Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

RTP: 96.35% - 96.56%
Max win: 50,000x
Provider: Evolution
Release year: 2021
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Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a highly entertaining live dealer game, offering stunning graphics and seemingly simple gameplay. It’s an innovative game show that comes with three lucrative features that can reward players with winnings of up to 20,000 times the stake.

The game is based on a popular slot featuring the short and greedy conquistador Gonzo and is played with a talkative game host and other gamblers.

Please note that Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt has been discontinued since 2023. The game is now known as Gonzo’s Treasure Map, which is a simplified version of the same game with modified gameplay, features, max win, and RTP.

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Quick Facts:

  • Release date: May 2021
  • RTP: 96.35% – 96.56%
  • Maximum win: 20,000x
  • Entertainment value: High
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The Basics of Playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

overview of the full gonzo treasure hunt game
  • The game consists of a wall with 70 hidden positions. 
  • Behind these positions are six different colored stone blocks.
  • Bets can be placed on each of these stone blocks (each color has its own payout).
  • Your goal is to pick the right positions that will reveal the colored stone blocks you have bet on.
  • On every game round, you get to decide how many picks you want on the wall (up to 20).
  • Before positions are revealed on the wall, a prize drop can occur on random positions. 
  • If a prize drop affects one of your picked positions, this can boost your winnings.

How Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Is Played Step by Step

Playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is done in four easy steps which we have thoroughly explained below. 

1. Place Your Bets and Add Your Picks

place your bets and add your picks in gonzos treasure hunt

The game starts by placing a bet on the colored stone blocks you want to bet on. There are six different ones that pay anything from 1x to 65x your stake. This is paid if the stone block is revealed behind one of your picks.

You also get to choose the number of picks you would like to make; anything from 1 to 20. Note that your total bet amount will be multiplied with the number of picks that you choose. For instance, if you place a ₹10 bet on each of the six stone blocks and choose 5 picks, your total bet will be ₹300 (₹10 * 6 * 5).

2. Make Your Picks on the Wall

make your pick or picks in gonzos treasure hunt

Once bets are in, the wall will shuffle and all positions on it will become hidden. It is now time to reach out to lady luck and make your picks. Click on the positions on the wall that you think will reveal the stone blocks that you have bet on and pay out the most. It’s a guessing game! 

3. Sit Back and Enjoy the Prize Drops

multipling prices dropps gonzo treasure hunt

When picks have been made, the lovely Gonzo will turn his key to activate prize drops. The top of the wall has two rows that will start spinning. One of the rows contain three different kinds of prizes and one row either contains stone blocks or empty positions. When the wall stops spinning, if a prize is located over an empty position, it will be activated.

These are the different prizes:

  • Bonus winnings of x3 – x100
    These are bonus values that will drop down on random positions on the wall. If they land on one of your picks, they will boost the payout of that pick. 
  • Bonus multiplier of x2 – x10
    These multipliers will multiply all added bonus winnings on the wall. They’re very valuable. For instance, if a bonus winning of x50 is added, followed by a x10 multiplier, the bonus winning is now x500 instead.
  • Re-drop symbol
    This is the most valuable prize. If it is added, it will trigger another prize drop. Up to 10 re-drop symbols can appear on consecutive prize drops, making it possible to get up to 10 prize drops per game round. 

4. The Hidden Positions Are Revealed

hidden payouts are reveald in gonzos quest treasure hunt live

When the prize drops have finished, the colored stone blocks behind the wall’s hidden positions are revealed. If one of the stone blocks that you have bet on shows up on a pick that you have made, you will get paid. The payout for each pick will be the value of the revealed stone block + any added value from the prize drops. 

Do note that if a block is revealed that you haven’t bet on, it doesn’t matter if you have picked a position with an added value from prize drops. You only get paid if the revealed block is one that you have bet on.  

Payouts and RTP in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

In the below table, we have listed the six colored stone blocks that you can bet on in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, along with the payout of each block. We have also listed the number of each stone block that is revealed on the wall on every game round and displayed the RTP for each of the six betting options. 

Stone Blocks to Bet OnPayout of BlocksNumber of BlocksRTP

The RTP of each colored stone block is almost the same. Thus, it doesn’t matter which you bet on. The red is going to be much harder to hit than any of the others, but it will also pay a lot more.

Strategies in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

There aren’t a lot of strategies that can be used in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. However, there is one way of playing the game that we would highly recommend. That is placing a bet on all six stone blocks. Simply to avoid a possibly huge disappointment. 

Imagine a crazy game round where one or several positions that you have picked gets an added value of 10,000x or more. Then, when the positions are revealed, it turns out that none of your picks show a colored block that you have bet one. Thus, you wouldn’t get paid. That would hurt a lot.  

Since the RTP in the game is the same for every block (more or less), betting on all of them won’t affect your long-term results, as opposed to leaving any of the stone blocks out. 

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Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt can be played on every casino site that offers a live casino supplied by Evolution Gaming. Some of the best ones include the ones listed above.

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