Everybody’s Jackpot Live

Everybody’s Jackpot Live

RTP: 94.25% - 96.75%
Max win: 3,370x or jackpot
Provider: Playtech
Release year: 2022
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Everybody’s Jackpot Live is a feature-packed slot machine played live with a talkative game host and other players. It comes with four mini-games and two big jackpots that are split between all players when won.

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Everybody's Jackpot Live by Playtech Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 94.25% – 96.75%
  • Maximum win: 3,370x or jackpot
  • Time per round: 16 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹10 – ₹2,000
  • Release date: August, 2022
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The Game in Short

Everybody’s Jackpot Live is a slot machine that automatically spins while a game host constantly interacts with and entertains players. The slot consists of four windows, with each window being a 3×3 grid with 9 symbols appearing on every spin. Basic wins are had when three identical symbols form a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line within a window.

The highlight of the game is two progressive jackpots. One of these is a daily jackpot that is guaranteed to drop before the end of each day. The other is a grand jackpot which has an increased drop chance the bigger it grows.

Whenever a jackpot is won, half of it is split between all players who placed a bet at the time of its drop and half of it is rewarded to one random player. The more you bet, the bigger piece of the jackpot is rewarded during its split.

In addition to the jackpots, Everybody’s Jackpot Live has four mini-games that can be triggered:

  • Wild Free Games: only one of the 3×3 grids remains and a wild symbol is put in the middle of it. This makes it easier to make winning lines. The feature lasts for 5 – 30 spins.
  • Walter’s Bubble Bar: pick a bubble to reveal a win multiplier of x1 to x25. Symbols with this multiplier will then appear on a 4×4 grid and be added as prizes. The feature lasts for 3 – 8 spins.
  • Pick Me Plaza: make four picks on a 4×4 grid to reveal cash prizes.
  • The Block: pick one of three squares to navigate four sides of a cube. Each pick reveals a symbol that either let you continue picking or eliminates you. Cash prizes can also be collected with each pick. The further you progress on the cube, the bigger the prizes become.

Payouts and RTP

Listed below, are all payouts in Everybody’s Jackpot Live.

Grand JackpotJackpotUp to ₹40 lakh (approx.)
Daily Jackpot DropJackpotUp to ₹5 lakh (approx.)
The BlockMini-gameUp to 3,370x
Walter's Bubble BarMini-gameUp to 400x
Pick Me PlazaMini-gameUp to 340x
Wild Free GamesMini-gameUp to 286x
Line of Male FigureSymbol25x
Line of Female FigureSymbol10x
Line of Gold BarsSymbol8x
Line of Pile of CashSymbol5x
Line of CoinSymbol2x
Line of GemSymbol1.5x
Line of Letter ASymbol1x
Line of Letter KSymbol0.8x
Line of Letter QSymbol0.5x

With the jackpots, it is possible to win half of the jackpot prize with the minimum stake of the game, which is ₹10.

The mini-games can pay a maximum of 286 times to 3,370 times the amount you stake depending on the game that is played. While this can lead to huge cash rewards, it is not unusual for the mini-games to only pay a smaller prize similar to that of the symbols.

When it comes to the symbols, the payouts of each winning line can be boosted. This happens when the same symbols win on multiple windows. For instance, if a line of coins is had in three of the four slot windows, the symbol’s payout would be tripled.


The RTP in Everybody’s Jackpot Live ranges from 94.25% to 96.75% according to Playtech who is the developer of the game. This means that on average, you would get paid ₹94.25 – ₹96.75 for every ₹100 staked. Compared to other live dealer games, 96.75% is a similar RTP, while 94.25% is a bit lower than most.

There are three factors that can affect the RTP in Everybody’s Jackpot Live. The longer a day has passed and the closer the daily jackpot is to its guaranteed drop, the higher the RTP would be. The size of the grand jackpot would also affect the RTP slightly as the bigger this is, the higher the RTP.

Additionally, there is an optional Double Up feature that can be activated in the game in order to have mini-games pay twice as much. Unfortunately, we do not know how this affects the RTP in Everybody’s Jackpot Live or if it does at all. However, it is likely that it does.

Fun Factor

I find Everybody’s Jackpot Live to be a lot of fun and a breath of fresh air. Being a slot machine with multiple mini-games and big jackpots, it’s unlike any other game shows that are out there.

I do think that the slot spins a bit too slow for my taste as every game round takes about 16 seconds, but it’s still pretty neat that you can play a slot together with other players and a talkative game host. It takes the slot experience to a new level.

The two big jackpots are what really make the game stand out to me though. I absolutely love the fact that the prizes of these are split between all players, while one player still has a chance to win half of it. Not to mention that one of the jackpots is a daily one, which means that you’re always on the edge as you know it won’t be long until it’s won.

If I ought to be a bit critical, I think the mini-games could be a bit more excitingly designed. For a game released in 2022, they’re not at the same level of quality as many other of today’s modern slot machines and casino games. The “Block mini-game” is by far the most exciting one in my opinion.

This mini-game is also the one that can pay the most, apart from the jackpots. Its potential payout of 3,370 times the amount you stake is a big plus to me. I always love when a game gives you the chance to win a ton of money, which this does. The other mini-games, on the other hand, are a bit underwhelming.


There are two strategies to use in Everybody’s Jackpot live that will slightly increase your chances of making a profit. These will increase the game’s RTP.

The first strategy is to play as late as possible during the day with the daily jackpot still being up for grabs. In Indian Standard Time, this jackpot is guaranteed to drop before 4.30 am every day. If you play at noon, the drop chance of the jackpot would be much lower than if you played at midnight.  

The second strategy is to play when the grand jackpot is big. The bigger this is, the more likely it is to drop. More money that can be won also means that you’re playing with a higher RTP. So, how big is a big jackpot? Unfortunately, we don’t know yet what is considered to be a big amount for the grand jackpot in Everybody’s Jackpot Live. Thus, this strategy a bit lackluster at the moment.

At the end of the day, I wouldn’t recommend that you put too much thought into these strategies. While they might make a small difference, it is only small. Like most online gambling, you need to be lucky to win and while winning is awesome, playing casino should first and foremost be for entertainment.

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