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11 Expert Tips on How to Win in Teen Patti

Teen Patti is not an easy game to win in as luck plays a big role. This is obvious when searching the net. Most tips and tricks offered by so called Teen Patti professionals are utterly useless.

However, like any poker game, there is skill involved in Teen Patti and it is possible to master the game. To help you achieve this, we have shared our authentic expert tips that will make you a better player.

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1. Understand What It Means to Win

Winning in Teen Patti is not about winning every hand that you play. This is never going to happen as a lot of luck is involved in the game. Instead, winning in Teen Patti is all about minimizing your losses and maximizing the pot size whenever you have a hand that you’ll win with. That’s how you’ll make money and a long-term profit from playing Teen Patti. 

2. Bet Cleverly to Disguise Your Hand

If you’re playing seen and looking down at a great hand, your first impression may be to bet big to grow a big pot. However, doing so may be an obvious tell that your hand is strong and players may fold. 

Therefore, it may be better to just call a couple of rounds. This will keep weak hands in the pot and could also result in a bluff from a player that you'll beat. Either way, the pot value will be boosted.

3. Establish an Image and Take Advantage of It

This may not be a useful tip if you’re playing Teen Patti on low stakes with inexperienced players that aren’t paying attention. However, at higher levels where players tend to be better at the game, they will keep track of your playstyle. If you’re smart, this can be used to your advantage.

Let’s say that you’re always following a certain pattern with your strong hands. This could be calling two rounds followed by a raise, or, always raising after another player has raised. It doesn’t matter what the pattern is. What matters is that players have picked up on it. 

If you’re sure that they have, you can pull off great bluffs. When you have a weak hand that you know you can’t win with, simply follow the pattern to send a message to your opponents that your hand is strong.

4. Be Restrictive With Your Bluffs

Pulling off bluffs is quite an achievement and can also be very rewarding when done at the right time. However, in 9 out of 10 instances bluffing in Teen Patti will just get you in trouble. Trying to bluff your way to victory is a very common mistake that beginners make. If you’re dealt a bad hand, it’s usually better to fold and wait for a better opportunity. 

5. Know How Your Opponents Are Playing

In any poker game information is king. If you want to win in Teen Patti, you have to pay attention to how the people at your table are playing. It’s all about picking up on patterns. 

If a player instantly raises every time he sees his cards and they are good, this will allow you to play an easy game against that player. You know exactly when he is weak or strong. 

You also want to pay attention to the type of hands that players are calling with to the end. If you know that a player calls down with any hand that is a pair of 8s or better, you are able to calculate your chances of winning whenever you are up against this player.  

For instance, if you’re holding a pair of Kings, you know that you will beat any pair of 8s, 9s, 10s, Jacks and Queens, but lose to any other hand. Based on the pot size and how your opponent has been playing, you are able to determine if it’s worth going to the end with your Kings or not.  

If you find it difficult to remember how people are playing, use a piece of paper or a text document to take notes. This is great information that you can take with you to all of your Teen Patti sessions.   

6. Always Keep Your Head in the Game

This goes hand in hand with the above Teen Patti tip. It’s very common that players lose interest in a game round as soon as they have folded as they have nothing to gain. The truth is actually quite the opposite. 

When you have no hand of your own to focus on, it is easier to get an idea of how the other people at the table are playing. Professionals use this time wisely. Pay close attention to the bets that are made and the hands that are shown. Take notes. 

7. Switch Up Your Playstyle

Remember when we said that you can establish an image and then take advantage of it? Well, sometimes it’s better not to have an image at all – especially against people that are really good at Teen Patti. 

To accomplish this, you need to switch up your playstyle. You have to raise with bad as well as good hands and play passively with good as well as weak hands. If there’s no pattern, players can’t read you. 

8. Adapt to the Different Levels of Teen Patti

If you’re playing Teen Patti online, the stakes of the game will usually set the tone of the skill. At very low stakes, it’s common that players try to bluff a lot. They won’t keep track of what you’re doing either but focus more on their own cards than yours. 

At mid-stakes, the skill level of players can be a bit mixed. You have beginners with a good budget, as well as skilled players that don’t have enough money to play at the top levels. Here, reading your players will be more important than ever in order to make the right moves. 

At high stakes, you can expect professionals. They will take note of how you’re playing and try to use that against you. They may also switch up their playstyle in order to make it difficult or impossible for you to get a good read on them. At this level, it’s a mind game. 

9. Find the Fishes and Keep Track of Them

Playing online, you’re not going to win in Teen Patti by facing off against people that are better at the game than you or equally good. Your profits will come from less skilled players that are making more mistakes than you. 

If you find such a player, make the most of it by playing as long as he is. You can also take note of the player’s username. By doing this, you will eventually have a long list of users that you know you can profit from.

10. Control Your Emotions

There’s a lot of luck involved in Teen Patti – never forget that. This means that you can go on a long losing streak where your balance is dropping even if you’re playing a solid game. Anyone can get frustrated by this. However, in order to win in Teen Patti, you have to control your emotions. 

If you let your emotions get to you and you start playing an angry game, you are much more likely to make bad and irrational decisions than if you were playing calmly and collected. This will only lead to more losses. You have to accept that losing streaks is part of the game.  

11. Pay Attention to Body Language

Unfortunately, you can’t make use of this tip while playing Teen Patti online. However, if you’re playing against friends and family or in any other game with real people, paying close attention to body language is one of the best ways of winning in Teen Patti. There’s a lot of psychology behind it. 

Listed below are signs to look out for and an explanation of what they usually mean: 

  • A look of excitement when seeing their cards
    Some players automatically shine up when they look down at their cards to find out that they’re really strong. They can’t help themselves. 
  • Being nervous and betting with shaky hands
    When a player seems to be nervous, this is usually an indication of a strong hand. Especially so among inexperienced players. Knowing that a big pot can be won is too much for some to handle. It gets their hearts pumping.  
  • Looking at their cards for a long time
    With a strong hand there’s not much to think about other than how to maximize profits. However, when a player is holding a weak hand, he can look at his cards forever, deliberating over the fact if they are worth playing, if he should bluff or if he should fold. A long stare at the cards usually means a weak hand. 
  • Staring at you after placing a bet
    A common tell of a bluff is when a player places a bet and then stares at you. It’s like they’re trying to be intimidating, indicating that their hand is strong. It's usually the opposite.
  • Leaning back after a bet
    In contrary to the above, a player that is leaning back and feeling relaxed after placing a bet will usually hold a strong hand. 

While the above are signs rooted in psychology, always be wary of smart players that use this knowledge to their advantage. By knowing that players with weak hands usually look at their cards for a long time and stare at you, they can intentionally do this to trick you if they know that you know.

Mattias Fröbrant is a passionate iGaming journalist renowned for his comprehensive reviews of over 300 gambling sites in India. With a remarkable 17-year gambling experience and a background working for industry giants like Betsson Group, Mattias has earned recognition as a leading expert in the Indian online gambling field.

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