did he know that the ticket he got at a QuickTrip store when stopping to get gas while traveling to and from work would change his life forever.

Our Indian lottery winner didn’t know he had won until several days after the Tuesday draw as he didn’t watch it live on TV. Instead, he checked his lottery ticket physically by scanning it in a machine the following Saturday. Before doing so, he said a prayer to god.

Hira Singh could not believe his eyes when he saw the results. Surely the machine must be broken? He scanned the ticket three more times and it became clear to him – he had won the stunning amount of $50 million dollars.

This was the big jackpot prize in the lottery, awarded for matching all of the six numbers that Hira played: 10 – 12 -16 – 49 – 57 and 18 as the Mega Ball number.

Unfortunately, we do not know what plans Hira Singh had for the huge prize money. Being one of the biggest Indian lottery winners in the world, he could pretty much do whatever he wants.

What would you do with the money if you won $50 million? Find out by taking a shot at playing the Mega Millions lottery online!

2. Sandeep ‘Sunny’ Singh –$30.5 Million Win in the Mega Millions Lottery

Sandeep ‘Sunny’ Singh –$30.5 Million Win in the Mega Millions Lottery

22-year-old Sandeep who is referred to as “Sunny” by friends and family is one of the youngest International lottery winners from India and one of the biggest, too. He also has one of the best stories behind his success – almost too good to be true. 

You see, this kind fellow was working double jobs to support his family when his heart was broken just days before winning the Mega Millions lottery in 2012. His girlfriend had dumped him and if you’ve ever lost someone you’ve loved, you know how painful that can be.

But as we already know, luck would turn for the Indian Sandeep who was living in California. After winning $4 on a scratchcard, he used this money to buy 4 entries into the international Mega Millions lottery. This was the best decision of his life as he hit the jackpot. A whopping $61 million was split between him and another winner, leaving Sandeep ‘Sunny’ Singh with a fortune of $30.5 million.

The young lotto winner planned to donate some of the money to charity and use some of it to pay off a debt on his mother’s house. He also wanted to get a bachelor’s degree in business.

What’s funny about this heartwarming story is that Sunny always said that he would hit the jackpot and become an Indian lottery winner someday. And it actually didn’t take him that long. He played the two international lotteries Mega Millions and US Powerball for just about a year before the big win.

Why not be like Sandeep “Sunny” Singh and enjoy a lifetime of riches? Try your luck on Mega Millions too!

3. Balraj Awasthi – $12.8 Million Win in Lotto 6/49

Balraj Awasthi - $12.8 Million Win in Lotto 6/49

In February 2017, the life of Balraj Awasthi took a surprising turn. He won the jackpot in Lotto 6/49, becoming yet another big International lottery winner with Indian roots. Working in Toronto, Canada as a chef, Balraj was going to use the prize money to make his lifelong dream come true – owning his own business. Traveling the world was also on his to-do list, with Europe and Australia being two of his dream destinations.

Thanks to the 6/49 lottery, Balraj Awasthi is now richer than he ever could have dreamt of being. What did it cost him? – Nothing more than a samosa and a cup of kadak chai from a roadside food cart.

4. Pragnesh Peter Saija – $7 Million Win in the Daily Grand Lottery

Pragnesh Peter Saija - $7 Million Win in the Daily Grand Lottery

As amazing as it may seem, the $7 million prize of Pragnesh Peter Saija – another Indian living in Canada – came just four days after the $12.8 million prize of Balraj Awasthi. Contrary to Balraj and all of our other listed lottery winners from India, Pragnesh didn’t win an international lottery that’s available online. He won on the Daily Grand by buying a paper ticket at a physical store in Canada.

His ambition with the prize money was to purchase the perfect family home with plenty of rooms, a swimming pool and even a home theater. As a considerate father, he also mentioned that his children would be taken care of for the rest of their lives and that they would be able to get any type of education they wanted.

Pragnesh Peter Saija now makes $1,000 per day for the rest of his life – just by investing pocket money in the lottery. What are you doing with yours?

5. Tahir Ali – $2 Million Win in the Ontario 49 Lottery

Tahir Ali - $2 Million Win in the Ontario 49 Lottery
Tahir Ali won an amazing prize of $2 million

There are many success stories of Indians living in Canada winning international lottery draws and here’s another one. Residing and working in Mississauga for 7 years, Tahir Ali won an amazing prize of $2 million playing the Ontario 49 lottery in 2014. 

He bought his winning ticket after hearing about the lottery’s jackpot prize on the radio and he couldn’t be happier about his decision. Tears of joy were flowing out of his and his wife’s eyes when he told her about the win and their newfound life in wealth. 

Like many international lottery winners, the Indian Tahir was planning to spend some of the prize money to support his children’s education. 

Tahir Ali won $2,000,000.00 and can now buy any luxurious sports car in the world – how would you customize yours if you won the lottery?

6. Nirmal Dhamodarasamy – Indian Powerball Winner of $1 Million

Nirmal Dhamodarasamy – $1 Million Win in the US Powerball Lottery

Perhaps the luckiest Indian to win an international lottery is 23-year-old Nirmal Dhamodarasamy who was studying abroad at a university in Chicago in the US. As a service offered by many online lottery sites, he signed up for a subscription to the US Powerball at the beginning of 2016. This allowed him to automatically get lottery tickets to every draw.

Little did he know though that he wouldn’t require this service as he was lucky enough to win at once. Picking numbers at random, this Powerball winner from India managed to match all of them except one – the Powerball number.

Would he had matched this too, he would have won a great deal more. However, with his match of 04 – 13 – 31 – 36 – 52 he still scored a good million dollars which isn’t too bad on a first try.

With the prize money, he was planning to buy plane tickets and a hotel visit for his whole family in India so that they could visit him on his graduation day as an industrial engineer. 

When Nirmal was asked why he played the lottery and why he chose to play it online he said that the record-holding Powerball win of $1.5 billion sparked his interest and that playing online was a very convenient method. 

Being one of many Indian online lottery winners, Nirmal Dhamodarasamy was just 23 years old when he bought a Powerball ticket online, making him a millionaire. Why not test your luck, just like Nirmal did? Maybe you’ll be the next Powerball winner from India!

7. Ushakiran Patel – Another $1 Million Powerball Winner From India

Ushakiran Patel – $1 Million Win in the US Powerball Lottery

Ushakiran Patel is yet another Indian to win $1 million in the international lottery of US Powerball. This 62-year-old woman scored her win in March 2018 by matching the five following numbers: 06 – 13 – 19 – 36 – 51. 

Not only did she pick her numbers at random, but she actually wasn’t a frequent player of the lottery. She was simply lucky and rewarded for a life as a hard-working citizen. 

Though she didn’t know what to do with the money, she was certain that it would enrich her life as an Indian retiree living in America. 

Ushakiran Patel tried her luck on the lottery, just like Nirmal did – and guess what? She became yet another Indian Powerball winner who won $1 million. Try the lottery yourself today with extra cash!

8. Lingaraju D – Indian Lotto24/7 Winner $520,000 Richer From Mega Millions

Playing the lottery online, you may want to follow in the footsteps of the Bengaluru living Lingaraju D who won approximately $520,000 at the popular site Lotto24/7. This retired health inspector said that he plays all of the lotteries that are offered on the platform. It was, however, Mega Millions Max that did the trick for him in November 2020.

While it’s true that there are many Lotto24/7 winners in India, this particular win is one of the biggest and it could have gotten much bigger. The 68-year-old Lingaraju managed to match five out of six numbers in the Mega Millions draw. If he would have matched all six, he would have topped our list with a $351 million win.

Lingaraju was more than happy about his win though. He missed the draw himself so he got the results through an e-mail from Lotto24/7 and when he did, he was absolutely shocked. He couldn’t believe it. However, once he understood that it was real, he was filled with such a strong sense of happiness and excitement that no words could describe it.

As one of the biggest Lotto24/7 winners in India, Lingaraju had big plans for his prize money. He said that he and his wife were going to get a new house and that his three daughters would have their home loans cleared. He also added that he would spend a portion of his money to help out some of his relatives who are struggling.

Unlike many online lottery winners in India, our retired health inspector didn’t use Lotto24/7’s quick pick feature that randomly chooses numbers to play. He was very particular about his own numbers. So, he chose 23 (his birthday), 5 (his lucky number), 9 (the date the draw occurred on), 10 (it was the 10th morning in India) and 1 (his astrological sign).

His winning line was 1 – 5 – 9 – 10 – 22 – 23. He got all of them right except for 23 so maybe he shouldn’t have included his birthday. What do you think? Which would be your five lucky numbers to win the lottery with?

How would you spend half a million dollars? There’s only one way to find out! Play an International lottery online for a chance of becoming the next Indian winner at Lotto24/7.

9. Partho Mondal – ₹53 Lakh Win From Lottoland Exclusive Malamaal Daily

Partho Mondal – 53 Lakh Win From Lottoland Exclusive Malamaal Daily

When it comes to international lotteries, most can be played online at any Indian lottery site. However, this success story is actually one that is exclusive to Lottoland. They are running a lottery known as Malamaal Daily and as recently as November 2020, the Indian Partho Mondal won an astounding ₹53 lakh from this.

Working as a customer service representative and living with his family in West Bengal, Partho picked five numbers at random that came to his mind; 03 – 05 – 14 – 30 – 31. He managed to match all of them in the Malamaal Daily and became yet another Indian online lottery winner. With the big jackpot he won, he was planning to pay off his loans and help out his friends and family.

Partho mentioned that he likes the Malamaal Daily lottery in particular because it’s cheap to enter (₹40) and runs every day. Turns out that signing up to Lottoland was the best thing he had done for a long time. He conveniently got his winnings credited to his bank account shortly after the draw – a standard procedure for Indians who win big on the lottery online.

And just like that Partho Mondal had ₹53 lakh rolling into his bank account from just a small investment at Lottoland. What would your life look like if you played online and became a lottery winner with that amount deposited into your bank account?

10. Prasanth Parasuraman – $286,000.00 Win on Lotto 6/49


Prasanth 26, a young and modest international lottery winner from India, living in Canada, thought he had won $286 and was happy about it. In January 2017, he played the Lotto 649, which he usually does every week. When he scanned his previous ticket for winnings it said $286,000, but it wasn’t in Prasanth’s worldview to win such an amazing amount so he actually thought he had won $286.

However, the retailer of the lottery store told him that the ticket was a big winner and that he would receive a call from the Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation. So he waited in the store and when he got the call he couldn’t believe his ears. He had won $286,000! 

When he told his parents about his massive win, his mom started crying while his dad was jokingly asking when they were visiting India. Whether they visited India or not we do not know, but Prasanth did say that he wanted to spend some of the money to go to Jamaica or Mexico. 

He would also use some of his winnings for a down payment on a house to himself and make his wish come true of opening his own restaurant or food truck. 

Prasanth Parasuraman puts a small investment into an international lottery every week, and guess what? Boom! $286,000.00 just like that!

11. C.J – $38,000 Win in the Austria Lottery

C.J - $38,000 Win in the Austria Lottery

An Indian man who would like to remain anonymous is C.J who won the Austria Lottery playing online at the well-reputed site TheLotter. While he wasn’t as lucky as our other international lottery winners from Indian, his second prize win still rewarded him with a neat amount of $38,000.

The win happened in November 2018, after regularly playing various lotteries online since he signed up to TheLotter in 2017. C.J told the representative at the lottery site that the Austria Lottery was just picked randomly. That he doesn’t have any preferences but has made it a habit playing any kind of international lottery every day.

The numbers that C.J picked were 20 – 29 – 32 – 37 – 43 – 44. These were also chosen at random. He managed to match all of them except for 43 – a number that he should have replaced with 25. If so he would have won the big jackpot of the draw.

When asked what he would do with his money, the Indian man said that he wanted to live a more comfortable life, thus he would use it to improve his living situation, whatever that meant. In the final words speaking with the representative at TheLotter, he said that he would continue playing international lottery draws online as it gives him a chance of dreaming.

Who knows, maybe C.J will become the next Mega Million or Powerball winner in India, ending up at the top of our list. Only time will tell!

C.J may not be the biggest online lottery winner in India, but I’ll be over the moon when my weekly pocket money investment transforms into $38,000.00. What numbers are you going to play in this week's lottery?

12. Nandlall Mangal –$245.6 Million Win in the US Powerball Lottery

Nandall Mangal –$245.6 Million Win in the US Powerball Lottery

In August 2018, the humble life of 42-year-old Nandlall Mangal would change forever as he purchased a US Powerball ticket from a convenience store in New York. This everyday construction worker won a massive amount of $245.6 million (approximately 1800 crores in Indian Rupees). 

Now, you may wonder why this guy is put at the bottom of our list of international lottery winners from India. The truth is that Nandlall isn’t an Indian. He is a West Indian having his origins in the Caribbean. 

We know that it’s a bit of a stretch to have him on our list of Indian lottery winners, but every site seems to have included him so we felt like telling you exactly how it is. Also, it’s pretty neat to end the list with a huge win like this considering the fact that we have two other Indian US Powerball winners on it who were just one Powerball number away from winning similar amounts.

Even though Nandlall wasn’t sure what he would do with all of his money, when he was asked about it, he knew that he wouldn’t quit his job as he likes working – at least not at once. He was also determined to take a trip to Hawaii as he had always wanted to go there. Whatever he chooses to do, one thing is for certain – after this international lottery win, only the sky is the limit for Mr. Mangal.

First I buy a house, then a yacht, a sports car, a castle for my dog, a super nice vacation for my mother-in-law that I don't like that much, a private jet, an automatic mouse feeder for my cat, and yes, all of the other things you are thinking of right now.

How will you spend the riches if you hit the jackpot on the Powerball?

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