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Daman Games (also known as DamanGames), a casino app in India proudly labels itself as the country’s largest online entertainment platform and Asia’s leading gaming platform. But is it really as good as they make it out to be? Let’s delve deeper into the app to find out if it lives up to its claim and merits a download at all.

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Quick Overview

  • Score:
  • Compatibility: Android, web
  • Interface Language: English
  • Installation Fee: None
  • APK Size: 7.25 MB
  • App Size: 26.72 MB
  • Live Casino: Yes
  • Teen Patti: Yes
  • Andar Bahar: Yes
  • Slot Machines: 800+

Key Takeaways

  • Daman Games is an Indian casino app available for Android and the web.
  • It lacks proper licensing, raising legal and safety concerns for real-money gambling.
  • Accessing the official Daman Games link is challenging as there are multiple sites that have been officially recognized by the makers.
  • Registration involves mandatorily providing a phone number.
  • The game range includes slots, live dealer games, card games, sports betting, exclusive lottery predictions, and fishing games.
  • Lack of transparency on fairness and RNG testing raises safety doubts.
  • Daman Games offers plenty of bonuses and a 10-tier VIP program, too, but their appeal and value are questionable.
  • Its unique Safe feature offers extra cash in the form of accumulated interest, but the legitimacy of the process is doubtful.
  • Payment options are convenient, but withdrawal policies are unclear, potentially hindering access to funds.
  • The app's design and user experience are subpar and lack a professional touch.
  • Customer support is highly unsatisfactory.
  • The owner's identity is uncertain and the presented certificate from the Coeur D’Alene Tribal Charitable Gaming Board doesn't guarantee credibility.
  • Expecting accuracy in predicting Daman Games outcomes and any hacking claim is futile.

Pros and Cons

  • Small APK, compact app
  • Decent range of slot machines
  • App for Android and web
  • Live games, Teen Patti, and Andar Bahar
  • Exclusive lottery-style prediction games
  • Bonuses galore
  • 10-tier VIP program
  • Unique ‘Safe’ feature
  • Lack of proper licensing
  • Removal of the app from Play Store
  • No iOS app
  • Tricky access to the official Daman Games link
  • Multiple verified official website links
  • Phone number mandatory for registration
  • Exclusive reliance on referral codes for registration
  • Limited game range
  • Disappointing user experience and design
  • Lack of clarity in terms and conditions
  • Concerns about fairness and RNG testing methods
  • Unsatisfactory live chat support
  • No fixed customer care number
  • No welcome bonus

Key Components

The DamanGames app comprises the following sections:

  • Header
  • Main Body
  • Bottom Navigation Bar
Daman casino app showcase

Getting Started

To get started with Daman Games, you must familiarize yourself with the official source of the app, learn the download process, and understand the steps for registration and login. The following sections neatly present all the details you need to know.

Daman Games Link

Accessing the official Daman Games link is the trickiest part in our honest opinion. The app was once available on the Google Play Store but has now been removed. So, the only authentic source for it is the official website.

But here’s the thing – a single Google search will show you countless websites that claim to be the authentic website of the casino and it’s difficult to tell them apart. Barring a few, the rest are either affiliate sites, third-party platforms utilizing masked redirects for increased traffic, or outright scams.

Our research says these are the verified Daman Games official website links provided by the operator:


Other than that, the site is officially acknowledged as well. It informs patrons about the latest events and showcases winner stories.

There is also, seemingly a blog employed by the app's creators to funnel traffic to the official sites, although no official information about it is available on any of the official sites.

The operator explicitly advises disregarding any other links that are not among the ones mentioned above, including those that lead to apps on the Google Play Store. A warning has also been issued against creating accounts using phone numbers or emails on third-party sites claiming to represent DamanGames.

Please check this screenshot for reference:

Daman casino app notification

Now here’s the funny part: this notice isn’t available on any of the so-called Daman Games’ official websites. Adding a touch of irony, this information becomes accessible only after you’ve created an account.

So, how is a newbie supposed to tell the real site from a fake one? And isn’t running multiple sites to promote the same brand a huge red flag in itself? Think about it.

Daman Games App Download

Before proceeding, know that the Daman Games App is available as an APK for Android and a web app, too. This means you can download it not only on your smartphone or tablet but also on a laptop or desktop computer. iOS 

Now, assuming you landed on the right website, you’ve got three ways to proceed with the Daman Games app download:

  • Download the web app via the desktop site
  • Download the APK via the desktop site
  • Download the APK via the mobile site

Let’s discuss the steps of each process.

Download the web app via the desktop site

Here are the steps:

  1. Visit any of the DamanGames sites mentioned on this page on your desktop.
  2. Ensure it loads as shown in the screenshot below.

    Download the Daman casino games app
  1. Click ‘Add to Desktop’ above the button navigation bar.
  2. Click ‘Install’ on the pop-up.
  3. Find the web app installed on your computer (check the taskbar).

If you wish to uninstall the app (which, we are sure you will), simply go to Control Panel on your computer, click ‘Uninstall a program’ under ‘Programs,’ find the Daman Games app, and remove it.

Download the APK via the desktop site

These are the steps:

  1. Load any of the valid DamanGames sites on your desktop browser.
  2. Click the download button on the header as shown in the screenshot below.

    Daman app download button
  1. Find the APK on your computer’s ‘Download’ folder.
  2. Transfer it to your mobile device.
  3. Go to Settings on your device.
  4. Enable app installation from unknown sources.
  5. Find the Daman Games APK on your device’s ‘File Manager.’
  6. Tap on it to start installing the app.
  7. Open the Daman Games app to use.

Of course, we just explained the most inconvenient way for the Daman Games APK download. So, coming up next is an easier way to get the app.

Download the APK via the mobile site

Follow these steps

  1. Load a valid DamanGames site on your mobile browser.
  2. Tap the download button on the header.
  3. Ignore the warning message.
  4. Tap on the downloaded APK.
  5. Allow the installation to complete.
  6. Open the Daman Games app to use.

In the above process, we've assumed that you've already enabled the installation of apps from third-party sources on your device. If you haven't done so yet, you would need to go to your device’s settings after the 3rd step and enable the option to proceed further.

With Daman Games being a third-party app (and removed from Google Play), it cannot be installed on your device unless you perform this necessary step.

Note: If you are hesitant about installing an app as lame as that of Daman Games, you have an alternative option. Access the casino without downloading the app by visiting any of the sites recommended by the operator. You will be able to register, log in, deposit, play games, and (hopefully) withdraw just as you would on the app.

Daman Games Registration

After everything you’ve heard and read about the operator, if you dare to sign up for an account, follow these 8 steps to complete the Daman Games registration:

  1. Load a valid DamanGames site or the app.
  2. Click the chat icon on the header as shown in the screenshot below.

    Daman app download button
  1. Click ‘Register’ on it.
  2. Type in your phone number.
  3. Set a password.
  4. Enter this Invite code: 357854583104
  5. Click the Privacy Agreement.
  6. Hit ‘Register.’

It's intriguing that the registration page mentions the option to create an account with an email, yet this choice is conspicuously absent from the actual form. Additionally, the login page allows users to log in with their email addresses, further fuelling the inconsistency.

The absence of the email option on the registration form raises concerns, creating an impression that Daman Games is directing users toward mandatory registration with their phone numbers.

This practice feels questionable, especially considering the stringent regulations in India for obtaining a mobile number, which typically involves providing personal identification details such as AADHAAR or PAN numbers.

This approach raises ethical considerations about user privacy and transparency within the registration process of DamanGames.

Daman Games Referral Code

The 12-digit Daman Games referral code required on the registration form isn’t a standard one. Every third party that signs up for an affiliate account with the operator gets one to give to their players. However, the latter doesn’t get any sign-up benefit for using this recommendation code.

We bring this up because you should know that Daman Games isn’t available for regular walk-in customers; creating an account without a referral code is not an option. This practice raises questions about the operator's reliance on affiliate recommendations to establish authenticity.

The exclusive nature of the referral code and its lack of direct benefits for new users may suggest a strategy to gain players on the platform only through affiliate channels – the hotspots of real money gambling traffic in India.

Daman Games Login

Once you've taken the plunge and created an account with Daman Games, here's how you can navigate the login process in 6 steps:

  1. Load a valid DamanGames site or the app.
  2. Click the chat icon on the header.
  3. Choose to ‘Log in with phone.’
  4. Enter your registered phone number.
  5. Type in your password.
  6. Hit ‘Log in.’

The Daman Games app login form also offers the option to sign in with your email. However, because registering with your email is not possible, this option is as good as unavailable until you link an email to your account. To enable this option, follow these additional steps:

  1. Go to ‘Account' on the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Scroll down to find ‘Settings.'
  3. Click on ‘Bind mailbox.'
  4. Enter your email.
  5. Send yourself an email with a 6-digit verification code.
  6. Input this confirmation code within the given time frame.
  7. Hit ‘Bind.'

Now, you'll also have the option to use your email for logging in. Nonetheless, it’s a tedious process, we understand!

We have to mention here that Daman Games does not enforce age, identity, and address verification through KYC procedures.

This creates a concerning loophole where there’s every chance a minor can gamble on it, which is dangerous. It also means that the casino isn’t AML-compliant and cannot ensure it won’t onboard fraudsters in disguise.

Game Range

The game range at DamanGames covers the following categories:

  • Lottery
  • Mini Games
  • Slots
  • Sports
  • Casino
  • PVC
  • Fishing
  • Popular
Daman casino games lobby

This collection looks extensive, but does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out.

Daman Games Lottery

If you wish to play international lotteries online like Powerball or EuroMillions, or the trending live lotto games offered by Evolution, TVBet, and Superlotto, it's important to note that Daman Games doesn't cater to these options.

Instead, the platform features an exclusive selection of four lottery games, each with its unique style. Among them, two games double as color prediction and big-small prediction games, while the other two focus on big-small and odd-even predictions.

Here's a brief overview:

  • Win Go: Choose from Green, Red, and Violet colors or between Big and Small.
  • K3 Lotre: Choose between Odds and Even or Big and Small.
  • 5D Lotre: Choose between Odds and Even or Big and Small.
  • Trx Win: Choose from Green, Red, and Violet colors or between Big and Small.

Mini Games

This section is packed with crash games, instant games, and provably fair games from Spribe. We could spot popular titles, including Aviator, Mines, Dice, HiLo, Keno, and Plinko. But that’s about it.

If you really want to play these games, we recommend checking out our list of best crash gambling sites instead.


The selection of slots at Daman Games is surprisingly better than what we had expected, presenting a diverse lineup of over 800 titles. Top games are sourced from renowned studios such as NetEnt, Microgaming, PG Soft, Big Time Gaming, Red Tiger Gaming, and Playtech.

Additionally, the platform introduces players to gems from lesser-known yet equally innovative providers like Jili Games, JDB Gaming, CQ9 Gaming, Xin Gaming, and Triple Profits Games, thereby ensuring a rich and varied gaming experience.

Nevertheless, it pales in comparison to the extensive variety provided by well-established slot casinos catering to players from India.


Daman Games offers 5 different platforms for sports betting in India, of which we found only 3 to be working. The combined variety of sports to bet on is decent, but it falls short of the expansive offerings found in the sportsbooks of industry leaders like 10Cric and Bluechip.

Notably, one of the platforms entirely omits cricket betting, a significant omission considering the sport's immense popularity in India. Furthermore, live betting is limited to just one of the functional platforms, underscoring a notable gap.

Daman Casino Games

Our expectations were set high when we delved into the Daman Casino Games section, only to be met with utter disappointment. The casino exclusively relies on Evolution Gaming and Asia Gaming as its providers, restricting the gaming options to live dealer games alone in this section.

Consequently, the live dealer game selection is confined to titles offered by these two providers. Of course, you will be able to play top games including Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and Dragon Tiger, as well as the Indian favorites – Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

But this wouldn’t excite you even a bit, especially if you’ve explored the best casino and live casino sites in India that offer way bigger and better ranges.


This section in Daman Games seems like it’s all about poker. But hold yourself if you think there’s variety in it. The games come from just two software providers – V8 and 365 Games.

Adding to the limitation, the individual game lobbies present a mixed bag of games with less poker and more other games, including Jhandi Munda, Andar Bahar, 3 Patti, and Rummy. Frankly, the game categorization at Daman Games is a huge letdown, lacking the expected clarity.


By now, after facing a series of letdowns, our enthusiasm to delve deeper into the game offerings of Daman Games had waned considerably. But because we promise extensive and honest reviews, we persisted and turned our attention to the Fishing category.

Here’s what we found: it’s a mere assortment of about 22 games, courtesy of Jili Games, JDB Gaming, and CQ9 Gaming. Perhaps there's a glimmer of potential in this specific niche, but it regrettably did little to change the narrative of disappointment we faced earlier.


As we turn our attention to the final category of games named ‘Popular,’ we'll avoid a detailed discussion as it is obvious that it showcases the top games played on the platform. Nonetheless, we do appreciate the inclusion of win percentages for each game within this category, although we can’t guarantee their accuracy.

A point to be noted is the fact that every time you click on a game to play or a sportsbook to bet, a pop-up opens asking if you want to join the game. Upon confirmation, a new window opens, revealing the game lobby or the sportsbook.

Interestingly, this new window operates under a distinct URL that doesn't seem to belong to Daman Games. Instead, it corresponds to the provider of the specific game or the sportsbook itself.

This departure from the norms doesn’t feel quite right if you keep in mind the standard way any legit online gambling site in India functions. In other words, everything about Daman Games feels super shady, prompting skepticism about the platform's credibility and legitimacy.

Bonuses and Offers

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, Daman Games shocked us with its bonuses. There’s plenty, but nothing that would excite you like the bonuses, offers, and promotions we curate from various gambling sites.

Here’s what you can expect to find:

Invitation Bonus

  • ₹55 for inviting 1 player (minimum deposit: ₹500 per player)
  • ₹155 for inviting 3 players (minimum deposit: ₹500 per player)
  • ₹555 for inviting 10 players (minimum deposit: ₹500 per player)
  • ₹1,555 for inviting 30 players (minimum deposit: ₹500 per player)
  • ₹1,555 for inviting 30 players (minimum deposit: ₹500 per player)
  • ₹3,355 for inviting 70 players (minimum deposit: ₹500 per player)
  • ₹10,955 for inviting 200 players (minimum deposit: ₹500 per player)
  • ₹25,555 for inviting 500 players (minimum deposit: ₹500 per player)
  • ₹48,555 for inviting 1000 players (minimum deposit: ₹500 per player)
  • ₹3,55,555 for inviting 5000 players (minimum deposit: ₹500 per player)
  • ₹7,55,555 for inviting 10000 players (minimum deposit: ₹500 per player)
  • ₹15,55,555 for inviting 20000 players (minimum deposit: ₹500 per player)

Recharge and Daily Check-in Bonus

No relevant information was discovered, and the bonus link directed to a page supposedly detailing weekly rewards, yet even on that page, no information was available. By the way, ‘recharge’ is Daman Games’ term for deposit.

Agent and Luxury Reward

This is basically a referral program that rewards the ‘agents’ of Daman Games with cars, diamonds, gold, and a deluxe condominium (really?!). While they have published stories of winners being paid out in gold, we fear the rest of the claims could be just a marketing tactic.

Member Activity Winning Streak

This is a cashback you get for winning consecutively.

  • 10 consecutive wins = 20% of the betting amount
  • 20 consecutive wins = 30% of the betting amount
  • 30 consecutive wins = 40% of the betting amount
  • 40 consecutive wins = 50% of the betting amount
  • 50 consecutive wins = 100% of the betting amount

Aviator High Betting Award

Daman Games rewards you for winning Spribe’s Aviator game in the following ways:

  • Cash out at 15x multiplier, get ₹300.
  • Cash out at 20x multiplier, get ₹800.
  • Cash out at 30x multiplier, get ₹1,200.
  • Cash out at 50x multiplier, get ₹1,500.
  • Cash out at 80x multiplier, get ₹3,000.
  • Cash out at 120x multiplier, get ₹5,000.

Lucky 10 Days of Interest

You can claim this bonus on the 1st, 11th, and 21st of every month. But you would need to recharge (deposit) consecutively during this period. The minimum recharge amount is a whopping ₹1,00,000! For instance, if you recharge ₹1,00,000 between the 1st and 10th of this month, you would be able to claim ₹688 on the 11th.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • ₹688 reward for recharge of ₹1,00,000
  • ₹1,288 reward for recharge of ₹2,00,000
  • ₹1,888 reward for recharge of ₹3,00,000
  • ₹3,888 reward for recharge of ₹5,00,000
  • ₹5,888 reward for recharge of ₹10,00,000
  • ₹15,888 reward for recharge of ₹30,00,000
  • ₹25,888 reward for recharge of ₹50,00,000
  • ₹58,888 reward for recharge of ₹100,00,000
  • ₹1,08,888 reward for recharge of ₹200,00,000
  • ₹1,58,888 reward for recharge of ₹300,00,000
  • ₹2,08,888 reward for recharge of ₹400,00,000
  • ₹3,08,888 reward for recharge of ₹500,00,000

YouTube Creative Video

Daman Games rewards you for creating a short video about its platform. Of course, the prize is based on viewership:

  • ₹700 for 1K+ views
  • ₹1,500 for 2.5K+ views
  • ₹2,000 for 5K+ views
  • ₹5,000 for 10K+ views
  • ₹25,000 for 100K+ views

Talk about inducing word-of-mouth marketing!

Mysterious Gift

Daman Games plays Secret Santa and distributes mysterious gifts from time to time, of course without it being Christmas. The operator says it notifies lucky winners via a personal message.

Gift Code

If you have a Daman Games gift code, you can use it to unlock exclusive bonuses and rewards at Daman Games.

Betting Rebate

Daman Games claims to offer a rebate on the bets you place. We are not sure if this is given in the form of a discount on your next bet, a cashback, or a rakeback.

Super Jackpot

Hitting the Super Jackpot in slots (whatever that means) fetches you an additional bonus that remains valid for 30 days. The prizes are based on the multiple of the winning amount as follows:

  • ₹100 bonus for a winning amount of 20x – 29x for a bet of ₹100 – ₹5,000
  • ₹200 bonus for a winning amount of 30x – 39x for a bet of ₹100 – ₹5,000
  • ₹300 bonus for a winning amount of 40x – 59x for a bet of ₹100 – ₹5,000
  • ₹500 bonus for a winning amount of 60x – 1999x for a bet of ₹100 – ₹5,000

Attendance Bonus

You also get rewarded on DamanGames based on consecutive login days. Here’s how:

  • ₹4 for logging in for 1 day
  • ₹20 for logging in 2 consecutive days
  • ₹65 for logging in 3 consecutive days
  • ₹180 for logging in 4 consecutive days
  • ₹450 for logging in 5 consecutive days
  • ₹2,200 for logging in 6 consecutive days
  • ₹6,000 for logging in 7 consecutive days

We didn’t receive anything for logging in even for a day, so we won’t vouch for this and the other Daman Games offers either.

Payment Options

Convenience in transactions is key, which Daman Games seems to understand. Perhaps this is why it offers multiple payment options that are popular in India, which are as follows:

For Deposit

  • UPI (Min. ₹100, Max. ₹1,00,000)
  • Fast Pay (Min. ₹100, Max. ₹50,000 or ₹1,00,000 depending on the channel)
  • Paytm with QR code (Min. ₹100, Max. ₹50,000 or ₹1,00,000 depending on the channel)
  • UPI with QR code (Min. ₹100, Max. ₹50,000 or ₹1,00,000 depending on the channel)
  • Bank Transfer (Min. ₹100, Max. ₹10,00,000)
  • Bank Transfer via IMPS (Min. ₹100, Max. ₹1,00,000)
  • USDT cryptocurrency (Min. 10, Max. 5000)
  • TRX cryptocurrency (Min. 100, Max. 50000)

It's worth noting that, except for bank transfers, the deposit limits are capped at ₹50,000 or ₹1,00,000 for most methods. This restriction may prove inconvenient for high rollers in India.

For Withdrawal

  • Bank Card (Min. ₹110, Max. ₹100,00,000)
  • USDT cryptocurrency (Min. 10, Max. 1,20,130)

To begin with, the imposition of minimum and maximum withdrawal limits is a bit of a discomfort. What if a player has an amount above or below the stipulated limits and wants to withdraw?

This policy appears to unnecessarily hinder access to one's own funds, a practice we find both ethically questionable and potentially in violation of regulations.

Also, the platform does not specify whether the minimum and maximum limits on deposit and withdrawal apply per transaction, or on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

We also have no clue how fast the withdrawals are processed (or if they are processed at all) and if there are hidden fees for deposits and withdrawals that you need to be wary of. Every bit of information on Daman Games seems to be vague in our opinion.

Daman Games Safe

The Daman Games Safe is a distinctive feature of the platform, reminiscent of a savings bank account with the added benefit of accruing extra funds in the form of interest.

This innovative system operates on a daily interest rate of 0.1% as the baseline, supplemented by an additional interest rate determined by your VIP status. The entire calculation occurs a minute after your deposit.

To break it down, imagine this: for every ₹1,00,000 deposited into your DamanGames account and subsequently transferred to the Safe, you stand to earn ₹100 daily. The accumulated amount is disbursed during your second withdrawal.

While the concept appears cool, the legitimacy of the process remains uncertain.

VIP Program

Daman Games offers a 10-tier VIP program for players, which unfolds in this manner:

VIP LevelUnlocks withLevel-up rewardMonthly rewardSafe interest rateRebate rate

Here, EXP = experience points and ₹1 Bet = 1 EXP. So, the more you play, the more points you win. Let’s look at it this way:

You will earn 3000EXP for betting ₹3000 at Daman Games. This will push you to VIP Level 1, where you will get another ₹60 as your level-up reward and then ₹30 as a monthly reward for maintaining the level.

If you now win ₹1,00,000 from your ₹3000 bet and put the money in the Daman Games Safe, you will earn another ₹200 as interest. Also, you will get another ₹200 as a rebate for winning ₹1,00,000, which is 33.3334x your initial bet of ₹3000.

So, your bankroll will have a total of ₹1,00,000 + ₹60 + ₹30 + ₹200 + ₹200 = ₹100490. If you use this amount to place another bet, you will be placed in VIP Level 2 where the perks will be better. This is one of the finer things we have come by on the Daman Games platform.

Daman Games Customer Care Number

There is no fixed Daman Games customer care number. The operator has advised not to save any service number used for player communication, citing potential changes without prior notice.

This raises concerns, prompting questions about why the operator would resort to using variable contact numbers unless they are facing legal constraints in their authorization to operate in India.

Fuelling our skepticism, Daman Games directs players to reach out directly using the Customer Service tab at the center of the app by clicking the telephone logo. But the plot twist is no such tab exists!

A notification from the operator offers a possible explanation by stating that customer service only uses Live Chat, Telegram, and WhatsApp available on the app. However, we could only find the Live Chat feature.

We did find a link to the Telegram channel of Daman Games, but not on the app. Instead, it is placed on, which is the officially acknowledged platform for publishing information about the latest events and winner stories.

Such inconsistency makes us believe Daman Games is not a trusted casino app for online gambling in India. It's worth noting that accessing the live chat feature requires your Daman Games account ID.

Also, upon evaluating the support quality, we found it to be subpar in terms of both responsiveness and effectiveness. Given the fact that customer support can make or break the gaming experience, we felt as if the folks at Daman Games are least interested in proving their brand as a leading industry player.

About Daman Games Prediction

Daman Games prediction is all about those exclusive lottery games on the platform where you can predict colors and choose between Big and Small or Odd and Even for a chance to win.

Despite these games relying solely on luck, opportunistic individuals have devised schemes to exploit players' aspirations of making accurate predictions for profit. The demand for a Daman Games prediction hack is notable, driven by the desire to capitalize on players' wishful thinking.

It's crucial to understand, however, that no such hack exists that can ensure accuracy – be it for Daman Games or any other platform that hosts games of pure luck.

Join as many Telegram channels and WhatsApp groups as you want that offer Daman Games predictions; these tricks simply won’t work. Understand that relying on such purported hacks is ultimately futile.

Security and Fair Play

When it comes to online gambling, security is non-negotiable. But does Daman Games prioritize player protection? Are its games fair? Can they ensure a level playing field for all players? Regrettably, these concerns persist without a satisfactory resolution.

Yes, all the Daman Games websites are SSL-encrypted and the app loads fine. But the overall quality leaves much to be desired. It is most definitely not the hallmark of what we expect trusted casino sites in India to look like.

The app's design for both web and mobile platforms falls short of expectations, delivering a subpar user experience with graphics that appear amateurish. The game categorization is poor, to say the least. And this is just the visual appeal and functionality of Daman Games.

There are bonuses galore, but not one of them is tempting. The terms and conditions are vaguely defined and the written content across the platform lacks the clarity and depth one would expect from a reputable casino site in India.

There’s no mention of fairness and RNG testing methods for the games, which raises concerns about the transparency and integrity of the gaming experience provided by Daman Games.

The live chat support proves to be unsatisfactory as well, with repetitive and bland responses lacking promptness and substantive replies.

The worst of all is perhaps the lack of proper licensing, which makes Daman Games questionable in its legitimacy. If you explore the app thoroughly enough, you will find the below certificate in its section for Risk Disclosure Agreement:

Daman official gaming license

It’s a license from the Coeur D’Alene Tribal Charitable Gaming Board, a regulatory agency based in the United States associated with the Native American tribe of the same name.

Adding an interesting historical note, it's worth mentioning that this tribe once garnered renown for their shrewd trading practices, leading to the moniker ‘Coeur d'Alene's’ or ‘Heart of the Awl.’

But jokes aside, we don’t believe someone sitting in America would come up with a Rupee casino as flawed as Daman Games for Indian punters. There has to be an Indian brain behind it, opting to remain discreet, possibly because an online casino with a base in the country is still illegal.

We must mention here that the certificate also references the National Indian Gaming Commission, a federal regulatory agency in the United States overseeing gaming on Native American lands. This distinction is significant and should not be confused with a local Indian organization.

Note: We have also found two potential connections to the original Daman Games app.

The first comes from Daman Gaming Private Limited, an unlisted company in Dona Paula, Goa. The company has been in business since 2010 with William Britto and Rodney William Peter Britto being the current board members and directors.

However, nothing solid can be found online about this company. Furthermore, a gambling company operating from within India and serving an app to the entire country cannot be legal either.

The second link comes from Berbers Development, which seems to be an app development company based in India. Although concrete information about the company is unavailable online, some of its apps are on Google Play Store under the developer name ‘DamanGames Development.’

Of them, ‘Daman Games – Earn Cash’ seems to resemble the Daman Games app we have extensively reviewed in this article. It’s worth noting that Berbers Development, active since 2019, has seen 6 of its 9 apps, including an older version of Daman Games, removed from the Play Store.

This also suggests that the creators of the Daman Games app are most definitely Indians and the business is likely illegal.

User Experience

A crucial aspect of any gaming app is the user experience. While navigating through the Daman Games app feels seamless, it isn’t particularly enjoyable.

What we mean is the app's navigation works well from a technical standpoint. You may be able to move between different sections, access features, and perform actions without encountering technical glitches or errors.

However, there’s a certain dissatisfaction with the overall user experience despite the app's functional efficiency. This is evident in the overall design, graphics, or content lacking in terms of entertainment value or aesthetic appeal.

The presence of vague content across the platform and poor game categorization definitely contribute to the lacklusterness. Also, skepticism lurks in the shadows, questioning the legitimacy of Daman Games’ glittering promises.

Daman Games Review

Here's the deal: casinos are legal in the city of Daman, nestled in the Indian Union Territory of Daman and Diu. That is how you have Deltin Daman Casino operating right on Indian soil.

However, just because there's a place named Daman where casinos are legit doesn't mean an app named the same and targeting players pan India becomes automatically legal. So, proceed with caution. Also, let's not forget the opinions that matter the most – those of past users. A quick Google search will reveal numerous unresolved consumer complaints against this platform.

Nonetheless, if you're feeling adventurous and want to join the crowd, go ahead and register. But know that there's every possibility that it might turn out to be a scam similar to the Mahadev betting app. Don't say then that we didn't warn you through this Daman Games review.


What is Daman Games?

Daman Games is a casino app claiming to be India's largest online entertainment platform. It offers various games, including slots, live casino, and exclusive lottery-style predictions. However, concerns arise due to the lack of licensing, unresolved consumer complaints, and issues with transparency. Caution is advised before considering downloading the app.

Is Daman Games real or fake?

While Daman Games is a real casino app in India, concerns about its legitimacy linger. Questionable practices, such as unclear terms, lack of proper licensing, and inconsistent customer support, as well as consumer complaints, raise doubts about its credibility. There are potential risks akin to those associated with scams.

Is the Daman Games app legal?

Daman Games lacks licensing from a reputed authority, making its legitimacy doubtful. The presented certificate from the Coeur D’Alene Tribal Charitable Gaming Board in America doesn't ensure credibility. The mention of the National Indian Gaming Commission in it adds complexity, possibly indicating an attempt to create a facade of legitimacy.

Is the Daman Games app safe?

The Daman Games app's safety is dubious. The web app works fine, the APK downloads swiftly, and the Android app installs smoothly. However, the overall application lacks professionalism. Starting from graphics to game categorization, fairness of games, processing of transactions, bonus terms, customer support, and licensing, everything feels subpar.

Who is the owner of Daman Games?

The Coeur D’Alene Tribal Charitable Gaming Board certificate suggests Daniel Paul Hansen as a potential owner of Daman Games. However, doubts arise as a casino licensed within a tribal area in America is unlikely to operate pan India as a Rupee casino. The real owner of Daman Games remains undisclosed.

How to play Daman Games?

To play Daman Games, visit the official website, download the APK, or access the web app. After installation, register by providing a phone number. Explore casino games like slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, teen patti, andar bahar, jhandi munda, and rummy. Bet on sports and enjoy exclusive lottery predictions.

How to win Daman Games?

Winning at Daman Games hinges on luck rather than strategic gameplay. You can improve your chances by understanding game rules, sticking to familiar games, opting for high RTP options, and leveraging casino bonuses. Remember that real money gambling involves financial risks and the house always wins.

How to hack Daman Games?

You can't hack Daman Games. Anyone claiming to have a prediction hack is just taking advantage of players who want accurate results. But remember, the games in Daman Games are purely based on luck, so there's no surefire way to predict the outcomes.

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