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Comparing the Indian and US Gambling Industries

Updated on by Mattias Fröbrant

The desire to gamble is strong in both India and the US. The two industries are very different though particularly when it comes to the number of legal online sites and the regulation that take place.

Regulation is something that is very important in gambling, whatever country it occurs in. There is a need to ensure that the gambling that takes place online is as safe as possible for those using the sites.

That most definitely is not the case when it comes to unregulated sites. Despite the massive expansion of the US gambling industry, there are still many players who choose to gamble at unregulated sites. The level of customer protection at such sites is nowhere near that of those that are regulated.

If you gamble at an online casino, then if any disputes arise, it is good if the site is regulated and licensed. This means that if any problems come up, you have someone to complain to who will look into your case and if necessary, take action according to an aGamble.com spokesperson, a website about online casinos in the US.

In India, there is a lot of illegal gambling taking place. There is not a tremendous amount of regulation of online casinos but that is beginning to change.

This year has seen the Indian government set out new rules that regulate online gambling. There is now a new definition of what an online game is. It’s defined as one where someone ‘makes a deposit with the expectation of earning winnings.’ 

Playing such games is legal as long as there have been no laws passed against it or the player is not in a state that has banned gambling.

While we may view the US as a country that has lots of casinos and online betting sites, that’s not the whole picture. Just as in India, there are still several states that have not made gambling legal.

The past few years have seen the number of US states legalizing gambling steadily increase. This has particularly been the case regarding sports betting  Many sports were against betting as it was their belief that it would put at risk the integrity of their games. 

It was the situation that the Federal Government had the final say on whether a US state made sports betting legal. Then in 2018, a US Supreme Court Judge ruled that it was up to the individual state to make the decision. Since then, over 30 US states have changed their gambling laws.

Their decision to do so is mainly for financial reasons. They haven’t suddenly fallen in love with betting but want to receive millions of dollars in gambling tax revenue. That’s been illustrated by the fact that the first quarter of this year saw gaming revenue of $16.6 billion. That’s the eighth record-breaking quarter in a row. Just imagine what the figures could be in India.

Back to India and other government plans include the creation of self-regulatory bodies. Online betting businesses would set up online gambling rules. Any regulatory body should include someone who represents those who play at online casinos. The Indian government would also nominate a public policy expert to be part of the regulatory body.

The aim of these bodies would be to “safeguard users against harm.”  This would include looking at protecting those not old enough to gamble and preventing online fraud.

In the US, the gambling companies that operate legally are required to be licensed. They have to go through tests and pay a fee for the license that may be granted to them. Obviously, once such a license has been received, the online betting site will do all it can to keep it.

There has been action taken against gambling sites that have broken regulations. This includes releasing publicity material that can be seen by those who aren’t yet old enough to be betting with them. Allowing gamblers from out of state to gamble with them is also not approved. 

The US still has states that are likely to make gambling legal. However, some (particularly California) don’t look like making betting legal anytime soon. There are still many critics of gambling who are fearful that legalization would lead to rising levels of addiction.

That is a view that has also been expressed by some Indian politicians. In 2022, Sushil Kumar Modi, MP, spoke about his concerns about the rising levels of interest in gambling in the country. He wanted to see more regulations put in place for online gambling.

There was some action taken by the Indian government last year. They called for the media to “refrain” from publishing adverts for online betting sites, especially those who are based in other countries. Many of the gambling advertisements seemed to not fall in line with current Indian laws.

The future may well see further expansion in the gambling industries in both the US and India but also increased regulation.

Mattias Fröbrant is a passionate iGaming journalist renowned for his comprehensive reviews of over 300 gambling sites in India. With a remarkable 17-year gambling experience and a background working for industry giants like Betsson Group, Mattias has earned recognition as a leading expert in the Indian online gambling field.

At GamblingBaba, Mattias’s commitment to providing accurate and easily digestible information shines through meticulously researched reviews, guides, and news articles. His strong belief in honesty and transparency ensures that readers receive the most reliable insights on the Indian gambling landscape.

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