Jumanji the Bonus Level

Jumanji the Bonus Level

RTP: 95.08% - 97.63%
Max win: 5,000x
Provider: Playtech
Release year: 2023
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Based on a Hollywood blockbuster, Jumanji the Bonus Level is a visually stunning, innovative and action-packed game show that features seven unique bonuses, a talkative game host and decent payouts of up to 5,000 times the amount you bet.

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jumanji the bonus level

Jumanji the Bonus Level By Playtech Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 95.08% – 97.63%
  • Maximum win: 5,000x
  • Time per round: 1½ – 4 minutes
  • Betting range: ₹10 – ₹1 lakh
  • Release date: August 2023
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The Game in Short

Jumanji the bonus level gameplay

Jumanji the Bonus Level consists of two vertical wheels, each with 43 segments and a total of 17 different symbols on them.

At the start of the game, you choose one of four characters (Dr. Xander, Franklin, Sheldon, or Ruby) which will give you a chance to boost your payouts on every game round.

There are eight ways to place a bet in Jumanji the Bonus Level which includes the numbers 1 and 2 as well as six different bonus positions. All of these can be found on the first wheel. If you have placed a bet on the outcome that the wheel stops on, you get its reward.

The purpose of the second wheel is to multiply your winnings via character symbols and a respin symbol.

First Wheel Outcomes

The outcomes of the first wheel in Jumanji the Bonus Level are as follows:

  • Number 1: A small cash prize is rewarded.
  • Number 2: A small cash prize is rewarded.
  • Jaguar Head: 50% of your bet is returned and the game round ends.
  • Monkey Valley Bonus: Choose one of three bridges to cross an abyss, each of which comes with a certain cash prize and a low, medium, or high risk of being destroyed (which means no reward).
  • Jungle Royale Bonus: Pick one of two players who will throw items at a boss. Each item rewards a certain cash prize if it hits the boss and if the boss dies, an extra large one is rewarded.
  • Snake Bite Bonus: The game host shuffles a deck of 52 cards, consisting of three different types, including a Basket, Antidote, and Snake. Five cards are put face down on a table and players must choose three. Cards are then revealed and a cash prize is rewarded, which is either high or low depending on the combination of the cards.
  • Wild Spin Bonus: The game host spins a 54-segment money wheel with four different animal symbols that award a low – high cash prize; a respin symbol that increases the cash prize for all animals; and four characters that can double the payouts for all animals. New spins are initiated until the wheel stops on an animal, allowing for payouts to become huge.
  • Rhino Run Cash Collect: Players pick one of three colored lines which will go through seven drop rounds. In each of these drops, cash prizes and cash collect symbols can appear. Only if both appear together are the cash prizes collected and earned. Jewels can also appear, three of which, when collected, will trigger an extra “Saving Jumanji Bonus”.
  • Path of Jumanji Bonus: This is a board game where players pick one of four animals, each represented by its own dice. As dice are rolled, the animals move along a 15-step path and pick up cash prizes along the way. These prizes can be further increased by stepping on a green dome. This can award larger prizes, double the total payout of the bonus, or trigger an extra “Saving Jumanji Bonus”.

Second Wheel Outcomes

The second wheel of the game has the following outcomes:

  • One of four characters: All payouts are doubled if your selected character is chosen.
  • Respin x2: All payouts are double and both wheels will spin again.
  • Jaguar Head: 50% of your bet is returned and the game round ends.

Do note that if both wheels stop on the Jaguar Head, the Saving Jumanji: The Next Bonus Level bonus will be triggered.

Saving Jumanji: The Next Bonus Level

Saving Jumanji: The Next Bonus Level is an extra bonus in the game that can be triggered in three different ways which either launches the bonus with low, medium, or high payouts:

  • Low payout bonus: Triggered by landing two Jaguar heads.
  • Medium payout bonus: Triggered in Path of Jumanji Bonus.
  • High payout bonus: Triggered in Rhino Run Cash Collect Bonus.


The payouts in Jumanji the Bonus Level range from 2x – 5,000x. Even though the game could potentially pay more, the latter is the game’s cap. Any winnings above this would be removed.

The complete payout table for the game is as follows:

Number 12x
Number 23x
Jungle Royale Bonus4x – 28x
Monkey Valley Bonus5x – 32x
Wild Spin Bonus10x – 40x
Snake Bite Bonus5x – 40x
Rhino Run Bonus5x – 630x
Path of Jumanji Bonus4x – 30x
Saving Jumanji Bonus (Low)6x – 12x
Saving Jumanji Bonus (Medium)102x – 1030x
Saving Jumanji Bonus (High)105x – 1570x
One Jaguar Head50% of bet back
Two Jaguar HeadsSaving Jumanji Bonus (Low)

Note that all payouts are mentioned as a multiplier to your stake. For instance, if you bet ₹100 and win 10x, you would receive a total payout of ₹1,000. Also, note that all the above payouts are without any win multipliers considered.

Thanks to the ‘respin x2’ symbol on the second wheel, all the bonuses and even the numbers 1 and 2 could potentially reach the maximum win in Jumanji the Bonus Level. Although unlikely, you could hit several of these respin symbols one after another.  

The Wild Spin Bonus also offers the possibility of infinite respins where cash prizes are increased. The wheel features three respin segments, each of which will add a 5x payout to all animals and then reward another spin. Additionally, the game’s four characters are also featured on this wheel, which will double the payouts for all animals and then reward another spin.

RTP (Payout Percentage)

The RTP in Jumanji the Bonus Level ranges from 95.08% – 97.63%. Each bet position in the game has its own payout percentage, with number 2 offering the highest one. Here's a full breakdown:

  • Number 1: 96.41%
  • Number 2: 97.63%
  • Jungle Royale Bonus: 95.37%
  • Monkey Valley Bonus: 95.12%
  • Wild Spin Bonus: 95.33%
  • Snake Bite Bonus: 95.08%
  • Rhino Run Bonus: 95.13%
  • Path of Jumanji Bonus: 95.52%

Overall, I find the RTP in the game to be fair as it is on par with many of the new live dealer games that are released these days. However, as I’ve always thought of 96% being the standard and anything under this too low, I am naturally a little bit disappointed about the bonuses. But it’s not a big deal.

Odds (Chance to Hit)

The odds of hitting a certain position on the first wheel of Jumanji the Bonus Level are as follows:

PositionNumber ofChance to Hit
Number 11739.50%
Number 21125.60%
Jungle Royale Bonus37%
Monkey Valley Bonus37%
Wild Spin Bonus24.60%
Snake Bite Bonus24.60%
Rhino Run Bonus12.30%
Path of Jumanji Bonus12.30%
Jaguar Head37%

This means there is a 27.80% chance to trigger a bonus on every game round. Or, to put it in other words, on average a bonus is hit on every 3.6 game rounds.

Furthermore, the odds of hitting a certain position on the second wheel are as follows:

PositionNumber ofChance to Hit
Dr. Xander920.90%
Dr. Xander + Franklin12.30%
Shelly + Ruby12.30%
All four characters12.30%
Respin x224.60%
Jaguar Head37%

Note that it doesn’t matter which character you choose in the game as they all have an equal chance of being selected. Also, note that the odds of landing a Jaguar Head on both wheels are 0.49%

Fun Factor 


What do I think about the game? Love it, love it, LOVE IT! While Evolution Gaming massively disappointed with its August 23 release of Video Poker Live, Playtech came out with this banger the very same month and proved once again why they are one of the best developers of live dealer games.

Jumanji the Bonus Level does everything from visuals to immersion, excitement, and entertainment right. So much detail and thought have gone into this game.

The game studio itself is very well designed and eye-catching with the props that are used and on top of that, several 3D animations are added to enhance the gameplay further. Each bonus game is unique with its own spectacular visuals and the way they work.

While some of the bonuses might be simple, my first playthrough blew me away with how this game basically is a money wheel, board game, and card game all in one thanks to its bonuses.

And perhaps the best part of it all is how often a bonus round is triggered – it happens all the freaking time. There’s always something going on in this game.

The game hosts are also great as they keep a conversation going at all times, trying to interact with players in the chat and adding additional entertainment to the experience.

My only critique, which is more of a note than a complaint, is that the game is rather slow. The base game itself is a bit slower than many other game shows and as bonuses are triggered all the time (which can take a while to complete) you won't fit that many game rounds in per hour.

Worth noting is also that the game’s maximum payout is a bit lower than you would find in many modern casino games. But again, this is not a complaint from my side as I find winning up to 5,000 times the bet to be more than satisfying enough.

To sum things up, I urge everyone to give this masterpiece a go. It’s available at all online gambling sites that offer a live casino platform from Playtech.


Due to its many outcomes with varying odds and payouts, there are several strategies that can be used in Jumanji the Bonus Level. The three most prominent ones are the “only bet on bonuses strategy, the “only bet on Rhino, Path of Jumanji and Wild Spin strategy, and the “bet on everything strategy”.

The ‘Only Bet on Bonuses’ Strategy

The main reason to use this strategy is if you want to increase the volatility in the game (risk versus reward). By excluding a bet on Number 1 and Number 2, you can use the money you would have bet on these positions to place higher bets on the bonuses. While you won’t win on as many game rounds (about 1 in 3), the bonuses (which have much better payout potential) will pay you more.  

The ‘Only Bet on Rhino, Path of Jumanji and Wild Spin’ Strategy

Compared to the above bonus strategy, this one will further increase the risk versus reward in the game. Only 9.3% of game rounds – or about 1 in 10 – will result in a winning outcome. On all the rest you will lose money.

However, these are the three bonuses that have the potential to pay the most. Keeping in mind that Rhino Run Cash Collect and Path of Jumanji can trigger the extra Saving Jumanji Bonus and that the Wild Spin bonus can reward infinite respins, these three bonuses can pay up to 1030x, 1570x, and 5000x.

The point of the strategy is to bet more on these bonuses in order to increase your risk, but also the amount you win if you happen to get really lucky.

The ‘Bet on Everything’ Strategy

This strategy is about betting on every position in every game round. There are three reasons why you would want to apply it:

  1. Your overall RTP in the game will increase because Number 1 and Number 2 have a higher RTP than the bonus positions. By including a bet on these, the overall long-term payouts in the game are increased.
  2. A game round will always return something to you which keeps the volatility down. Although you may lose more than you bet in total, always getting something in return might have a positive psychological effect on you.
  3. By betting on all positions, you will always take advantage of the second wheel’s respin feature that doubles all payouts. On average, this respin occurs on every 21st spin.

Compared to the other strategies, this is a low-risk, low-reward strategy, even though you still have a chance to win a lot.

Note that each of these strategies can be modified further by staking different amounts on each outcome. For instance, if you with the “bet on everything strategy” you may want to place higher bets on Number 1 and Number 2 than you do on the bonus positions as these are more like to occur. But it’s all up to you!

At the end of the day, the best strategy in Jumanji the Bonus Level is the one that will allow you to enjoy the game the most.

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