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The Casumo casino app is among the best mobile gambling apps in India that are available for download on Android devices in April 2024. This real money gaming application is a complete package that puts the power of Casumo right at your fingertips.

With it, you can enjoy top slot games, must-drop jackpots, live dealer games, and sports betting – all neatly tucked within its interface. Built for intuitive use, the Casumo casino mobile app carries a straightforward design and has been natively developed to run seamlessly on Android Oreo and above.

Notably, it offers swift loading times, fuss-free deposits and withdrawals, and a Quick Launch feature that provides easy access to 4 of your most recently played games. Additionally, an in-app live chat feature ensures prompt assistance whenever you need help.

Over the years, Casumo has been racking up prestigious awards as a top mobile operator, and once you dive into its mobile app, it’s easy to see why. But don't take our word for it. Seeing is believing, so grab your smartphone, download the APK, and get ready for a gambling adventure like no other.

A friendly reminder: Before you get the Casumo app on your mobile device, make sure to register via GamblingBaba so you can get started right after you install it. The link is below:

Already registered? Proceed to the APK download link:

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Key Takeaways

  1. The Casumo mobile app is legal and safe.
  2. It is available for free download in India, exclusively for Android users.
  3. The app is unavailable in the Google Play Store in India for potential policy violations.
  4. You can download the APK from the official Casumo site.
  5. The download link is difficult to locate on the desktop and even on the mobile site.
  6. The APK size is small, which ensures that it gets downloaded quickly.
  7. The app is of small size, which ensures that it doesn't take up much space on mobile devices, is quick to load, runs smoothly, and doesn’t drain your device’s battery.
  8. The mobile app is natively developed and differs in look and functionality from the mobile casino.
  9. It misses certain features like quick access to promotions and live chat.
  10. The app offers a biometric lock, which is unavailable in the mobile casino.
  11. The Casumo app comes packed with the casino, live casino, and sportsbook of the operator.
  12. You can log in, register, verify your account, deposit, withdraw money, and claim bonuses with it.
  13. No special bonuses are available for app users.
  14. You can access only the app or the site at any point in time.

Quick Overview of the Casumo Mobile App

  • Score: ★★★★★
  • Android: Yes
  • iOS: No
  • Interface Language: English
  • Installation Fee: None
  • APK Size: 8.51 MB
  • App Size: 28 MB
  • Live Casino: Yes
  • Teen Patti: Yes
  • Andar Bahar: Yes
  • Slot Machines: 2000+

Pros and Cons of Casumo’s Casino App

  • Native app
  • Super compact APK
  • Small app size
  • Quick-loading
  • Not space-hungry
  • Not memory-draining
  • User-friendly, intuitive design
  • Easy to navigate
  • Offers casino, live casino, and sportsbook
  • Lets you claim bonuses
  • Enables easy access to live chat
  • Quick Launch feature for 4 last played games
  • Biometric login enabled
  • Auto-logout after inactivity
  • No casino app for iOS users
  • APK unavailable on Google Play Store
  • Lacks exclusive app bonuses
  • Requires third-party installation permit
  • Requires frequent updates
  • No download link in the site’s footer
  • Difficult to locate download link on desktop
  • No exclusive section for live games
  • Difficult to locate promotions

Key Components of Casumo Casino Mobile App

The Casumo casino mobile app comprises 4 key components:

  1. The header
  2. The bottom navigation bar
  3. The main block
  4. The footer

Let’s discuss each component in detail.

1. The Header 

Depending on where you are within the app, the header changes its elements and visual style. If you are in the ‘Casino’ section, the header will have the casino, live casino, a link to ongoing slot tournaments, and the search function.

If you switch to ‘Sports,’ you will find the header to be sticky, containing links to the main screen of the sportsbook, live betting, matches that are about to start soon, the bets you’ve placed, and the search function.

For ‘Profile’, the header displays tabs for the account dashboard, verification, and valuables (extra perks). Yet again, if you are on ‘Wallet,’ the header will have tabs for deposit, withdrawal, and transaction history.

Note that the app doesn’t have a single link to the home screen. The ‘Casino’ section is the default home screen in the app.

2. The Bottom Navigation Bar

This is the most important component and determines what appears in the rest of the app’s components. Casumo’s bottom navigation bar on the mobile application contains the following sections:

  • Casino, which includes virtual as well as live games.
  • Sports, which is Casumo’s whole sportsbook
  • Profile, which contains information about your account and its verification status
  • Wallet, where you’ll find your options to deposit, cash out, and see transaction history
  • Burger menu as ‘More,’ which links to the following:
    • Account settings (personal and account information and notification preferences)
    • Play OK settings (for responsible gambling)
    • Biometrics Login (to lock the app with your device’s biometric credentials)
    • FAQ, Email, and Live Chat for support
    • About Casumo
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Log out button

3. The Main Block

The main block adapts its content depending on where you are within the app. For instance, when you tap the ‘Casino’ section, this block will show you your account balance first and the Deposit button to fund your account if you wish.

Then, it will show you a carousel of links using which you can filter the type of casino game you want to play. This will be followed by Casumo’s top game recommendations for you and then by the promotions that are up for grabs. Carousels for popular games and top new games will follow.

You will then arrive at the section for slot tournaments and a brief section for live casino. The Casumo casino app also offers its ‘Live Casino’ section within the ‘Casino’ section. If you choose it from the tabs on the header, the content on the main block changes to show only live dealer games and related promos.

Similarly, if you tap the option for slot tournaments, information about ongoing and upcoming tourneys along with previous winners will show up. Coming back to ‘Casino,’ the main block continues with other game categories such as table games, instant wins, slingo, feature buy, MegaWays, jackpots, and must-drop jackpots.

The ‘Sports’ section is somewhat the same with the main block showing all sports events and matches that are available for betting. Heading to the ‘Profile’ section on the bottom navigation bar changes the content of the main block to show your account status and whether it’s verified.

Moving on to ‘Wallet’ shows you the deposit and withdrawal options as well as transaction history, of course, under three different tabs.

4. The Footer

The footer of the Casumo app is its concluding component, providing links to essential resources:

  • Play Okay, which is all about responsible gambling
  • FAQ, which contains answers to frequently asked questions
  • Casumo’s contact details
  • Privacy policy for player data protection
  • General terms and conditions
  • Specific bonus terms
  • Account activity
  • Withdrawal policy
  • Social media handles

Additionally, the footer includes information about Casumo's parent company and licenses. It also displays real-time session length and your last login activity with timestamps, offering a unique feature for gambling activity monitoring.

Note: You have the flexibility to log in either through the app or the Casumo website at any given time. However, you cannot remain simultaneously logged into your account on both platforms.

Casumo Casino App Download

Although unavailable for iOS, the Casumo casino app download is a fairly simple process for Android users in India. The APK file is readily available for free download and can be accessed using various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

There are two straightforward methods to get the Casumo casino Android app on your mobile:

  • Download the APK from the desktop site.
  • Download the APK from the mobile site.

Download the APK From the Desktop Site

To get the Casumo APK from the desktop site, follow these 11 steps:

  1. Visit the official Casumo website using your desktop browser.
  2. Scroll down until you find the section as shown in the image below:
    Download the casumo APK
  1. Click ‘Download on Android’ to open Casumo's mobile app page.
  2. Click ‘Download on Android’ on the page to open the app download guide.
    Casumo apk android
  3. Click any CTA on the guide that says ‘Download App’ or ‘Download on Android.’
    Casumo apk app
  4. Let the APK download to finish.
  5. Find the APK in your desktop’s Downloads folder.
    Casumo apk downloads folder
  6. Send the APK to your Android device.
  7. Find the APK on your device’s File Manager.
  8. Tap the APK to start the installation.
  9. Access the app once the installation is complete.
Casumo apk installation
Casumo apk app

Note: The Casumo Android APK is a third-party software. Now, every Android device is configured by default to block the download and installation of such applications. Therefore, you'll need to manually grant permission. To do this, go to your phone's Settings and enable the ‘Install Apps from Unknown Sources' option.

Additionally, it's important to note that while Casumo offers a ‘Download from Google Play Store' option, this feature doesn't work in India. The reason behind this limitation is India's Play Store policy, which restricts the distribution of apps for real-money gambling.

As mentioned in the above steps, this button links to the app download guide, which includes the download link for the APK. Alternatively, you might land on Casumo’s other page related to the mobile app, which will also provide a download link, leading you to the app download guide.

In a nutshell, the absence of a download link in the site's footer can make finding it on the website somewhat confusing, especially if you are new to Casumo and exploring the site for the first time.

Download the APK From the Mobile Site

There isn’t much difference between downloading the APK from the mobile site and the desktop site except that you will get the file directly on your device this time. Finding the download link is still a chore.

Nonetheless, here’s how you can do it in 8 steps:

  1. Visit the official Casumo website using your mobile browser.
  2. Scroll down until you find the section with the ‘Download on Android' button.
  3. Tap it to open Casumo's mobile app page.
  4. Tap ‘Download on Android’ on the page to open the app download guide.
  5. Tap any CTA on the guide that says ‘Download App’ or ‘Download on Android.’
  6. Let the APK download to finish.
  7. Tap the downloaded APK to start the installation.
  8. Access the app once the installation is complete.

Note: Even after granting permission for third-party apps, your phone may raise a ‘harmful' or ‘suspicious' warning during the download process. Download the APK anyway, as the Casumo Android app is thoroughly secure and safe for installation.

Casumo App Login, Registration, and Verification


Logging into Casumo’s app is a breeze if you've already created an account. Here's a simple, 4-step guide to the Casumo app login process:

  1. Open the Casumo app on your device.
  2. Tap ‘Log In’ on the app's main screen.
  3. Enter your Casumo account credentials.
  4. Hit ‘Login’ to enter Casumo.

Note: Selecting ‘More ways to log in' on the login screen won't be any useful, as the app offers only two options: logging in with your email and username, which we've explained earlier, and using your BankID, which is not available for users in India. Speaking of BankID, its inclusion in this casino app for India seems unnecessary.

One fantastic feature of the Casumo casino app is its biometric login functionality. If your device supports fingerprint scans, retina scans, or pattern lock security, you can easily enable this feature within the app. Simply click the burger menu on the bottom navigation bar to view it.

With it activated, you'll have the option to use biometrics to unlock the app directly from the login screen. Moreover, once you've successfully logged in and enabled biometrics, the Casumo app will remember you and offer the biometric login option every time you access it.


If you aren’t a registered Casumo user yet, follow these 9 steps to create your free account with the casino in less than a minute:

  1. Open the Casumo app on your device.
  2. Tap ‘Create Account’ on the screen.
  3. Enter your email.
  4. Set your password.
  5. Enter your mobile number.
  6. Create your username.
  7. Confirm your details by providing the following details:
    • Full name
    • Gender
    • State
    • Address
    • PIN code
    • Date of birth
  8. Hit ‘I confirm’ to continue.
  9. Log into Casumo using your credentials.

Note: The registration process isn’t the best on the Casumo app. For a hassle-free experience, sign up using the desktop site first so you can simply log in once you’ve installed the mobile app.


To verify your identity and address for the newly created Casumo account using the app, follow these 7 steps:

  1. Log into your Casumo account on the app.
  2. Tap ‘Profile’ on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Go to the ‘Verification’ tab next to ‘Dashboard.’
  4. Tap ‘Proof of address’ first and upload the document (utility bill).
  5. Tap ‘Proof of identification’ next and upload any of these documents:
    • Passport
    • Driving license
    • Government of India-issued ID card
  6. Allow Casumo to verify your identity and address.
  7. Check the verification status under Dashboard.

Furthermore, to verify your email and phone number, simply follow these 4 straightforward steps:

  1. Tap the burger menu on the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Navigate to ‘Your Settings’ and then ‘Account details.’
  3. Select the email and phone number options one after the other.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm and verify them.

How to Deposit via Casumo’s App

Adding funds to your Casumo account using the app is a cakewalk. All you need to do is follow these 9 steps:

  1. Log into your Casumo account on the app.
  2. Tap ‘Wallet on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Ensure you are on the ‘Deposit’ tab.
  4. Select a deposit method from the available options.
  5. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  6. Tap ‘Deposit’ to proceed to the next screen.
  7. Follow the instructions on your screen.
  8. Tap ‘Continue’ to complete your deposit.
  9. Find the funds added to your Casumo account.

Note: The depositing instructions and deposit limits may vary depending on the payment method you choose on Casumo’s app.

For instance, if you choose AstroPay, you would be asked to set the amount first and then redirected to the AstroPay payments gateway, where you’d be able to choose whether you want to pay via the AstroPay app or use an AstroPay voucher you already have.

However, if you use Skrill, you will be asked to set your deposit amount along with the email you use for your Skrill account. Only then would you be able to log in and complete the payment via Skrill.

How to Withdraw via Casumo’s Application

If you've accumulated enough winnings and wish to withdraw them using Casumo’s application, here's a simple, 8-step guide:

  1. Log into your Casumo account on the app.
  2. Tap ‘Wallet on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Navigate to the ‘Withdraw’ tab.
  4. Select a withdrawal method from the available options.
  5. Enter the amount you want to cash out and your payment details.
  6. Tap ‘Withdrawal’ to place a request with Casumo.
  7. Wait for Casumo to process your withdrawal request.
  8. Find the funds credited to your payment account.

Note: The overall speed at which you receive your winnings from Casumo will depend on the payment method you choose. It’s the quickest with e-wallets and the slowest with bank transfers.

Also, Casumo processes withdrawal requests through a queue-based system, handling them on a first-come, first-served basis. You can expect your requests to be processed within 72 hours. To avoid delays, make sure you withdraw via the same method with which you deposited.

How to Claim Bonuses on the Casumo Casino Application

Claiming bonuses through the Casumo casino application is restriction-free. All the offers you see on the desktop and mobile site are also available right within the app. However, locating them is the real challenge. Unlike the desktop site, the mobile app doesn’t have the ‘Promotions’ page with all the offers listed.

Nonetheless, here's a simple 6-step guide to claiming a bonus using the Casumo app:

  1. Log into your Casumo account on the app.
  2. Tap ‘Casino’ or ‘Sports’ on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Scroll to find ‘Casino Promotions’ or ‘Sports Promotions.’
  4. Click ‘See More’ to open the ‘Promotions’ page.
  5. Check all the promos and their details.
  6. Take your pick and follow the instructions to claim the bonus.

We know the process is a tad messy, but unfortunately, there’s no simpler way of accessing all the promotions all at once within the Casumo mobile app. This does present one of the app's major drawbacks, as players on the move would prefer a more straightforward way to access the casino's bonuses and offers.

How to Place a Bet Using the Casumo Mobile Application

To play casino games for real money or bet on sports using the Casumo mobile application, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Make sure your Casumo player account is sufficiently funded.
  2. Log into the account using the Casumo app.
  3. Choose between ‘Casino and ‘Sports’ in the bottom navigation bar.
  4. Pick a virtual or live casino game to play, or a sport to bet on.
  5. Wager real money using the funds in your Casumo account.

Which is Better: The Mobile App or the Mobile Site?

Casumo’s mobile app has been natively built, which means it comes with an interface that differs from the mobile casino. The difference is not only in terms of visual elements and their placements but also in the features that are immediately accessible.

To help you understand better, we’ve made this comparison table:

Casumo Mobile FeaturesMobile AppMobile Site
Visibility of iconsFadedSharp
Background colorBlackWhite
Login/Registration pageSimpleCluttered
Navigation barAt the bottomAt the top
PromotionsNo easily accessible linkLink in the burger menu
Biometric lockAvailableUnavailable
Game categorizationCasino and live casino clubbed under one segmentSeparate segments for casino, live casino, and sportsbook
Live chatAccessible after tapping the burger menu on the bottom navigation barAccessible at a single click at the bottom right corner

Long story short, both the mobile site and mobile app of Casumo come with their own pros and cons. While the app offers the convenience of enabling a biometric lock, the mobile site provides easy access to promotions and live chat.

It's worth noting that the app's black background may make certain icons harder to locate, whereas the mobile site's white background offers clearer visibility. From a player's perspective, many may prefer the mobile site over the app because it replicates all the features available on the desktop site seamlessly.

The absence of a biometric lock is not necessarily a drawback, as numerous casino apps operate effectively without this feature. For instance, apps like the Bluechip casino app and the 10Cric app for Indian players function well without it.

So, why download an app that consumes storage space on your device and requires regular updates when you can simply access the Casumo casino site on mobile and enjoy the same perks with better convenience? Think about it.

About Casumo India

Casumo is an award-winning online casino for Indian players licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. Founded in 2012, it is one of the most reputed gambling sites for casino, live casino, and sports betting with over 2,000 slot games in its arsenal.

The game range is packed with bonus buy slots, MegaWays, and daily must-drop jackpots galore. Additionally, you can enjoy popular Indian games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar, along with a range of classic casino games.

The casino’s live dealer section is powered by Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and Ezugi, which makes it pretty solid. Casumo’s own exclusive section of live games further peps it up.

For sports enthusiasts, Casumo offers a stellar betting experience, with Kambi providing top-notch odds coverage for cricket and other sports. While live streaming might be lacking, the variety of betting options more than compensates.

The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with games categorized for quick access. Also, as we have extensively discussed in this article, Casumo’s Android app takes the mobile gaming experience a notch higher, offering a seamless platform for gamblers on the move.

Customer support is available 24/7 via live chat, with friendly and knowledgeable agents. Bonuses aren’t too many, but plenty of slot tournaments and cash drop campaigns run regularly.

Plus, the loyalty rewards system keeps rewarding depositing players with bonuses like free spins. Plus, the loyalty rewards system keeps rewarding redeemable points as you play games and level up. Expect bonuses or free spins to land at any point.

In a nutshell, Casumo is a top-tier casino and sportsbook that delivers an exceptional gaming experience to Indian punters. If you haven’t registered with them yet, use our link below to sign up for a free account.

And don’t forget to download the Casumo casino app. The link is below:


Is the Casumo app legal?

The Casumo app is legal. It is a product of Jocularis Ltd, a company licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, making it a legitimate and safe option for real money gambling in India.

Does Casumo offer separate apps for its casino and sportsbook?

There are no separate Casumo casino apps for the casino, live dealer, or sportsbook. It’s a single app that covers the full range of offerings within its interface. The live dealer section has been clubbed under the virtual casino section to make the app more compact.

Can I download the Casumo Android app in India?

In India, the Casumo Android app is accessible for devices running Android Oreo or later. The APK download link can be somewhat challenging to find on both desktop and mobile sites. To simplify the process, consider reading our guide before attempting the download.

Will the Casumo mobile app require permission for installation?

The Casumo mobile app will require permission for installation. Since it's not available on the official Google Play Store, you will need to enable the ‘Install Apps from Unknown Sources' option in your device's settings to install the APK file after downloading it.

Can I use the Casumo mobile application without downloading it?

You cannot use the Casumo mobile application without downloading it. Downloading and installing the app is necessary to access its features and play casino games or place bets on sports.

Is there a fee to download Casumo’s app?

There is no fee to download Casumo's app. You can download and even install the Casumo casino app for free on your Android device in India. However, you would need to deposit real money to play games or bet on sports.

Can I claim casino bonuses using the Casumo application?

You can claim casino bonuses using the Casumo application just as you can on the desktop or mobile site. The app allows you to access and claim various bonuses, including welcome bonuses, free spins, free bets, cashbacks, and other promotional offers available within Casumo.

Can I play live Teen Patti on Casumo’s mobile app?

You can enjoy live Teen Patti on Casumo's mobile app. This exciting card game is available through Evolution, Ezugi, and Playtech, and exclusively for real-money play. Make sure you have funds in your Casumo account to experience the thrill of Teen Patti live on your mobile device.

Can I play live Andar Bahar on Casumo’s application?

You can enjoy live Andar Bahar on Casumo's mobile app. The top games come from the studios of Evolution, Ezugi, and Playtech for real money play. Simply ensure your Casumo account has sufficient funds to experience Andar Bahar live on your mobile device.

Can I bet on sports using Casumo’s mobile casino app?

You can bet on sports using Casumo's mobile casino app. It offers a fully-fledged sportsbook with options for betting on various sports, including cricket, football, and tennis, accessible through the ‘Sports' tab on the app's bottom navigation bar.

Can I play slot games on the Casumo mobile casino app?

With the casino being home to 2000+ slot games from nearly 90 developers, you can play the best titles on the Casumo mobile casino app. You can even sort the slots as per specific features such as the MegaWays mechanic, bonus buy, and the very popular drops and wins.

Can I reach out to customer support using the mobile application of Casumo?

You can reach out to customer support using the mobile application of Casumo. The app features an in-app live chat feature, providing easy access to the support team. You can open it by tapping on the burger menu on the bottom navigation bar and then on ‘Live Chat.’

Why is the Casumo casino Android app unavailable on the Google Play Store?

The Casumo casino Android app is unavailable on the Google Play Store due to India's Play Store policy, which restricts the distribution of apps for real-money gambling. You must download the app directly from Casumo's official website and permit your devices to accept apps from unknown sources before installing it.

How do I update the Casumo app?

The Casumo casino app updates automatically whenever a new version is available. You will receive a prompt to download and install the update, making the process seamless and user-friendly. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to keep the app up to date with the latest features and improvements.

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