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15 Questions About King567 Casino Answered

King567 Casino has received a lot of attention with various websites writing reviews about its app, customer support, withdrawal times and more.

However, after thorough research, we have found that none of the casino reviews of King567 are accurate and up to date. 

To set the record straight, we have created this article to tell you all about King567 Casino which is currently known.

Is King567 Casino Real or Fake?

At the moment, there is nothing that supports the claim of King567 Casino being real. It is not possible to sign up for a casino account and there is hardly any information at all available about the casino from reliable sources. 

Furthermore, there are no games on the site, but the slots and live dealer games promoted are just images. King567 Casino is an empty shell and not a functioning casino. 

However, judging by posts made on King567 Casino’s Facebook page, it seems that some people managed to play in the past. All of these people claim to have been treated poorly and scammed. 

Our conclusion is that King567 Casino was a scam project that is now abandoned. 

If you want to play casino at a legit site that is licensed, regulated, and guaranteed to pay you out, we recommend the two below.

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Is It Safe to Play at King567 Casino?

It is currently not possible to play at King567 Casino and judging from past player reviews, it was never safe to play at the casino. Our recommendation is to never play at casino sites that do not have a valid gambling license from a reputable organization. 

Can I Trust King567 Casino Reviews?

No. We have found dozens of casino reviews about King567 and the information in them is not accurate. It is not based on actual facts as there is no information to be found from legitimate sources of the information that is presented. 

It may be that the reviews were once relevant for the casino before it shut down. Or it may be that they were created only as an attempt to rank high on Google for search terms such as “King567 casino review”. Do not trust the information in them.

How Do I Sign Up to King567 Casino?

You can’t. It was once possible signup to King567 Casino via a registration form on the website, but this does no longer exist as the casino has been abandoned. 

Why Can’t I Login to King567 Casino?

If you can’t login to your King567 Casino account this is because the website has been abandoned. All facts point towards the casino being a scam and as it is no longer possible to create new accounts, the owners seem to have left. If you had money on your account, it is unfortunately not possible to recover this. However, you can always file a police report and hope that leads to something.  

What Is the King567 Admin and Agent Login?

The King567 admin and agent login is a platform where people who were previously affiliated with the casino could login in order to earn money by promoting King567 casino. This is the URL for the admin platform: https://admin.king567.com/admin 

How Did King567 Casino Hack Players?

King567 did not hack players. Instead, they scammed players by refusing to pay out their winnings. Once a player had made a deposit, won money and requested a withdrawal, King567 would block their account. No payments were ever made as far as we know. 

How Do I Contact Customer Support at King567 Casino?

No customer support information is available on the actual casino site of King567 and it seems impossible to get in touch with anyone involved with the site. On its Facebook page, the following e-mail and helpline numbers can be found:

  • E-mail: king567casino@gmail.com
  • Helpline number: +91 80 3724 4346
  • Whatsapp number: +91 80 3724 4346

However, we have tried e-mailing and calling the customer care number of King567 several times without any luck. No one is answering. We have also tried sending a message to King567’s whatsapp number with the same result – no one is replying. 

Who Is the Owner of King567 Casino?

It is currently not known who the owner of King567 Casino is and as the project appears to be a scam, it is unlikely that we will ever know.

What Organization Is King567 Licensed By?

King567 is not and was never licensed by any organization. This is part of the reason why they were able to scam players and easily get away with it. A valid license from a reputable organization ensures that a casino is safe. It then has to follow strict guidelines that protect players. 

Where Can I Download the King567 Casino App?

You can’t download the King567 Casino app as no such app exists. We have searched the entire web and app stores of Google Play and Apple Store with no results of any app or apk file. Some websites claim to link to the King567 apk download, but in reality, the link goes to other casino apps. 

Instead of King567 casino app, you may want to consider Bluechip Casino app.

What Is the Withdrawal Time of King567?

For what it’s worth, the terms and conditions of King567 state that its withdrawal times are within 72 hours if the withdrawn amount is less than ₹2 lakh and up to 7 days in case the amount is larger. 

How Old Is King567 Casino?

According to whois.com, the King567 Casino domain was registered on the 8th of October 2020. The site was then launched on the 28th of November that same year. 

Furthermore, King567’s Facebook page dates back to June 14, 2021. 

Can I Bet on Sports at King567?

King567 offered sports betting in the past, but as the site has been abandoned, this is no longer available.

What Is the Wikipedia Page of King567?

There is no Wikipedia page of King567 and there has never been one. 

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