Funky Time

Funky Time
Quick Info
RTP: 95.38% - 95.99%
Max win: 10,000x
Provider: Evolution
Release year: 2023

Funky Time is an action-packed money wheel that takes you back to the lovely disco era of the 80’s. It comes equipped with four exciting bonus games, colorful graphics, eye-catching animations, and good old disco hits that gets the groove going. What’s more, it can pay up to 10,000 times the amount you bet!

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Funky Time By Evolution Gaming Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 95.38% – 95.99%
  • Maximum win: 10,000x
  • Time per round: 45 – 60 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹10 – ₹2.5 lakh
  • Release date: May 2023
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Funky time from evolution gaming

The Game in Short

Funky Time is a large money wheel consisting of 64 segments. These represent the number one, twelve different letters that make up the words PLAY FUNK TIME and four different bonuses games.

A bet can be placed on each of the letters, bonus games, and the number one. If the wheel stops at a position with a bet placed, you’re rewarded with its corresponding prize. This is either an instant cash value or a bonus feature that will reward the same.

On every game round, win multipliers that range from x2 to x50 are randomly assigned to some segments of the wheel. If you win from such a segment, whatever cash value you win (whether this was an instant one or one deriving from a bonus) will be boosted by the win multiplier’s coefficient.

Funky time lucky wheel

Here are the four bonus games in Funky Time and a short description of them:

  • BAR: Choose one of three bar glasses. A robot bartender will then randomly fill these up with liquor which will give them a cash value of 2x – 20x your bet. After that, a straw is randomly put in one of the glasses which will double, triple, fourfold or fivefold the cash prize of that glass.
  • Stayin’ Alive: Choose one of three colored prize tables; each of which comes with 20 steps where prizes range from 5x – 1,000x the amount you bet. From a pool of 90 numbered and colored balls, random ones are then drawn in a keno machine.

    The number of each ball determines how many steps up the prize ladder players are moved, while the color of the ball shows which ladder is affected. Balls continue to be drawn until a total of four stop balls have appeared which will end the bonus.
  • Disco: You enter a dance floor made up of 37 squares. Most of these squares have a cash value of 2x – 100x attached to them, while some are represented by an X. The host of the game will spin a vinyl disc to move a disco dancer around the dance floor one square at a time.

    All cash positions the dancer moves to will become bonus winnings. If the dancer lands on an X, five random positions will have their cash prizes doubled. The guy will continue to dance and reward you with prizes until he moves out of the dance floor.
  • VIP Disco: This bonus is similar to the Disco bonus, but has a bigger dance floor made up of 63 squares. The initial cash prizes are also bigger, ranging from 2x – 500x.
Funky Time Disco Bonus


The maximum win in Funky Time is 10,000x. In other words, 10,000 times the amount you stake. Thus, if you bet ₹10, you could potentially win ₹1 lakh on a game round.

Without taking the random win multipliers that appear on each wheel spin into account, the payouts for all bet positions in Funky Time are as follows (shown as a multiplier to the amount you bet):

  • Number 1: 2x
  • Any letter: 26x
  • BAR bonus: 2x – 100x
  • Stayin’ Alive bonus: 5x – 1,000x
  • Disco bonus: 3x – 10,000x
  • VIP Disco bonus: 11x – 10,000x

The win multipliers that appear on each wheel spin have the potential to boost the above payouts by x2 – x50. Thus, number 1 could potentially pay 50x and any letter 1,250x.

However, Funky Time’s winnings are hard capped at 10,000x. This means that no bonus game will ever pay you more than this even if they have the potential to do so.

The two Disco bonuses are quite interesting as these will go on until the dancer moves out of the dance floor. This may never happen as it totally depends on the random outcomes of the vinyl disc that is spun. As win multipliers keep appearing in disco bonuses, it is possible for players to keep cashing in forever.

However, as mentioned, all bonus game winnings are capped at 10,000x so once this amount is reached, the bonus would end.


The RTP in Funky Time ranges from 95.38% to 95.99%. Different types of bets have a different RTP:

  • Number 1: 95.99%
  • Any letter: 95.49%
  • BAR bonus: 95.98%
  • Stayin’ Alive bonus: 95.49%
  • Disco bonus: 95.51%
  • VIP Disco bonus: 95.38%

This means that on average you can expect to win ₹95 – ₹96 for every ₹100 staked. Of course, luck will always be the determining factor in the end. This is just an indication of the game’s payout rate.

Compared to other money wheels, Funky Time has a similar RTP. I can’t really complain about it even if it is a bit lower than Adventures Beyond Wonderland which sits at 96.58% – 96.82%.

Obviously, I want my games to have as high of an RTP as possible as that means better chances of winning. My gold standard is 96% or higher, but I do find Funky Times RTP to be acceptable even though it’s a bit lower. Especially since all bet options in the game are similar in their payout ratio. I appreciate this a lot.


Depending on what you bet on, the odds of winning in Funky Time are as follows:

  • Number 1: 43.75%
  • All letters: 37.50%
  • A single letter: 3.12%
  • BAR bonus: 9.38%
  • Disco bonus: 4.68%
  • Stayin’ Alive bonus: 3.13%
  • VIP Disco bonus: 1.56%

This means that any of the four bonus features are activated in about 1 in 5 game rounds, which makes Funky Time quite an action-packed game.

Fun Factor 

Funky Bonus

I’m always excited when Evolution Gaming releases a new product and they certainly haven’t disappointed me with Funky Time. This is one of those top live dealer games that do everything right in terms of aesthetics, gameplay, and potential winnings. It may be another money wheel among many, but it has its own unique style that makes it a winner in my book.

The screaming colors and flashing lights of the studio and wheel create a lovely 80’s disco atmosphere. However, what really takes the game to the next level for me is its bonus features. These have spectacular animations that blend in perfectly with the studio. On top of this, the main game and bonuses play various disco hits such as Staying Alive and Funky Town, which to me, ups the quality of the game further.

I also can’t stress enough how much I love the fact that Funky Time’s bonus games are constantly triggered, which, of course, are the highlights of the game. While some bonuses are rarer than others, all of them have the potential to pay a good amount of money which makes all of them exciting.

There’s nothing I don’t like about Funky Time and I highly recommend giving the game a go for at least a few spins to see if you like it as much as me. Luckily, the game is created by Evolution Gaming which means that all gambling sites have it available and you can play it at your favorite one.


Being quite a balanced game, there aren’t a lot of strategies to use in Funky Time. Since all bet options have a similar payout percentage, there isn’t really an option that you’re better off including or excluding compared to another. My best suggestion is to play the game that makes it the most fun for you.

With that said, there is one strategy that might make sense to apply. This is to place a bet on everything in the game, including all letters, all bonuses, and the number 1. This is to ensure that the win multiplier that’s added to random segments of the wheel on each game round is always taken advantage of.

While it’s rare for big multipliers to appear, imagine an x50 one being applied to the letter Y without having a bet placed on this letter. Consequently, if this ends up winning, you would miss out on a massive win of 1,250 times your stake.

Betting on everything would also reduce the game’s volatility as every game round would be a winning one. If you bet the same amount on all positions, you would place 17 bets. In about 1 in 3 game rounds, you would win 26 bets from the outcome of a letter, and in about 1 in 5 game rounds, a bonus would be played. From this, you could either end up winning less than 17 bets or a lot more.

However, the big Achilles heel of this strategy would be number 1 which would be the result in about half the game rounds. Whenever this is the winning outcome, you would only win 2 bets and end up with a loss of 15.

The way I personally like to play the game is to mix things up and just rely on luck. I always include the bonuses as these have the potential to pay the most, are the most exciting features in the game, and are regularly triggered.

However, when it comes to number 1 and the letters, I do things differently. Sometimes, I include a lot of these positions with a small bet and sometimes I only include a few but bet more. There are also times when I don’t bet on them at all in favor of placing an even bigger bet on the bonus positions.

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