How to Play Casino Games Online

In this guide, we list and cover all of the basic rules of the most popular casino games that can be played online. If you only want to know the actual process of getting started with casino games, such as signing up to a casino site and claiming a bonus, this is covered in our guide on how to play casino online.

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Casino Games to Play Online

There are many distinct types of casino games that can be played online, such as:

Many of these categories include a bunch of different casino games. For instance, the live casino category hosts table games such as Teen Patti, Roulette, Blackjack and Andar Bahar – just to mention a few. 

Following below, we have listed most products that belong to the above categories and briefly explained how these casino games are played. 

If you want to play casino games online, you should check out the best casinos for it. You can easily do so by pressing one of the below icons that match your preferred casino game.

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Slot Machines

how to play the casino game slots online

Slot machines are purely luck-based casino games that revolve around reels and symbols. While there are many advanced mechanics in today’s modern slots, the basics are the following:  

  • You spin a reel to uncover symbols
  • If identical symbols line up, you win a prize
  • Certain symbols are worth more than others
  • The more identical symbols you get, the more you win
  • Special symbols can trigger bonus games and other features

Slots come in many different themes and shapes with various ways of winning and hundreds of unique bonus features. This makes them a versatile and highly entertaining type of casino game. 

Bonus Buy Slots

In these casino games, you can instantly trigger the slot bonus by paying a fixed fee as opposed to landing the required symbols. The bonus of a slot is usually where the biggest payouts can be found, making this mechanic a highly popular one. 

Traditional Jackpot Slots

Traditional jackpot slots are casino games that can pay life-changing amounts by triggering a progressive jackpot. A percentage of each bet from a player is added to a prize pool and when certain conditions are met, the pool is released, paying out a huge prize. We’re talking about winnings of over a hundred crores. 

Some of the most popular casino games in this category include: 

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Must Drop Jackpot Slots

Must drop jackpots, also known as daily jackpot games, are casino games that have jackpots that are guaranteed to be paid out at a certain point. This can be by the end of every hour; by the end of every day or before the jackpot pool reaches a certain amount. 

Like casino games with traditional jackpots, certain conditions must be met to win. However, the likelihood of meeting these conditions will constantly increase, which they wont in traditional games. 

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Live Casino Games

how to play the live casino games online

Live casino games are casino games that are played with real dealers and other players. They offer an authentic and social experience that is similar to visiting a real casino. This is how it works:

  • A studio is set up with real props, such as real tables, real cards and real dealers
  • The studio has several high-quality cameras that capture everything that happens
  • Through a video stream at your online casino, you get to play with the dealer as if it was real
  • Your bets are placed on a virtual interface, while the actual gameplay takes place in the studio
  • A chat can be used to speak with other players or to communicate with the dealer

There are many different types of live casino games, which we have listed and explained below. 


Roulette is a simple casino game. It's played on a table with 37 numbers, which are also included on a roulette wheel. You can choose to bet on one or several numbers using one of many different bet alternatives that come with various payouts. Once a bet is placed, the roulette wheel will spin and if it stops at a number that you’ve bet on, you win a prize. 

There are many interesting live roulette games that have taken the traditional rules of the game to a new level. These casino games include: 


Blackjack is a highly mathematical card game that combines luck with skill. If you play perfectly, it offers the highest chances of winning out of all live casino games. This is how it works: 

  • You win by getting a higher card value than the dealer
  • All face cards are worth 10 and all numbered cards have their own value
  • Aces can have two values; either 11 or 1
  • If you get 21 or more, you automatically lose
  • Dealer is dealt 2 cards, one visible
  • You are dealt 2 cards, both visible
  • You can draw as many cards as you like to increase your card value
  • You decide for yourself when you want to stop drawing
  • You can split two identical cards into two separate hands
  • You can double down, increasing your stake at the cost of only drawing one additional card

Similar to roulette, you can not only play classic blackjack in a live casino but there are also special versions of the game that come with twists:

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is one of the most basic, yet popular casino games in India. It’s a 50-50 type of casino game where you either bet on Andar or Bahar to win. This is how it works:

  • The dealer turns up a random card that needs to be matched
  • One card is then dealt to the Andar side of the table
  • This is followed by a card dealt to the Bahar side of the table

Cards continue to be dealt like this until one of the two sides – Andar or Bahar – matches the first card that the dealer turned up. The side that matches this card first wins.

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Poker Games

Similar to blackjack, these types of casino games usually have a factor of skill in them. While there are exceptions, you are usually able to make minor decisions that can be good or bad for your long-term results. These decisions include playing your hand for an additional bet or folding it.    

Live poker games are usually played against the dealer and to win you have to get a better hand than him or her. The hands that can be made include traditional poker hands such as pairs, two-pairs, straights, flushes, full houses, four-of-a-kind and straight flushes. The better the hand you win with, the more money you win.  

There are several types of live casino pokers and the rules of these casino games will vary slightly from one to another. Here are some of the popular ones that can be played:

Money Wheels

These casino games are made up of big wheels with numbers and special bonus features on them. Whatever is on the wheel can also be bet on.

A game round is very simple. You place a bet and the host of the game spins the wheel. If it stops at a position that you have bet on, you win the corresponding prize.

While Money Wheels are simple, these casino games can be highly entertaining thanks to their bonus features that come in many different shapes. The games also have the potential to pay out huge cash prizes. 

The most popular Money Wheels that can be played online, include the following casino games:  


Craps may look like one of the most advanced casino games online but is actually quite easy to learn. It’s a dice game that is all about its different bet options. There are 28 in total.

The game basically revolves around getting certain dice rolls to win. Some bets are cleared on a single game round, while others may take several ones. For instance, you may bet on an alternative where a 7 has to be rolled before a 4 in order to win. This bet will last until either a 7 or 4 is rolled.

Learning craps is all about learning the different bets in the game.

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Mega Ball

Best described as a live bingo game, this casino game is all about getting winning lines on a bingo card. This is how it works:

  • You purchase one or several cards that have 25 numbers on them
  • A machine randomly picks out 20 numbered balls
  • If a selected ball matches your bingo card, that number is ticked off
  • You win a prize if you get a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of ticked-off numbers
  • The more lines you score, the more you win

The game also comes with a multiplier ball that can multiply winnings by up to x100.

Mega Ball

Deal or No Deal

This casino game is based on a game show with the same name, which revolves around briefcases with hidden cash prizes in them. This is how it works:

  • The game consists of 16 numbered briefcases
  • You spin a wheel to qualify for the game show
  • You spin another wheel to increase the value of the briefcases
  • In the gameshow, a set of briefcases will be opened
  • Briefcases that are opened will be removed
  • After each opened set of briefcases, you will receive a prize offer

This means that you can either take the offer, or you can continue to open briefcases. Eventually, there will only be one briefcase left and whatever value it holds will be your cash prize. 

Deal or no Deal

Bingo Games

how to play the casino game bingo online

Bingo games come in many different styles and one of them is the Mega Ball, which we previously listed and explained as a live casino game. In difference to this casino game, traditional bingo is, however, played competitively against other players. This is how it works:

  • You purchase one or several bingo cards with numbers on them
  • Numbered balls are then randomly selected
  • If the number matches your card, it is ticked off
  • The player who gets a full line of ticked-off numbers first wins a prize

Additionally, there are usually prizes rewarded to the first player who gets 2, 3 and 4 full lines too, as well as ticking off an entire section of numbers. 

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Video Pokers

how to play the casino game video poker online

This is a fast-paced casino game best described as a combination of a slot machine and 5-card poker. The goal is to get the best hand possible. The better the hand, the more you win. Here is how it works:

  • You press a button to receive 5 random cards
  • Any revealed card can be selected and held
  • You draw to replace all cards that haven’t been held
  • If you make a winning hand, you’re paid a prize

The hands that can be made will vary from one video poker to another, but usually include pairs, two pairs, straights, flushes, full houses, four-of-a-kind, straight flushes and royal flushes. 

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Virtual Sports

how to play the casino game virtual sports online

Virtual sports are casino games that mix the entertainment of sports betting with the luck-based unpredictability of casino games. You place bets on virtual matches in various types of sports such as football, tennis, basket and cricket. There’s a wide range of bets to place, including the team that will win. 

You can follow the matches go down on a video stream. These are not real, but computer-simulated animations – much like watching a video game. A match takes approximately 3 minutes to finish.

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how to play the casino game scratch cards online

This is the simplest form of casino game. You buy a card with a number of hidden positions on it. You then scratch these positions to reveal different values or icons. If you get three identical ones, you win whatever value is revealed or whatever the icons represent.

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Competitive Card Games

How to play the casino card games

While these types of games are offered by some casinos, they aren’t casino games per se. Here, you are competing against other players. This means that luck is a secondary factor and that skill is what will determine if you win in the long run or not.  

You can usually compete in several different formats, including cash games with instant action and scheduled tournaments with fixed prize pools. Rules can vary widely from one competitive card game to another. Here are some of the most popular ones:

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