Travel Fever

Travel Fever
Quick Info
RTP: 96.01% - 97.83%
Max win: 2,000x
Provider: OnAir
Release year: 2023

Travel Fever is a delightful money wheel with a unique design and plenty of action from six different bonus games, plus an additional continent collect feature. It is played live with a game host and promises potential payouts of 2,000x or more.

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Travel Fever By OnAir Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 96.01% – 97.83%
  • Maximum win: 2,000x (or more)
  • Time per round: 55 – 90 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹100 – ₹10,000
  • Release date: November 2023
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₹1 lakh
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Payout Time: 2 - 12 hours (normally)
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The Game in Short

Travel Fever Money Wheel

Travel Fever is a money wheel that consists of an inner and outer wheel. The inner part includes 6 continental segments while the outer wheel has 54 positions made up of bonus games and win multipliers.

On every game round, a winning continent will be selected along with a win multiplier or bonus game that is connected to that continent.

Bet Types

There are 13 ways to place a bet in Travel Fever, including 6 continents, 6 bonus games and 1 continent collect feature:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Continent Collect Feature
  • Golden Spin Bonus
  • Happy Race Bonus
  • Flying Dice Bonus
  • Train Rush Bonus
  • Lucky Dice Bonus
  • Ship Hunt Bonus

Participation in a bonus is awarded only if you have bet on the bonus that the money wheel stops on.

Similarly, a bet on a continent will reward a prize of 1x – 9x only if you have placed a bet on that continent.

Continent Collect Feature

To win the continent collect bet, each of the six continents must be selected as the winning outcome within the six rounds following the placement of the bet. If a continent appears twice, the bet is lost.

Bonus Games

There are six bonus games in Travel Fever, including the following:

Golden Spin

Players are awarded 5 – 10 spins on a 5-reel, 3-row slot machine with 20 paylines. All winnings from the slot are paid out as prizes.

Happy Race

A car race with 6 rounds takes place. In each round, players must choose if the road will turn right or left. Guessing wrong eliminates you, while a correct guess moves you on to the next round. With each round, prizes become bigger.

Before the race, a bonus wheel is also spun. Each player will either get the “extra chance”, “checkpoint” or “cash out” feature. Extra chance allows you to survive an elimination. Checkpoint secures your winnings on the 2nd and 4th rounds. Cash out allows you to secure winnings on any round by cashing out and ending the bonus.

Flying Dice

Players must choose between 3 red, 3 blue, or 3 yellow dice. Along with a multiplier dice, these are then dropped in a vertical maze to randomly determine their outcome. The goal is to have as many dice of your color to show the same number. The more dice that match, the more you win. Your prize is also multiplied by x1, x3, or x5, which is determined by the multiplier dice.

Train Rush

Travel Fever Flying Dice Bonus Game

A train map with five destinations appears. Each destination is given a random prize of 5x – 100x. Players must select the destination they think the train will stop on. If they guess correctly, they win the corresponding prize. A dice is thrown to determine the destination.

Lucky Hike

Players must choose between a red or blue compass needle. A compass wheel is then spun to determine a hike symbol for the red needle and a hike symbol for the blue. Each of these symbols is randomly assigned a prize ranging from 1x – 21x.

Ship Hunt

A 4×4 grid appears where players must choose 3 spots where they think ships are hidden. There are four types of ships, each assigned with a prize of 1x, 2x, 5.5x, or 9x. Out of the 16 cells, only 2 have no ship.


The payouts in Travel Fever vary from one bet type to another, each of which is described in the table below:

Bet TypePayout Range
Continent Bets1x, 6x or 9x
Continent Collect63x
Flying Dice Bonus1x – 100x
Lucky Hike Bonus1x – 21x
Train Rush Bonus1x – 100x
Ship Hunt Bonus1x – 20x
Golden Spin Bonus0x – 2,000x
Happy Race Bonus1x – 420x

In each bonus game, the minimum payout is 1x, except for the slot machine in the Golden Spin bonus. This could theoretically pay nothing if all spins miss. This bonus also has the highest payout potential in Travel Fever. It can actually pay more than 2,000x as 2,000x is the most that can be won on a single spin. Theoretically, each spin could pay this much, although it is very unlikely.

The highest payout from the Happy Race Bonus is had when the Cash Out feature is selected and players win 6 rounds. This requires you to take a bit of a gamble as it is tempting to cash out and secure a win on earlier rounds.

The continent bets will pay 6x whenever a bonus game for that content is triggered and 1x or 9x when the wheel stops on the 1x or 9x position.

Return to Player (RTP)

The RTP in Travel Fever ranges from 96.01% – 97.83% depending on the bet type. Here’s a breakdown:

Bet TypeRTP
Continent Bets96.30%
Continent Collect97.26%
Flying Dice Bonus96.62%
Lucky Hike Bonus96.14%
Train Rush Bonus96.36%
Ship Hunt Bonus96.01%
Golden Spin Bonus96.69%
Happy Race Bonus96.61% – 97.83%

Overall, the RTP is very pleasing for a money wheel and what I personally expect out of casino games. I appreciate that all bet types have a high payout percentage, which makes them all valid to use. Of course, some are still more profitable in the long run, such as the continent collect bet.


The odds of winning a single bet in Travel Fever is either 11.11% or 12.96%, as illustrated in the table below:

PositionNumber ofChance to hit
1x Multiplier611.11%
9x Multiplier611.11%
Flying Dice Bonus712.96%
Lucky Hike Bonus712.96%
Train Rush Bonus712.96%
Ship Hunt Bonus712.96%
Golden Spin Bonus712.96%
Happy Race Bonus712.96%

I think it’s really cool that basically all the bet types in Travel Fever have the same odds. This is rarely the case with money wheels. Normally, the positions that have the potential to pay out the most are much more difficult to trigger, but not in Travel Fever.

Fun Factor

Money wheels and game shows are my favorite types of live dealer games, so naturally, I am predisposed to liking Travel Fever. I don’t think it’s entirely perfect, but I do think it’s a lot of fun, very well executed, and a breath of fresh air.

The big highlight for me is definitely the action-packed and varied nature of the game. With six bonus games that all have the same high odds of being triggered, there is always something new happening. You don’t have to play through several rounds that are all the same before a bonus feature is triggered. This can otherwise be the case with money wheels.

The downside of this though is that the potential payouts are a bit limited. Only two of the bonuses can pay a lot. However, when I say a lot, this is still much less than what you would find in other money wheels. Reasonably, the best-case scenario in Travel Fever is a 2,000x win, while Crazy Time and Sweet Bonanza Candyland could pay up to 20,000x.

The bonus games in Travel Fever are also a bit simplistic. While I do enjoy them, they don’t have the same oomph as the bonuses in some other money wheels. But this is also what makes Travel Fever a breath of fresh air. It’s different.

I also love the fact that the wheel consists of an inner and outer part, not to mention the continent collect feature which I think is a really clever addition to the game. It’s not an easy bet to win, but I do think it’s a fun one that adds to the excitement.

All in all, I definitely recommend giving this game a go. Unfortunately, though, not a lot of gambling sites in India have it available.


Thanks to the many different bet options in Travel Fever, there are many different ways to play this game. Strategies range from betting on all positions to leaving out the continents, and to only bet on the options with the highest RTP.

Highest RTP Strategy

The only strategy that can increase your chances of profiting in Travel Fever is to only bet on the options with the highest RTP. A higher RTP means that on average, you are paid out more.

Optimally, this would mean only betting on the continent collect feature. This, however, is quite a boring way to play the game. Not to mention that the continent collect bet is highly volatile. It pays a good amount when you win it, but it is very difficult to win. Nevertheless, it is the most profitable bet in the long run.

Along with the continent collect bet, you could also include the Golden Spin Bonus and Happy Race Bonus. Not only do these have a high RTP as well, but they also have the potential to pay the most. This makes this strategy a fairly popular one. If you decide to go with it, you would trigger one of the bonuses on every 4th round on average.

Win Every Round Strategy

For a much more action-packed experience, you could apply the simple strategy of including all of Travel Fever’s 13 different bet types. This means that you would win every game round no matter what. However, it does come with a catch.

Betting on all types requires 13 units to be placed. This means that to actually make a profit from the game round, you would have to trigger one of the bonuses (which first pays 6x) and then win at least 8x from that bonus. With many game rounds, this will not happen.

Bet on All Bonus Features

At least for me, the six bonus games and the continent collect feature are the big highlights of Travel Fever, while the continent bets are pretty pointless. This creates a valid strategy of only betting on these types, which would be seven in total.

That means that you’re placing 7 bet units on each round and would have to win 8 to make a profit. With about 1 in 5 game rounds, you would lose your entire bet as the money wheel would stop on the 1x or 9x multiplier of which you would have no bet placed.

With 4 in 5 game rounds, you would participate in a bonus and would have to win 8 units (+ the 7 units lost from a fifth of the rounds) to make a profit. Of course, this will not always happen. However, all in all, it’s a valid strategy that focuses on the most interesting parts of the game – the bonus features.

With all this said, there is no right or wrong way to play Travel Fever. I suggest playing the game that makes the most sense to you – what makes it the most entertaining.

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