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Kerry Packer is rarely a name that needs an introduction as not only was he a renowned figure in gambling circles. He was also the richest man in Australia. But for those of you who have forgotten or have no idea who this legendary man actually was; let us start with a quick recap of his fascinating life.

Kerry Packer was born in December 1937 in Sydney, Australia and died in December 2005 at the age of 68. He was a media mogul who had some of the most powerful media properties of the 20th century. As mentioned, he also topped the charts among the richest people in Australia, having a net worth of $6.5 Australian billion. (source)

Kerry Packer gambles on Blackjack
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Not only was Kerry Packer heavily invested in media and business, but he also had a weak spot for gambling. He absolutely loved it. With his immense wealth, he wagered insane amounts at the casinos. Money that could make a huge difference in their end-of-the-year results depending on if he lost or won. 

There’s also a famous story about him where he was willing to gamble $60 million on a coin toss as a Texan oil millionaire was bragging about his riches in a game of poker. To Kerry, that money was only pocket change.  

Among all of the gambling, the blackjack tables certainly weren’t spared of Kerry Packer’s crazy bet sizes. Therefore, it’s to little surprise that he was able to break the record of the biggest blackjack win more than once in his life. The first occasion was in 1991. 

It was in Hilton Casino in Las Vegas that Kerry Packer beat the biggest blackjack win record for the first time. Unfortunately, there’s not much logged about the play session and what happened that evening. The only ones who know are Kerry himself, his crew and the staff at Hilton Casino. 

However, what has been reported is that he managed to win over $7 million that night, which was the biggest blackjack win ever for the time being. It has also been said that a crazy celebration followed the win that night at the Hilton hotel. Quite understandable! 

The $7 million record would stand for many years. It wasn’t until four years later, in 1995, when Kerry Packer went deep with his bankroll at the MGM Grand Casino that the next biggest blackjack win would happen at the tables.

Being the illustrious gambler that he was, Kerry played eight hands of blackjack simultaneously, which were worth over $30,000.00 each. It’s been reported that he was wagering a total of $250,000.00 every game round. After an intensive 40-minute session, he left the tables with the biggest blackjack win in history. A total profit of $40 million had been made. 

Now we can only imagine the rush that Kerry must have felt. If it was a crazy celebration after his $7 million win, then surely all of the liquor in Vegas must have been sold out after this one. It wasn’t just Kerry who got a rush though as the dealer of the table happened to get quite rich that evening. You see, Mr. Packer tipped him a whopping $1 million!

While it’s safe to say that none of us mortals will beat this amazing record win anytime soon, it is possible for anyone to win some serious cash on blackjack. Either by solely relying on luck or by playing like a pro using the optimal strategy known as basic strategy. So what do you say? Should we hit the tables and set a new blackjack record for ourselves? Let’s do it! 

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