Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Sweet Bonanza Candyland

RTP: 91.59% - 96.83%
Max win: 20,000x
Provider: Pragmatic Play
Release year: 2021
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Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a lucrative game show; an amusing money wheel with three bonus features, an adorable design and a talkative host that does its best to entertain.

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Sweet Bonanza Candyland By Pragmatic Play Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 91.59% – 96.83%
  • Maximum win: 20,000x
  • Time per round: 1 – 5 minutes
  • Betting range: ₹100 – ₹1.5 lakh
  • Release date: November, 2021
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The Game in Short

Released in November 2021, Sweet Bonanza Candyland follows in the footsteps of already successful money wheels such as Adventures Beyond Wonderland, Monopoly Live and Crazy Time. It plays in a similar way as these games, but offers its own unique features.

Players can bet on numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10, as well as two bonus positions known as Candy Drop and Sweet Spins. Whatever position the money wheel stops on is the winning one.

If the Candy Drop Bonus is triggered, a piece of candy will be dropped in a vertical maze with 4 rows. Here, it can pass through various cash values, as well as multipliers that boost these values. There is also a big jackpot that can be won if the candy takes a specific path through the maze.

If the Sweet Spin Bonus is triggered, a 6×5 grid slot machine will spin a minimum of 10 times. Here, winnings will be collected by landing a number of identical candy symbols, multiplier symbols that can boost payouts with up to x100 and scatter symbols that can trigger additional spins. 

In addition, the money wheel in Sweet Bonanza Candyland can stop on a Sugar Bomb position. This will add a random win multiplier of x2 – x10 which is applied on any winnings on the next spin. If Sugar Bomb is hit again, this multiplier will further boost the current one. So, x5 followed by x10 would be x50. 

Last but not least, the game has an optional Sugar Bomb Booster feature. This comes with a fee of 25% of your bets to activate, but will double the multiplier earned from the Sugar Bomb

Fun Factor 

I absolutely love well-designed and innovative money wheels, and Sweet Bonanza Candyland ticks all the right boxes. This game is very entertaining and one I often revisit when gambling online. The first thing that charmed me about it was its lovely design. Anything from the wheel, to the rest of the studio and the dress of the game host is just perfect. Very eye-catching! 

Secondly, the features are amusing and can be very rewarding. On average, one of them is hit on every 9th game round, which is often enough to keep things exciting. The features are well-designed and apart from the Sugar Bomb Multiplier, they stand out from other money wheels. Up to 20,000 times your stake can be won and while such a win is super rare, the potential for big wins is always there. 

The icing on the cake is the social aspect of the game. Other players constantly type in a chat and the lovely game host is never late to reply. And if he or she isn’t replying to messages, he or she is still trying to put on a show to make the game lively, which I personally appreciate. 



The potential payouts in Sweet Bonanza Candyland are up to 20,000 times your bet amount. To me, a chance of winning such a huge amount plays a big role in the appreciation of live dealer games. 

The key to winning big lies in the Sugar Bomb Multiplier and Sugar Bomb Booster which doubles this multiplier. Especially if a Sugar Bomb Multiplier is followed by another, things get really exciting. You can then experience a multiplier ranging from x4 to x100, or twice as much with the booster feature active. 

Initially, the numbered positions in the game only pay a corresponding multiplier when hit. For instance, the 10 pays 10x and the 5 pays 5x. However, with a multiplier attached, winnings from these numbers can still get quite satisfying.

The bonus games are the highlights though. Especially the jackpot in the Candy Drop. This pays 1,000x on its own and with a multiplier on top of that, hitting the max win in the game is not too difficult. Getting the jackpot itself is not an easy task though.

During the Sweet Spin Bonus, the highest single win from a normal symbol is 15x. But you get 10 spins and more can be retriggered. Then you also have the multiplier symbol which can boost the payouts on a single spin by x2 up to x100. And several multiplier symbols can land on the same spin. 

Return to Player

The RTP in Sweet Bonanza Candyland is my biggest disappointment. It can go up to 96.83% which is pretty good, but it can also be as low as 91.59%, which is terrible. It depends on the positions you bet on as they all have their own RTP. 

Not only do I dislike that certain positions are favored over others, but in Sweet Bonanza Candyland the game description actually doesn’t tell you what positions have what RTP. This is very disappointing as you can’t really apply a good strategy.

What I can tell you though, based on the payouts and probability, is that betting on number 5 has the lowest RTP of all the numbers, while betting on number 2 has the highest. Number 1 and 10 are slightly below 2.

Hopefully, the bonus games have a good RTP. That’s usually how it is in money wheels, but unfortunately, there is no way of telling. 


There aren’t many strategies that are good to use in Sweet Bonanza Candyland. However, if you want to increase your chances of making a profit, the best strategy is to stay away from number 5. Among the numbers, betting on 10 is the most profitable one as this has the highest RTP.

While it may not be the best to use, there is a multiplier strategy that can be applied. This is done by simply betting on all positions in the game. This is to make sure that any multiplier from the Sugar Bomb feature is made of use.

If you ask me, there is really no point in strategies, except for avoiding number 5. I would urge you to play the game the way it brings the most fun to you. At the end of the day, it’s all about luck.

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