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Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks – The Do’s and Don’ts

Updated on by Mattias Fröbrant

Unlock the best Dragon Tiger game winning tricks in this concise guide.

Learn the do's and don'ts that can make or break your chances of success in this popular casino game.

Master the strategies that can lead you to victory and avoid common pitfalls for a rewarding gaming experience.

Let’s discuss each point in detail.

Do Bet on Dragon and Tiger Instead of Tie and Suited Tie

Betting on Dragon and Tiger instead of Tie or Suited Tie is one of those Dragon Tiger game winning tricks that work. It is rooted in the higher typical RTP of Dragon and Tiger compared to that of Tie and Suited Tie. However, the payout in the latter two bets seems much more tempting.

For better clarity, check the table below:

BetTypical PayoutTypical RTP
Tie8:1, 9:1, 10:1, 11:1, or 12:167.23%, 74.7%, 82.17%, 89.64%, or 97.11%
Suited Tie50:186.02%

In practical terms, for every ₹100 you bet, you can expect to receive ₹96.27 in the long run for Dragon or Tiger wins. In contrast, Tie bets yield around ₹67.23 to ₹97.11 (depending on payout), and Suited Tie bets pay off ₹86.02.

You can also view the higher RTP of Dragon and Tiger as lower house edge. Dragon and Tiger's house edge is typically 3.73% compared to Tie and Suited Tie's hefty house edge. The only exception is a Tie bet with an RTP of 97.11% that pays out 12:1. We've discussed it later in this article.

So, Dragon and Tiger offer lower payouts, but they are a more profitable choice due to their higher likelihood of winning. In fact, the lower payouts are a strategy put in place to discourage players from staking money on the more profitable choice.

Do Use Casino Bonuses to Increase the RTP of Your Gaming Session

For a sure-shot win in Dragon Tiger gambling, you'd ideally want to play a game with an RTP of 100% or higher. But do such games exist? Nope, as they would eventually lead to the casino losing money.

Using casino bonuses can be one of those savvy Dragon Tiger game winning tricks that can boost the RTP of your overall gaming session and leave you with a better chance of winning in the long run. However, keep in mind that your actual profit depends on the wagering requirements (WR) of the bonus. Allow us to explain how.

Taking only the RTP of Dragon and Tiger bets, let’s say you claim a 100% match bonus of up to ₹1,000. Here is how you can calculate the RTP for various wagering requirements (WR):

Wagered Amount (WA) = Bonus X WR

The above formula calculates how much money you will wager when you claim the bonus. The WR represents the number of times you need to wager the bonus before you can withdraw any winnings from it.

House Edge (HE) = 100 – RTP

The House Edge is the mathematical advantage of the casino over the player in a game. It is inversely proportional to the RTP. The higher the RTP, the lower the house edge and the better the chances of winning in Dragon Tiger. For Dragon and Tiger bets with RTP of 96.27%, the House Edge would be 3.73%.

Expected Loss After Wagering = (WR X HE) X (Bonus /100)

The above formula calculates the amount of money you will eventually lose after completing the wagering requirements. The amount will vary depending on the wagering requirements specified for the bonus and the house edge (ergo, the RTP).

Remaining Bonus = Bonus – Expected Loss After Wagering

This is the amount of bonus money that remains after you complete the wagering requirements and account for expected losses. It represents the bonus money that you can potentially convert into winnings.

Player RTP = {(WA + Remaining Bonus) / WA} X 100

Player RTP is basically ‘Return to Player’ from the player's perspective. It represents the percentage of your total wagered amount that you can expect to receive back as winnings.

Applying the above formulae, we have created this table where you can find the final player RTP in Dragon and Tiger bets based on the 100% match bonus of up to ₹1,000 with various wagering requirements (5x to 50x). Profits have been highlighted in green and losses in red.

BonusWagering RequirementWagered AmountDragon/Tiger RTPHouse EdgeExpected Loss After WageringRemaining BonusPlayer RTP
₹1,00030x₹30,00096.27%3.73%₹1119– ₹11999.60%
₹1,00035x₹35,00096.27%3.73%₹1305.5– ₹305.599.12%
₹1,00040x₹40,00096.27%3.73%₹1492– ₹49298.77%
₹1,00045x₹45,00096.27%3.73%₹1678.5– ₹678.598.57%
₹1,00050x₹50,00096.27%3.73%₹1865– ₹86598.27%

So you see, The more lenient the wagering requirements, the greater the potential for profit. For this reason, casinos often impose higher wagering requirements on their bonuses or tie the wagering requirements to the bonus as well as the deposit amount.

To stand a chance to profit from your Dragon Tiger game, look for casino bonuses with minimal wagering requirements that aren't linked to the deposit amount. While such Dragon Tiger game winning tricks do not guarantee a win, they will elevate the chances of landing one.

Do Bet on a Tie With a Payout of 12:1

At the risk of repeating, we’d remind you that your chances of winning Dragon Tiger significantly rely on the game’s RTP. You already know that Dragon and Tiger bets have the best RTP in the game.

We’ve also explained how casino bonuses help in raising the RTP of the overall gaming session. But another Dragon Tiger trick in the book is to choose a Tie bet that has an RTP higher than that of Dragon and Tiger bets.

Dragon Tiger, at its core, is a basic and straightforward game, much like Andar Bahar. Tie bets and other side bets were introduced to inject some excitement into it and work in the following ways when you play real-money Dragon Tiger games online:

  • Tie Bets: Betting on both the Dragon and Tiger cards having identical ranks
  • Suited Tie: Betting on the Dragon and Tiger cards with not just matching ranks but also identical suits
  • Big/Small: Betting on whether the rank of the Dragon or Tiger card will exceed or fall below 7
  • Black/Red: Betting on the color of the Dragon and Tiger card suits
  • Odd/Even: Betting on the Dragon or Tiger card being either an odd or even number
  • Suit Bet: Guessing the suit of the winning card

The RTP of each of the above bets is different and generally lower than that of Dragon and Tiger bets. This is why we advise players to avoid betting on them. We have previously discussed the typical low RTPs of Tie and Suited Tie bets.

Likewise, the typical RTP of Big/Small, Black/Red, Odd/Even, and Suit bets is 92.31%. But there’s an exception: if any Dragon Tiger game pays out 12:1 for Tie bets, the RTP would be hypothetically 97.11%, which is more than that of Dragon or Tiger.

In such a case, betting on a Tie bet would have higher chances of fetching you a win, which would be way bigger than that of the payout in Dragon and Tiger. So, always read the game information before you place your bets or start implementing Dragon Tiger game winning tricks.

For better clarity, check this table that details the hypothetical RTP of Tie bets based on their payout:

Tie Bet PayoutRTP

Don’t Apply the Martingale Strategy

Originally designed for Roulette, the Martingale Strategy is a popular betting system used in various casino games with 50/50 odds, including Dragon Tiger.

While it may seem enticing, especially to those looking for a seemingly foolproof way to win consistently, it comes with inherent risks that can lead to substantial financial losses.

Let's break it down:

  • If you lose, you bet 2x your initial stake in the next round.
  • If you win, you go back to your initial bet.

Now, let's say you begin with a bet of ₹100 on Dragon. So, if you lose that ₹100 bet on Dragon, you'd double your wager and place ₹200 on your next bet. If you continue to lose, you'll keep doubling your bets. So, after two more losses, your next bet would be ₹400 and then ₹800.

If you happen to win in the 4th bet, you will win ₹800, which will leave you with a bankroll of ₹1,600. In this case, your total bets would be ₹1,500 and your net profit would be ₹100.

But keep these points in mind:

  • One of the most significant risks with the Martingale Strategy is that it assumes you have an unlimited bankroll. In reality, no one has infinite funds to keep doubling their bets indefinitely.
  • Moreover, casinos impose table limits, both on the minimum and maximum bets. If you encounter a losing streak and reach the table's maximum bet limit, you won't be able to double your bet any further to recover losses.
  • Dragon Tiger, like any casino game, is based on chance. Winning and losing streaks can and do happen. If you encounter a prolonged losing streak while using the Martingale Strategy, it can quickly deplete your bankroll.
  • Experiencing continuous losses and doubling your bets can be emotionally taxing. It can lead to frustration and anxiety, which may cause you to make irrational decisions, such as exceeding your bankroll limit or chasing losses.
  • Every casino game has a built-in house edge, including Dragon Tiger. This means that over the long run, the casino is statistically favored to win. The Martingale Strategy does not change the odds of the game, so the house edge still applies.

In other words, the Martingale strategy may sound promising in theory as one of the Dragon Tiger game winning tricks, but is impractical in reality. It's more likely to result in significant losses than wins.

Don’t Use the D’Alembert Strategy

The D'Alembert Strategy, also known as the Pyramid strategy, is another betting system used in Roulette and various other casino games, including Dragon Tiger. It basically works on even bets such as Red/Black and functions as a negative progression system.

Here’s how it works:

  • Decide on a fixed amount of money (unit).
  • If you win, decrease your bet size in the next round by one unit.
  • If you lose, increase the bet size by one unit.

While it appears to be a more cautious approach compared to the Martingale system, it still carries risks that can lead to great and rapid financial losses. Here's how you can lose money when applying the D'Alembert Strategy in Dragon Tiger:

Let's say you start an initial bet of ₹100 on Dragon. Now, you decide the fixed amount for bet adjustment to be ₹50. Subsequently, you lose three consecutive rounds and therefore, bet ₹150, ₹200, and ₹250 as per the strategy.

You win in the 4th round and get ₹250. You bet again in the 5th round and stake ₹200 this time but lose. So far, your total bet is ₹900 and your net loss would be ₹650.

Also, remember…

  • The D'Alembert Strategy relies on the assumption that after a series of losses, a win is more likely to occur. It is often referred to as the ‘Gambler's Fallacy,’ In reality, each Dragon Tiger outcome is independent of previous results, and there's no guarantee that a win will follow a series of losses.
  • While the D'Alembert Strategy is less aggressive than the Martingale, it can still lead to losses if you encounter a prolonged losing streak. If you don't have a sufficient bankroll to sustain increasing bets, you can quickly run out of funds.
  • Dragon Tiger, like all casino games, has a built-in house edge. The D'Alembert Strategy does not alter the game's fundamental odds, so the house edge still applies over the long run. The strategy may give you short-term wins but doesn't turn the overall odds in your favor.
  • Sustaining losses and continually adjusting your bets based on previous outcomes can take a toll on your emotions. The resulting stress may lead to poor decision-making, such as increasing bet sizes beyond what you can afford to recover losses.

Don’t Try Out the Paroli System

This is yet another strategy applied in Roulette and is believed to bring wins in Dragon Tiger. The Paroli Strategy is a positive betting progression system where you double your stakes after each win and return to the base stake after a loss or 3 consecutive wins.

You can also think of it as an anti-Martingale strategy. While this is one of those Dragon vs Tiger tricks that appear to be less risky, it is not failproof at all. There are still ways you can lose money when applying the Paroli Strategy in Dragon Tiger. Here's how:

Let's say you start with a ₹100 bet on Dragon. If your bet wins, you'd bet ₹200 on the next round. After one more win, you’d bet ₹400 in the next round. Whether you win or lose now, you need to return to your initial bet of ₹100.

This is an ideal situation and the Paroli system fails when the three consecutive wins don’t happen. For instance, if you lose while placing the ₹200 bet, you basically lose your staked ₹100 as well as the ₹100 you won in the first round. It leaves you with a loss of ₹100 as you lose your profit as well as your initial bet.

In other words, you bet your profits when you double. So whenever you lose, you have to let go of everything you won. Also, remember that when you play casino games, you’re more likely to lose than win.

Moreover, the Paroli Strategy doesn't change the odds of the game. Over the long run, the house edge can and does work against you. In our opinion, it is one of those Dragon Tiger game winning tricks you should avoid implementing.

Don’t Try Out the Hot and Cold Strategy

The Hot and Cold strategy is a common but flawed Dragon Tiger game trick that some gamblers use. This strategy involves tracking the historical outcomes of the game to identify ‘hot’ (frequently winning) and ‘cold’ (frequently losing) trends and then placing bets based on these trends.

While it may seem logical, there are several reasons why you can lose money when applying the Hot and Cold strategy in Dragon Tiger:

  • Random Outcomes: As we’ve mentioned time and again, Dragon Tiger is a game of pure chance, and each round is independent of previous rounds. The shuffle of the cards determines the outcome of each hand and has no connection to past results. There is no such thing as a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ streak in this game from a statistical standpoint.
  • Gambler's Fallacy: The Hot and Cold strategy is yet another tactic based on the gambler's fallacy, which is the mistaken belief that past events influence future outcomes in a random game. In reality, the odds of a Dragon or Tiger bet remain the same on every hand, regardless of previous results.
  • Confirmation Bias: When using the Hot and Cold strategy, gamblers tend to remember and focus on instances where their strategy appeared to work, ignoring the many times it didn't. This selective memory can give a false impression of the strategy's effectiveness.
  • No Predictive Value: Tracking previous results does not provide any predictive value in Dragon Tiger. Even if you notice a temporary pattern where one side wins more frequently, it can change abruptly at any moment, leading to losses.
  • Loss of Objectivity: Relying on the Hot and Cold strategy can lead to emotional decisions and impulsive betting. If you become overly confident in your strategy, you might increase your bets recklessly, risking larger losses.
  • House Edge: Dragon Tiger, like all casino games, has a built-in house edge that favors the casino over the long run. No betting strategy, including the Hot and Cold strategy, can overcome this inherent advantage.
  • Misinterpretation of Data: Even if you believe you've identified a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ trend, it's easy to misinterpret the data or draw incorrect conclusions. What might appear as a pattern could simply be the result of random chance.

In other words, the Hot and Cold strategy in gambling relies heavily on gut instinct, akin to a blind shot in the dark. We believe it is one of the worst Dragon Tiger game winning tricks to apply.

Don’t Play Dragon Tiger at Rogue Casinos

If you play Dragon Tiger at unlicensed casinos that are not reputed, there’s a chance that you will lose your money, although you win in the game. That’s equivalent to not winning at all. These casinos are unlicensed or improperly regulated online gambling platforms that operate dishonestly or engage in unfair practices.

Here's how you can lose money when playing Dragon Tiger at such casinos:

  • Unfair Games: A rogue casino may manipulate the outcome of Dragon Tiger games to ensure that players lose more often than they should. They can adjust the odds and algorithms in their favor, making it nearly impossible to win consistently.
  • Rigged Software: These casinos often use rigged software that generates random outcomes in a biased manner. Even if you have a winning strategy or a genuine chance to win, the software can be programmed to work against you.
  • Delayed or Nonexistent Payouts: Such casinos may delay or refuse to pay out your winnings. They can use various excuses to withhold funds or impose unfair withdrawal conditions, making it extremely difficult for you to access your money.
  • Unfair Terms and Conditions: Casinos that are not licensed or regulated often have ambiguous or unfair terms and conditions that favor the casino over the player. They may include hidden clauses that can be used to void winnings or confiscate your deposited funds without proper justification.
  • Lack of Responsible Gaming Measures: Reputable casinos promote responsible gaming and offer tools to help players manage their gambling habits. Rogue casinos may not provide such safeguards, potentially leading to excessive losses if you can't control your betting.
  • Identity Theft and Fraud: Rogue casinos are often involved in fraudulent activities, such as stealing players' personal and financial information. This can lead to identity theft, cyberattacks, unauthorized charges, and significant financial losses.
  • Customer Support Issues: Poor or non-existent customer support is a tell-tale sign of a casino that cannot be trusted. If you encounter issues with your account, payments, or gameplay, it can be challenging to get assistance, leading to unresolved problems and potential losses.
  • No Regulatory Oversight: Rogue casinos typically operate without any regulatory oversight or licensing. This means there is no external authority to ensure fair play, resolve disputes, or hold the casino accountable for its actions.

Remember to do your research and play only at legit Dragon Tiger casino sites. If you are unsure where to begin, check our list of Dragon Tiger online casinos where we have recommended the top sites that are licensed and safe.

Alternatively, if you want to conduct your own research, we recommend going through our Dragon Tiger online casino tips and tricks where we have discussed how to find a trusted gambling platform to play the game online.

Wrap-Up on Dragon Tiger Winning Tricks

The do's and don'ts outlined here for implementing Dragon vs Tiger winning tricks won't promise you guaranteed wins, but they're like a seasoned traveler's map through the casino realm. They won't steer you toward a pot of gold, but they'll help you navigate the twists and turns of the game and stand a better chance of winning the game.

We also suggest you learn the rules of Dragon Tiger inside and out. Mastering the intricacies of the game, the RTPs of the bet, payout structures, the side bets, and the ever-elusive odds of success, is like arming yourself with knowledge. It's the foundation upon which you can build your gaming strategy, placing bets with confidence.

Also, before you dive headfirst into the game, dip your toes in the waters of practice. Demo games are your training ground, your rehearsal space, and your chance to become a Dragon Tiger pro. Familiarize yourself with the game's ebb and flow before you start playing Dragon Tiger for real money or applying Dragon Tiger game tricks.

Now, about those wagers – always start small. It's a nifty little trick to preserve your bankroll and extend your stay in the Dragon Tiger game rounds. Small bets are like breadcrumbs on your gambling journey, helping you savor the experience without risking it all.

However, playing responsibly is a must. It's equally important to watch your bankroll. Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced game, and reckless bets can lead to a drained bankroll faster than you can imagine. Chasing losses is the quicksand of gambling, so avoid it at all costs.

Speaking of costs, be mindful of the table limits in your chosen Dragon Tiger game. Setting your bet amount in advance can be your shield against bankroll burnout. It's a strategic move that keeps you within your comfort zone and prevents overindulgence.

Variety is the spice of life, they say, and the same goes for Dragon Tiger. Try your luck across different game providers to discover which ones offer you the juiciest payouts. Also, different casinos might offer Dragon Tiger with varying bonuses and promotions, so explore your options to maximize your chances of winning.

Note that the rules of Dragon Tiger are super simple. But, it’s difficult to devise fool-proof winning strategies because, at the end of the day, it is a game of luck. The recommended Dragon Tiger game winning tricks listed in this article are mainly to lower the risks and increase your chances of landing a win.

Usually, the house emerges as the ultimate winner, but a little planning can go a long way.

Mattias Fröbrant is a passionate iGaming journalist renowned for his comprehensive reviews of over 300 gambling sites in India. With a remarkable 17-year gambling experience and a background working for industry giants like Betsson Group, Mattias has earned recognition as a leading expert in the Indian online gambling field.

At GamblingBaba, Mattias’s commitment to providing accurate and easily digestible information shines through meticulously researched reviews, guides, and news articles. His strong belief in honesty and transparency ensures that readers receive the most reliable insights on the Indian gambling landscape.

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