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Gold Bar Roulette is a shiny twist on classic roulette, adding gold bars as an additional currency to win and bet with. It’s a game played live over a video stream with a game host and other players.

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Golden Bar Roulette by Evolution Gaming

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 97.10 – 97.30%
  • Maximum win: 1,780x (or ₹10 Crore)
  • Time per round: 45 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹20 – ₹20 lakhs
  • Release date: 2022
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The Game in Short

Gold Bar Roulette plays a lot like classic roulette (learn how to play roulette here), but comes with a twist on straight-up bets. 

Whenever you win a bet that’s placed on a single number, you receive 1 – 20 gold bars in addition to a cash prize. The number of gold bars received is randomly decided on each game round.

Each received gold bar has a cash value equal to the stake you placed on the winning position. Thus, if a ₹20 bet is placed on number 7 and this number wins and you receive 10 gold bars, each gold bar will be worth ₹20.

The gold bars can be used to bet on single numbers and pay 88 times their value if they win. Several bars can be stacked upon each other to increase the payout. For instance, stacking 10 gold bars on the same number would increase the payout to 880x.

To make up for the higher payouts that gold bars come with in Gold Bar Roulette, straight-up bets pay less than they do in classic roulette games.  


Payouts and RTP 

The RTP in Gold Bar Roulette is 97.10% when betting on a single number and 97.30% when placing any other type of bet. This is a high payback percentage that is about the same as you would find in traditional roulette, as well as most roulette variations. 

Payouts in Gold Bar Roulette are similar to classic roulette as well. All bets pay the same, except for the straight-up bet. Instead of its normal payout of 36 times the amount you stake, it pays 20. This, of course, is a lot less.

However, when winning a straight-up bet, you also receive a random number of gold bars each worth 88 times your bet amount. This is what balances the game and makes it pay just about the same as traditional roulette in the long run.

The maximum you can win on a single game round is 20 gold bars, which would be the equivalent of 1,760 times your stake. Adding the normal straight-up payout of 20x to that, the maximum payout in Gold Bar Roulette would be 1,780x.

Fun Factor 

I pretty much love all live dealer games that Evolution Gaming comes up with and Gold Bar Roulette is not an exception. The game offers its own unique atmosphere and gameplay experience, which I appreciate as the more variety you have when gambling online, the better.

However, I must say that Gold Bar Roulette isn’t particularly innovative as the game’s mechanics are very similar to Lightning Roulette. Evolution has pretty much taken the same concept, re-worked it a little and re-skinned it. 

In my opinion, Gold Bar Roulette appears to be a lot more exciting than it is. Receiving a random number of gold bars when you win, which can be used to bet with, adds an interesting element to the game. 

However, if you break it down, the gold bars you receive are nothing but an extra, random payout. For instance, if you bet ₹20 and win two gold bars, you receive a normal cash prize of ₹400 as well as two gold bars that are worth a total of ₹3,520. 

But instead of receiving the extra prize at once, it is received as bet credits where you are forced to bet the entire value of a gold bar. In other words, the game kind of forces you to place higher bets.

I still recommend trying Gold Bar Roulette though. It’s fun and will most definitely be played by me every now and then even if it might not be one of my favorite games


Are there strategies to be used in Gold Bar Roulette? Yes. Are they useful? Not really.

A common strategy in Gold Bar Roulette is to place a bet on all single numbers, which would cost you 37 bet units since there are 37 numbers in the game. The point of this strategy is that it guarantees gold bars to be won on each game round. 

However, to make a profit from the strategy, you must win at least 6 gold bars (break-even is exactly 5.17) on each round. Thus, by betting this way, you would be changing the game to be all about the number of gold bars that are randomly revealed on each round (anything from 1 – 20). 

Of course, once collected, the gold bars have to be used as well. The only strategy here is a risk/reward one, also known as a volatility-centric strategy. For instance, you could stack several gold bars on a single number to take a big risk in order to win a huge amount. 

You could also wait until you have 37 gold bars saved up and use them on all 37 numbers in order to get a guaranteed win. This way you would win 88 times what each gold bar is valued at. However, if all 37 bars were used on a single number, you could potentially win 3,256 times what each gold bar is worth.

In the long run, there is no strategy in Gold Bar Roulette that would win you more or less money so it doesn’t matter how you place your bets. The best way, which I recommend, is to do it in a way that makes the gameplay experience the most fun.

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