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In a thrilling development for lottery enthusiasts across Europe, EuroDreams – a brand new European lottery was officially launched on Friday, 20 October 2023, promising lucky winners a life-changing opportunity: a monthly windfall of up to €20,000 for an incredible 30 years.

As the first sale of tickets went live on Thursday, 30 October 2023, the lottery hooked millions of players across Europe. With tickets costing €2.50 per line, the first draw took place on Monday, 6 November 2023, creating waves of anticipation among participants.

Players across the participating nations were intimated about this new lottery game via catchy advertisements such as this:

And this:

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A New Twist on Traditional Lotteries

The EuroDreams lottery introduces a novel twist to the traditional game of luck. Participants are required to select 6 numbers from a pool of 40, accompanied by an additional number known as the ‘Dream number,' chosen from a pool of 5.

Draws are conducted electronically and the results are released through a virtual 3D-animated video. With draws scheduled for every Monday and Thursday, the excitement builds as players eagerly await their shot at financial freedom.

Initial Rollout: Eight Nations Embrace the Dream

The EuroDreams lottery is a first-of-its-kind annuity game organized jointly by eight European countries that are already part of the EuroMillions consortium. These nations include Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and Switzerland. It comes almost 20 years after the EuroMillions was first launched in Ireland on 7 February 2004.

Jackpot Dreams: €20,000 Monthly for 30 Years

The ultimate prize – the jackpot of the lottery worth €7.2 million awaits those fortunate enough to select all the 7 numbers correctly. It is paid in tax-free installments of €20,000 per month spread over 30 years.

The maximum number of claimants for the jackpot is 3. The odds may be slim, with a probability of 1 in 19 million, but for the lucky winners, the EuroDreams lottery promises a life of financial security and abundance.

Annuity Rewards for Secondary Winners

For those who fall just short of the jackpot, there is still cause for celebration. The second category of winners, who correctly choose the first 6 numbers without the Dream number, are awarded an annuity of €2,000 per month for 5 years.

With a maximum of 12 winners in this category, EuroDreams ensures that a broader spectrum of participants can relish in the victory. The lottery has a total of 6 prize categories, in which categories 3 through 6 have a single prize amount.

Fair Play and Inheritance: Ensuring Legacy Beyond

In the spirit of fairness, if multiple players guess the winning combination, the prize money in each category is equitably divided among the winners. Moreover, in the unfortunate event of a winner's demise, the remaining winnings are passed on to their heirs, ensuring that the legacy of success endures.

Lottery Community Pride: National Lottery CEO Speaks Out

Jannie Haek, CEO of the National Lottery of Belgium, expressed pride in being part of the EuroDreams initiative, stating, “It's always a great source of pride for us to be a member of this lottery community and to play a major role in it. This game complements our portfolio, particularly alongside its big brother, EuroMillions.

Andrew Algeo, CEO of the National Lottery (Ireland), expressed enthusiasm about the launch of the EuroDreams game, highlighting its distinctive, life-changing annuity prize – a concept unprecedented in Ireland.

He noted, “Annuity games of this nature have gained immense popularity in other countries like the UK and the US, and we anticipate a strong reception among our players. The appeal lies in the idea of winning a prize distributed in regular installments over the long term.

Algeo further emphasized the National Lottery's commitment to evolving their game offerings to captivate players, stating, “We are consistently working to enhance our games, providing a diverse range of draw-based options to cater to everyone.”

“EuroDreams, I believe, will be a compelling choice for a significant segment of our players, contributing to the sustainability of the National Lottery and the invaluable support it provides to thousands of community groups, projects, and individuals through National Lottery Good Causes funding.

Contributing to the Greater Cause

For every €1 spent on all National Lottery games, including EuroDreams, 30 cents are allocated to support Good Causes in the areas of sports, arts & culture, heritage, youth, health & wellbeing, community, and the Irish Language.

Since its inception 36 years ago, the National Lottery has generated over €6 billion for Good Causes. In the year 2022 alone, a notable contribution of €259 million was directed towards supporting local initiatives and communities throughout Ireland.

EuroDreams: A New Chapter in Lottery History

With the launch of the EuroDreams European lottery, fresh excitement and anticipation have permeated the hearts of lotto lovers. With the prospect of life-changing winnings and a unique game format, EuroDreams is bound to carve a fresh chapter in the history of European lotteries.

Players across the participating nations are reveling in the possibility of snagging €20,000 every month for the next 30 years. Meanwhile, Indian players have the chance to enter EuroDreams draws online via various international lottery sites.

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