Arunachal Pradesh State Government Lottery: Schemes, Prizes, and Results

The Directorate of Arunachal Pradesh State Lotteries runs the Arunachal Pradesh Lottery by order of the State Government. The Department conducts 7 different lottery draws every week. Each draw runs thrice on the day it is held – once in the morning, noon, and evening – at specific hours.

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Overview of the Lottery Schemes and Ticket Prices

Draw NameDraw DayDraw TimeDraw HourCost per Ticket
Singam StackSaturdayMorning10:55 AM₹6
Noon3:00 PM₹6
Evening7:00 PM₹6
Singam VolcanoSaturdayMorning10:55 AM₹6
Noon3:00 PM₹6
Evening7:00 PM₹6
Singam PeakSaturdayMorning10:55 AM₹6
Noon3:00 PM₹6
Evening7:00 PM₹6
Singam SummitSaturdayMorning10:55 AM₹6
Noon3:00 PM₹6
Evening7:00 PM₹6
Singam PinnacleSaturdayMorning10:55 AM₹6
Noon3:00 PM₹6
Evening7:00 PM₹6
Singam CliffSaturdayMorning10:55 AM₹6
Noon3:00 PM₹6
Evening7:00 PM₹6
Singam HeapSaturdayMorning10:55 AM₹6
Noon3:00 PM₹6
Evening7:00 PM₹6

If you are a regular participant in the Arunachal Pradesh State Lotteries, you would know the older draws – Labhlaxmi, Mumbai Laxmi, Lata Online Weekly Lottery, Dear 50, Dear Gold 20, and ‘Shri Ganapathy Bumper – are no longer available. The Singam series has replaced them all.

There is another common misconception. Arunachal Pradesh Lottery Sambad is often believed to be a State Government lottery. The truth is it is just a key term used by people who are looking for the latest news about the lottery.

‘Sambad’ is a Hindi term, which translates to ‘news’ in English. Multiple sites on the web have taken advantage of the search volume surrounding this key term to showcase themselves as the organizers of this lottery that does not even exist. Please steer clear of such sites.

How to Play the Arunachal Pradesh Lottery?

Arunachal Pradesh State lottery ticket

The Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery is a paper lottery. To participate in it, you must buy the tickets from an authorized local vendor.

Each ticket is priced at ₹6 (MRP) and comes with a unique combination of 8 numbers and letters arranged in two parts – a combination of two numbers and one letter and then, a series of five numbers. Here is an example: 13C 36789.

If the combination printed on your ticket matches the one picked in the lottery draw in the exact order, you win. The prizes will depend on how many winning numbers you can match. If you can match all the numbers, you win the first prize. Please check all the rewards in the next section of the article.

What Are the Prizes?

This lottery run by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh hands out 132 prizes in total for up to 6 winning positions, including a consolation prize. The first prize for each draw is ₹26.03 lakhs and is rewarded to only one winner. I have listed all the prizes below.

Prize PositionPrize AmountNumber of WinnersHow to Win
1st₹26.03 lakhs1Match all the 8 numbers and letters on the ticket in the exact order
Consolation Prize₹9,5001Match all the 5 numbers in the second part of the combination on your ticket in the exact order
2nd₹9,00010Match any 1 combination of 5 numbers specified by the lottery department in the exact order
3rd₹50010Match any 1 combination of 4 numbers specified by the lottery department in the exact order
4th₹25010Match any 1 combination of 4 numbers specified by the lottery department in the exact order
5th₹120100Match any 1 combination of 4 numbers specified by the lottery department in the exact order

How to Check the Arunachal Pradesh Lottery Results and Claim the Prize?

You can check the Arunachal Pradesh lottery result for each draw on the official website, which publishes recent as well as old results.

Alternatively, the Department of Lottery runs a YouTube channel where they stream the entire Arunachal Pradesh lottery live. You can watch the action unfold and check the result as the draw happens.

If you win, you must claim your prize within 90 days of the draw. Please keep in mind that you can claim the prize only if your ticket is intact.

No rewards are handed out for lost, mutilated, or damaged tickets. Also, winners need to carry proper identification documents and passport size photographs to receive the prize.

Furthermore, under the Finance Act of 1986 and Income Tax Act, winnings from lottery exceeding ₹10,000 are taxable in India at 30%.

If your prize money is taxable, it will be paid by the Arunachal State Lotteries located in Itanagar. If the amount is non-taxable, it will be paid directly by the ticket seller.

Is the Lottery Safe?

For absolute transparency, every draw in the Arunachal Pradesh Government lottery is conducted using mechanical methods that rely on RNG technology. Judges are appointed by the State Government to oversee the procedure.

Moreover, the winning numbers are always drawn in the premises of the Department of State Lotteries under the supervision of a special panel of officers. If you’ve watched any of the videos on their official YouTube channel, you’d know how the lottery they conduct is absolutely rig-free.

All this makes the Arunachal Pradesh Lottery legal, safe, and fair.

Can You Play the Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery Online?

Currently, you cannot buy the tickets to or play the Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery online. If you prefer playing the lottery over the internet, you can try international lotteries such as the US Powerball. This can be conveniently played online and comes with a much bigger prize pool. Its jackpot pays out a minimum of ₹146 Crore!

Alternative to the Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery

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