39 Teen Patti Variations That Will Spice up Your Game

There are many lists of Teen Patti variations, but you won’t find any like ours. We have focused on quality to cut the crap and provide you only with the best variations that will spice up your Teen Patti games.

If you want to try something unique, we have also shared our own, inhouse variations of Teen Patti – GamblingBaba’s specials. We are certain that you will love some of these.

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Full List of Teen Patti Variations Arranged by Category

Following below is a full list of all of the best Teen Patti variations that can be played. We have taken our time and ranked these variations by our liking, which is based on innovation and entertainment value. 

If you’re just looking for something simple, our and ★★ star ratings are representing only minor differences from the traditional game. However, if you want a really exciting Teen Patti variation that offers a unique experience, keep an eye on our ★★★★ and ★★★★★ star ratings.

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If you don’t know the traditional rules of Teen Patti, we suggest learning about these before taking a closer look at the different variations that can be played.

Teen Patti Variations With Jokers

Teen Patti joker variations

Below we have listed all of the best variations of Teen Patti that are using jokers. We have arranged the games with the most innovative and entertaining ones on top (the ones with the highest star rating) and the simplest ones (with the lowest star rating) at the bottom. 

If you haven’t experienced the term, jokers represent cards that are able to act as any other cards. Let’s say that you’re playing a Teen Patti variation where all Kings are jokers and you are holding 2 3 K in your hand. As the K can act as any other card, it can be the 4 to give you the pure sequence of: 2 3 4


Rating: ★★★★★

Once three cards have been dealt to every player, two piles of cards are also created in the middle of the table. Each of these piles consists of three cards where the top one is a joker that is visible to everyone. 

Before the game starts, all players can choose to look at their cards or not. After that, players get to take turns making bids to buy the piles. These piles are of course quite valuable as they contain a joker card. 

However, if you’ve looked at your cards and know that you already have a strong hand, it may not be worth bidding for one of the joker piles. You are not required to do this either but can simply skip it. 

If a pile is bought, the player who bought the pile gets to replace his cards with the cards in the pile. He can then choose to play blind or seen with his new cards. 

If a pile is not bought, the visible card of the pile will act as a joker for all players. For instance, if the card shows the 4 , then the 4 , 4 and 4 will become jokers.    

All money that is used to buy a pile is put in the pot. 

Joker Hunt

Rating: ★★★★

In addition to the three cards that are dealt to each player, the dealer will also put a number of cards face up in the middle of the table. The number of cards is equal to twice the number of participating players, plus three. 

For instance, if five players are participating in the game, a total of 13 cards will be put face up in the middle of the table (5 x 2 + 3). 

Before the game starts, players will take turns discarding one of their own cards and replacing it with one in the middle. It is not mandatory to discard and pick a card. If you choose not to, you must, however, turn one of the cards on the table upside down. 

Picking and discarding cards will go on for a total of two rounds, which after there will only be three open cards left on the table. These remaining cards will now represent jokers that all players can use. 

Buying Jokers Seen and Unseen

Rating: ★★★

Each player is dealt three cards as usual and can either choose to look or not look at them. Players then take turns to choose if they would like to turn one of their cards into a joker for themself. The cost for this is pre-determined before the game starts. 

If a player buys a joker, this card is turned face up on the table so that everyone can see it. The money for the purchase is put in the pot. 

Once all players have made a decision, a second round begins where players get to buy additional jokers from each other. The cost is pre-determined and the money goes directly to the player who has the joker that gets bought. 

For instance, if player A already has a joker and also buys player B’s joker, he will now have two joker cards. Player B will not lose his joker card just because it was bought, but this is still his. 

After the two rounds of joker buys have occurred, the game is played like it usually would, but with the additional jokers in play.  

It could for instance be that Player A buys the 2 as a joker for himself and then also buys the 4 from another player. This means that any card that Player A is holding which is a 2 or 4 will be a joker. 


Rating: ★★★

In this Teen Patti variation, three cards are dealt to every player, followed by three cards that are also dealt face up in the middle of the table. These table cards are jokers that apply to all players.  

There is only one round of betting in this version. After that, a showdown occurs between all remaining players. Participants can choose to play blind or seen. 

Everyone takes turns deciding if they’re in (betting or raising) or out (folding). If a player is out and folds, his cards will replace the joker cards in the middle. 

If more than one player is in after everyone has acted, there’s a showdown. Not only does the winner of this showdown win the pot. Every player that lost during the showdown must also pay the winning player the same pot amount. 

For instance, if player A wins against player B as well as player C when the pot is at ₹800, he receives ₹800 from the pot + an additional ₹800 from player B and ₹800 more from player C. 


Rating: ★★★

Temperature is played identically to the above In-Out variation, but with a twist at the end. A card will be randomly drawn by the dealer once all players have made their decisions. If this card is an ace or has a value of 2 – 6, the hand rankings are reversed. The worst possible hand will now be the one that wins the pot.


Rating: ★★★

All players are dealt 5 cards and may be able to pair two of these together to create a joker card. There are three types of jokers that can be made:

  • Kiss: Requires the pairing of two cards with the same value. For instance, 8 8 or k k .
  • Bliss: Requires the pairing of two subsequent cards. For instance, 2 3 or 8 9 .
  • Miss: Requires the pairing of two cards where one is missing for a sequence. For instance, 2 4 or 8 10

Whether a player creates a joker or not, a hand will only consist of three cards out of the five that are dealt. Players get to choose themselves which cards to play (the best ones).  

This Teen Patti variation can either be played with all participants playing seen from the get-go, or be played as it normally would with blind being an option as well. 

Kissing Missing

Rating: ★★★

This version of Teen Patti is almost identical to kiss-miss-bliss. The difference is that all players are dealt 4 cards instead of 5. There is also no option of creating a joker by pairing two cards in a sequence, but it has to be two cards with the same value (like 5 5 ) or two cards with one off from a sequence (like 4 6 ). 

Folding Joker

Rating: ★★★

All players are dealt three cards as usual, as well as a fourth which is kept on the side for itself. All four cards are dealt face down.

From each of the three cards that are dealt to every player, one is randomly turned up and put on the table for everyone to see. These visible cards are jokers that can be used by all players. 

For instance, if player A turns up 5 , player B turns up 9 and player C turns up j , all 5s, 9s and Js in the game become jokers. 

Whenever a player folds or is eliminated, his fourth card that was dealt on the side is turned up for everyone to see it. This card will now also act as a joker. 

Rotating Jokers

Rating: ★★★

Three cards are dealt to each player. Two cards are dealt face down and one card is dealt face up for everyone to see it. The card which is dealt face up is a joker. 

When all players are still in the game, each player’s own face-up card is their own joker. However, when a player folds or is eliminated, that player’s joker card becomes the joker for all remaining players.

The same thing happens when the next player folds or is eliminated. His face-up card will now become the joker card for all players.

King Little

Rating: ★★

This variation is played like normal Teen Patti, but with all Kings being jokers. Additionally, the lowest valued card in each player’s hand is also turned into a joker.

For instance, if you are dealt k 8 2 , you now have a king as a joker and a 2 as a joker. Thus, you can make a set by turning the k and 2 into 8 and 8 , forming the hand: 8 8 8

Lallan Kallan

Rating: ★★

From the three cards you are dealt, the one card that has a different color than the others will be transformed into a joker. For instance, if you are dealt k q 4 , the four becomes a joker as this card is red and the other two are black. 

If you are dealt three cards with the same color, the rules say that you must fold. 

We would, however, suggest playing this Teen Patti version without any mandatory fold. With the rule, playing blind simply becomes meaningless. Instead, we suggest that if three cards have the same color, you play on but with no joker in your hand. 

Pack Jack

Rating: ★★

In this Teen Patti variation, three joker cards are dealt face up on the table, which applies to all players. Whenever a player folds or is eliminated, his cards will then replace the cards on the table and become the new joker cards. 

Pairs Are Jokers

Rating: ★★

Every player receives 7 cards. If there are one or several pairs within these cards, they must be combined and used as jokers. 

For instance, a hand such as 4 4 q q 2 8 9 contains two pairs. Therefore, the two 4s and the two Queens must be combined into two jokers. 

At a showdown, only three cards in total can be used. In our example, the two jokers combined with the 9 would make the best hand (a set of 9s).

The rules say that players who do not form a joker must fold their hands. However, we would suggest playing without this rule to make the game more interesting. 

1942 Love Story


In this simple variation, all aces, nines, fours and twos are jokers. Additionally, Hindi must be spoken at all times at the table. If a player happens to speak English, he must immediately fold his hand. 



AK47 is another simple variation of Teen Patti where the following cards are acting as jokers; all aces, all kings, all 4s and all 7s.  

One-Eyed Jack


In this version, the j and j are simply jokers. Why not the Jack of Clubs and Diamonds as well you ask? Because on these cards you can see two eyes. They are not one-eyed Jacks. 

Plus Sign


Once all players have received 3 cards, the dealer will also deal 6 cards in the middle of the table as a plus sign. These cards are jokers that are dealt face up. 

The dealer will then decide which side of the plus sign that will be active for the game round; either the horizonal side or the vertical one. 

Whenever a showdown occurs, players participating in the showdown can make use of the active jokers. 

Wild Draw


A very simple Teen Patti variation that is played as usual, but with one random card being turned face up in the middle of the table. This card acts as a joker for all players. 

For instance, if the 4 is turned up, any 4 becomes a joker card.

Teen Patti Variations With Different Hand Rankings

teen patti variations with different hand rankings

Following below, we have gathered the best Teen Patti variations that are designed to change the goal of the game by modifying hand rankings. 

Closest to 555

Rating: ★★★★

In this variation, you want to get as close as you can to a value of 555, as opposed to forming pairs, sets and sequences. The Jack, Queen, King and Ace are all valued at 0, while the 2 – 9 are valued at their respective numbers. 

For instance, if you’re dealt k 8 5 you could arrange these cards in the order of 5 8 k . This would give you a hand value of 580, which is pretty close to 555. 

In the first and second round of betting, all players are able to discard a card and receive a new one. If a player chooses not to discard a card, he might be sitting on a really strong hand. Or, he might be trying to pull off a big bluff. You never know!  


Rating: ★★★

This Teen Patti variation is very similar to the above Closest to 555, but a bit simpler. Here the hands that get closest to a score of 999 win. 

All numbered cards (2 – 9) are valued the same, while any 10, J, Q or K is valued at 0. The Ace is valued at 1. There is no card swapping in this variation. 

Mufliss / Lowball


This is played like traditional Teen Patti, but with hand rankings being reversed. A set is now the worst hand and a high card the best. 

The lowest hand always wins. For instance, if two players have a pair of Jacks and a pair of 5s at a showdown, the pair of 5’s wins. 

The absolute best hand in this Teen Patti variation is 5 3 2 as the hand is 5 high. 

Odd Sequence


In this variation, sequences and pure sequences are not formed with consecutive cards such as 5-6-7. Instead, they can only be formed by alternating cards. For instance, 5 7 9 or 2 4 6 . Thus, the name of the game – odd sequence.

Teen Patti Variations With Other Gameplay Changes

Teen patti variations with gameplay changes

Here we have gathered all Teen Patti variations that we haven’t been able to categorize. They do not include jokers or affect hand rankings, but are played in other ways that make them unique. 


Rating: ★★★★★

In this variation, 6 cards are dealt to all players who are forced to play seen over three separate game rounds that are sharing the same pot. With the cards, each player has to create three different hands:

  • One hand with three cards (all hand rankings included)
  • One hand with two cards (win by pair or high card only)
  • One hand with one card (win by high card only)

The game starts with the first hand of three cards being played. The other two hands are put aside. This 3-card hand is played just like normal Teen Patti. However, whoever wins the hand will NOT win the pot. 

Instead, a new game round will be initiated which is now played with two cards. After a winner has been crowned in this round, a third one will also be played with the hand only consisting of one card.

To win the entire pot, a player must win at least two of the three game rounds that are played. If no one manages to do this, the pot will remain the same while all players are dealt 6 new cards and everything repeats. 

If a player happens to win the first round of 3 cards, as well as the second one with 2, there is no need to play the third round. 


Rating: ★★★★

This Teen Patti variation can be played in two ways; either with two cards dealt face down to each player and one card dealt face up, or with two cards dealt face down and three cards dealt face up. 

  • With three cards in play
    All of the cards that are dealt face up are considered community cards that all players can make use of. To form a hand, players must only use one of their unseen cards along with two of the community cards on the table. 
  • With five cards in play
    Here the cards that are dealt face up are also community cards, but they are not shared between players. The three face up cards that player A is dealt can only be used by player A. To form a hand, all players must only use one of their unseen cards along with two of their own community cards.

High-Low Split

Rating: ★★★★

Played without an option for sideshows, this Teen Patti variation rewards players for both high and low hands. The entire pot is split into two, with half of the pot going to the player with the worst ranking hand and half of the pot to the player with the best-ranking one. 

The game is played with a set number of betting rounds which you can decide for yourself. Usually, this is between 6 and 10. Once these rounds are over, there’s a showdown between all remaining players. 

There are two versions of the High-Low Split variation that are known as “declaration” and “cards speak”. 

In declaration, all players must declare to everyone if they are going for the high portion of the pot or the low one. Here, only players who go for the same type of pot will compete against each other.

In cards speak, there is no declaration and all players can compete for both pots. 

2 Cards Open

Rating: ★★★

Every player is dealt three cards as usual, but only one is dealt face down. The other two are dealt face up for everyone to see them. 

There is no option of playing blind or seen in this Teen Patti variation, but the card that is dealt face down must always remain unseen. 

This means that for a sideshow to be possible, the dealer of the game should not play himself. When a sideshow occurs, he must be the one that looks at both players' cards to decide the winner. 


Rating: ★★★

Playing draw, all players have the option of discarding a maximum of three cards to receive three new ones. This comes with a cost that you have to decide yourself before the game starts. 

For instance, if you are dealt 8 8 5 , you could pay a price to discard the 5 for a chance of receiving an 8 or 8 that would make you a set. 

Only one card can be discarded on each round of betting and no player can discard a card more than three times. 

Discard One


Discard one is a simple variation of Teen Patti where players receive 4 cards instead of 3 and before the game starts, players get to discard one card. This means that all players are forced to play seen. 



Played with only a total of 20 cards, this Teen Patti variation makes it much easier to form a quality hand. All cards valued 2 – 9 are removed from the deck, leaving only the 10, J, Q, K and A. 



This variation is normal Teen Patti, but with one of the three cards that are dealt being dealt face up so that every player can see them. 

GamblingBaba’s Extraordinary Teen Patti Variations

GamblingBaba's Teen Patti Variations

With much love for the game, we have put our clever minds together to come up with our own Teen Patti variations that you’ve never heard of before. We sincerely hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

GamblingBaba’s Buy and Sell

Rating: ★★★★★

Let the trading begin! In this Teen Patti variation, players are allowed to trade cards with each other. The way that it works is that a player can announce a card being up for sale for a pre-determined price that you have decided before the game starts.

Instead of paying the full price to receive the card that’s being sold, a player can pay only 25% of the card’s value to receive information about it. He can either ask if the card is red or black, or ask if it’s high (9 – A) or low (2 – 8). If he pays 50% of its value, he can receive information about both categories.

If a player buys a card, he will only pay what’s left of the card’s value. For instance, if he paid 25% to know its color and then decided to buy, he will pay the remaining 75%. He will then trade one of his own cards to the player who is selling. Thus, the seller will receive an unknown card for free.

A player can only announce that he has a card for sale when it is his turn. When he does, players will take turns showing interest in it, starting with the player who is next to act. This means that if the first player pays 25% to know the card’s color and then decides not to buy, all other players will get this information for free.

Cards can be traded an unlimited number of times and any money that is used to purchase a card is put in the pot.

GamblingBaba’s Cheat and Steal

Rating: ★★★★★

This variation is played like normal Teen Patti. However, at any time a player can choose to steal another player’s cards for an amount that has been pre-determined before the game. This amount is put in the pot. 

  • Only one steal per player can be made per game round
  • You are forced to hand over your cards if someone requests to steal them  
  • The cards of the player who steals are discarded
  • The player who gets stolen from receives three new cards
  • Stolen cards can always be played as blind or seen 
  • New received cards can also be played blind or seen

This variation is all about reading the player and making the right decisions. If you have a strong hand, you definitely don’t want anyone to steal it from you. However, if you have a weak one, you certainly do. 

GamblingBaba’s Crazy Joker Line

Rating: ★★★★

In addition to the 3 cards each player is dealt, a number of cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table in a straight line. You can decide the number yourself, but we suggest making the number of cards twice the number of participants. These middle cards are jokers.

Whenever a showdown occurs, every player participating in the showdown will get to pick one joker card each for as long as they last. You can’t just pick any card though, but you have to follow a set order; from the left to the right. 

If a showdown or side-show was requested, the player who requested the showdown gets to pick first. If a showdown occurred because a pot limit was reached, players take turns picking with the one sitting closest to the dealer starting. 

The chosen joker card will only make a difference to your hand if you have that card in your hand. For instance, if you hold j j 8 and the joker card that you pick up shows an 8, your hand transforms into j j j . But if you’re not holding an 8, the card will make no difference. 

All joker cards should be put up face up on the table for everyone to see them. Additionally, you must agree to a sideshow once you have been asked twice. 

This variation of Teen Patti is best played with a pot limit or limited number of rounds. Something which you can decide yourself. You can also play it with joker cards dealt face down instead of face up. 

GamblingBaba’s Royalty Rage

Rating: ★★★★

This variation is played with the basic rules where all players are dealt 3 cards. However, whenever a player is acting, a card from the ones that haven’t been dealt will be turned face up on the table. 

If this card shows a Jack, Queen or King, the acting player is either required to pay a pre-determined fee which is put in the pot or reveal one of his cards to all players. We suggest making the fee high.

As soon as there are no cards remaining in the deck (all have been turned up), a showdown between all remaining players will occur. However, showdowns and sideshows can also occur the traditional way.  

It’s important to note that whenever a new card is turned up, this is put over the previous one so that this is no longer visible. Those with a good memory may figure out what a player may or may not have if he has shown any of his cards. 

To make a game round last longer when many players are participating, it’s possible to play this variation of Teen Patti with two decks instead of one. 

GamblingBaba’s Useless Jokers

Rating: ★★★

In this game, you get to choose two types of cards that will act as jokers. These can be any two cards that you decide. For instance, all Queens and Kings. 

In addition to each player receiving three cards, ten cards are also dealt face up on the table. 

Usually, jokers can represent any type of card. However, in this Teen Patti variation, jokers cannot be turned into any of the cards that are shown on the table.

Let’s say that Kings and Queens are decided to be jokers and you are dealt k 8 7 . This could make you a pure sequence by turning the k into the 9 or 6

However, if both of these cards happen to be visible in the middle of the table, you cannot. You would then have to settle with another hand such as a normal sequence. 

GamblingBaba’s Cards on the Table

Rating: ★★★

This variation is played with 3 cards where two are dealt face down and one is dealt face up for all players to see. Whenever a turn is completed (all players have acted), six cards from the ones that are remaining in the deck will be revealed in the middle of the table. 

The same thing will happen after the second and third turn, resulting in a total of 18 cards being revealed in the middle. This will give you an idea of what the other players may or may not have and either make it easier or harder for you to disguise your own hand and to bluff.

Teen Patti Variations at Live Casinos

live casino teen patti variations

As you may or may not know, there are two ways to play Teen Patti for real cash online. You can either play against other players just like you would at home with your family and friends, or, you can play against a dealer over a video stream. The latter is quite different from the traditional game. 

Playing against a dealer, there is no skill involved, but this is considered to be a luck-based casino game. Within this category, there are three variations of Teen Patti which we have described below. 

Teen Patti 3 Card

Rating: ★★★

In this variation of Teen Patti, you and the dealer are dealt 3 cards each. Yours are visible while the dealers are hidden. You get to decide if you would like to play the hand or not by folding or placing a bet amount. 

Once you’ve acted, the dealer will reveal his or her cards to decide a winner. If you played your hand and have the best one, you win. You get paid more the better the hand is. There are also side bets in this variation that can pay a lot.

For instance, if 5 of the 6 cards that are dealt between you and the dealer result in a royal flushA royal flush is a poker hand that consist of the five highest valued cards forming a sequence while also having the same suit. For instance: 10 J Q K A, you win 1000 times your bet amount.

Bet on Teen Patti

Rating: ★★★

In this game, the dealer will hand out three cards to a position known as Player A and three cards to a position known as Player B. The cards are dealt face up and immediately compared to decide a winner. 

Your goal in the game is to place a bet on the player that you think will receive the best cards and win the game round – either Player A or Player B. 

There are usually side bets that can be placed as well, such as one of the players receiving a pair or better. When such a side bet is placed, the better the hand, the more you get paid. 

For instance, in Ezugi’s version of Bet on Teen Patti, you can win up to ₹1,000 from a ₹1 bet (1,000x the stake). 

One Day Teen Patti

Rating: ★★★

This Teen Patti variation is similar to the above Bet on Teen Patti, but is a bit more interesting. The basics are the same as you’re betting on which position will win the hand – Player A or Player B.

However, after the initial bets are placed all cards are not dealt at once. Instead, only a single one is to Player A. This is then followed by another round of betting where the payouts of each side have been changed to reflect the new odds.

This pattern continues with four more single cards being dealt and four additional betting rounds before the final winner of the hand is decided. What’s cool about this is that you can bet against yourself on the very same game round.

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