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No government-approved Bihar lottery exists, but legal participation in international online lotteries is possible through various websites. You can buy paper tickets to official draws or bet on the outcome with identical results and prizes. Let’s explore these online alternatives and discuss the legal status of the Bihar Rajya Lottery.


Bihar Lottery Ticket

Where To Get One?

Without a native lottery, a Bihar lottery ticket can only mean two things:

  • A paper ticket purchased through a lottery concierge service (agent) to enter international draws
  • An entry for draw betting purchased via a lottery betting platform

The web is the only source for both, offering plenty of global concierge services and online lottery betting sites. For starters, explore our curated list of top lottery sites in India or check the mini list below.

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How To Buy One?

To buy a Bihar lottery ticket online, follow these steps:

  • Choose an online lottery site from Bihar.
  • Sign up for an account.
  • Pick your favorite online lottery game.
  • Set your preferences (lucky numbers, draw day, etc.).
  • Pay for the ticket.
  • Find the confirmation in your email.

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To facilitate payments, these lottery sites may accept Indian-friendly methods like UPI and IMPS, along with bank transfers, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and even cryptocurrency.

Upon purchase, your entry arrives in your account and email as a scanned ticket or a summary of the bet details. Keep this record safe until the draw is over.

Bihar Lottery Online

What Are the Best Options?

There are options galore when you want to play the Bihar lottery online. However, exploring all of them can be overwhelming. Cut through the clutter and find the top 10 online lotteries in Bihar listed in the table below, featuring ticket prizes, draw days, and minimum advertised jackpots.

LotteryCheapest Price Per TicketDraw Days (IST)Advertised Minimum Jackpot
US Powerball₹295Tue, Thur, Sun₹150 Crores
EuroJackpot₹160Wed, Sat₹81 Crores
EuroMillions₹240Wed, Sat₹139 Crores
Mega Millions₹290Wed, Sat₹287 Crores
SuperEnalotto₹160Tue, Thur, Sat₹16.8 Crores
Mega-Sena₹120Thur, Sun₹2.8 Crores
UK Lotto₹270Thur, Sun₹20 Crores
Oz Lotto₹125Wed₹10 Crores
La Primitiva (Spanish 6/49)₹100Fri, Sun₹25.1 Crores
Bonoloto₹50Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun₹3.3 Crores

Each lottery on this table has the potential for higher payouts compared to any conceivable Bihar State lottery. Additionally, it is convenient to enter the draw right from the comfort of your house and stand a chance to win.

On the flip side, you would be trying your luck alongside global contenders, which means the competition is fierce. Luckily, prizes for the same ranking are shared among the winners.

How to Play an Online Lottery in Bihar?

  • Step 1: Know the Rules

To play an online lottery in Bihar, you must know its specific rules. Let’s understand with some examples. Suppose you wish to play US Powerball, EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, and Mega Millions from Bihar. While all these games involve predicting numbers, each has its unique set of rules:

US PowerballSelect 5 main numbers between 1 and 69 and 1 Powerball number between 1 and 26.
EuroJackpotSelect 5 main numbers between 1 and 50 and 2 Euro numbers between 1 and 12.
EuroMillionsSelect 5 main numbers between 1 and 50 and 2 Lucky Star numbers between 1 and 12.
Mega MillionsSelect 5 main numbers between 1 and 70 and 1 Mega Ball between 1 and 25.

The difference may be in the total number of lucky numbers, the size of the number pool, and the terminology used for the selected lucky numbers.

  • Step 2: Select Your Lucky Numbers

You can pick numbers manually or opt for the convenient ‘Quick Pick' option available on most lottery sites. The number pool is typically displayed in the form of cards. For instance, if you're playing Powerball in Bihar on a site like Lottoland, the cards will be displayed like this:

Bihar lottery powerball

Choosing 5 main numbers and 1 Powerball number on a card creates a line, representing one ticket. If you exceed the standard 5 main numbers on the same card, it becomes a System Bet – an extra bet alongside the line bet.

You may select lucky numbers across multiple cards and activate System Bets for each, but keep in mind that these options involve extra charges. To lighten the cost burden, we suggest playing online lotteries in Bihar not as individual players but by participating in betting syndicates.

  • Step 3: Enter the Draw

After choosing all your numbers, specify the draw day and the bet duration. For instance, the US Powerball draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. On Lottoland, you have the option to set your bet to automatically repeat every week on your chosen day or until the jackpot is won.

After finalizing your selection, add it to your cart, and proceed to checkout, just as you would when shopping on any e-commerce site. Get the details of your participation in your lottery site account or through your registered email. That's it! Easy-peasy!

Bihar Lottery Result

How to Check Results?

The Bihar lottery result for each lotto game is published on the international lottery site acting as a ticket concierge or betting platform as well as the official lottery organizer's website.

You can check results for recent and past draws there. Avoid Googling terms like ‘Bihar lottery result today' or ‘Bihar lottery aaj ka result’ as it won't yield anything concrete.

While many global lottery sites accepting players from Bihar will notify you if you win a prize, it's advisable to independently check the results. Missing such notifications is entirely possible.

How to Claim Winnings?

When you win an international online lottery in Bihar, there are three ways to claim your prize depending on its type.

  • Auto-Credited: For small amounts, the prize may be auto-credited to your account, whether you won through a ticket agent or a betting site.
  • In-Person Collection: If it's the jackpot won through a ticket agent, you might be flown to the organizing country to collect it locally from the official organizer or the agent itself.
  • Via Customer Support: For a jackpot won through a betting site, you must contact customer support and provide proof of identity to claim your lottery prize.

If you win the jackpot, you can choose to receive the entire payment either as a lump sum or in the form of fixed annuity payments.

Is Lottery Legal in Bihar?

13 Indian States have legalized lottery, but Bihar isn’t one of them. Lottery is illegal in the State under the Bihar Ban on Lottery Act, 1993.

Despite the flexibility given by the federal government to all Indian States in the form of the Public Gambling Act of 1867 to formulate their own laws regarding lotteries, Bihar opted for a ban. Therefore, no Bihar Rajya Lottery currently exists.

Also marked as the Bihar Act 13 of 1993, this law was enforced on August 19, 1993, by the Legislature of Bihar to protect the public from the potential risks of lotteries. It has stood as a decisive measure to prevent the sale of lottery tickets statewide ever since.

Regardless of any agreements with the government, it is illegal for anyone to handle lotteries, serve as an agent or promoter, or sell lottery tickets in Bihar. Doing so can lead to severe penalties, including imprisonment for up to two years, a fine of up to ₹10,000, or both.

Acts like printing, selling, or advertising lottery materials carry penalties of imprisonment or fines, too, and so does participation. Accountability lies with companies and individuals unless they prove a lack of knowledge or due diligence.

Police, authorized by the State Government of Bihar, can search suspected premises and seize related items. Offenses under this Act are serious and non-bailable.

Of course, all this is subject to change if the State Government decides to lift the ban and run a fully-fledged Bihar State Lottery, similar to what Madhya Pradesh has done (though we're still waiting for one).

We must mention here that the constitutional validity of the Bihar Ban on Lottery Act, 1993 has already been challenged by one Iqbal Chand Khurana way back in 1994 in Patna High Court.

The latter argued in a petition that the State lacks legislative competence to ban lotteries authorized by the Government of India or other states. This petition was a result of the ambiguity regarding the definition of the lotteries that were being banned in Bihar.

In this case, the court agreed, stating that lotteries organized by the central or other state governments are exclusively within the central government's jurisdiction and the State Government of Bihar can't put a ban on them.

The judgment emphasized that the State law had failed to distinguish between government-organized lotteries and others, leading to an unconstitutional overreach. The court also said the law made by Bihar was too broad; it covered all kinds of lotteries, not just the government ones.

In the end, it was decided that the Bihar government cannot stop people from playing lotteries organized by the federal government or other Indian States. However, it is legit for Bihar to have rules regarding its own lotteries.

This was a landmark judgment because of which you can still play a paper lottery in Bihar organized by one of the 13 Indian States where the lottery is valid (provided the State itself doesn’t ban the sale of lottery tickets in other States).

What if the Bihar Rajya Lottery Were Legal?

If the Bihar Rajya Lottery were legal, we'd have a carnival of schemes active and running – like those in the Kerala lottery.

Maybe there would be a local twist to their names: Darbhanga Delight, Patna Prosperity, Gaya Gold, Kishanganj Kash, Munger Moolah, Bhojpur Bonanza, Nalanda Nuggets, and so on. We are just being creative here.

Every week, we would eagerly await the Bihar Saptahik Lottery or gear up for the Bihar Bumper Lottery at the end of the year. Maybe special lottery draws would be organized during Chhath Pooja, Makar-Sankranti, Navratri, Bihula, or Diwali.

We’re assuming the draw center would be in Patna, the heart of Bihar. There'd also be a Director of State Lotteries to oversee the Bihar State Lottery – because, let's face it, more government jobs for the folks of Bihar would be quite the jackpot!

We're just spinning the wheel of speculation. But, hey, never say never! Till then, we have fantastic alternatives in the form of international online lotteries.

Legality of Online Lottery in Bihar

While the Bihar Act 13 of 1993 prohibits state-sanctioned paper lotteries, it does not explicitly address international lotteries conducted outside India. This opens the door for residents of the State to enjoy online lottery in Bihar through top global platforms.

These lottery sites, managed by companies from other countries, are not even subject to India’s federal gambling and lottery regulations, let alone Bihar’s.

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