The Greatest Cards Show

The Greatest Cards Show
Quick Info
RTP: 96.67%
Max win: 5,000x
Provider: Playtech
Release year: 2022

The Greatest Cards Show is a money-wheel type of game that uses playing cards as a theme. It is played with a live game host and comes with three different bonus games that can pay up to 5,000 times the amount you bet.


The Greatest Cards Show by Pragmatic Play Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 96.67%
  • Maximum win: 5,000x
  • Time per round: 80s
  • Betting range: ₹10 – ₹1 lakh
  • Release date: November 2022
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Payout Time: Instant - 1 hour
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The Game in Short

In The Greatest Cards Show, players must place a bet on one or several positions on a money wheel. These are represented by the 52 different playing cards found in a deck of cards.

After the money wheel is spun, 3 – 8 playing cards are highlighted in silver or gold, representing two different bonus games. The wheel also has two Joker positions representing a third bonus game.

Three different bonus games are as follows:

  • Spotlights Bonus
    One of three hidden win multipliers is revealed as a prize.
  • Light Show Bonus
    Pick one of three colors that will move on a grid with lightbulbs and reveal a prize.
  • Joker Bonus
    Pick one of four colored jokers who will duel each other in a tournament. The higher the placement in the tournament, the more money is won.

If the wheel stops on a card you have bet on, a fixed prize is won. However, if the card was highlighted in silver or gold, the Spotlight or Light Show bonus will be triggered instead.

If the wheel stops on a Joker, it will spin again and if it lands on a playing card you have bet on, you get to play the Joker bonus.

Payouts and RTP

The payouts in The Greatest Cards Show are as follows:

  • Normal card win: 40x
  • Joker bonus: 60x – 1,000x
  • Spotlight bonus: 50x – 2,000x
  • Light Show bonus: 50x – 5,000x

Note that these payouts are listed as a multiplicative of your stake. Winning 1,000x on a ₹20 bet would earn you ₹20,000.

The maximum win in The Greatest Cards Show is 5,000x, won by triggering the Light Show Bonus and picking the right color. However, not every bonus game will have the maximum payout available as this is randomly decided when it is triggered.

The RTP in The Greatest Cards Show is 96.67% which is considered high and about the same as other live dealer games.

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Fun Factor 

I find The Greatest Cards Show to be a fun and well-designed casino game well worthy of my time. Its visuals are eye-catching and with every bonus game having the potential to pay hundreds or even thousand times the stake, the level of excitement is definitely there.

The bonus games are triggered quite often which I like. However, if you get to participate in them or not totally depends on your playstyle as if you only bet on one card, you have to get very lucky. But if you bet on many, you’ll experience the bonus games fairly often.

What I also love about The Greatests Cards Show is that it’s a bit different from other money wheels. Usually, these only have a few positions to bet on, while this game has 52. It allows you to be more flexible in your bets in terms of taking higher or lower risks.

My only critique about the game is that game rounds take a bit too long. For me, 80 seconds is a bit too much. I want to gamble and not sit around and wait.


The strategies in The Greatest Cards Show come down to playing with low or high volatility. In other words, playing with low or high risk. It’s very simple. You can either bet on a few positions or on many.

For instance, if you bet on only one position you would take a higher risk as on average, you would only win on 1 in 52 spins. However, you’re not investing a lot of money so if you do get lucky with a hit and trigger a bonus game, you could win a lot compared to your investment.

On the other hand, if you bet on many positions or even all of them, you would have a high or even guaranteed chance to win on every game round. However, you would invest a lot of money so the amounts you win would be much smaller compared to your investment.  

Like most types of online gambling, the best way to play The Greatest Cards Show is the way you find to be the most entertaining.

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