Extra Chilli Epic Spins

Extra Chilli Epic Spins

RTP: 96.74%
Max win: 20,000x
Provider: Evolution
Release year: 2023
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Extra Chilli Epic Spins is a live version of a popular slot machine launched by Big Time Gaming in 2018. The game is basically this slot played over a video stream with other players to chat with and a game host who comments on the game and communicates with players.

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Extra Chilli Epic Spins game showcase

Extra Chilli Epic Spins By Evolution Gaming Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 96.74%
  • Maximum win: 20,000x
  • Time per round: 20 seconds
  • Betting range: 50 – ₹20,000
  • Release date: April 2023
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The Game in Short

In Extra Chilli Epic Spins, you place a bet to receive 5 spins on a slot machine. Prizes on this are handed out by landing identical symbols on adjacent reels, such as three red chillis on the first three reels.

The slot uses the popular megaways concept, which means that the number of symbols that can appear on each reel randomly varies from 2 to 7. It also means that payouts are based on the number of win ways you get (more on this later).

On every spin in the game, a crate can randomly appear which can reward you with:

  • Nothing
  • A win multiplier of x1 – x5
  • Letters H, O, or T

A piñata can also appear, which can grant the following:

  • A win multiplier of x10 – x20
  • The full word HOT

The win multipliers apply to all spins during a game round and whenever all of the letters H – O – T are collected during one and the same, players receive 8 more spins.

After these bonus spins have been played, a two- and four-colored gamble wheel is spun. Here, players have the chance to win a total of four more spins by selecting the right color.

Extra Chilli Epic Spins wheel spins


The payouts in Extra Chilli Epic Spins can go up to 20,000 times the amount you bet or more, which is massive. They are based on the following four things:

  • The type of symbols that land on the slot.
  • How many adjacent reels the same symbols land on.
  • How many symbols have landed on each reel.
  • If a win multiplier applies or not.

The different types of symbols and their base payouts are as follows:

  • Purple chilli: 0.7x – 10x
  • Red chilli: 0.4x – 1x
  • Blue chilli: 0.3x – 0.7x
  • Green chilli: 0.3x – 0.7x
  • A symbol: 0.2x – 0.5x
  • K symbol: 0.2x – 0.5x
  • Q symbol: 0.2x – 0.5x
  • J symbol: 0.1x – 0.4x
  • 10 symbol: 0.1x – 0.4x
  • 9 symbol: 0.1x – 0.4x

These payouts are based on the same symbol appearing once on a minimum of three (two for the purple chilli) and up to six adjacent reels. They are shown as a multiplier of what each of your spins are worth. If you bet ₹50 on a game round, each spin would be worth ₹10 as you receive 5 spins.

If the purple chilli appears once on all six reels, a payout of 10 times your stake would be rewarded. However, if the same symbol appears twice on all six reels, the payout would be boosted to 640 times your stake. This is because Extra Chilli Epic Spins uses win ways.

Win ways are calculated by multiplying the number of identical symbols on one reel with the number of identical symbols on adjacent ones. So, if two purple chillis appear on all six reels, the multiplier would be 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2, the sum of which is 64 win ways.

Each of these win ways would pay 10 times your stake as this is the payout for each win way when a purple chilli appears on all six reels.

While a win of 640 times the stake is great, we haven’t taken multipliers into calculation yet. A pinata on its own can grant an x20 multiplier. Should this apply, the 640x win would in fact be a win of 12,800x.

In other words, the potential payouts in Extra Chilli Epic Spins are huge.

RTP and Volatility

The RTP in Extra Chilli Epic Spins is 96.74% which is about the same as the slot machine it is based on. I consider anything above 96% to be feasible when gambling online as this is somewhat of the standard. It is not that common to find games with an RTP higher than 98% even if they do exist.

The RTP means that for every ₹100 staked, you are expected to win ₹96.74 in the long run. However, because of the game’s potential payouts that are massive, the volatility in Extra Chilli Epic Spins is very high. This means that the risk versus reward is high.

In other words, you can expect that many game sessions will eat through your balance fairly quickly. However, every now and then you can also get lucky and hit that epic win that could pay ₹2 lakh or more on a ₹100 bet.

Fun Factor 

While the concept of playing slots socially in a live environment with a game host and other people is great, I actually think that Extra Chilli Epic Spins is one of the most boring live dealer games to date. And that’s coming from someone who loves spinning on slot machines.

The problem for me is that nothing really happens in the game. Being highly volatile, it is first of all rare to get a big win. But even if free spins are triggered along with multipliers, it’s just the same thing over and over.

I guess the same is true when you spin on the slot the game is based on (Extra Chilli). But then you have more control. For instance, I believe the bonus buy feature in Extra Chilli is what makes it a lot of fun and this is not present in the live game.

Comparing Extra Chilli Epic Spins to Everybody's Jackpot Live which is also a slot played live with game hosts, I believe the latter is much better designed. It has four different mini-games that can appear and two progressive jackpots that are split between players when triggered; one of which is guaranteed to be won every day. This makes this game a lot more exciting and action-packed.

Some game hosts In Extra Chilli Epic Spins do make the game a bit more enjoyable for me with their charisma and way to interact with players. However, I’ve also experienced other hosts that honestly made the game even duller.

Of course, you may not agree with me at all. If you’re a fan of just sitting back, watching the reels spin while socializing with other people in the chat, or even the game host, you may very well love the game. It’s just not for me.


There are no strategies in Extra Chilli Epic Spins. The only decision you can make in the game is how much to bet. This doesn’t affect your chances of winning in any way.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can bet big to try and get a life-changing win. But be aware of the game’s high volatility and the fact that it is very unlikely. And never gamble for more than you can afford to lose.

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