What Is the Price of a Powerball Ticket in India?

The real price of a Powerball ticket bought in America is ₹200. However, the Indian price of a Powerball ticket can vary from ₹300 – ₹500 and ₹200 – ₹450 with maximum discounts applied. This is because lottery sites, being the only option that Indian residents can use, set their own prices.

To learn more about this and help you find the best platform to play at, I have compared Indian Powerball prices between 11 lottery sites and shared my results in this article.

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Top 11 List of Powerball Prices in India

Based on my research, this is what a lottery ticket into the Powerball costs in India:

  1. Lottoland: ₹300 (+ ₹80 for Power Play)
  2. Lottery World: ₹300 
  3. Lotto247: ₹300 
  4. Multilotto: ₹300 
  5. Lottofy: ₹300 
  6. Lottosmile: ₹365 (+ ₹180 for Power Play)
  7. TheLotter: ₹365 (+ ₹180 for Power Play)
  8. LottoAgent: ₹385 (+ ₹145 for Power Play)
  9. PlayHugeLottos: ₹400 
  10. LottoKings: ₹480 
  11. GiantLottos: ₹500 

Please note that the Power Play feature is an optional one that is only offered by some lottery sites

Powerball Prices With Full Discounts Included

Many lottery sites offer the option of purchasing multiple tickets in advance and subscribing to automatically receive new tickets, which discounts the price of playing the US Powerball. With these discounts taken into consideration, I have once again listed the Indian lottery price of a US Powerball ticket:

  1. Lottosmile: ₹200 (+ ₹99 for Power Play)
  2. TheLotter: ₹200 (+ ₹99 for Power Play)
  3. Lottofy: ₹213 
  4. LottoAgent: ₹228 (+ ₹130 for Power Play)
  5. Multilotto: ₹240 
  6. Lottery World: ₹270 
  7. Lottoland: ₹300 (+ ₹80 for Power Play)
  8. PlayHugeLottos: ₹300 
  9. Lotto247: ₹300 
  10. LottoKings: ₹450 
  11. GiantLottos: ₹500 

Please note that the discounted Powerball price above may require an investment that you aren’t willing to make. Refer to the next topic for more information and where you should play.

Where Should I Play to Get the Best Powerball Prices?

Play at TheLotter or Lottosmile if you’re a highroller

TheLotter and Lottosmile are the two best places for the cheapest tickets into the Powerball lottery. However, to get an average ticket price of ₹200, you must purchase 52 tickets in advance and also reach the highest loyalty tier of the site. Should you settle with pre-buying only 10 tickets and only reach the second tier of the program, each lottery ticket into the Powerball would have a price of ₹247.

To reach the highest loyalty tier, a total of ₹350 lakh would have to be deposited into your account every month. You must also note that adding the optional Power Play feature costs ₹99 on a full discount, which is quite expensive.

Play at Lottofy if you don’t care about Power Play

Getting a good price on an Indian Powerball ticket is very easy at Lottofy. Here, all you have to do to reach a Powerball price of ₹213 is to enter a monthly subscription or purchase a minimum of 7 tickets into a single draw. This entitles you to a 29% discount on the initial price. Unfortunately, though, the Power Play feature is currently not available at Lottofy.

Play at Lottoland if you do want the Power Play feature

Lottoland very rarely offers any discounts, but their price on a US Powerball lottery ticket is already pretty good. You pay ₹300 for it and only an additional ₹80 to have the Power Player feature added. This is the most convenient site to choose.

Why Are Powerball Prices Higher in India Than the US?

The US Powerball is an American lottery that citizens in America can play by entering one of many shops across the country to buy a physical ticket. Here, the price of such a Powerball ticket is $2 (₹145), with an additional $1 (₹70) for the optional Power Play feature. 

As can be seen on the Indian Powerball prices compared in this article, purchasing a Powerball ticket online is much more expensive. This is because lottery sites charge a fee for the service they provide. 

Some lottery sites will buy a physical Powerball ticket on your behalf by having a person in the US purchasing it, scanning it and uploading it to your account. This is a cost that needs to be covered. 

Other lottery sites will not give you a real ticket, but only allow you to place a bet on the outcome of the lottery. Here, they need to charge an increased price for each Powerball entry in order to cover for an insurance. This insurance is what will guarantee your payout should you hit the big jackpot.

Want to learn more about ticket prices in India – not only for the US Powerball?

Check out my article where I guide you to the cheapest lottery tickets online.

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