Andar Bahar Winning Tricks – What’s Best and Worst

Did you know by learning Andar Bahar tricks you can improve your chances of winning? If you know how to play Andar Bahar and are familiar with the basic rules, learning these strategies would help you make the most out of the game. But not all tricks are worth applying. We have listed the best and worst!

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In this article, I will explain how to win Andar Bahar in casinos using legit strategies. You will find a list of:

The top tricks, which when combined, should be your winning formula. Understanding them isn’t too difficult, but remember that not even the best tip can guarantee a win. The game is still luck-based with nearly 50-50 odds.

These pointers apply to the real money game played online as well as offline.

3 Best Andar Bahar Tricks You Should Apply

  1. Betting Slightly More on Andar Than Bahar
  2. Making Use of Casino Bonuses to Raise the RTP of Gaming Sessions
  3. Banking on Side Bets With RTP Higher Than the Main Bets

1. Betting Slightly More on Andar Than Bahar

Betting a little more on Andar than Bahar is one of those Andar Bahar strategies that lower the house edge and raise your chances of winning. The idea stems from the fact that this card game doesn’t offer exactly 50-50 odds of winning.

The basic bet Andar comes with 51.5% odds and Bahar with 48.5%. The cards are dealt alternately and the first one is always dealt to Andar. Therefore, the winning card appearing on the Andar side first is slightly more likely.  

best andar bahar winning trick
The RTP is better on Andar (97.85%)

The RTPRTP stands for "Return to Player" and is a percentual value that all casino games have. It shows you how much you are expected to win in the long run. A game with a 96% RTP is for instance expected to return ₹96 for every ₹100 staked. associated with Andar is 97.85% and 97% with Bahar. For every ₹100 you bet, you would theoretically receive ₹97.85 off an Andar bet and ₹97 off a Bahar bet.

In other words, a bet on Andar is more profitable than one on Bahar – a major reason the former pays less. But even if it does, a bet on Andar is 3% more likely to win and will fetch you 0.85% more in earnings than a bet on Bahar.

Don’t focus too much on the lower payout of an Andar bet. It has been strategized to discourage players from betting on that side every time. Try to maintain equilibrium while inclining toward Andar bets more.

2. Making Use of Casino Bonuses to Raise the RTP of Gaming Sessions

Most people talking about Andar Bahar winning strategies often miss out on the importance of using casino bonuses, which can eventually lead to long-term wins.

Theoretically, playing a game with 100% RTP and up is the only way to assure a win. But such games do not exist because they would ultimately lead the house to losses.

This is where bonuses come to the rescue. They would not only bankroll you, but also do their bit in increasing the overall RTP of your Andar Bahar gaming session. Of course, the profit will depend on the wagering requirements (WR)A wagering requirement is a multiplier (based on received bonus OR bonus + deposit) telling you how much money you have to spend on gambling before any received bonus amount can be cashed out. You can learn more about this in our thorough guide about wagering requirements. tied to the bonus.

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Let me explain it with some context. Study the table below. To simplify it, I have considered the RTP of Andar bets only. Now, assuming you receive a 100% match bonus of up to ₹1,000, you can calculate the player RTP for different wagering requirements by using the following formula:

  1. Wagered Amount = Bonus X WR
  2. House Edge = 100 – RTP
  3. Expected Loss After Wagering = Bonus – (WR X House Edge) X (Bonus /100)
  4. Remaining Bonus = Bonus – Expected Loss After Wagering
  5. Player RTP = {(Wagered Amount + Remaining Bonus) / Wagered Amount} X 100

The change in player RTP can be demonstrated as follows:

BonusWRWagered AmountRTPHouse EdgeExpected Loss After WageringRemaining BonusPlayer RTP
₹1,00050x₹50,00097.85%2.15%₹1,075– ₹7599.85‬%
₹1,00055x₹55,00097.85%2.15%₹1,182.5‬– ₹182.599.67%
₹1,00060x₹60,00097.85%2.15%₹1,290– ₹29099.52%
₹1,00065x₹65,00097.85%2.15%₹1,397.5‬– 397.5‬99.39%
₹1,00070x₹70,00097.85%2.15%₹1,505– ₹50599.27%
₹1,00075x₹75,00097.85%2.15%₹1,612.5– ₹612.599.18%
₹1,00080x₹80,00097.85%2.15%₹1,720– ₹72099.1‬
₹1,00085x₹85,00097.85%2.15%₹1,827.5– ₹827.599.02%
₹1,00090x₹90,00097.85%2.15%₹1,935‬– ₹93598.96%
₹1,00095x₹95,00097.85%2.15%₹2,042.5– ₹1042.598.90%
₹1,000100x₹100,00097.85%2.15%₹2,150– ₹115097.85%
On mobile scroll left/right to view the full table

The lower the wagering requirement, the better the profit and the higher goes the Player RTP. Because it is easy to abuse this strategy, casino operators often tie their bonuses to higher wagering requirements or both the bonus and the deposit amount to mid-range wagering requirements.

Your job as an Andar Bahar player who is hell-bent on winning should be to hunt for bonuses that have low wagering requirements, which, in turn, are not tied to the deposit amount.

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3. Banking on Side Bets With RTP Higher Than the Main Bets

I’m sure you have figured it out by now that winning Andar Bahar has a lot to do with RTP. So, here is another trick: choose side bets that have an RTP higher than that of an Andar or Bahar bet.

Because this card game is pretty straightforward, side bets have been introduced to spice it up. It could be a bet on any of the following:

  • The cut card (specific value, suit, or color)
  • The suit or color of the winning card
  • The card(s) that would show up above or below the winning card
  • The first three cards after the cut card forming a flush, straight or straight flush
  • Total number of cards that would be drawn before a match to the cut card is found
  • Andar or Bahar winning on the first card drawn after the cut card
Andar Bahar tricks side bets
This side bet has the highest RTP in the game (98.10%)

These side bets come with different RTP, which is usually low – a reason why I generally ask players to avoid betting on them. But there are exceptions that you must consider, especially if you play Andar Bahar online.

For instance, Playtech’s Live Andar Bahar offers a side bet that has an RTP higher than the main bet.

This Andar Bahar cash game offers the side bet on the total number of cards dealt before a match to the cut card can be found. The numbers are segmented into 9 groups each with its own payout and RTP. You can find the details in the table below.

Total Cards DealtPayoutWinning Odds
1 – 52.5:194.87%
6 – 103.5:197.67%
11 – 154.5:192.97%
16 – 253.5:198.10%
26 – 3014.5:194.53%
31 – 3524.5:194.29%
36 – 4049:194.84%
41 – 49119:195.08%

The card group 16 to 25 comes with an RTP of 98.10%, which is marginally higher than that of Andar bets (97.85%). Therefore, this is a side bet worth considering if you wish to increase your chances of winning in the long run. In my opinion, newbies, as well as seasoned players, should apply this trick.


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4 Worst Andar Bahar Tricks You Must Avoid

  1. Trying Out the Hot and Cold Strategy
  2. Applying the Odd-Even Strategy
  3. Using the Martingale Strategy
  4. Relying on Andar Bahar Trick Apps, Prediction Software and Cheating Devices

1. Trying Out the Hot and Cold Strategy

The hot and cold strategy in gambling is all about using your gut instinct, which is as good as taking a shot in the dark.

Players who believe in the hot strategy choose to bet on the side that has won the most. They believe it is likely to continue to be on the winning streak.

On the other hand, players who believe in the cold strategy, place their bets on the side that has won the least or has not won at all. Their idea is that a win is about to drop soon.

There is no right or wrong way of following the hot and cold strategy because it is entirely superstitious. You only have to choose the outcome you think is about to happen. This isn’t a ‘strategy’ per se and I would never recommend it if you want to win in the long run. Some gamblers do, however, fancy it. 

2. Applying the Odd-Even Strategy

Another popular trick used to win Andar Bahar in casinos is to consider the total number of cards that appear after the cut card (first card) is dealt. The matching card should appear on the Andar side if this number is odd or the Bahar side if it is even.

Yet again, this strategy has no effect on the long-term chances of winning in Andar Bahar. It is based on superstition and like the Hot and Cold Strategy it isn’t really a ‘strategy’ in the first place.

Fun fact: On average, it takes 13 cards (excluding the cut card) to complete a round of Andar Bahar.

3. Using the Martingale Strategy

I had to place this pointer under tricks and tips to win in Andar Bahar – or rather, tricks that do not work. Why? Because there are many, many players out there who still believe the Martingale Strategy can guarantee a win. I hate to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t work.

Originally devised for Roulette, the Martingale strategy now seems like a universal plan of action for playing card games with a 50/50 chance of winning, much like a coin toss. Since Andar Bahar is effectively one of such games that offer similar odds, many players believe applying it could lead to a win.

Because of this widespread misconception, it is often used by players in a last-ditch attempt to win at the game and recommended by most sites that discuss gambling. I wouldn’t recommend it because eventually, you lose money. You don’t want to do that when you’re trying to win, do you?

Before we discuss further, let’s take a look at how it works.

  • Each time you lose, you need to double your bet in the next round.
  • Each time you win, you can come back to your initial bet amount.

This strategy plays off the vague idea that you can’t win all the time, but can’t lose forever either. And when you win, you get back everything you ever wagered.

Let’s understand this with an example where you are betting only on Bahar.

  • Starting bet on Bahar – ₹100. You lose.
  • Second bet on Bahar – ₹200. You lose.
  • Third bet on Bahar – ₹400. You win and receive 400 X 2 = ₹800

Total bet amount: 100 + 200 + 400 = ₹700

Amount won: ₹800

Net profit: 800 – 700 = ₹100

All this seems perfect until you consider practicalities. Theoretically, the strategy has the ideal logic of landing a win and getting all your money back. But when practically applied, it seldom yields results because of three primary hiccups – the table limit set by the operator, your bankroll and the in-game decisions you make.

Firstly, Andar Bahar would almost always come with table limits – the minimum and maximum bets you can place.

The minimum limit is placed to appeal to players with different bankroll sizes. The maximum limit is placed so operators can save themselves from losses they might incur if a high roller decides to join in or a player gets lucky.

With the Martingale Strategy, you can quickly reach the maximum bet with still no wins on your cards. Thus, it fails at its job.

Secondly, even if the casino didn’t have table limits, your bankroll would still decide if you can continue playing. Remember that a bet could easily and dramatically snowball into a bigger one when you apply this strategy.

Let me explain this with an example.

You place an initial bet of ₹200 on Bahar and lose. In the next 9 rounds, you decide to follow the Martingale strategy with the hope of winning soon and place a bet of ₹400, ₹800, ₹1600, ₹3200, ₹6400, ₹12800, ₹25600, ₹51200, and finally ₹102400.

If you end up with a losing streak of 10 rounds where you started with just ₹200, you need at least ₹204600 in your bankroll to be able to cover the expenses. Remember, Andar Bahar is a pretty fast-paced game where the rounds happen quickly. Before you know it, too many losses in a row have occurred. 

Thirdly, whether you win or lose would depend on the kind of bet you want to place. The Martingale strategy has zero impact on your decisions. It has zero impact on the odds of winning, too. The bet size and type cannot determine whether the strategy would be successful.

Long story short, the Martingale strategy could lead you to a win in theory, but not in reality. It could, however, be the perfect strategy to suddenly lose a lot of money.

4. Relying on Andar Bahar Trick Apps, Prediction Software and Cheating Devices

Unfortunately, people resort to dubious techniques such as Andar Bahar trick apps, prediction software and cheating devices when they have run out of all the winning tricks in the book. I would never recommend this. It is not only unethical but also illegal. If you want to win Andar Bahar, ending up with a huge fine or even prison time certainly isn’t the way to go.

Most of these trick apps, prediction software and cheating devices don’t even work. Playing at legit and serious online casinos there is definitely no way to affect the Andar Bahar games. Anyone telling you differently is probably out to scam you. I mean, if you could really cheat an online casino, why would you share that info? If you’re downloading anything, beware of viruses!

Playing Andar Bahar offline, using invisible marked playing cards, tiny earpieces and spy cameras could possibly work under certain circumstances. But it would take a lot of organizing to get it right. And again, do you really want to use such cheats to make an easy buck when you might risk prison? If you’re into crime, surely there are better ones to do.

The best way to avoid any questionable ‘tricks’ is to play Andar Bahar at online casinos that hold licenses from reputed gaming regulators. I have listed three of my favorite Andar Bahar casinos below where you can play the game for real money without getting scammed.


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The virtual games at these casinos use RNG technology to rule out rigging and keep the game fair. The live versions come from world-renowned casino studios who understand rigging the game is not profitable if they want to stay in the market.

Andar Bahar Tips Worth Remembering

Most articles on the web would list these Andar Bahar tips below as tricks. The truth is they do not have a direct impact on your chances of winning. But they do count when you wish to make your gaming session worthwhile.

  • Learn the rules thoroughly. This is perhaps the best trick in the book. Knowing how to play Andar Bahar and about the side bets, payouts and odds of winning will help you place bets wisely and with more confidence.
  • Test the waters before you play. Practice makes a man perfect and demo games are available in plenty. Familiarize yourself with Andar Bahar before you play the game for real money.
  • Bet small. Placing small bets is a great trick to avoid exhausting your bankroll, which, in turn, helps you stay in the game for a long time.
  • Play responsibly. Keep an eye on your bankroll because it is easy to end up draining it by placing bets recklessly in this speedy game. Chasing losses is the worst thing you can do.
  • Take note of the table limits on your preferred Andar Bahar game. It would help you fix your bet amount before the game begins and keep you from burning your bankroll.
  • Look for a variety. Try out games from different providers. This way, you would come to know which games offer the best opportunities of winning. I’m talking about side bets which can vary quite a bit. For instance, in Ezugi’s Live Andar Bahar betting on the total cards dealt before the card matching the cut card appears could fetch you a win of 120 times your bet.
  • Choose the best casino. Play Andar Bahar in different casinos so you can play the same games with perhaps different bonuses to see which is most profitable. Find the full list of the best Indian Andar Bahar real money casinos here.


The rules of Andar Bahar are super simple. But, it’s difficult to devise fail-proof winning strategies because the odds are approximately 50-50. For this reason, it is more important to get used to the mechanics of the game.

The recommended tricks and tips listed in this article are mainly to lower the risks and increase your chances of landing a win. With the help of bonus offers it is possible to give yourself a slight edge. However, it is very hard. Usually, the house is the one that will win in the long run.

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