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Fashion TV Jackpot Baccarat plays like traditional Baccarat, but offers plenty of side bets, a video of a fashion show and four progressive jackpots that can be randomly triggered on a tie bet. The game is played with a real dealer over a video stream.

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Fashion TV Jackpot Baccarat By Playtech Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 85.64% – 98.94%
  • Maximum win: 9x (221x from side bet)
  • Jackpot win: ₹850 – ₹17 lakh (or more)
  • Time per round: 35 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹100 – ₹15 lakhs
  • Release date: January, 2022
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The Game in Short

Essentially, Fashion TV Jackpot Baccarat is traditional Baccarat as you’d normally play it. In other words, two cards are dealt to two sides (Player and Banker) and you have to guess which side will get the highest card value. You can also bet on a tie occurring.

What’s special about the game are two things. First of all, a video screen of fashion models walking down a runway is constantly playing in the background. Secondly, four progressive jackpots can be won. However, only if you place a tie bet.

The jackpots have the following starting values (approximations in Rupee) and constantly grow bigger as players place bets:

  • ₹850
  • ₹8,500
  • ₹85,000
  • ₹17 lakhs

To win a jackpot, you have to enter a jackpot game. This happens randomly. However, the more you bet, the higher the chance. The jackpot game is a simple wheel that spins. It’s guaranteed to award you with one of the four jackpot prizes.



The Banker, Player and Tie bets pay just as they normally do in traditional Baccarat:

  • Banker: 1.95x
  • Player: 2x
  • Tie: 9x

However, Fashion TV Jackpot Baccarat also comes with the following Side Bets, some of which can pay a lot more:

  • Player Pair: 12x
  • Banker Pair: 12x
  • Perfect Pairs: 26x
  • Either Pair: 6x
  • Big (5+ cards dealt): 1.54x
  • Small (4 cards dealt): 2.5x
  • Tie on specific score: 46x – 221x

Then you also have the jackpots, which are the highlight of the game. No matter how much you bet yourself, these jackpots will pay anything from ₹850 – ₹17 lakhs at minimum.

In terms of RTP, this varies greatly between bets, which is a good as well as a bad thing of the game. Betting on the banker has an RTP of 98.94%, which means that your long-term chances of winning are quite high. Only a few games have a higher payback percentage.

However, placing a tie bet, which is required in order to have a shot at one of the jackpots, the RTP is only 85.64%. This is one of the lowest, if not the lowest, RTPs you can find in any casino game offered by online gambling sites. It is an awful bet to place, which to me is a huge drawback of Fashion TV Jackpot Baccarat.

The RTP of the side bets varies between 86.29% – 95.65%. Compared to other live dealer games and casino games in general, this is low. I would personally refrain from using the side bets much, even though they can make the gambling experience more exciting.

Fun Factor 

I personally never liked Baccarat much due to its simplistic gameplay, so naturally, Fashion TV Jackpot Baccarat isn’t anything I’d play much myself. However, if you appreciate Baccarat to begin with and like fast-paced and simple games, you’ll probably want to play this one.

Ignoring the fact that some bets have a terrible RTP, I do love the many bet options that the game offers. Not to mention having a chance of winning a somewhat life-changing jackpot. To me, the potential of winning huge amounts always ups the excitement.

While I can’t say that I’m a fan of fashion, I do think that the video with the models running in the background makes the game a bit more entertaining. So, if you love fashion, this will probably be right up your alley.


Strategies in Fashion TV Jackpot Baccarat basically boils down to two. You can either play the game the way that is most likely to earn you a profit, which is limiting your bets to only Banker. This, of course, will take a lot of fun and excitement out of the game as you won’t be able to get any big pay outs.

An alternative strategy is to include the Tie bet, which will allow you to win one of the jackpots. This bet is terrible in terms of long-term profits, so it’s likely that your balance will drop faster. However, you will always have the chance to suddenly winning a huge jackpot amount of several lakhs.

If I were to add a third strategy, this would be to play the game in whatever way you want to maximize the level of fun you have. The side bets are not the most lucrative ones to place due to their low RTP, but they might make the experience a lot more fun and after all, entertainment is what gambling is all about.

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