How to Place a Bet Online – A Complete Guide

Whether you’re interested in wagering money on Cricket, Soccer or any other sport, placing bets online is easily done. But there are a couple of things you should know about, which we have covered in the following guide.

We have made this as user-friendly and educational for you as possible with plenty of images. You have the choice of skimming through a quick step-by-step guide as a well as reading a full and thorough explanation on how to place a bet online.

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Betting on sports over the internet is getting more popular in India and as a result, there are plenty of betting sites available that focus on the Indian market. In this guide, we will be using 10Cric as an example when teaching you how to place a bet online. This is one of the most popular sport betting sites in India and also a casino with quick withdrawals.

While placing bets over the internet is a similar experience no matter which operator you do it with, the design of the betting platform can vary slightly. All images that you see in this guide will come from 10Cric’s platform. Now let’s cut to the chase and tell you all about how to place a bet online!

How to Place a Bet Online in 9 Short Steps

The following step-by-step guide will quickly give you a good understanding of how bets are placed online. Should you require more information than this, you will also find a full guide right after these steps. 

Step 1: Choose a betting site

Step 1: Select a sports betting site
Begin by choosing a bookmaker that you want to bet with. If you haven’t picked one yet, you can find a list of recommended betting sites below. These are all safe, legal and available in India. See betting sites

Step 2: Sign up an account

Step 2: Register an account
All betting sites require you to have an account with them. This is easily created in a minute or two. Just enter some personal details about yourself such as name and home address. Read more

Step 3: Make a deposit

Step 3: make a deposit
To place a bet online you need to invest money. Head to the cashier at the betting site and make a deposit by choosing one of many payment methods such as UPI and IMPS (options vary between sites). Read more

Step 4: Head over to sports

Step 4. Head over to sports
Most betting sites also offer casino games so you have to head over to the sports betting section. This is quickly done with the click of a button. In this section, you can bet on matches that haven’t started yet as well as matches that are currently playing. Read more

Step 5: Choose odds display

Step 5. Choose odds display
Decimal odds is the standard and what most Indian bettors prefer as this is the easiest to understand. You can, however, also choose a couple of other odds formats. The odds will show you how much you can win from each online bet that you place. Read more

Step 6: Pick a sport

Step 6. Pick a sport
Betting sites tend to offer a huge amount of sports, which of course includes the Indian favorite cricket. Choose the sport you want to bet on. After that you can select or browse the league or event that you want to find odds offered for in that particular sport. Read more

Step 7: Pick a match

Step 7. Pick a match
Once you have selected a sport and a league or event, you will find all of the matches that the betting site is currently offering odds for. Here, you can instantly place a bet on the winner of a match or choose to see more markets that are offered for a particular match. Read more

Step 8: Choose your markets

Step 8. Choose your markets
Markets are your betting options. These can vary from one match to another. In cricket, you could for instance bet on 1st wicket method, team to win the coin toss and who will win the most run outs. In the image above, we have chosen three markets to bet on. Read more

Step 9: Decide your bet type

Step 9. Decide your bet type
When you have chosen your markets, all of your selections will be added to a coupon where you can add your stake. But before doing this, you have to decide if you want to place your bet as a single, a combo or a system. These have their own unique functions. Read more

Once you've chosen a bet type, you can confirm your coupon with the click of a button. After that, there’s nothing more to do than to sit back and enjoy the matches. If your predictions are correct, you will get paid shortly after the matches have finished. 

Full Guide to Placing Bets Online

If you want to bet on sports over the internet and win real money, the first thing that we have to cover is getting a betting account from a bookmaker. Should you already have one or possess this knowledge, you can skip this part by heading directly to the betting part through the button below.

I have an account – teach me how to place bets online

Getting Your Betting Account Ready

Setting up a betting account with a bookmaker to make it possible to place bets is a quick process that involves the following three steps:

  1. Choosing a betting site
  2. Creating your betting account
  3. Making a cash deposit

1. Choosing a Betting Site

These days, there are plenty of betting sites that Indian players can use. Below is a list of three that we find to be particularly great, which are all gambling sites that offer cricket betting along with over twenty other sports. These operators are all legal and safe to use in India and offer the possibility of depositing and withdrawing with rupees as a currency.

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Full List of the Best Cricket Betting Sites

2. Signing up for an Account

Creating your betting account is pretty much straightforward. You begin by clicking on a button that says “join now”, “register”, “create account” or something similar. Here are two examples of what it can look like when you’re visiting a betting site:

How to create an betting account

Example of how it may look like when entering a betting site

Clicking the sign-up/registration button will take you to a form that has to be filled in for your account to be created. To comply with gambling regulations and laws you are asked to provide information such as:

  • Gender
  • Full Name
  • Home Address
  • Date of Birth
  • E-mail
  • Currency
process for registering an betting account
Example of a sign up form that needs to be filled in to create a betting account

3. Making a Cash Deposit

Once your account is created, the only thing standing in your way is money. All bets that are placed online require a cash balance. So you have to make a deposit.

This is simply done by clicking the deposit button at the betting site and then choosing the payment method that you would like to fund your account with. It can look something like this:

how to make an deposit to your betting account
Example of how a deposit is made at a betting site

4. Placing Your Online Bets

With a betting account up and running and money to be used, it’s time to head over to the sports betting section of the gambling site. Almost all betting operators offer a wide variety of products in addition to their vast selection of odds, so you’re likely to find a slot and live casino section as well.

Any good betting site will offer you the option of placing bets on matches that haven’t started yet, as well as the option of betting on matches that are already running. This is known as pre-match betting as well as live betting. While the interface may vary from one betting site to another, this is what it can look like:

Placing Your Online Bets
Find the menu for gambling products and then select sports or live to see the available markets to bet on

5. Choose How You Want Your Odds Displayed

As you may already know, the odds are what are showing you how much you can win from betting on a particular match. The standard format that odds are displayed in India is decimal odds. This is what you’ll see when visiting a betting site. 

If betting on a winner of a cricket match has a decimal odd of 2.00, this means that your potential payout from placing such an online bet would be two times your stake. So if you bet ₹100 you would win ₹200 if the team you have bet on wins.  

While most people think that it’s the easiest format to understand, the decimal format is not the only way that odds can be displayed at betting sites. Should it be that you prefer any other format, such as fractional or American, this can be easily changed in a menu.

Choose How You Want Your Odds Displayed
Image shows an example of decimal odds on sports betting

6. Pick a Sport and Choose a League

To place a bet online, you have to bet on a particular sport. The vast majority of betting sites offer a huge number of odds on more than 20 different ones, including cricket, soccer, tennis and video games categorized as eSports. 

By picking a sport, you will see all available leagues and events that are currently up for betting. By picking a league or event, you will then see all of the matches that are played in that league or event which you can bet on at the moment.

Pick a Sport and Choose a League
Image shows several sports available for betting

7. Browse All Available Markets

With the vast majority of matches that betting sites offer odds on you can find several types of markets. These are your betting options. The most common market to bet on is who will win a particular match or an entire league. However, by browsing through other markets, you can find a lot of interesting options that can spice up the betting experience.

Browse All Available Markets
Highlighted in red are odds that are offered for the match-winner market. In other words, which team will win a particular match. This match-winner market is always the one that betting sites front with. Highlighted in green you see a number, which represents additional markets that you can bet on. Clicking on this number will take you to the right screen.

As you can see, there’s a lot to bet on in addition to the match-winner. Our example shows a soccer match, but there are also plenty of markets for cricket. Just to mention a few of them, you can bet on yes or no if there will be a fifty score in the match; what the first wicket method will be and which team that will win the coin toss. 

While these are all markets for a particular match, you are also able to find markets that apply to an entire league. These are known as outrights and include markets such as which team that will win the league or finish at the bottom.

8. Add Your Markets to a Betting Slip

When placing bets online, any market that you select will be added to something known as a coupon or betting slip. For convenience's sake, you can add as many markets as you like to a single one.

It doesn’t have to be markets from the same match, but you can combine different matches with each other. With some betting sites, there may be a few restrictions on what you can combine, but in general, it is all very flexible. 

Add Your Markets to a Betting Slip
Image shows you three markets from three different matches added to a betting slip

9. Choose the Format of Your Betting Slip

Once you have added markets to a betting slip you are able to enter the amount of money you would like to wager and then confirm the bet. However, before doing this, you may want to consider the format of your betting slip as there are three different ones that you can choose from; single, combo and system.

Choose the Format of Your Betting Slip
Image shows different formats on a betting slip

All of these formats won’t always be available to you as it depends on the number of markets that you have added to your betting slip:

  • With one market only single will be available
  • With two markets single and combo will be available
  • With three or more markets single, combo and system will be available (with some restrictions to system depending on which markets are included)

Let us briefly explain what these different types of formats mean to you.

Single bets

If you choose single as a format on your betting slip, all of your selections (markets) will be treated as their own bets with their own payouts. You have to enter a stake for each of your selections, which will grant you a certain return (potential payout) based on the odd of the selection. 

As you can see in the image, we have chosen three selections and when placing this coupon as a single, three different bets will be made with three different returns. 

how to place a single bet
Image shows an example of single bets

Combination bets

If you choose combo as a betting format, all of your selections will be combined into one bet with one single stake. This means that the odds from every selection will be multiplied with each other to form a single odd which is much higher. 

For instance, if you combine three matches that all have an odd of 2.00, the final odd of the bet will be 2 * 2 * 2 which is 8. Add another selection that has an odd of 2.00 and the odds are now 16. The more selections, the more you will see your potential payouts take off. 

So what’s the catch? Since a combination bet is just one bet, you are required to get all of your selections right to win. If you combine three matches, all of those matches have to be correct. If you’re wrong on just one of them you won’t win anything.

how to place a combination bets
Image shows an example of a combo that can be placed as a double combination over three bets or as a triple combination over one bet.

With two selections in your betting slip, a combination bet is known as doubles, and with three selections a treble. From there it will be called 4-fold, 5-fold, 6-fold, etc. 

As you can see in the image above, three selections come with trebles as one bet, as well as doubles that are split into three different bets. You won't always come across this as the standard with three selections would be to only show trebles.

Some betting sites have, however, added the option of splitting up combo bets into several different ones based on your selections. This is the same thing as a form of system bet.

System bets

If you place your online bets as a system, you will get the option of splitting your selections into different types of single and combination bets. The types of systems that you can place will vary depending on how many markets are included in your betting slip. If three matches have been selected, you will be able to choose System 2/3, System Trixie as well as System Patent

System 2/3 means placing three different bets that are all double combinations. Your three matches will be split into the following combo bets:

Bet 1: Match A + B
Bet 2: Match A + C
Bet 3: Match B + C

A Trixie means placing four bets in total. This includes the above three + another combination bet of all three matches (Match A + B + C).

A Patent means placing seven bets in total. This is the same as the Trixie with the addition of three single bets; one for each of the three matches. 

how to place a system bet
Image shows an example of a system bet with System 2/3 as a choice

You may also be interested in learning about Asian handicaps

Place Your Bet and Wait for the Results

Once you have chosen a format for your betting slip and entered the amount of money you would like to stake, all you have to do is to confirm your bet and you will receive a receipt. This receipt will be available to you under your account settings and sometimes also as a tab on the actual betting slip.

Place Your Bet and Wait for the Results
Image shows an example of open bets (the receipts)

That's it! We have now thoroughly described how you place a bet online. Once you have reached this final step it’s time to enjoy the matches you have bet on and await the results. If your predictions are correct, the betting site will credit your betting account with cash shortly after the matches have finished. 


Am I able to bet on matches that are live on TV?

Yes, this is known as live or in-play betting and is a very popular form of online betting. This is an active option of betting where the odds are constantly changed by the betting site to reflect how it’s going in the match.

I keep hearing about markets – what are these?

These are your betting options. If team A is competing against team B you will be able to bet on the winner of that encounter. This is a match winner market. You may also find other markets such as betting on the total score of a match or placing a bet on who will be the champion of a tournament.

How can I place bets online using my mobile?

Betting on a mobile device is just like betting on a computer. The only difference is the design and interface. Since the screens of mobile devices are much smaller you will find your betting slip, all available sports, etc. in menus as opposed to being visible at all times.

I placed a bet but changed my mind – can I get a refund?

This can vary widely from one betting site to another. Some allow you to cancel your bet and get a full refund. Others are offering something known as a cash out feature on certain bets. This also allows you to close your bet and get paid for it. However, if the match hasn’t started yet it’s unlikely that you will get a full refund. You might lose something like 10%.

Is it safe for me to place bets online?

As long as you do it with a reputed betting site like any of those that we at GamblingBaba recommend it’s very safe. These sites are legitimately licensed by organizations such as Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao Gaming Control Board. Not only have they been used by millions of players, but they have also been independently approved by us and we can be pretty harsh.

Mattias Fröbrant is a passionate iGaming journalist renowned for his comprehensive reviews of over 300 gambling sites in India. With a remarkable 17-year gambling experience and a background working for industry giants like Betsson Group, Mattias has earned recognition as a leading expert in the Indian online gambling field.

At GamblingBaba, Mattias’s commitment to providing accurate and easily digestible information shines through meticulously researched reviews, guides, and news articles. His strong belief in honesty and transparency ensures that readers receive the most reliable insights on the Indian gambling landscape.

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