Free Indian Horse Racing Tips That Will Make You a Winner

Fancy horse racing? Live in India? Love the idea of making money on horses? Then this article is just for you! We have shared all of the best tips for Indian horse racing and made them available for free. Follow these tips and take them to heart and we guarantee that you’ll become a winner.

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Baba’s Free Tips on Indian Horse Racing

To become profitable and even make a living out of horse races that go down in India and other countries, use these betting tips: 

  1. Make Your Own Race Predictions
  2. Choose Only Favorable Odds
  3. Visit Several Online Bookies
  4. Always Use Bonus Offers

Horse Racing Tip 1: Make Your Own Race Predictions 

Let’s face it. The world is filled with bullshitters. Searching for Indian horse racing tips, it may be that you were looking for a straight answer on which horse to bet on today. You may even find sites that will provide you with this answer. 

But ask yourself, can you trust them?  

If I was an expert on Indian horse racing, I wouldn’t share free tips of specific races. If I was so sure about my knowledge, I would be spending all my time and all my money at the bookmakers where the money is made.

If someone is sharing free tips about a horse race, it is, of course, not wrong to make use of this information. But if you want to become a winner in the long run, never take those words to heart.

Always do your own research!

Yes, it requires work, but making money has never been easy. And if you’re passionate about horse racing, you’ll probably find the research interesting and fun. 

horse racing on track

So, what do you look for?

You want to know the form of the horses that are participating in the races. Keep an eye out for injuries and try to find information about how they have performed recently. 

When you do, you must always take jockeys into consideration. A skilled jockey can make a huge difference in the performance of a horse, and it may be that different jockeys have been riding the horses. 

You must also keep in mind that if a horse hasn’t participated in a race for a long time, it may not be fit to perform even if it has been doing well in the past. Likewise, if it has been running a ton of races just recently, it may be exhausted. 

Last but not least, the distance of the track might affect the performance of the participants. Some horses and jockeys may be better at some distances than others. Try to find information about this too. 

What do you do with the knowledge?

You make a prediction. Gather as much information as possible and based on that information, estimate a percentual chance that each participating horse has to win the race. This is very important to do as it goes hand in hand with our next free tip on how to become a winner from Indian horse racing.

Horse Racing Tip 2: Choose Only Favorable Odds

What does favorable oddsOdds shows you how much you get paid if you win a particular bet that you place. For instance, decimal odds of 2.00, pays twice your stake. All odds are based on probabilities that betting sites make. mean? It means odds that give you a positive expected return based on your predictions. Here’s a simple example:

  • You estimate that Horse A has a 25% chance of winning the race
  • This 25% chance is the same thing as decimal odds of 4.00
  • For a profit, you need to bet only on odds that are higher than this

If the predictions that you have made are correct, you will be guaranteed to make a profit if you choose the right odds. Not from a single race of course as everything can happen, but in the long run you will. This is how horse racing experts are beating the bookmakers. 

  • To turn a winning probability (%) into odds, you can use a free odds calculator that can be found online

To sum everything up so far:

  1. Make predictions based on research
  2. Turn the predictions into an odds format
  3. Place bets only on odds that are higher than your own, predicted odds

Horse Racing Tip 3: Use Several Online Bookies

There are many Indian betting sites for horse racing and if you want to have the best chances of making a profit, you want to use several of them. One reason is to compare odds. 

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While some bookmakers are using the same provider for their odds, you’ll often find that they are using different ones or even have their very own team that is coming up with the odds. This means that the horse racing odds can be different at different sites. 

  • Comparing odds simply makes it easier to find profitable bets to place

Another reason for using several bookmakers is the selection of bonuses you have to choose from. This leads us to our next and final horse racing tip. 

Horse Racing Tip 4: Always Use Bonus Offers

Whether you will follow our other horse racing tips or not, this one can always be used to make a difference in your profits. At least so if you’re betting online. 

  • Bonuses that online bookies offer are very valuable

Visiting bookmakers or peaking at our selection of sports bonuses, you can find anything from bonuses that give you extra money on a deposit, to promotions that allow you to place horse bets for free. Not to mention cashbacks that give you money back in case you lose, and combo bet promos that give you extra cash when you bet on several horse races and win on all of them. 

Bonuses always come with terms and conditionsTerms and conditions on bonuses include things such as wagering requirements, minimum deposit required and maximum bonus amount that can be received. that make some offers more valuable than other. However, all types of bonuses give you an added value, which means that in the long run they will boost your chances of becoming profitable.

Watch Out for Free Indian Horse Racing Tips That Are Fake

As we mentioned earlier in the article, there are sites that will provide you with free tips on Indian horse races. Specific ones that will tell you which horse that will win. You must know that many of these tips are completely fake. This is an example of how it can look like: 

Indian Horse Racing Tips for September 3rd 2021

RacesTo Finish 1stTo Finish 2ndTo Finish 3rdSurety
Race 1Supreme ExcelsiorAshwa ShwetaSunchaser93%
Race 2Majestic WindSpartanHigh Gear94%
Race 3Hare Ka SaharaVictorious KingRadical Review95%
Race 4Golden MarinaMaster TornadoAshwa Jagira92%
Race 5Amazing MoonlightMightyTudor Treasure91%
Race 6Fun LoverStar FlingAdorable90%

Do not by any means believe such a tip!

There is nothing supporting the likelihood of a horse racing tip like this. It’s just mumbo jumbo that anyone could provide. For a tip to have any form of credibility at all, there has to be a motivation behind it. Why exactly is Majestic Wind expected to win in the second race? 

Also, when someone provides a likelihood of 90% on top 3 finishes, it’s obvious that it’s bullshit. No matter how knowledgeable a horse racing expert is, they could not ever estimate the top 3 finishes with a 90% likelihood.

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