5 Things About Playing Satta Online in India No Matka King Will Tell You

If you’re eager to play Satta online in India, there are several things you need to know. The list includes the aspects of legality, ways to find the best matka sites, payouts you should expect; basic rules, as well as tricks to win the game, if any.

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Satta or (Satta Matka as it is better known) being an overly popular Indian lottery, the urge to play it could easily get the better of you. As a consequence, you might end up playing the game wrongly or choosing bookies you shouldn’t trust.

In this article, I’ll explain all the major aspects of the world of online Satta Matka which you must know before jumping into playing the lottery. I've summarized them in the 5 pointers below:

  1. Satta is illegal in India.
  2. Most online Satta Matka sites of Indian origin are fake.
  3. The rules are fairly easy, but the nuances might perplex players.
  4. No genuine online Matka would offer you full rate payouts.
  5. Tricks lead to short-term wins; eventually, you’d lose money.

1. Satta Is Illegal in India

It's sad but true that Satta Matka gambling has been outlawed in India. Before I talk any further, here is the best legal alternative – live Satta Matka games. These are similar to the real deal with draws taking place all around the clock.

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Satta Matka is an old lottery form that originated in the country based on the opening and closing rates of cotton exchanged between the Bombay Cotton Exchange and New York Cotton Exchange. This was kept track of through teleprinters.

This old form of the lottery was before India won its independence. The post-independence scenario was different and saw the rise of Matka Kings who would host the lottery on the opening and closing rates of practically anything. Somehow, it displeased the government strongly enough for them to issue a blanket ban.

Fast forward to today, Satta Matka is illegal as per the Public Gambling Act, 1867. Firstly, it is not a game of skill. Secondly, the Hindi word ‘Satta’ translates to Gambling or Betting, organizing or taking part in which is a criminal offence in the country.

Of course, the lottery is still played widely under the radar. But it can be dangerous. You run the risk of losing money to shady local bookies and there is no way of retrieving it. Seeking legal help might backfire because you’ve already indulged in illegal activity in the first place.

Interestingly, the Public Gambling Act does not mention anything about online gambling. This makes players scour the web in the hopes of finding a genuine Matka site that would let them play the lottery without worries.

Disappointment awaits them for reasons I’ve discussed in the next pointer.

A player's next best bet is government-backed paper lotteries, which are legal. But not all Indian States permit it. Those who do, usually pay peanuts (compared to international lotteries). Additionally, you need to visit an authorized dealer to buy the ticket, which is a pain.

That being the case, most players now resort to international lottery draws that can be played via online concierge services. They are legal and pay much bigger prizes.

2. Most Online Satta Matka Sites of Indian Origin Are Fake

In the previous pointer, I explained why more and more Indian players are looking to play Satta online. The demand has led to the growth of a murky market on the web where so-called Matka Kings lurk to dupe players.

Wondering why there are next to zero legit Satta sites of Indian origin? Let me bring in the context of the Public Gambling Act of 1867 yet again. It explicitly prohibits owing, running, or being in charge of any public gambling house, whatsoever.

The Act might fail to take into account the aspect of online gambling due to its archaism. But it can still be used as a valid reason to hold dealers as well as players guilty of the crime, especially if a site is based in India.

This is why you would rarely find a Matka site (or app) that carries a license from the country’s Central or State Government.

In fact, I would like to argue that there is none; at least not at the moment. Simply Google ‘play Satta online’ and a crapload would show up for sure. All of them have one thing in common – lack of credibility.

The absence of a license isn’t the only problem. There is usually no information about who runs these sites or how they pay out winners, or if at all there are players who have actually won through them. Protection of user privacy is also a major concern. The terms and conditions aren’t very clear either.

Getting in touch with the dealers is difficult because there is no helpdesk or customer support as well. The most you would receive is a phone number, which is often invalid. WhatsApp and Telegram support make them even worse.

These are signs that the people behind the business are doing whatever it takes to steer clear of any exposé. If you play on these sites, your money might not be in safe hands.

I would not be naming any of the businesses currently available online. But I have taken screenshots of a few to show you how shady they can get.

broken links are a sign of mistrust

The above screenshot is from a site that has done Search Engine Optimization right and grabbed one of the top positions on Google. But, its Matka business is questionable.

All of the links in its footer including those meant for the About page, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions direct to the home page – very fishy. Trust and visit such sites at your own risk.

shady disclaimer of a satta matka site

Here’s the screenshot of another fishy site that has conveniently published a disclaimer in its footer saying the purchase of lottery is prohibited in States where it has been banned.

While this is true, the site is about Matka, which has been banned nationwide. Its claim about following all rules and laws of the country is what takes the cake!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Dig deeper and you would find hundreds of such illegal online business feeding off every Satta lover’s appetite for playing the lottery online.

These sites seem to offer entry into the most popular Matka games including Kalyan Matka, Rajdhani, Worli Matka, Time Bazar, Milan Matka, Madhur Matka, Sridevi, Gali Matka, Deshawar, Ratan Lal, Bhagyalakshmi, and more.

Unfortunately, neither the games nor the sites are legal.

A legit online gambling site offering real money Satta Matka should always…

  • Have a base outside India where the country’s gambling laws do not apply.
  • Be licensed by a reputed gaming regulator, preferably foreign-based.
  • Get the business registered as a legal entity with a physical address.
  • Put up an about section to ensure the site is run by legit businessmen.
  • Highlight winner stories to show someone at some point in time has won.
  • Be active on social media and responsibly promote the business.
  • Support Indian-friendly banking methods such as VISA, MasterCard, UPI and IMPS.
  • Offer Matka games that are not illegal (online variations are an alternative).
  • Have a privacy policy in place to safeguard user interests.
  • State the terms and conditions clearly.
  • Guarantee payout to winners.
  • Offer easy-to-reach customer support, preferably 24/7.

I understand you don’t want to waste time finding the right site to play Satta online. This is why I have sourced the best Matka gambling site where you can play the lottery for real money and cash out when you win. All you need to do is register, fund your account and start playing. Here is the site:

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You must keep in mind that you won’t find the traditional (and illegal) Satta Matka game that is all the rage in India. At the above-listed site, the online Matka game has been tweaked so the rules and payouts might not be the same. With that being said, the similarities are striking.

Furthermore, please note that the Indian States of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana have taken a strong stance against online gambling and banned it altogether. If you belong to any of these States and play even on foreign-based sites, you might be culpable of a crime.

3. The Rules Are Fairly Easy, but the Nuances Might Perplex Players

Satta Matka is a simple lottery where three cards are pulled in two separate draws. You bet on the possible sum of the numbers on those three cards in each draw or both. Pretty easy, right?

Wrong. The lottery is more than meets the eye.

For instance, you could also be betting on the three possible cards in each or both draws or even the possibility of two or three cards with the same numbers showing up in each draw.

You could even choose to bet on the total number of the card values in the first draw combined with the three possible cards in the second draw or vice versa.

There are multiple possibilities, outcomes and payouts. And then, there are nuances and terminologies you need to be aware of.

You must know what a Jodi bet is and what is known as a Single Ank. You have to be aware of what a single, double or triple pana is and how the Satta calculations are done.

For example, not all jodi bets would pay you money. You would only know when you learn the rules and the concept of cut numbers, and can read a Matka chart on your own.

Don’t jump into playing the game just because of the hype. Take time to educate yourself enough so you don’t feel at sea when you sit down to play.

4. No Genuine Online Matka Would Offer You Full Rate Payouts

While writing this article, I came across this interesting search term – ‘online Matka play full rate.’ It tells me people are looking for online Matka games where the minimum payout is 10/1. It means, for every ₹1 they bet on a single number, they want to receive ₹10.

While theoretically this could have been the rule, Satta Kings would never do it. The traditional game always pays out 9/1, which means you receive ₹9 for every ₹1 you bet on single numbers. Also, some dealers would charge 5% of the bet. That is how they earn money.

However, the online Satta bazaar is full of scamsters who make false promises to lure unsuspecting players. So, coming across Satta Matka sites that claim they can pay you the full rate is only natural. Do not fall for such sites. As discussed earlier, they are mostly fake and illegal.

5. Tricks Lead to Short-Term Wins; Eventually, You’d Lose Money

Satta is a game of pure luck. However, because it involves numbers, players often think they can apply mathematical tricks to win the game. The truth is it is nearly impossible to pre-calculate or rig the outcome because the probabilities of winning and losing are equal in this lottery.

For instance, many players would go on to apply the Martingale strategy where they double their bets if they lose in the hopes of getting everything back once they win. While this might bring in some wins in the short term, you would eventually lose money.

Some players even resort to astrology to predict the outcome, which is even worse. You might lose money in the game as well as to some purveyor of pseudoscience and superstitions.

Playing Satta Matka, remember that chasing losses is never a good idea. That is exactly what makes bookies rake in millions every day.

Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Bet only what you can afford to lose.
  • Accept your defeat if you lose.
  • Celebrate if you win, but without thinking you won’t ever lose.

Satta Matka on Your Mind?

I’m not saying you can never play online Satta. There are a few legal and safe platforms that organize the lottery. I’ve previously listed two of them.

Minus these options, the Satta bazar on the web is one of doubtful honesty and legality. I wrote this article to tell you everything a Matka King would never reveal. My objective is to inform you and help you make wiser decisions. Stay safe and play safe.

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