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AI is currently all the hype. People are constantly talking about the rapid evolution we’ve seen with chatbots like ChatGPT, image creators like Dalle, and text-to-video creators like Sora. As the next great breakthrough of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) might be just around the corner, the question is how society, businesses, and the way we consume entertainment will change.

The breakthroughs in AI have already transformed a lot of industries, including online gambling. Several operators are using some form of AI technology to improve the user experience and cut their costs, an example being the Betinasia Asian booking process. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at these AI advancements, how they are shaping the online casino experience, and what to expect from the future. Is it all for the better or are there concerns we should be aware about? Let’s find out!

Personalized Gambling Experience

You may have already noticed that some casino sites have a “recommended games” category where games the casino thinks you will like are listed. This is an example of how the AI algorithm is used to create a personalized gambling experience.

Thanks to the vast processing power of AI, it can analyze the types of games you play, how much you wager on each game, and how much time you spend on them. Based on this information, it can recommend games that you are likely to enjoy. 

While this can be used to improve the player experience, it is also a possibility that the casino will use such technology to determine which type of games you are losing the most money on. For instance, AI could come up with a list of recommended games that it thinks you are more likely to accept losses on. In other words, you lose and lose but continue playing for one reason or another. 

Without deeper insight into each casino business, it is impossible to tell if technology like this is already being used. However, it is likely that many casinos will use this to their advantage to increase their profits. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even though the casino might win more from you, you may still get a more satisfying and fulfilling gambling experience. 

Automated Customer Service

Chatbots are one of the most popular adaptations of artificial intelligence in customer service. This software can mimic human behavior to offer human-like assistance thanks to their natural language processing capabilities. 

Many online casinos are already combining chatbots with real agents. When seeking support via the casino’s live chat, it is not unusual that you must speak with a bot before being able to chat with a real person. 

These chatbots are mostly beneficial for players as in many cases, any questions are instantly answered by the bot. You don’t have to wait to speak to an agent who once connected to might take several minutes between each reply. 

The chatbots are also beneficial for the casino as they can reduce the number of support agents they have hired, ultimately cutting their costs, and increasing their profits. Some of these profits may even go to us players via an increased number of bonus offers or better loyalty rewards.

Looking at the future and what’s to come, it is likely that more and more agents will be replaced by chatbots. And as AI gets better at understanding and mimicking human behavior, we may eventually be left with bots only. 

Imagine a future where you’re always receiving top-notch support from a bot that is highly knowledgeable, service-minded, friendly, and quick to reply. It may even be able to offer you exclusive bonuses while you’re chatting by instantly analyzing your account details to see if you’re eligible for a bonus or not. 

Robots as Live Casino Dealers

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about robots replacing casino croupiers, exploring the likelihood of this happening and what the implications would be. While this article was focused on brick-and-mortar casinos, it is relevant to discuss how robots may possibly replace dealers and game hosts in live casino games online. Our opinion is that this is likely to eventually happen, even if we may be many years away.

Several companies are investing in the development of robotic croupiers and it’s no wonder as such robots would heavily cut the costs for casinos. Not only would they be able to work 24/7 and never take any days off for leave or sickness. They could also deliver a more social and enjoyable player experience.

As you may have noticed while playing live dealer games, many croupiers appear bored and careless. And it’s no wonder. Imagine a blackjack game where you must sit for hours and do the same thing repeatedly, dealing cards and waiting for players to act. We’re sure this could drive any person nuts.

However, such repeated tasks are never a problem for a robot. It would happily do them while constantly chatting with players and doing its best to improve the enjoyment of the game. 

More Immersive Gaming Experiences

As AI continuously improves, software developers can utilize the technology to more rapidly come up with new, interesting concepts, themes, and animations to provide a more immersive gaming experience. We already have fantastic text-to-image creators available and just as amazing text-to-video programs are soon to be released, Sora by OpenAI being an example.  

These technologies and similar ones allow game developers to quickly generate breathtaking animations and graphics to be used in their games. Not only does this mean that the future probably has more lifelike and immersive casino games in store for us. If the development process also becomes faster, we can also expect new games to be released more often. 

Improved Fraud and Responsible Gambling Detection 

Detecting fraudulent behavior from players is a high priority for casinos which they spend a lot of resources on. This includes anything from a player creating multiple accounts to a player using someone else’s banking card for deposits and breaking bonus terms via irregular play or betting too much. 

For some casinos, detecting gambling issues is also a high priority. While this is currently not relevant to the Indian market, casino sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission may face heavy penalties for not detecting suspiciously large deposits from players, excessive gambling, or high bets that may indicate a gambling problem. 

This is where AI and machine learning algorithms can be of great aid. With this technology, certain patterns, be it fraudulent or responsible gaming related ones, can be automatically detected. 

Challenges of Integrating AI in Online Casino Gaming

While the capabilities and potential of artificial intelligence in online casino gaming are vast and exciting, there are some privacy considerations. For instance, the information AI requires to create a personalized gaming experience might be considered a breach of consumer privacy. 

There are also some ethical implications of using AI, such as the casino choosing to use the technology to win more from players rather than improve their gambling experience. 


The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in online casino gaming is a double-edged sword, offering significant benefits while also presenting notable risks. AI technologies like chatbots, personalized game recommendations, and potentially even robotic live dealers are transforming the online gambling landscape. 

These advancements promise to enhance user experience. However, the utilization of AI also raises ethical and privacy concerns, including the potential for casinos to exploit these technologies to increase profits. 

As the industry navigates these challenges, the future of online gambling appears poised for further innovation, driven by the capabilities and potential of AI. However, it requires careful consideration of the implications to ensure a balance between technological advancement and consumer protection.

Mattias Fröbrant is a passionate iGaming journalist renowned for his comprehensive reviews of over 300 gambling sites in India. With a remarkable 17-year gambling experience and a background working for industry giants like Betsson Group, Mattias has earned recognition as a leading expert in the Indian online gambling field.

At GamblingBaba, Mattias’s commitment to providing accurate and easily digestible information shines through meticulously researched reviews, guides, and news articles. His strong belief in honesty and transparency ensures that readers receive the most reliable insights on the Indian gambling landscape.

To get in touch with Mattias, connect via Linkedin.

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