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Bhagyalakshmi Lottery: Genuine or Fake? Let’s Get the Facts Right

Some cheat behind your back, others do it openly without qualms. Bhagyalakshmi lottery falls in the latter category. Within the limited periphery of online lotteries in India, it has managed to hoodwink unsuspecting lotto players into thinking it is legit. The truth is otherwise.

I first heard about Bhagyalakshmi when I was writing a listicle about the best online lottery sites for Indian players. I was supposed to review this fishy-looking lottery site, too, but eventually avoided it for obvious reasons.

The moment I visited the Bhagyalakshmi website, I had to ask myself these three questions:

  • Is Bhagyalakshmi lottery genuine?
  • Is it even legal?
  • Doesn’t it look like a scam?

With such a fancy name (Bhagya = luck, Lakshmi = goddess of wealth), it sounds super tempting. Although the site looks downright shady, it bears some signs of a legitimate lottery site. For this reason, I had to give it the benefit of the doubt and accept what it claimed.

Now, the thing is you wouldn’t even realize you’re being conned unless you do some deep digging. You might enter the site with high hopes of pocketing millions. But there’s every possibility you’d come out disappointed and swindled out of your money.

Long story short, Bhagyalakshmi online lottery is a sham. Now, allow me to show you all of the red flags.

10 Signs Bhagyalakshmi Lottery is Fake

1. No License

A lottery site without a license has ‘fraud’ written all over it.

If you visit any national lottery site in India, you’ll notice some information about its inception by the state government. For instance, Punjab lotteries are conducted and promoted by the Directorate of Punjab State under the Finance Department of the Punjab Government.

Similarly, government lotteries in Kerala are run by the Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries. Their genuineness is evident.

Go beyond Indian government lotteries and study international lottery sites such as Lotto247, PlayHugeLottos, Lotto Agent, Lottoland, and TheLotter. You’d notice even they have furnished all the information necessary to deem them legit. Most of them hold licenses from reputed foreign regulatory authorities, which makes them trustworthy.

The same cannot be said about Bhagyalakshmi Indian lottery. It carries no license permitted by an authorized regulator of repute. In fact, it carries no license at all! Would you trust such a site?

2. No Legit Association

We all have that friend who loves bragging about his friend-circle of big shots that doesn’t exist. Bhagyalakshmi seems to have followed suit!

It claims to be supported by the National Lottery of the United Kingdom through Sportscotland. The latter is the national agency for sport in Scotland. It uses the money raised by National Lottery players to uplift Scotland’s sporting system. Its funds come in all shapes and sizes meant for grassroots sports projects or established sports facilities, which is a great thing.

But it beats me why a reputed organization of such caliber would choose to fund a lottery in India, and a nondescript like Bhagyalakshmi at that. I searched high and low for a piece of PR article that could mention the Indian lotto getting funds from Sportscotland to no avail. The official website doesn’t have any information either.

What’s funnier is the Big Lottery Fund logo in the footer! Although Sportscotland works alongside this fund distribution body, the latter is nowhere associated with Bhagyalakshmi.

Bhagyalakshmi-lottery no legit association

So, is this lottery really promoted by these international organizations? To investigate further, I got in touch with National Lottery customer support. Guess what? They haven’t even heard of Bhagyalakshmi online lottery. What do you think?

3. Inconsistent Information

Want to spot a liar? Look for inconsistencies in what they're saying.

The Bhagyalakshmi lottery website is full of blatant lies you can easily figure out. Besides the incorrect information about their foreign associations, the site claims to be a lottery ticket concierge service that buys physical tickets on your behalf via lotto agents.

After receiving your order, an agent for the Lottery Ticket Concierge Service who is physically located in the country where the lottery is drawn will purchase the ticket(s) on your behalf from an authorised lottery outlet.”

states the website in its ‘How to Play’ section.

So far so good. But if you move on to the site’s ‘Help’ section, you’ll notice a contradictory statement that says Bhagyalakshmi lotto has no other associate or partner sites. Every time you want to purchase a lottery ticket, you must do it through and only through their site.

This isn’t remotely possible if lotto agents and authorized lottery outlets are involved. Moreover, when I was reading the content, I had a hunch it was copied from another lottery site because the overall grammar of the site seemed to be off. It took me a simple Google search to confirm the same. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Bhagyalakshmi lottery is fake due to inconsistent information

4. Illegal Operations

Let me take you back to the website’s ‘Help’ section. Bhagyalakshmi lotto establishes the transparency of its draws by claiming ‘strict observation’ by four gazetted officers and one first-class magistrate.

Firstly, for this to happen, it has to receive permission from a State Government in India. If you know the Indian lottery law, you are aware of the fact that only government lotteries are permissible in the country. Any private organization hosting a lottery online or offline is a punishable offense.

Secondly, although the operators of the Bhagyalakshmi lottery in India have mentioned the role of some of the highest-ranking public servants, they haven’t been able to mention their names. This is a huge red flag.

Thirdly, although there’s no blanket ban on lottery, some Indian States are yet to legalize this gambling activity. However, the Bhagyalakshmi website is accessible by anyone in the country and comes without a disclaimer. If you belong to any such State, enter the site at your own risk.

Of course, Bhagyalakshmi online lottery has tried to neutralize the risks by claiming to be an Indian as well as an international lottery. It allows players from outside of India to participate, but only if they play in Indian Rupees and pay via a debit or credit card in INR. Doesn’t an international lottery without any global mode of payment sound shady?

To further investigate, I checked the site’s hosting operators. The Bhagyalakshmi website is hosted in Mumbai by P.D.R Solutions FZC, which is also the face behind the hosting service BigRock. Here is some proof.

Bhagyalakshmi lottery is fake due to illegal operations

This makes Bhagyalakshmi an illegal lottery. Even if you win and are paid out money, you could still be held guilty of a criminal offense.

Lastly, I’m aware of several legit Indian lotteries such as Punjab, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Sikkim lottery, and was hoping to find similar lottery draws on the site. Instead, I found these:

  • Opal Lottery
  • Topaz Lottery
  • Silver Lottery
  • Platinum Lottery
  • Gold Lottery
  • Diamond Lottery

I know what you must be thinking. What on earth are these? A joke? A scam? I’d like to believe it’s the second. The site also says anyone can buy a lottery ticket at any time of the day. But I tried to click the links and failed. So, how exactly is anyone supposed to play the lottery here?

5. Poor Grammar

Gather all the Grammar Nazis because here’s an offender you might want to put on trial. Ladies and gentlemen, Bhagyalakshmi…

“is a very famous lotter in india this makes so many milliners in all over world.

Wait, I didn’t praise them. That’s what (and how) they claim they are. Beware, because they make ‘milliners,’ not millionaires (sounds almost like nillionaires – leeching off the money of others!).

Also, poor grammar is a direct reflection of a company’s sloppiness, isn’t it? Organizations with a disregard for grammar are not credible. If they can’t afford to hire a copywriter or editor, how do you expect them to pay out money to lottery winners?

Despite this, the site surprisingly ranks well on Google for terms like ‘online lottery in India’ and ‘Indian online lottery.’ SEO (Search Engine Optimization) done right, I guess. But that doesn’t give them the badge of credibility.

6. Blurry Approval Seal

If you are approved by an authorized organization of trust and repute, you’d want to show off the badge, right? Bhagyalakshmi lotto wouldn’t. I could only figure out the word ‘approved.’ I don’t know who approves of the site. There’s no link to the approving authority, whatsoever. The rest is for you to decide.

Bhagyalakshmi lottery is using a fake approval sigil

The Bhagyalakshmi online lotto website has not been updated since 2018. Check the screenshot below. The site managers probably don’t care about poor grammar or wrong information. Or maybe there’s no fund. I would never trust a website that expired by years. Would you?

Bhagyalakshmi lottery is fusing old copyright

8. Social Media Icons Not Working

This was meant to be a Bhagyalakshmi lottery review article. However, after studying the entire site, I could only write notes of caution from beginning to end. If you check the website's footer, all of its social media icons are nonfunctional. In other words, the lottery has zero presence on social media channels.

Even the worst businesses make it a point to link their sites to their social media handles for credibility. The ones that don’t are obviously trying to hide something. Because online lottery is all about putting your hard-earned money at stake, I wouldn’t recommend you spend it on games or sites that seem spurious.

Bhagyalakshmi lottery is using fake social media links

The website is full of nonfunctional and broken purchase links, which is another hint of the scam Bhagyalakshmi lottery is running.

All draws start at 4 PM IST and end at 6 PM IST, which means you can participate in only one draw at any given time. Results are announced exactly at 6 PM (such efficiency, much wow!).

If you purchase tickets after 4 PM, you’d enter the next draw. But the problem is you can’t purchase any ticket because none of the links are working!

Bhagyalakshmi lottery is using fake purchase links

10. No Winner Information

Last, but not least is the lack of any winner information whatsoever. No one has won the lottery because apparently all the site does is steal money. I haven’t even heard of anyone playing the lottery, let alone winning it. Yet, the site has big-noted itself as [sic] the most playing daily online lottery in India. I can only laugh.

To Conclude…

Bhagyalakshmi lottery is a fake Indian site out there to dupe you. There is no information about its owners, regulators, associates, players, or winners.

The lotteries it hosts are illegal. So, even if you win any prize, it would be a crime to claim it or get paid. The site is a pain to navigate and the content even worse. There’s absolutely no information to back their tall claims.

It’s Bhagyalakshmi ‘lootery,’ my friends! Perhaps a wolf of some Indian Wall Street operates it. Unless you want your hard-earned money resting in some scamster’s Swiss bank account, you wouldn’t want to try your luck in it. At Bhagyalakshmi, all you’d do is lose money.

Also, 2 minutes of silence for those who still think it is genuine!

P.S.: The Bhagyalakshmi lottery also goes by another name – Bhagyalaxmi lottery. That's the same old scam in a new bottle.

Update: The site has now undergone a revamp with the logos for the National Lottery of the United Kingdom, Sportscotland, and Big Lottery Fund gone from the footer and the remaining logos crisper. A few corrections in their content have also been made here and there. But that's simply putting lipstick on a pig.

Play at Legit Online Lottery Sites

There are several alternatives to Bhagyalakshmi lotto that are legal, trusted, and safe. If you really want to try your luck, get started with these three genuine lottery sites that accept Indian players:

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Is Bhagyalakshmi lottery genuine?

Bhagyalakshmi lottery carries a questionable reputation due to the lack of license, credibility, real associations, legal lotto games, and valid winner stories. It cannot be labeled as a genuine site.

Can Bhagyalakshmi lottery change your life?

Bhagyalakshmi lottery can change your life only for the worse. It is not a legal, licensed, or genuine lottery site. If you play lottery games on it, you will probably lose all your money

Mattias Fröbrant is a passionate iGaming journalist renowned for his comprehensive reviews of over 300 gambling sites in India. With a remarkable 17-year gambling experience and a background working for industry giants like Betsson Group, Mattias has earned recognition as a leading expert in the Indian online gambling field.

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