Live Joker’s Wheel

Live Joker’s Wheel

RTP: 93.95% - 96.34%
Max win: 10,000x
Provider: Skywind Group
Release year: 2023
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Live Joker’s Wheel is an exciting money wheel that comes with four lucrative bonus games and a win multiplier that can randomly boost payouts by up to x50. The game is played in a live environment with a talkative game host and other players.

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Live Joker’s Wheel By Skywind Group Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 93.95% – 96.34%
  • Maximum win: 10,000x (₹4.5 crore)
  • Time per round: 65 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹50 – ₹50,000
  • Release date: January 2023
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The Game in Short

Live Joker’s Wheel is a money wheel with 52 sections on it that are represented by eight different outcomes; four different bonus positions and the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10.

The goal of the game is to bet on the outcome that you think will be the winning result in each game round. Multiple bets can be placed in order to cover several outcomes at once.

If you bet on number 1, 2, 5 or 10 and this is the winning outcome, a cash prize is rewarded. If you bet on one of the bonus positions and win, the specific bonus game will be played.

These are the four bonus games in Live Joker’s Wheel:

  • Joker’s Luck: This is a 1-reel slot machine where you pick one of three symbols that has its own prize ladder. Every time the chosen symbol appears on the slot reel, you move up the ladder. Spins go on until a devil symbol appears. The bonus then ends and prizes are handed out.
  • Joker’s Deluxe: This is identical to Joker’s Luck, but instead of being a 1-reel slot machine, the slot has 3 reels. It also requires three devil symbols to end the bonus game. Thus, the chance of winning a bigger prize is increased in this bonus.
  • Joker’s Dice: Three normal dice and two joker dice are dropped in a maze. The sum of the three normal dice determines a base prize while the two joker dice will boost this prize by either 0, 4 or 10 times.
  • Joker’s Wheel: A three-layered money wheel is spun. Each layer contains base prizes that are added together to form a total prize. However, a joker symbol may also be hit on the outer reel. If it is, all base prizes on the wheel are doubled and the wheel spins again. Several Jokers can be hit during the same bonus game.

In addition to this, every game round in Joker’s Wheel has the chance to trigger a win multiplier of x2 – x50. This multiplier can either be applied to one specific outcome in the game or to all of them.

For instance, if an x20 win multiplier is added to the Joker’s Dice bonus game and this is the winning result of the game round, all prizes in the bonus game would be boosted by 20 times.

Live Joker's Wheel Bonus Game


The maximum payout in Joker’s Wheel is 10,000 times the amount you bet or ₹4.5 crore. While the game has the potential to pay a lot more, this is its cap. So, even if a game round results in a 20,000x win, you would only receive a payout of 10,000x.

The prize table in Joker’s Wheel is as follows:

  • Number 1: 2x
  • Number 2: 3x
  • Number 5: 6x
  • Number 10: 11x
  • Joker’s Luck Bonus: 1x – 300x
  • Joker’s Deluxe Bonus: 1x – 300x
  • Joker’s Dice Bonus: 2x – 50x as a base prize. This prize can be multiplied by the joker dice; either by x0, x4 or x10, making the maximum win 500x.
  • Joker’s Wheel Bonus: 6x – 176x as a base prize. This prize can be doubled by jokers an infinite number of times, making the maximum win the game's cap of 10,000x.

Note that these prizes are mentioned as a multiplier of your bet. So, if you bet ₹10 and get a 10x win, you would win ₹100.

The prizes mentioned above can be boosted further via the win multiplier that can apply to each game round. For instance, if an x50 multiplier applies to all bet positions in the game, this would mean the following:

  • Number 10 has a payout of 550x.
  • Joker’s Luck Bonus has a potential payout of 15,000x (although capped at 10,000x).
  • Joker’s Dice Bonus has a potential base payout of 2,500x and a maximum payout of 25,000x (although capped at 10,000x).
  • Joker’s Wheel Bonus has a minimum payout of 300x.

In other words, there are many ways that Live Joker's Wheel can lead to big payouts, which makes it very exciting.


The RTP in Live Joker’s Wheel ranges from 93.95% – 96.34%. It is different for each bet position in the game. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Number 1: 96.11%
  • Number 2: 95.83%
  • Number 5: 93.95%
  • Number 10: 96.34%
  • Joker’s Luck: 95.56%
  • Joker’s Dice: 94.67%
  • Joker’s Deluxe: 95.17%
  • Joker’s Wheel: 94.49%

In comparison to other casino games, the RTP in Live Joker’s Wheel is a bit lower and a little bit disappointing. It’s not a huge difference though as the standard RTP in games is 96% and money wheels rarely go above this.

Personally, I can accept a 95% RTP or even a little bit less if the game is fun even though I don’t like when game providers go under 96%. An RTP of less than 94% is definitely not acceptable to me though. Therefore, I would never bet on number 5.

Fun Factor 

I’ve been playing Joker’s Wheel quite a lot and needless to say, I’m quite fond of it. The game has clearly taken inspiration from Crazy Time which is a very similar money wheel released in 2020. It has the same multiplier feature in the base game and the same tripled-layer bonus wheel.

However, Live Joker’s Wheel still comes with some unique bonus games which to me makes it a nice addition to the money wheel genre.

I also love the fact that all bonus games in Live Joker’s Wheel have the potential to pay a substantial amount, which isn’t always the case with money wheels and live dealer games in general. This causes excitement whenever a bonus is hit as you know you might be paid well.

Bonuses also happen quite regularly as 9 out of the 52 positions on the wheel are bonus positions. On average, a bonus is triggered on every 6th game round. Along with the win multiplier that can randomly apply on each wheel spin, this makes Live Joker’s Wheel quite an action-packed game which I like a lot.

The design of the game is also on point and all the game hosts I’ve experienced while playing have been quite charming and talkative which I appreciate.  


Due to the game’s many bet positions and varying RTP, there are several strategies that can be used in Live Joker’s Wheel.

Betting Only on Number 10

The strategy that would maximize potential payouts is to bet only on number 10 as this has the highest RTP. However, not including any bonus would make the game very boring and pointless in my opinion.

Betting on 10 Along With All Bonuses

This strategy is good if you want to play with the highest possible chance of winning, while still including all bonus games.

Betting on 1, 10 and All Bonuses

If you want to win more often, a strategy is to include number 1 as this is the most common outcome in Live Joker’s Wheel. On average, this is the outcome 40% of the time or every 2.5 game rounds. Number 1 also has a high RTP of 96.11% which makes your overall RTP higher when including bonus games.

Betting on All Positions

Even though I personally don’t like betting on number 5 due to its low RTP, it can still be a valid strategy to bet on all positions. This is because it guarantees that you benefit from the random win multiplier.

For instance, if a game round gets a win multiplier of x50 applied to number 5 and you haven’t bet on this position, it would really suck if number 5 ended up winning as that would be a missed payout of 300x.

Switching up Bet Amounts

While you can bet the same amount on all the positions you bet on, you may want to switch them up so that you make a profit whenever you win.

For instance, if you decide to bet on all bonus games, number 10 and number 1, you may want to bet ₹100 on number 1, ₹20 on number 10 and ₹10 on the bonus positions. This means that your total bet would be ₹160.

Now if number 1 or number 10 wins, you would be paid out a total of ₹200. With the bonus games, payouts would vary and could be low if unlucky. But all bonuses have the potential to pay out a lot.

Of course, if you’re all about winning big or even a life-changing amount, placing the biggest bets on the bonuses would be the best strategy. However, this would also be the riskiest.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter that much how you decide to play. In my opinion, the best strategy in Live Joker’s Wheel is to play the game the way that is the most enjoyable to you. After all, gambling online is all about having fun.

Mattias Fröbrant is a passionate iGaming journalist renowned for his comprehensive reviews of over 300 gambling sites in India. With a remarkable 17-year gambling experience and a background working for industry giants like Betsson Group, Mattias has earned recognition as a leading expert in the Indian online gambling field.

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