Treasure Island Live

Treasure Island Live
Quick Info
RTP: 96.50% - 96.55%
Max win: 15,450x
Provider: Pragmatic Play
Release year: 2023

Treasure Island is a gorgeous looking, action-packed, and highly entertaining money wheel that comes equipped with six distinct bonus features, a charming game host other players to chat with.

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Treasure Island Gameplay

Treasure Island Live By Pragmatic Play Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 96.39% – 96.55%
  • Maximum win: 15,450x
  • Time per round: 50 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹10 – ₹4.5 lakh
  • Release date: October 2023
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UPI Available
Payout Time: Instant - 1 hour
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₹1 lakh
UPI Available
Payout Time: 7 minutes
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The Game in Short

Treasure Island is a 54-segment money wheel where 39 of these segments are represented by three types of gems and the other 15 will trigger some kind of bonus game. In each bonus game, a certain number of gems can be won, which in turn determines the amount of money you win.

The Gems

There are three types of gems in Treasure Island, all of which are given a random value at the start of each game round. This is done via a spin on three miniature slot machines.

  • Yellow Topaz: 1x – 5x
  • Green Emerald: 1x – 20x
  • Red Ruby: 3x – 50x

The Topaz can be worth 1x – 5x the amount you bet, the Emerald 1x – 20x, while the Ruby is the most lucrative one with a value from 3x to 50x your bet amount.

The Bonus Games

There are six bonus games in Treasure Island and as previously mentioned, each of these will reward you with a certain number of topazes, emeralds, and/or rubies. The more gems you collect and the higher the value of these gems, the more you win.

Wild Collector

A random number of lamps will light up on the money wheel, each highlighting its own segment. With every segment containing a gem, those gems are collected and rewarded as a prize. 

Great Scavenger

If the gems are not already at their maximum payout (5x for the topaz, 20x for the emerald, and 50x for the ruby), the three mini slots that represent the gems will respin, granting higher multipliers. Each slot will also have 1 – 6 lamps randomly lit up, representing the number of topazes, emeralds, and rubies you get rewarded with.

John Silver’s Loot

This is a tumbling ball machine bonus consisting of 16 topaz balls, 13 emerald balls, and 11 ruby balls. Some of these balls are also black. The bonus starts by giving each type of ball a random multiplier value of up to x20. This is then applied to the current gem values. For instance, if the topaz is worth 5x and the topaz ball is given a 20x multiplier, each topaz ball would now be worth 100x.

Up to 10 balls are then selected from the tumbling machine. Every black ball counts as 5 and should therefore be avoided. Each ball increases a total multiplier counter, which ultimately determines how much you will win. For instance, if 5 topaz balls are selected, each being worth 100x as mentioned above, the multiplier will become 500x. Thus, you would get paid 500 times your bet amount.

Treasure Island John Silver's Loot Bonus

Billy Bones’ Map

This treasure map bonus starts with a wheel spin where the prize of a treasure chest is determined. One of the three gems will have its current value multiplied by either x100, x150, x200, or x300. This will become the big jackpot prize of the bonus.

After that, a treasure map consisting of 64 squares appears where you must pick 5. Some of these squares will reveal keys and to win the big jackpot prize, three keys must be collected. The other squares will reveal a random number of gems which are then paid out as a prize.

Captain Flint’s Treasure

Six rows with barrels appear. Behind each barrel are either gems or a skull. You start on the first row and choose a barrel. If you pick gems, you collect them and move on to the next row where you get to choose again. If you pick a skull, the bonus ends for you.

Ben’s Lost Marbles

Represented by a pachinko maze where marbles fall into pockets, this bonus starts by 5 out of 9 gem pockets being randomly selected, each representing a certain type of gem. After that, 3 – 9 bags of marbles are chosen at random via dice rolls. The marbles then drop and for each marble dropping into a gem pocket, that gem will be collected and have its value paid out as a prize.

Treasure Island Ben's Lost Marbles Bonus

Bet Positions

To win from either the gems or the bonus games, a bet must be placed on the corresponding gem or bonus. There are nine types of bets that can be placed in total, represented by the topaz, emerald, ruby, and the six bonus games.   

If a topaz is selected as the winning segment on the money wheel but a bet wasn’t placed on the topaz, you would not get paid for the outcome.


The table below shows you what the minimum and maximum payouts are for each type of gem in Treasure Island, as well as what the odds are for each outcome occurring.

Bet TypeMin PayoutMax PayoutOdds
Wild Collector2:1900:15.6%
Great Scavenger2:1450:17.4%
John Silver's Loot2:110,000:13.7%
Ben's Lost Marbles2:110,000:15.6%
Billy Bones' Map5:115,450:13.7%
Captain Flint's Treasure10:115,000:11.8%

Note that the topaz, emerald, and ruby can pay twice its assigned value as some segments on the wheel reward not one, but two of the gems. Some segments also reward two different types of gems, which is why the percentages add up to more than 100%.

The odds of hitting any of the bonus features in Treasure Island are 27.8%, which is very high. This means that, on average, you will experience a bonus round more often than every 4th game round.

RTP (Payout Percentage)

The RTP in Treasure Island ranges from 96.39% to 96.56% and is practically the same across all bets. This is really nice to see as in many live dealer games there is a big RTP difference between different bets, which can result in some bets not being placed because they’re singled out as unfavorable.

In Treasure Island, you can place any bet and be sure that you have the same long-term chance of winning from all of them. The 96.50% RTP is also quite high when compared to most casino games whose range tends to be from 95% to 97%.

For the sake of being transparent, here’s a breakdown of the RTP of each bet in Treasure Island:

Bet TypeRTP
Wild Collector96.56%
Great Scavenger96.53%
John Silver's Loot96.54%
Ben's Lost Marbles96.39% – 96.54%
Billy Bones' Map96.55%
Captain Flint's Treasure96.52%

Fun Factor 

Treasure Island Gameplay 2

Treasure Island is a definite home run for me. Among the many entertaining money wheel games that exist today, it manages to bring something fresh and highly entertaining. From the graphics to the bonus features, potential payouts, and pacing, I love every aspect of this game.

The game studio and the bonus features all look fabulous, creating a truly immersive experience that is easy to get lost in with hours going by. I love the fact that the four main bonuses are very different from one another, yet exciting in their own way.

The way that gems are used is innovative and makes the game quite unique. It’s really interesting that all bonuses are based around receiving a certain number of gems and that the gems don’t have a static value, but that the value changes from one game round to another.

What’s more to love is the fact that some kind of bonus feature is constantly triggered – on every 3rd– 4th game round on average. There’s so much going on in Treasure Island, which makes the gameplay very varied and cures any boredom that could otherwise arise.

With a chance of winning up to 10,000x or more from the four main bonus games, the potential payouts are also great and to me, this is important. I want to feel like I have a chance of scooping a win that will make a difference in my life and with Treasure Island, I certainly do.

Don’t sleep on this one guys. The game’s fantastic!


Since every bet option in Treasure Island has just about the same RTP, there is no money-winning strategy that can be applied to the game. No matter how you decide to play it, you are expected to win just as much money in the long run.

Some playstyles will be more volatile than others though, meaning that some could potentially eat through your bankroll quicker unless you get lucky.

For instance, if you only bet on the four main bonus features, you would only trigger one of them on every 7th game round on average. While this isn’t too bad, there is always a risk that even if you experience a bonus, the payout from the bonus will be negligible.

On the other hand, if you decide to bet on all options, you would be guaranteed to win something on every game round. Of course, many of these game rounds will not cover your bet size as you will bet nine units and might just end up winning 1 or 2.

However, betting on everything is still a less volatile strategy as every time the gems roll a high payout (like the ruby being worth 50x), you will be able to benefit from it.

Here’s another way to look at things.

If you decide to spend ₹90 on a game round, you could bet ₹10 on each of the nine options, or you could put all ₹90 on just one of the options. The latter would be a more volatile playstyle. But if you get lucky and that option turns out to be a winning one, you would win nine times more having a ₹90 bet rather than a ₹10 bet.

Personally, I try to play with a balanced approach. I prefer betting on all the bonus features which gives me a 27.8% chance of winning and leaving out the topaz, emerald, and ruby bet. However, there is no one right way to play Treasure Island.

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