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Lightning Dice is a fancy live dealer game that has taken the simple concept of dice rolling to the next level.

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Lightning Dice By Evolution Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 96.03% – 96.57
  • Maximum win: 1,000x
  • Time per round: 30 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹10 – ₹5 lakhs
  • Release date: 2019
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The Game in Short

In Lightning Dice, your goal is to guess the total numeric value of three dice that are put in a vertical maze which randomly rolls them. You can bet on any outcome from 3 – 18, as well as the outcome being low or high and any doubles or triples being rolled. Initially, these bet positions pay anywhere from 2 – 150 times your bet amount.

Lightning Dice maze

However, after bets are in, two, three or four random bet positions will be struck by lightning to have their payouts boosted. These payouts can be increased by anything from a factor of 2 to 10 times, resulting in outcomes paying up to 1,000x. How much an outcome can be boosted varies from one to another.

Fun Factor 

While it isn’t one of my personal favorites, Lightning Dice is a quality game. Players who are looking for fast-paced action are likely to love it as game rounds only take about 30 seconds. That’s pretty fast for a live dealer game. It’s definitely among the fastest ones. 

In terms of being immersed into the gambling experience, Lightning Dice does the trick. It has the same eye-pleasing aesthetics as Lightning Roulette and I’m not just talking about the lovely game host. The studio the game is set in looks awesome and the plexiglass maze which dice are dropped into is really cool as well. 

Like any game show type of game, which Lightning Dice is categorized as, I also like the fact that the game’s host is regularly talking and speaking with players who are able to type in a chat. It’s quite a social game. 


Whether you’re a fan of playing it safe for a chance to earn a little or taking a risk to potentially earn a lot, Lightning Dice got you covered. I have nothing but good things to say about the payouts in this game as they range from 2x – 1,000x. It’s definitely possible to win a lot of money. 

What I also appreciate is that the RTP for all bet options is fair. It ranges from 96.03% – 96.57%. It’s not like Dream Catcher and some other live dealer games where certain bets are terrible to place because the RTP is significantly lower than other bets. 

In Lightning Dice you’re expected to win just about as much no matter how you play. In the long run that is. On a short-term basis, luck will of course play an important role and also whether you choose to place low volatile (less risky) or high volatile (riskier) bets. 


There are two strategies that you could use in Lightning Dice. Don’t expect too much out of them though.

One strategy is to maximize your long-term chances of winning by only betting on any triple being rolled. This bet is the one with the highest RTP of 96.57%. However, it is only slightly higher than the other bets and it’s also quite a volatile one. Therefore, there aren’t many people that resort to using this strategy. 

The other strategy in Lightning Dice is to place a bet on every position except for low, high and double. This is to increase your chances of receiving a boosted payout from the bet positions that are struck by lightning. At least one of your bets is almost guaranteed to be hit by lightning each round and regardless if it is or not, you will always win. Most winnings rounds will, however, pay less than what you bet. 

Here’s a table showing the strategy in more detail:

Bet OptionStakeMin PayoutMax Payout
Any triple₹20₹500₹5,000
Total 3 or 18₹20₹3,000₹20,000
Total 4 or 17₹20₹1,000₹10,000
Total 5 or 16₹20₹500₹5,000
Total 6 or 15₹20₹300₹2,000
Total 7 or 14₹20₹200₹2,000
Total 8 or 13₹20₹70₹1,000
Total 9 or 12₹20₹60₹1,000
Total 10 or 11₹20₹50₹1,000

On every round, you will bet a total of ₹180. Whenever you hit any triple, a total of 3 – 7 or a total of 14 – 18 you will make a profit. However, if you hit a total of 8 – 10 or a total of 11 – 13 you will lose money. Unless your winning total has been boosted by a lightning strike that is. The potential payout can then reach what you see listed in the “max payout” segment of the table. 

The hope with the strategy is to get a good lightning strike that results in a heavily boosted payout and then be lucky enough to hit this.

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