Lightning Blackjack

Lightning Blackjack

RTP: 99.56%
Max win: 26x
Provider: Evolution
Release year: 2021
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Lightning Blackjack is a stylish and interesting twist on traditional Blackjack, played with a live dealer. It comes with random win multipliers that apply when you win with a certain card value.

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Lightning Blackjack By Evolution Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 99.56%
  • Maximum win: 26x
  • Time per round: 90 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹100 – ₹10 lakh
  • Release date: 2021, November
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The Game in Short

Lightning Blackjack plays just like traditional Blackjack in the sense that you’re looking to beat the dealer by getting a higher card value than him or her. You can split, double and hit just like you normally would in Blackjack.

The twist of the game, however, is that winning with a certain card value adds a win multiplier to the next game round. This win multiplier can be anything from x2 – x25. Each card value of 4 – 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and Blackjack has its own multiplier which gets higher the higher the card value is. 

In the best case scenario, you’re dealt Blackjack when this outcome has been given a win multiplier of 25. In the next game round, all of your winnings would then be multiplied by 25. 

To make up for the increased payouts in Lightning Blackjack, there’s a fee that has to be paid on each game round. This is equal to your initial bet amount. 


Fun Factor 

As a fan of Blackjack, I absolutely love this game. It’s somewhat similar to Quantum Blackjack Plus by Playtech, which I also love, but still has its own unique gameplay.

The most interesting part of Lightning Blackjack is how it changes the optimal strategy of the game. You normally wouldn’t split a pair of 10s, but in this game, it may be the right decision depending on the multipliers. The same goes with hitting. On a hand where you would stand on 12, 13 or 14, the best decision may be hitting for a chance of receiving a high win multiplier by getting 20 or 21. 

My only critique about the game is that it can be quite slow at times when many people are playing it. This is especially true when people split hands as the time to make a decision is 15 seconds. Everyone is dealt the same hand and there can be hundreds of people playing that are making different decisions.


The increased payouts of Lightning Blackjack certainly add to the fun of the game. You can win up to 26 times your bet amount. While this isn’t much compared to live dealer games such as Money Wheels or Lightning Roulette, it’s a neat amount for a Blackjack game. It also isn’t that rare to get a high payout.

The payouts are all based on the win multiplier you’re playing with. Usually, you can expect the following range of win multipliers depending on the card value you win with:

Card ValueWin Multiplier
4 – 17x2
18x2 – x3
19x3 – x5
20x4 -x12
21x6 – x15
Blackjackx6 – x25

An important thing to be vary about in this game is the fee you have to pay on each game round. Unless you have a win multiplier of x2 or higher, winning a hand will only give you your stake back. 

In terms of RTP, Lightning Blackjack sits at a maximum of 99.56% which is about as high as it gets when gambling online. Something I love to see. However, just like in traditional Blackjack, the RTP that you actually play with depends on how good your decisions are. 


There is an optimal strategy in Lightning Blackjack that allows you to play with a very high RTP of 99.56%. As of now, nobody knows what this strategy is though. Compared to traditional Blackjack, it’s quite tricky to figure out the math in Lightning Blackjack to create an optimal cheat chart.

The best chance of winning in the game is probably to rely on the popular basic strategy, but modify your decisions slightly when the multipliers are high. As I said before, you may want to split 10s in this game depending on your multiplier.  

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