4 Ways to Play Games and Earn Money Without Investment in India

If you want to play games and earn money without investment in India, an easy way out is online gambling. Some online casinos and lottery operators offer free bonuses that allow you to play various online cash games for free and earn real money. In this article, we have listed several of these bonuses and explained how it works.

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When it comes to earning money online by playing games that don’t require any investment, the best and most convenient ones include the following:

  1. Casino games by using no deposit bonuses
  2. Free game quizes with real cash prizes
  3. Poker tournaments in the form of freerolls
  4. Lottery games played by entering free draws

Below, we have explained these options in more detail, telling you all there is to know about them.

1. Earn Money with No Deposit Bonuses

At some casino sites in India, which allow you to play real money-earning games, you can receive a free gift by simply signing up an account. This is quickly done by providing some personal details about yourself, such as name, home address, and date of birth. 

As soon as the account has been created, the free gift will be credited to you before any cash investment is made. This gift can either be a certain amount of bonus cash or, which is more commonly the case, a certain number of casino free spins on a slot machine. 

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No matter the bonus, you get to play casino games with a fair chance of earning money without investment. In India, this is one of the most popular ways to do it as you can receive a lot of cash for free. For instance, if you were to receive 100 free spins at a gambling site, this would be worth ₹1,000 – ₹2,000 depending on the slot machine they’re offered on. 

As you play the spins, you could of course make even more money. It’s all up to lady luck to decide and sometimes only the sky is the limit. There are, however, a couple of things you must know about. When you take advantage of no deposit bonuses you often have to abide by the following rules:

  • A wagering requirement
    This means that no money received or won can be cashed out until you have played for a certain amount. Since the money is free, this really doesn’t matter. You just have to be lucky. Learn more about wagering requirements here.
  • A maximum cashout
    Even though this isn’t always the case, it’s not uncommon to find that free bonuses that allow you to earn real money by playing games have a maximum cashout limit. In other words, even if you’re lucky and win big, you may have to settle with a ₹5,000 withdrawal. Still good money though!

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2. Enter Free Game Quizzes Without Any Investment

Free game quizzes are very rare to find, but do appear every now and then. As an example, the live casino provider Playtech was running a daily competition in June and July 2021 branded as Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Players who answered all questions in the game correctly would win a share from a prize pool of nearly ₹2 lakh.

Play Who Wants to be a Millionaire without an investment
Free game quiz offered by Playtech in June and July 2021

Listed below, you will find game quizzes that can be entered with no investment required, which can earn you real money. There may not always be any available, but as soon as we hear about one, we will list it.

Free Game Quizzes

3. Earn Money by Playing Free Poker Games

Participating in poker tournaments where players compete against each other in Rummy and Texas Hold’em is a common way to play games and make money online without an investment. If you know poker, this is also the easiest way to earn as skill is a determining factor rather than luck.

Online poker rooms are often offering freeroll tournaments, which are tournaments that are free to enter, yet have a prize pool of real cash to be won. There are no strings attached – perform well and get rewarded for it.

Free Poker Games

Every now and then Pokerstars is running free to enter tournaments in Texas Hold'em poker.

For instance, independence day saw a freeroll with a ₹7.5 lakh prize pool.

Always keep an eye out!
Pokerstars [UPI: No]

The beauty of poker freerolls is that money that is won is free from wagering requirements and doesn't come with any cashout limit. Everything you win is yours to keep. How much you can win can vary greatly from one freeroll to another. In one tournament, finishing first may grant you ₹800, while another tournament could grant you ₹80,000.

While it isn't always the case, there’s often a reason for these varying prize pools, which has to do with different types of freerolls being offered:

  • Regular freerolls that are open to all players
  • Freerolls that are available only to new players
  • Freerolls that require a certain loyalty status
  • Community freerolls that require a password

While community freerolls are difficult to enter, it is not impossible, and if you live in India and want to earn money online by playing games without investing anything yourself, this holds one of the best values. If you see a freeroll like this, what you need to do is find the community that is hosting the tournament and become a member.

You may have to be active within the forum too, which may include writing a couple of posts. Whatever is required to get a hold of the password, which will allow you to compete in the poker game for a big sum of real money for free without having to pay anything.

Important to note is that the above mainly applies to Texas Hold'em freerolls. When it comes to Rummy sites and the freerolls offered by them, they are often regular freerolls open to all players. Here, a 1st place finish generally earns you around ₹500 – ₹3,500, even though there are exceptions where up to ₹20,000 can be won.

4. Play Online Lottery Without Investment

International lotteries, such as the US Powerball and Mega Millions are popular games that can be played in India to make money without investment. As covered in our article where we reveal 5 ways to play the lottery for free, you may have to work a bit for it though. But not always.

There are lottery sites that will give you a lottery ticket just for signing up with them – no investment required. One such site is the following:

1 Ticket to a Lottery
By just signing up
5.0 rating
UPI Supported Lottofy

With some sites, you can also receive a ticket into a draw without investing any money by writing a review or referring a friend. With the latter option, the person referred will be required to make a deposit before any reward is credited to your lottery account. 

Additionally, the famous EuroMillions lottery is running a special lottery game playable without investment which comes with real money prizes. There’s a daily draw with a jackpot of ₹50,000, as well as a weekly draw with a jackpot of ₹20 Lakh.   

Why Gambling Operators Allow Indians to Earn Real Money Without an Investment

It’s common sense to question why anyone would allow Indian residents to play games and earn money without any investment. The answer is simple though. It’s the same reason as to why you would stumble upon something for free in a convenience store or why offers such as ‘grab two and pay for one' exists.

It’s good marketing

The gambling operators that give away free stuff simply view it as an investment. Whatever they pay in the form of free bonuses, they’re expecting to get back. You get to try online money games without an investment which could earn you real cash, but maybe you like the games so much that you’ll make a deposit and continue playing? That’s what they’re hoping for and that’s what many players do.

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