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The best slots for VIP players are those that feature exceptionally high bet limits, have an outstanding RTP, and have a win chance that increases along with the bet size. 

A higher bet limit means more money can be staked, and the more money staked, the more could potentially be won. A high RTP means the likelihood of winning is increased and while this is something every player can benefit from, VIP players certainly can too. As for win chances increasing with the bet size, this is a thing in certain progressive jackpot slots.  

While there aren’t any slot machines that tick all of these boxes, we have listed a variety of slots that touch on each of the three categories. These slots are commonly found at gambling sites, especially so at online casinos for VIP players.

1. Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune slot


Max bet₹5,000
Free spins10 – 20
Bonus buyNo
Win ways25 paylines
Max winJackpot
ReleasedJanuary, 2009

Mega Fortune is an old classic that has stood the test of time, being released by NetEnt in 2009 and still being highly popular today. This is much thanks to the slot’s three progressive jackpots, the largest one paying ₹36 crore on average.

These jackpots are also the reason why Mega Fortune is a recommended slot for VIP players. You see, the more you bet, the higher the chance is to win one of the jackpots.

While jackpot hunting is the main reason for playing Mega Fortune, the slot offers a simple, yet lovely luxury design and comes with a bonus as well as free spin feature. 

Slot Features in Mega Fortune:

  • Free Spins: Landing 3 or more scatter symbols awards 10 – 20 free spins that are played with a win multiplier of 1x – 5x. During these spins, landing two additional scatters on the reels will either award more free spins or increase the win multiplier up to a maximum of 5x.
  • Bonus Wheel: Landing 3 or more bonus symbols triggers a bonus wheel. This is where Mega Fortune’s three progressive jackpots can be won. There are three segments on the wheel and the goal is to get to the middle where the life-changing jackpot prize awaits.
    Each segment can either stop on a cash prize and end the bonus or an arrow that takes you closer to the middle. On the second and third segments, the smallest and medium-sized jackpots can also be won.
  • Progressive Jackpot: Mega Fortune features a Rapid, Major, and Mega jackpot. The rapid one normally pays around ₹40,000 while the Major tend to pay around ₹35 lakh and the Mega has an average win size of ₹36 crore. However, the record win of the Mega jackpot is an incredible ₹155 crore.

2. Mega Moolah Megaways

Mega Moolah Megaways slot


Max bet₹2,000
Free spins12
Bonus buyNo
Win ways117,649
Max winJackpot
ReleasedDecember, 2023

Mega Moolah Megaways is an African savanna-themed slot that is part of a series of Mega Moolah games, all of which share four progressive jackpots. However, the original slot which was released way back in 2006 is only called Mega Moolah, while Mega Moolah Megaways is a modern version of this classic slot.  

Similar to Mega Fortune, the reason for recommending this slot to VIP players is that the chance of triggering the jackpot bonus is proportionally increased with the bet size. A major downside with this slot though is that its RTP is very low when compared to other slot machines. 

Megah Moolah does, however, currently hold the record for the biggest-ever jackpot prize paid at a stunning ₹180 crore so we just had to include this slot. As for the average win, this is approximately ₹54 crore.

Slot Features in Mega Moolah Megaways:

  • Megaways: On every spin, a random number of rows will appear on each reel, ranging from 2 – 7. The four middle reels also have an extra row that is not affected by this feature, which means that these reels will have 3 – 7 rows. 
  • Rolling Reels: Whenever symbols are part of a winning combination, they are removed from the reel and replaced by new ones. This allows for multiple wins to happen on every spin.
  • Free Spins: Landing four scatter symbols on the reels triggers a free spin feature and awards 12 free spins. Every scatter during these spins awards an additional 5. During the free spin feature, every winning combination increases a win multiplier by x1. Along with the Rolling Reels feature, this allows for massive win multipliers to be had.
  • Jackpot Wheel: The jackpot wheel can be randomly triggered on every spin, with a greater bet size increasing the chance. When the wheel is triggered, one of the slot’s four progressive jackpots is guaranteed to be won. The minimum prize from each is ₹1,000, ₹10,000, ₹10 lakh and ₹20 crore. 

3. Book of 99

Book of 99 slot


Max bet₹2,000
Free spins10
Bonus buyNo
Win ways10 paylines
Max win5,000x
ReleasedMay, 2021

Created by Relax Gaming, the big appeal of Book of 99 is its exceptionally high RTP which is substantially higher than the average slot RTP of around 96%. This makes it great for VIP players who want to maximize their chances of winning while being able to scoop a maximum prize of up to ₹1 crore per spin. 

Although quite a simple game, the slot is well-designed with appealing graphics and a cool fantasy theme where you'll get to witness a legendary fight between gods.

Slot Features in Book of 99:

  • Collection: Whenever a book symbol lands on the reels, this will be collected and saved in a bonus meter. Once the meter is filled with 99 books, the free spin feature of the game is triggered.
  • Free Spins: The free spin feature can be triggered via the collection feature, as well as by landing three scatter symbols on the reels. This awards 10 free spins. During the free spins, a symbol will be selected to become an expanding one. Whenever this selected symbol appears, it will cover the entire reel and pay out any prizes without being part of a payline.

    The maximum win in the slot is had when the most valuable symbol is selected to become an expanding one and this symbol appears on all of the five reels. 

4. Deadwood

Deadwood slot


Max bet₹3,200 (but 750x bonus buy ₹24 lakh)
Free spins8 – 10
Bonus buyYes
Win ways576
Max win13,950x
ReleasedMarch, 2023

Created by Nolimit City, Deadwood is the perfect slot for VIP players who really want to test their budget. While the max bet of ₹3,200 may not be as high as some other slots, Deadwood offers two bonus buy features, one of which costs an incredible 750x to trigger. This at max bet is equal to ₹24 lakh. 

So, what does this highly expensive bonus buy feature do? It upgrades one of the normal free spin features of Deadwood (which can also be bought), allowing for massive wins to be had. Take a look at the slot’s features below to understand what we’re talking about!

Slot Features in Deadwood:

  • Hunter Wild: This is a 4-row high wild symbol that will move into position to cover the entire reel it appears on. It also adds a win multiplier for every row that it moves into. For instance, if the symbol initially appears on 1 row it will expand to 4 and add a x3 multiplier.
  • Shoot Out: Landing a sheriff badge symbol on the first and last reel turns all low-paying symbols on the middle three reels into wild symbols. 
  • Gunslinger Free Spins: Bought for 71x or triggered by landing three scatters, 8 free spins are awarded. During these, the win multipliers that Hunter Wilds add will stack and remain. This makes it possible for the win multiplier to grow incredibly high. Additionally, each sheriff badge symbol that appears on the reels awards one extra free spin.
  • Hunter Free Spins: Bought for 71x or triggered by landing three scatters, 8 free spins are awarded. During these, at least one hunter wild is guaranteed to appear on every spin. Extra free spins are also won for each sheriff badge symbol that appears.
  • Shoot Out Free Spins: Bought for 750x or triggered by landing 2 sheriff badges + 3 scatters in the main game, or 2 sheriff badges during the free spins, this is an upgraded version of either the Hunter or Gunslinger free spins. 

    During the Shout Out spins, the Shoot Out feature will trigger on every spin. This means, that in addition to the stacked multipliers from the Gunslinger spins, or the guaranteed Hunter Wild from Hunter spins, all low-paying symbols on the middle three reels will turn into wilds.  

    Such a setup can be incredibly lucrative and is by far the easiest way to get the max win of the slot. While a risker approach, the biggest wins are had when the Shoot Out Gunslinger Free Spins are played. 

5. San Quentin

San Quentin slot


Max bet₹800 (2,000x bonus buy so ₹16 lakh)
Free spins6 – 30
Bonus buyYes
Win ways243
Max win150,000x
ReleasedJanuary, 2021

Also created by Nolimity City, San Quentin is like Deadwood’s insane brother. The slot comes with a lower max bet of ₹800, but offers three bonus buy features, one of which costs an astonishing 2,000 times the bet amount. At max bet, this is ₹16 lakh. While a lower cost than that of Deadwood, San Quentin has a maximum win potential of 150,000x, which at max bet is ₹12 crore. That’s crazy! 

Each of the bonus buy options in the game will trigger the same free spin feature. However, the more you pay for it, the more enhancer cells and jumping wilds will be unlocked, which will allow for bigger wins to occur. To understand this better, let’s have a look at the features! 

Slot Features in San Quentin:

  • Split Wild: In addition to substituting for other symbols, the split wild will split all symbols on the same reel into two. This makes it possible for more winning combinations to be formed. 
  • Enhancer Cells: This is a locked row on top of and at the bottom of each reel. Whenever a bonus symbol appears, the locked positions of that reel will open up and either reveal a high-paying symbol, a Razor Split symbol, or an xWays symbol. 
    Similar to the split wild, the Razor Split symbol will split all symbols on the reel it appears on into two. The xWays symbol will create a stack of four identical symbols on the reel.
  • Lockdown Spins: Bought for 100x, 400x, or 2,000x, or triggered by landing 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols, the lockdown spins will award anywhere from 6 to 30 free spins. Before the feature starts, a random symbol will be selected to receive a win multiplier of up to x15.

    During the free spins, 3, 4, or all the enhancer cells will be unlocked depending on the bonus triggered. This allows for more winning combinations to be made and for the xWays and Razor Split symbol to regularly appear. Additionally, 1, 2, or 3 jumping wild symbols will be active on the reels, the number also being dependent on the bonus triggered.

    On each spin, these jumping wilds will move to a new position and substitute for other symbols. If one of them lands on top of the symbol that received a win multiplier, the wild will also inherit this multiplier and keep it for the rest of feature. This can stack infinitely, which allows for crazy big wins to be had.

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