The Money Drop Live

The Money Drop Live
Quick Info
RTP: 96.01% - 96.62%
Max win: 5,000x
Provider: Playtech
Release year: 2021

The Money Drop Live is a unique money wheel played with a social game host, offering two simple guessing types of mini-games on each wheel spin.

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The Money Drop Live By Playtech Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 96.01% – 96.62%
  • Maximum win: 5,000x
  • Time per round: 100 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹20 – ₹6 lakh
  • Release date: 2021
The Money Drop Live
Welcome bonus up to
UPI Available
Payout Time: Instant - 1 hour
Welcome bonus up to
₹1 lakh
UPI Available
Payout Time: 7 minutes
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The Game in Short

In The Money Drop Live, you place a bet on one or several positions out of eight different ones that are represented on a big money wheel. Seven of these positions have a win multiplier of x8 – x2500 attached to them. If the wheel stops at one of these positions and you have placed a bet on it, you will enter a mini-game known as the money drop.

Entering this mini-game, whatever amount you bet has been boosted by the bet position’s multiplier. So, if you bet ₹20 on the x30 betting position, your money would now be ₹600. In the mini-game, this money must be divided between four piles in any way you choose. Three piles will be randomly removed and whatever money is left in the remaining pile is what you win.

Money drop mini-game

For the bet positions with higher multipliers (x100, x250, x1000 and x2500), you have to go through 2 or 3 mini-games before any money is secured as winnings. 

The big money wheel can also stop on a position known as “Card Clash. This will trigger another type of mini-game. In this, you have to choose the left or right side. One playing card will then be dealt to each of these sides a total of three times. Depending on the outcome, you can either win 0x – 50x or 1,000x. 

In addition to the above, a special feature can randomly trigger on the start of every game round. This will either double the multiplier for certain bet positions or increase the number of safe piles in the money drop game from 1 to 2. 

Fun Factor 

Is The Money Drop Live the best money wheel type of game I’ve played? Certainly not. When I gamble online, I much prefer Crazy Time, Monopoly Live and Sweet Bonanza Candyland over this. Simply because these games have more interesting mechanics in them.

However, I have in fact had a lot of fun playing The Money Drop and I occasionally find myself trying my luck in it. It’s a fairly simple, yet well-designed game which I definitely recommend checking out.

Like many of today’s modern live dealer games, I appreciate the social aspect of The Money Drop. A fair number of players are usually typing messages in a chat, which the host of the game reads and replies to. He or she is there to entertain and to make the game a livelier one.  


In terms of the RTPRTP stands for "Return to Player" and is a percentual value that all casino games have. It shows you how much you are expected to win in the long run. A game with a 96% RTP is for instance expected to return ₹96 for every ₹100 staked. The Money Drop Live is offering, I’m happy to see that this is fairly high and stable across all bet options. As you can see in the below table, this makes every bet in the game a viable one to place.

Bet PositionRTP
Card Clash96.62%

With maximum winnings being able to reach up to 5,000x per game round, there’s also a chance to win a ton of money in this game. To me, this is always a plus. However, don’t expect it to be easy. 

When it comes to the big money drops (x1,000 and x2,500, or x2,000 and x5,000 if doubled), you have to go through 3 drop rounds. Unless you want your potential winnings to be too diluted, you pretty much have to put all money on one pile or max two on each drop. If you do two piles on each drop, your chance of winning would be 12.5%. In other words, only 1 in 8 rounds would earn you money.  


When it comes to strategies in The Money Drop Live, it’s all about volatility. No matter how you play, you will win just about the same amount in the long run since the RTP of all bet options is about the same. 

However, depending on how you place your bets, you can choose to play it safe for a chance of only winning a small amount or play risky for a chance of winning big. For instance, the x8, x15, x30 and x100 bet positions cover 44 of the wheel’s 54 positions, which means that on average you will hit 8 out of 10 spins. The maximum win will be capped to 200x though.

Should you decide to play only the x250, x1,000 and x2,500 bet positions, you could win up to 5,000x. However, only 7 out of the wheel’s 54 positions would be covered so on average you would only hit on 1 out of 8 game rounds. If unlucky, you could find yourself facing many dead spins in a row.

The way I like to play the game, which I think is the most entertaining strategy, is to bet on all positions. I don’t stake the same amount on all of them though but usually bet a bit more on the x8 and x15. This is because I want to be able to make a profit when I hit, which I wouldn’t on the x8 if I bet the same amount on all positions (since there are 8 bet positions in the game). 

When it comes to the money drop mini-game and strategies for it, the same risk versus reward type of mindset applies. If you want to guarantee yourself a win, you can always divide all of your money equally between all four piles. However, doing so you can never get the big winnings, which is less of an exciting way to play. 

For instance, if you hit the x2500, you have to go through 3 drops. If you divide the money equally between all four piles on each of these drops, your guaranteed win would be 39x. This is very low. If you took a higher risk and divided your money only between two piles, you would have a chance of winning 312x instead.

It’s all about how lucky you feel and how much you want to gamble.

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