Golden Wealth Baccarat

Golden Wealth Baccarat

RTP: 86% - 98.85%
Max win: 513x - 500,000x
Provider: Evolution
Release year: 2021
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Golden Wealth Baccarat is a lovely Asian themed and less volatile version of Lightning Baccarat. Played with a live dealer, every game round comes with 5 guaranteed multiplier cards that can lead to extreme payouts.

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Golden Wealth Baccarat By Evolution Gaming Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 86% – 98.85%
  • Maximum win: 513x – 500,000x
  • Time per round: 40 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹100 – ₹2 lakhs
  • Release date: November, 2021
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The Game in Short

In Golden Wealth Baccarat, the goal is to pick one of two sides that will receive the highest card value, or place a bet on a tie occurring. The dealer of the game will then hand out two cards to a side known as the “Player” and a side known as the “Banker”, and under certain circumstances also deal a third one. 

This is how traditional Baccarat is played, which this live dealer game is very similar to. However, the big twist in Golden Wealth Baccarat is that 5 random cards will be highlighted on the screen on each game round. These cards will have a random win multiplier of x2, x3, x5 or x8. 


Whenever such a multiplier card is included in a winning hand, the multiplier will boost your payout. If several cards are included, the cards will multiply each other. For instance, winning with an x3 and x8 multiplier card would result in the payout being boosted by x24. 

As these multiplier cards can lead to very high winnings, a 20% fee is charged on every bet. So, if you place a bet of ₹100, you would have to pay ₹120. 

Fun Factor 

While traditional Baccarat isn’t anything I’d play myself, I do enjoy Golden Wealth Baccarat quite a bit. It’s all thanks to the potential payouts. In normal Baccarat, the amount you can win is very limited, whereas Golden Wealth Baccarat can pay up to 513 times the stake for a Player/Banker bet and up to 500,000 times for a Tie bet. This makes the game a lot more exciting. 


As mentioned earlier, Golden Wealth Baccarat is very similar to Lightning Baccarat, which initially made me question its existence. The game, however, is a bit more friendly to casual players as it has 5 guaranteed multiplier cards on each round, whereas Lightning Baccarat’s cards range from 1 – 5. This results in larger winnings being paid out more often in this game, which I can appreciate.

The design in Golden Wealth Baccarat is also different as it’s Asian-themed. While this is less important than other factors, I do think the game looks great which does add a bit to the experience. 

What I don’t like, on the other hand, is that the sound of the dealer is very low. I personally prefer a more action-packed atmosphere, similar to what the game hosts in game shows provide. In this aspect, I must say that Lightning Baccarat does a better job.  


To me, the payouts is the big highlight of Golden Wealth Baccarat. Not only can the game pay up to 500,000 times the bet amount thanks to its multiplier cards, but the RTP can also reach 98.85%. This is one of the highest returns you can experience when gambling online, meaning that your chances of winning in Golden Wealth Baccarat are higher than in many other games. 

However, there is a flip side. Betting on a Tie has a much lower RTP than betting on one of the two sides – only 93.36%. This is actually significantly lower than most casinos games and a reason why I personally don’t make use of this bet option much. In my opinion, it lowers my chances of winning by too much.

Unfortunately, the Tie bet is also where the biggest payouts can appear as the Player and Banker bets are capped at 513 times your bet amount. Even though this isn’t bad at all, it’s peanuts compared to the Tie bet that can pay a thousand times more – up to 500,000x.

To get the highest winnings from a Player or Banker bet, you need to win with three multiplier cards that all have an x8 multiplier. From the Tie bet, the highest possible win is paid out by winning with a minimum of two x5 multiplier cards and four x8 multiplier cards. 


You may ask if six x8 multiplier cards wouldn’t pay out more? Theoretically it would (over 1.3 million times your bet), but the game has a maximum win cap of ₹500 lakhs and the minimum bet in the game is ₹100. Therefore, the most you can win is 500,000x your bet. 


When it comes to strategies in Golden Wealth Baccarat, it all boils down to RTP. These are the different bets in the game and their RTPs:

Bet OptionRTPPays
Player98.76%2x – 513x
Banker98.59%2x – 513x
Tie94.51%6x – 500,000x
Player Pair88.35%10x – 577x
Banker Pair88.35%10x – 577x

Player Pair and Banker Pair are side bets that win when the Player or Banker is dealt two identical cards (a pair). If you value your money, these bets should be avoided at all cost. The RTP is extremely low – one of the lowest you can find in any game.

The best bet to place is the Player. While the RTP is only marginally higher than the Banker bet, there is little reason to bet on the Banker. The exception is if you’re applying a multiplier strategy where you bet on both sides in order to increase your chances of benefitting from the multiplier cards.

While the Tie bet isn’t the most profitable bet to place in terms of RTP, you may still want to include it as it’s the only way to have a shot at winning the extreme amounts that the game can pay.  

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